NHL Rumor Mill – September 2, 2023

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Elias Lindholm is open to staying with the Flames, the latest on Evgeny Kuznetsov and Anthony Mantha, and updates on Max Comtois and Tyler Ennis in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports Elias Lindholm is willing to stick with the Flames. The 28-year-old center told Sweden’s Hockeysverige.se that his agent and the club are handling the contract extension negotiations. He said there is a lot the two sides have to agree on.

Calgary Flames center Elias Lindholm (NHL Images).

After that, it’s up to the agent and Calgary to sort out the rest, “ said Lindholm. “Then, we’ll see if it works out or not.”

Lindholm noted that he has a year remaining on his current contract after which he’s eligible to become an unrestricted free agent. “Nothing strange about that,” he said. “We will see what happens.”

Gilbertson believes the Flames can’t afford to let Lindholm depart next summer as a UFA. He believes the two-way center will be traded before then if they fail to hammer out an extension.

Flames general manager Craig Conroy has made it clear that he wants to get Lindholm under contract. It’s rumored the center could seek an average annual value of $9 million. Comparables could be the New York Islanders’ Bo Horvat and the Los Angeles Kings’ Pierre-Luc Dubois. Both are earning AAVs of $8.5 million but Lindholm was a Selke Finalist in 2021-22.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lindholm would draw plenty of interest if the Flames shop him before the March trade deadline. The Boston Bruins have been frequently mentioned as a possible suitor. For now, however, it’s a positive sign for the Flames that Lindholm is willing to sign with them provided they can work out a mutually beneficial deal.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau believes Washington Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov will be on the hot seat this season. The 31-year-old center is coming off a disappointing performance in 2022-23, making him the subject of trade chatter following reports he requested a trade last March, something he hasn’t rescinded.

Kuznetsov is signed through 2024-25 with an AAV of $7.8 million and a 10-team no-trade clause. That gives him cost certainty for certain teams. Given his current low value in the trade market, Proteau believes the only way Kuznetsov gets moved this season is if he plays well.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Then again, an improved effort by Kuznetsov could make him more valuable to the Capitals playoff hopes this season. It’ll be interesting to see how his situation unfolds.

Capitals winger Anthony Mantha is also coming off a lousy 2022-23 campaign. He carries an AAV of $5.7 million, lacks no-trade protection and is eligible next summer for UFA status. Proteau suggests he might be an attractive rental option if his performance improves.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Tyler Ennis might get a professional tryout offer (PTO) from a Western-based club. The former NHL forward is also mulling offers from Switzerland, where he played last season.

BPM SPORTS RADIO: Marc-Olivier Beaudoin reports being told that former Anaheim Ducks winger Maxime Comtois could get a PTO from the Vegas Golden Knights.


  1. If Lindholm signs in Calgary and Scheifele in Winnipeg. The list of potential centers that could be ufa next season is somewhat of a drop off.

    Ryan Hartman
    Thomas Novak
    Chandler Stephenson
    Jack Roslovic
    Max Domi (listed at C)

    Is your top choices.

    If either Lindholm or Scheifele decide to go to market. They are going to get paid!

    • Hi Caper,

      I think they Both Test the UFA Market with so few Quality # 1 Centres avalable for july 1 2024…⁉️

      Yes 100% they will both get paid and it could be
      outrages with the Cap going up $4.M…..
      lots of teams have lots of cap space next july compared to this year

      What do we think these guys are going to get paid….
      Scheifele ❓$

    • Caper

      You are forgetting the spectacular, soon to be 39 year old…… drum roll…., Jeff Carter

      Unless Hextall replaces an in-year GM that’s fired…. He’ll snap up Carter for 3 years @ $2.5 M, the very second the window opens 1/7/24

      • Lol Pengy, I think i set the age parameter for under 50

      • Tristan Jarry / Pierre Oliver Joseph / and a 2025 3rd round pick to Anaheim for john Gibson.

        $6.2 milluon out
        $6.4 million in

        Lets go

    • Also Mikael Backlund, Wennberg, Henrique, (Stamkos too as noted by GP)and Kuznetsov is available via trade. There are teams that will want to free up center positions and trade good yet pricey centers (or those who can play center) to create room for their young and inexpensive rising star centers, as well as to trade for assets to shore up other team deficiencies (see LA, Ottawa, Buffalo, Anaheim). Also, if Winnipeg signs Scheifele, they will soon have a logjam at center with Lambert and Lucius coming up quick to join their other centers (Lowry, Perfetti, etc). Granted those two are not yet ready for primetime, but I would be very surprised if the Jets sign Scheifele to a deal to his liking involving $$ and term.

    • Williew that is a tough question, they both will be the top 2 C and third isn’t in sight.

      Linholm 7yrs at $9.2
      Scheifele 7yrs at $8.5

      strictly an age think for less average for Scheifele.

      • Caper,

        Linholm is 29 in Dec, 7yrs at $9.5 Range….🤔

        Scheifele is 30 , 7yrs at $8.5-9.M Range….🤔

        its a Supply & Demand thing, 2 top centres, 32 team some GM will bite……

        Pengy, What do you think…..❓

  2. Isn’t Stamkos also a UFA?

    • Yes
      Stamko is a UFA July 2024,

      But im 100% sure he stays in TB….. on a team friendly deal $4-5M…

  3. Comtois…. Very Surprised no team has taken him

    He’ll get League min (or 2 way)…. So can be buried if need be… so risk really is only cash differential (AHL vs NHL contracts)

    He’s only 24; 6’2”, 216

    His 82 game pace last year was 11-13-24….. and he was playing sporadic bottom forwards’ minutes…. On Ducks

    Dooby could have had him…. Instead Dooby signs the likes of:

    Hinnistroza…. 5 years older; 6”
    Shorter; 45 lbs lighter; and

    Johnsson…. Also 5 years older; 4” shorter; 25 lbs lighter

    Dooby could have; well still can; sign …. Ritchie…. For what he signed Hinnistroza and Johnsson to

    Ritchie’s 82 G pace last year 15-15-30

    He’s younger than both of them

    Has 6” and 60 lbs on Hinnisrozza; and 4” and 40 lbs on Johnnson


    • Why do you assume Dubas could have signed him? You’re assuming he wants to play in Pittsburgh. With the window closing and a likely rebuild in two years does a young player want to sign in the burgh when there are others whose windows are opening? And might be in places with more sun and less taxes than western pa? Can’t assume dubas (or other gms) always have the pick of the litter.

      • Hi Chrisms,

        You are right (at or shortly after 1/7) for most players; re where a player chooses to play

        At this point…. Comtois and Ritchie will have to take what they can get…. Sign anywhere in NHL or practice their Russian

        Dubas was specifically asked about the signing of several late 20’s/earlt 30’s small depth players and wether he had reached out to others who were younger and bigger and who lsigned for league min or close to; and they actually cited “such as Max Comtois”…. Dooby said no 💩🤬😭

        The Hinnisrozza and Johnnson and Nietto signings were head scratchers and really hurt

        The biggest head scratcher….. signing his 4C to a 3 year (coming off a 1 year) @ a 60% (YES 60%) raise; AND …. Wait for it….. giving him a partial NTC….. and doing so….. less than 2 hours after Free Agency opened

        No chance any other GM gives him a 60% raise; 3 years; and NT protection…. No chance….. not even Yotes…. Who have to beg players to come

        He made those above signings while so many other opportunities; better opportunities; cheaper opportunities….. were still available down the road….

        Pius Suter…. 2 years at $1.6 M…. Not signed until 2/8

        Sunquist…. 1 year $775 K…. Signed 12/7

        Bjugstadt signed for just $100 K more (but only : year)

        Steel signed for 1 yr @ $850 K

        The list goes on and on….. but the one that hurts the most…. Poehling signed for just 1 year and $600 K less; and to the cross state rivals; AND

        -already knows Pens systems, players, coaches

        -far superior player

        – 4” taller

        -8 years younger




        Let’s give term; 60% raise; and partial NTC; AND crimp Cap more than they needed at 4C?????


        The Eller signing as 3C was also difficult to hear

      • Chrismis..i do agree the window is closing and its likely like you said 2 years.

        People better beware of the Penguins this season they are rested, retooled, pissed off, and have a chip on their shoulders.

        Look this team last year with no third line, no 4th li e, inconsistent goaltending, and shaky defense missed the playoffs by one point..blowing to end of ghe year games to Columbus and Chicago.

        They have added Ryan Graves and erik Karlsson on defense, the have rebuilt the botton six with Nieto Accari Eller, they added Stanley cup champion Reilly smith to reace zucker..

        This team is faster deeper better

        And dont thonk for a second dubas wont make a strong move at the deadline to push this team over the top.

        Having Karlsson and letang on the ice for 46 minutes controlling play.

        Jarry only question mark if he is just good look out.

    • Apparently Vegas is signing him to @Pto soon

  4. Disappointed in Lindholm’s interview. Conroy has already offered more than he is worth. He shouldn’t get more than Horvat. If he is wanting close to 10 he needs to be traded. I was all for keeping him at around 8.5 but with the other contracts already on this team it will start to look like Toronto but without the elite firepower.

  5. Lindholm just put the ball in cal court. He said I’ll stay. Pay me. Nmc. Thanks. Or the fans will blame you.

  6. Lindholm ( & others) need to factor that eighth year. Can’t see him getting 10 m from anyone but say he does . That’s $70 m . Flames for the same pay around $8.750