NHL Rumor Mill – August 10, 2023

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More speculation about the Canadiens possibly trading the recently re-acquired Jeff Petry plus the latest on the Capitals in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


RDS.CA: The Montreal Canadiens still haven’t publicly commented on bringing back Petry and adding goaltender Casey DeSmith as part of their involvement in the three-team trade that sent Erik Karlsson to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry (NHL Images).

Neither general manager Kent Hughes nor Petry and DeSmith have been made available to answer questions from the media.

The silence coming from the Canadiens raises questions about where Petry and DeSmith fit into the club’s roster for the coming season. It’s also generated speculation one or both could soon be shipped off to another club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It is unusual for Hughes not to meet with the press following a trade, particularly in this case when his involvement in the biggest deal of the year meant bringing Petry back to Montreal. He could be keeping a lid on things for now as he attempts to make other moves. The longer the Canadiens go without commenting on that deal, the more rumors will churn about Petry and DeSmith.

It was noted that the Penguins retained 25 percent of Petry’s $6.25 million average annual value through 2024-25. He could be more attractive to other clubs with a cap hit of over $4.6 million.

If Hughes wants to trade Petry again, he could garner more interest by retaining a portion of that amount as well. Potential trade partners could include the Anaheim Ducks, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marc Dumont cited TSN’s Chris Johnston saying the Dallas Stars expressed an interest in Petry in the past. Johnston believes a lot of teams could be interested in the 35-year-old blueliner if the Canadiens retained half of his remaining cap hit.

Johnston believes the conditions could be right for the Canadiens to trade Petry within the next few months.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Petry’s 15-team no-trade clause will be a factor as it was during the trade negotiations that resulted in the Penguins acquiring Erik Karlsson from the San Jose Sharks. Reports claimed Petry wouldn’t waive his clause to go to San Jose because he didn’t want to be far from his family.


THE ATHLETIC: Tarik El-Bashir noted that the Washington Capitals could attempt to make a trade to improve their roster. During last week’s press conference announcing Tom Wilson’s contract extension, general manager Brian MacLellan confirmed he’s interested in making a move ahead of training camp, which opens on Sept. 20.

MacLellan acknowledged that he’s looking to improve his top-six forwards. He said that he had a few discussions during the draft in June and would see whether they carry forward.

El-Bashir pointed out reports earlier this summer indicating the Capitals and Nashville Predators had discussed a trade of Evgeny Kuznetsov, who had requested a trade last season. MacLellan wasn’t asked directly about Kuznetsov during the press conference.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We can’t rule anything out regarding Kuznetsov but it seems unlikely that he’ll get traded. A gifted but inconsistent playmaker, he’s coming off a disappointing 2022-23 campaign. He also carries a $7.8 million AAV through 2024-25 and a 10-team no-trade clause.

MacLellan might end up having to move a promising prospect and a draft pick if he’s seeking top-six forward help. He could offer up a first-round pick, one of his two third-round picks in 2024 or perhaps one or two of his three second-rounders in the 2025 draft.


  1. Why would Kuznetsov request a trade?

    • Because he was said to no longer be happy playing for the Capitals.

      • Ok. Sounds like we don’t know. I thought it would be the team that wanted a trade.

  2. The Karlsson trade, and its aftermath of the Petry speculation, is like manna from heaven for the hockey media. The usually boring month of August is now full of excitement.
    I wouldn’t read too much into Hughes silence at this point. And I’m not that sure Petry will be traded so quickly. Most of the teams who’d be interested in a veteran D-man like him don’t have much cap room, making a trade difficult even if the Habs retain salary. And Hughes is generally not keen on retaining salary. A trade is more likely at the deadline or next June.

    • Howard I agree, I don’t see Hughes retaining for 2 years and as some has said 50%, unless he gets an unreal deal.

    • Has anyone herd the rumour of Petry , Allen and Prospect to the Rangers for LaFrenise

      • Even if MTL retained 50% of Petry, that would still be over 6 mil going to NYR and they don’t have the cap space for that.

      • Why on earth would NY do that? Ny has Fox, Trouba and Schneider down the right side. Where does Petry fit in ? And why would they need a 3rd goalie? And why would they trade a 21 year old for that package?

        None of that makes any sense. Sounds like something you may have read from a dream fans perspective.

  3. Wonder if the Leafs would be interested in Petry. Maybe Roberstson would interest the Canadians enough they would retain 50% of Petry’s salary.

    • Hi Jeff

      The Leafs should not be interested in Petry

    • Robertson??? He’s an injury prone small player who hasn’t been able to stick in the NHL in 4 years. I doubt the leafs even renew him when his contract is up this June.

      • I dont think the Habs need an other Small forward…

        they need bigger players and this kid Robertson has been injured a lot already…..⁉️

  4. Curious – Signing Martin Jones

    Does this mean Samsonov gets moved
    Shed some $$$
    If Treliving feels Woll is the guy , maybe this signing makes sense
    It’s not likely Jones will clear wavers if sent down to the Marlies
    There’s not a lot of goaltending depth , as per Toronto , perhaps , I am thinking too much

    • “It’s not likely Jones will clear wavers if sent down to the Marlies”

      I think it is VERY likely that he passes through waivers. No team is going to want to have three goalies on their roster, especially if one of them is Martin Jones.

      • Hey Garth,
        I think Jones is a Very good pick up for the leafs
        he played very well on a crappy San Jose Sharks team and for the Kraken last season.

        if Samsonov get hurt…… they have a Great back up to go with there in jones,

        The young guy 24 yr old Joseph Woll
        who only has way under 20 NHL games experience from what i remember in season

    • It’s note likely he Jones will pass through waivers. No one wanted him. He had to sign at close to league minimum for 1 year. I think it’s a safe gamble to pass him through waivers.

    • Ken, Jones is an insurance policy on both Samsonov (injury) and Woll (expectations).

      Tre at the draft in Nashville:
      “Joe, the young guy, he finished off well. I’ve learned sometimes those young guys that finish off well, it doesn’t necessarily mean the start is going to be well.”

      Could be difficult to pass Woll thru waivers if he starts out poorly. But Robidas island is available for a one month stay.

    • He Ken,

      Why would the Leafs Move Samsonov,
      he is the Best young goaltender the leafs has had in a decade.❓
      Great numbers last year,

      Leafs d/ has been the weak spot on the team …
      along with goaltening …hopfully better this season and i think young Samsonov will be better still this up & coming season

      after these 3 goaltenders they have now,
      The leafs have No one in the minors to play NHL goaltender🤔

  5. Kuz to Van for Miller

    Make it bigger

    Jt miller and Garland for Kuz and Mantha

    Gives Van cap space next yr
    Give WSH assets to keep competing now

  6. Interested if anyone, particuarly Lightening fans, Devs signed Foote to basically an AHL contract, how did he fall out of favor?

    • I haven’t read this link but it’s rumoured Dubas is attempting to bring jagr back to Pittsburgh.

    • Hi SOG

      Article/Post from Elias based on tweet from “Penguins Jesus”…. So …. Not a reliable source

      Would I like to see the flying mullet again…. Yep

      51 Year old Jagr better than 38 year old Carter 🤓

      • Or a 31 year old Rust.

  7. Jagr couldn’t finish his last NHL stint with the Flames a number of years back
    Who do they think he is Gordie Howe

    I don’t see a logical spot for Petry. No west coast no Canadian teams.
    I like that Rangers Rumor if the pick or picks are on the higher end.

    • Petry to Detroit for Chiarot may work. Detroit saves one year of similar cap hit. Chiarot returns to the team he had the most success with.

      • MTL is not taking Chiarot’s contract for 3 years.

      • I don’t see either team having interest in either player.

      • Maybe if Detroit retains $.75M-$1M x 3 on Chiarot