NHL Rumor Mill – July 26, 2023

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How will the Bruins replace Patrice Bergeron? What’s the latest on Hurricanes defenseman Brett Pesce? Which members of the Kings could become trade candidates? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


NBC SPORTS: Nick Goss believes the Boston Bruins face an enormous challenge attempting to replace Patrice Bergeron, who announced his retirement on Tuesday.

If they go with internal options, Goss speculates Charlie Coyle will take over centering the first line between Brad Marchand and Jake DeBrusk. That will leave Pavel Zacha as their second-line center, assuming David Krejci follows Bergeron into retirement.

Calgary Flames center Elias Lindholm (NHL Images).

Trade targets could include Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets and Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames. Goss considers Lindholm the better fit given his all-around skill set plus the 28-year-old Flames center is two years younger than Scheifele.

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy also considers Lindholm and Scheifele as the most likely trade targets should the Bruins go that route to replace Bergeron. He shares Goss’ view that Lindholm would be the better fit.

Conroy also looked at which Bruins could become trade chips to bring in someone like Lindholm or Scheifele.

He wondered if they might bite the bullet and break up their goalie tandem by shopping Linus Ullmark or Jeremy Swayman. He also mused whether Jake DeBrusk has a long-term future in Boston after this season. Like DeBrusk, defensemen Matt Grzelcyk and Derek Forbort are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames are said to be trying to convince Lindholm to sign a contract extension while the Jets are hoping to do the same with Scheifele. One or both could become available in this summer’s trade market if they reject new contract offers from their current clubs.

Swayman would be the easiest to move as Ullmark has a 16-team no-trade list. Like Swayman, DeBrusk and Grzelcyk lack no-trade protection while Forbort has a three-team no-trade list.

A package of Swayman and DeBrusk could be quite tempting to the Flames or Jets. The Bruins could prefer moving one or the other packaged with Grzelcyk or Forbort and a draft pick. Whether that’s enough to land Lindholm or Scheifele is another matter, especially if other clubs with better trade assets get into the bidding.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ann Kimmel noted the rumors that linked the Nashville Predators to Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brett Pesce. Given the Hurricanes’ recent signing of Tony DeAngelo, she wonders if that means Pesce is off the table.

Kimmel observed that the Hurricanes were among the clubs interested in San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson. Acquiring him would’ve meant making a cost-cutting trade, which in part fueled trade speculation that Pesce could become a trade candidate.

With the DeAngelo signing, the Hurricanes now appear out of the bidding for Karlsson, meaning they don’t need to shed salary to free up cap space for the Sharks blueliner. That means they can afford to retain Pesce for at least this season before his UFA eligibility next July.

As for the Predators, Kimmel believes they’re likely to stick with their current blueline corps considering they’ve invested $30 million in defensemen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes could peddle Pesce if they’re looking at adding another scoring forward to their lineup. However, they’re now bumping up against the $83.5 million salary cap. Swapping Pesce and his $4.025 million cap hit for a scorer would have to be a dollar-in, dollar-out transaction.


LA HOCKEY NOW: Austin Stanovic recently looked at several Los Angeles Kings players that they “wouldn’t necessarily be shopping if they dipped into the trade market.” However, he thinks they would be willing to move them without much fuss this season.

Trevor Moore, Viktor Arvidsson and Matt Roy could be moved because of their contracts or young players potentially stepping up and taking their spots on the roster. Young players with something to prove such as Arthur Kaliyev, Jaret Anderson-Dolan, and Tobias Bjornfot could also become trade chips as they attempt to prove they deserve a spot on the team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much will depend on where the Kings are in the standings and what their roster needs are as they approach the trade deadline. Arvidsson and Roy surfaced in last season’s rumor mill near the trade deadline. Their names could pop up again whenever management decides to go shopping this season.


  1. Unfortunately the bruins won’t be replacing 37 this year. Next year when flush with cap space is when the heavy lifting starts

  2. Nothing mentioned here as a trade package for Lindy would be of interest to anyone in Calgary.

    • I agree but Scheifele could be a possibility from the Jets for Swayman if Hellabuyck leaves.

    • I kind of agree David, but in your opinion what would be of interest to Calgary?
      Doubt they go rebuild unless nobody offers them anything that can help them compete for a playoff spot this year.

      Also a player earning similar money likely needs to go back, if it is a team like BOS, who actually has a big hole and wants to contend right now..

      Up and coming teams with space like BUF and OTT, have their top 2 C’s locked up already.

      My guess is he won’t sign an extension with a team in a rebuild like ARI, so they won’t offer much.

      Detroit is interesting, but does Yzerman remain patient with Kasper and Danielson before he pulls the trigger on a deal like this? Wait to see if he hits UFA? Columbus?

      I know they want more, but how much more will they get in the off season? Maybe the roll with it until the TDL. IF they can’t sign him.

      • A Lindy trade will need to similar to what the Jets got for Dubois or what Ottawa got for DeBrincit or Horvat.
        A good NHL player, an NHL tweener, a good prospect and a pick. What that looks like depends on who the trade partner is. They could take a player that they could swap in another deal.

        What does that look like from the Bruins? I really don’t know enough about their team and prospects. Any thoughts.

  3. I like Coyle but not a number 1C and Zacha as a 2 makes them quite weak up the middle and they will certainly have to do something.

  4. The Kings are at a cross road. They are in tough against the likes of Colorado, Edmonton, LV, Seattle, etc … They’ve invested a lot of time in their draft picks and they need to pay off.
    Byfield, Turcotte, Anderson-Dolan, Kaliyev ….
    Or, mortgage their future for rentals to give Doughty/Kopitar one more shot at a Cup and trade the kids.

  5. Prior to Carolina signing Orlov I was thinking Carolina would extend Pesce or Skjei and use the other as their own rental.

    In my opinion Carolina signed Orlov because either Pesce or Skjei is going to be traded before the season starts. None of Carolina’s current left handed D is being paid to play third pair D. Im assuming Chatfield will be paired with DeAngelo on the third pair and one of them will play their off side, which Carolina typically tries to avoid.

    Carolina should extend Chatfield while he is still affordable as Ron Francis did with Slavin and Pesce. Chatfield was Carolina’s biggest surprise last year. His development is one of the key reasons Carolina doesn’t have to pay Skjei and Pesce the money and term they will get in free agency. Next summer Carolina will be negotiating Slavin’s contract and he will be the highest paid defenseman on the team. The contracts for Burns and Orlov both expire at the same time as Slavin’s contract.

    The question I keep asking myself is why Carolina would be talking to Karlsson after signing Orlov. Were they contemplating trading both Pesce and Skjei? RBA would not be able to sleep at night if that happened.

    • I read somewhere that Carolina would likely re-unite Tony D with Slavin as that is who he excelled with 2 years ago. Will be interesting to see how all this shakes out if they don’t trade anyone (esp PowerPlay deployment). Their D is really loaded.

      • Burns and Slavin will remain s the 1st pairing with TDA and Chatfield as the 3rd, but the question is Orlov and fill in the blank. Pesce is a RHD so could be Skjei is traded.

    • Pesce or Skjei will likely be traded along with Teräväinen and Jack Drury for Lindholm since Calgary maybe desperate to replace Hanafin and Lindholm. The other trade partner would be Nashville with 2/3 Canes above for Forsberg with Trotz remaking the roster. Orlov, Pesce or Skjei will be replaced by Nikishin and Morrow in two years which is when Orlov’s contract is up. The Canes have 8 D so moving one or two is definitely coming.

  6. What is the return the Sharks are looking to get for Erik Karlsson? (asking for a friend).

  7. The Leafs just put Matt Murray in LTD,
    that saves them $4.6M
    with Jake Muzzin is on LTD @$5.6M
    that cleans out $10M✔️

    The leafs are still over Regular season Cap space by $2.M so buy late summer they need to have this cleaned up

    The only player i can see them moving that make sence is one of there 13 forwards they have signed with athat cap space is a Calle Järnkrok
    His salary $2,100,000 would bring them under the cap for the start of the season

    They also have TJ Brodie @$5.M but who can afored that for him with that cap space….,
    The leafs d looks Mediocre rign now,
    Moving TJ Brodie would leave a hole in the top 4 and leaf then have $3.M for a d/man….❓🤔

  8. Calgary doesn’t need a goalie, they have 3 nhl ready, and have been shopping Vladar.

    They would want younger side forwards, mainly centers, which Boston doesn’t have, or maybe a young left handed defensemen to replace Hanifin, and picks or prospects.

  9. A Lindy trade will need to similar to what the Jets got for Dubois or what Ottawa got for DeBrincit or Horvat.
    A good NHL player, an NHL tweener, a good prospect and a pick. What that looks like depends on who the trade partner is. They could take a player that they could swap in another deal.

    What does that look like from the Bruins? I really don’t know enough about their team and prospects. Any thoughts.

    • I think if you make Debrusk part of the deal it could happen!