NHL Rumor Mill – September 16, 2023

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The latest on the Bruins’ rumored interest in the Flames’ Elias Lindholm and Noah Hanifin and the Jets’ Mark Scheifele plus speculation about Rasmus Dahlin’s contract talks with the Sabres in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa believes the Boston Bruins’ pursuits of Calgary Flames center Elias Lindholm and Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele will have to wait to wait. He cites the high cost of acquiring either center and the Bruins being pressed against the $83.5 million salary cap as factors working against them.

Calgary Flames center Elias Lindholm (NHL Images).

Shinzawa points to what the New York Islanders gave up to the Vancouver Canucks (a first-round pick in 2023, prospect Aatu Raty and winger Anthony Beauvillier) to acquire Bo Horvat in January.

Assuming that sets the market, the Bruins lack a first-round pick in 2024 plus the prospects they have in Raty’s category are few and far between and needed by the Bruins. It would also mean parting with Jake DeBrusk, who the Bruins consider a top-line winger.

The Flames or Jets could retain some salary to help either player fit within the Bruins’ limited cap space. However, Shinzawa believes that would add premiums to the trade cost.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy noted the Bruins had been linked to the Flames in the off-season rumor mill. Sources confirmed to Murphy that Boston general manager Don Sweeney had conducted his due diligence on the trade cost of Lindholm as well as Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin.

Like Shinzawa, Murphy noted the Bruins being squeezed for cap space and their limited number of tradeable assets makes acquiring Lindholm or Hanifin unlikely. He also pointed out that both players told the Calgary media earlier this week that they remain open to signing contract extensions with the Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff recently indicated that he has no plans to trade Scheifele right now. He said he’s been in contact with the 30-year-old center and intends to speak with him when training camp opens next week. It appears Scheifele will be starting the season with the Jets.

Lindholm, Hanifin and Scheifele could become available later in the season if they haven’t signed new contracts by the March 8 trade deadline and the Flames and Jets are out of playoff contention by then. However, the Bruins will only have less than $2 million in projected trade deadline cap space. They’ll still have difficulty outbidding other interested clubs that possess more cap room and trade capital.

Shinzawa suggests the Bruins would stand a better chance of landing Lindholm or Scheifele in next summer’s free-agent market if they don’t re-sign with their current clubs. Even with paying goaltender Jeremy Swayman a raise, he believes they’ll have sufficient cap room to chase one of those centers. The same goes for Hanifin if he hits the open market next July.


BUFFALO HOCKEY NOW: Michael Augello recently noted the Sabres seemed on the verge of signing defenseman Rasmus Dahlin to a contract extension. However, those talks seemed to hit a snag following the Ottawa Senators signing blueliner Jake Sanderson to an eight-year, $64.4 million deal.

It was rumored the Sabres were hoping to lock down the 23-year-old Dahlin to an eight-year deal with an average annual value in excess of $10 million. According to Andrew Peters, co-host of WGR 550’s The Instigators, the Dahlin camp seeks a five-year contract.

Augello speculates Dahlin and his agent Craig Oster are using the same playoff as Auston Matthews, who recently inked a four-year extension that will enable him to become a UFA at age 30. A five-year deal would make Dahlin eligible for UFA status at age 28.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dahlin would be well within his playing prime by that point. As Auguello points out, that would put him in line for a significantly higher payday on a long-term contract with the Sabres or another club via free agency.


  1. I don’t think Boston will get either C. I don’t think either player will be available next season.

    Maybe Boston might have to look around the league for a C that hasn’t established himself but has a high ceiling.

    Is there another Chicago team that is willing to give up on a young C like Kirby Dach?

    I’m looking at you Los Angeles Kings.

    Boston would be happy to take Quinton Byfield off your hands and give the young center an opportunity to blossom in Boston.

    • I agree unless Conroy has lost his mind he will move all pending UFA’s at the TDL and at least get a return. The gamble of keeping all and being a fringe playoff team will be crushing when they all walk.

  2. Boston is going to ride it out till next year and then they will. Get a ctr either via free agency or trade as the assets they have they need. Media is driving the. Rumours not the bruins Those of you in the way of hurricane Lee. May you not get flooded or loss power for too long

  3. I thought Lee was an Islander

    Chevy has been painfully slow. Dubois trade surprised me. We will be talking about Scheifele for some time- late Feb
    Not sure with Conroy . He will be player friendly and has a positive persona Lindholm should not be more than 8x $8.5. Short term not sure- $9m ?
    I am on the side the Bruins don’t do much in the way of trades. They are good enough to compete for a spot and have little resources at this time to do anything meaningful

    • Was a good article on Flamesnation about a contract paying Lindholm mostly bonus on the front half of an 8 year deal & let him earn around $11.0 mill in the early years then transition to straight salary on the back 3-4 years to make it easier to buyout if player isnt performing to the cap hit by his mid thirties. That could keep the cap hit in that $8.75-9.0 mill range. Lindholm just had his first child in Feb so wants to settle in & is big time friends with Markstrom. Knowing Conroy, if he gave assurance to both players that he wants Marky to play in Calgary for his remaining 4 years & tutor Wolf, that could be a big selling point.

      Personally I would like to see a rebuild & run with Vladar & Wolf but looks like Vladar is the odd one out. Too bad, I really like him.

      Hanafin will ultimately be traded unless he agrees to sign around the Weegar number or if Flames decide to trade Tanev sooner. Especially if Kyllington plays well this year after missing last year.

      Starting to ramble like Pengy.Lol

  4. Personally, I see it from the player’s perspective both ways on going long versus going medium-term. You’re weighing security versus the chance to earn more money. It’s risk versus reward and I can’t fault players either way they choose except to say eight years is a long time on a team that isn’t right at the beginning of their clear contention window.

    So much can change over the course of eight years that locking yourself for that long can end up feeling like an eternity if the situation deteriorates and your contract becomes “untradable”. I like the guys signing 4-5 year deals in their early 20’s but understand those that want to do the 7-8 year deals.

  5. Bruins are fine the way they are, once again they’ll surprise those who know nothing about them, as always no respect.

    • Exactly they will be fine. Yes they lost Bergy n DK but they already went without DK. Zacha has a chance to prove he can play top minutes. They will make the playoffs. I wouldn’t call them contenders tho. Some kids will a chance if nothing pans out 30 mill in cap space should fix that

  6. No team is giving a lot for Elias or Mark unless they agree to a suitable contract extension. Bruins will take their chances this year and add next year either way I wouldn’t pay top bucks for those two. Stories flying around Bruin golf tournament that both Bergeron and Krech might be open to join for playoff run if Bruins in position to win.

  7. If Couturier can get back to form this year, I think there’s a deal to be made between the Flyers and Bruins next year.

    Flyers would only want picks back.