Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 10, 2023

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The latest on Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck and center Mark Scheifele plus other Penguins trade needs in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun and Michael Russo reported Winnipeg Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff isn’t looking to trade goaltender Connor Hellebuyck and center Mark Scheifele right now.

“The narrative took on a life of its own,” said Cheveldayoff. “Obviously we made some changes to our organization and we think we’re situated to be in a real good, competitive spot.”

Winnipeg Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck (NHL Images).

That narrative is the contract status of Hellebuyck and Scheifele. Both are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer unless they re-sign with the Jets before then. LeBrun and Russo noted there’s a risk that the Jets could lose those two for nothing if they’re not signed before the projected March 8 trade deadline.

Cheveldayoff, however, is putting his focus on winning this season. He also indicated there’s been ongoing dialogue with both players, adding that he’ll meet with them once training camp opens later next week.

LeBrun and Russo’s colleague Murat Ates believes Cheveldayoff’s body of work during the offseason might give the Jets a chance to re-sign Hellebuyck. The most notable move was shipping Pierre-Luc Dubois to the Los Angeles Kings for Gabriel Vilardi, Alex Iafallo and Rasmus Kupari.

Ates speculates there’s a possibility of a short-term contract between the Jets and their starting goaltender. Scheifele’s situation, however, is less clear.

If the Jets are forced to move Hellebuyck and Scheifele before the trade deadline, Ates believes they could fetch solid returns. The club could also accrue $10 million in cap space by the deadline if they wish to become buyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a significant offer before the regular season begins, it’s safe to say that Hellebuyck and Scheifele will start this season with the Jets. Whether they finish the season in Winnipeg or stay beyond that remains to be seen. 

If the Jets are sitting in a playoff position, Cheveldayoff will likely keep both players for the postseason even if it means they’ll depart next July as free agents. On the other hand, one or both could be peddled at the trade deadline if the club is near the bottom of the standings.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski doesn’t see the Penguins making any forays into the trade market before the season opens next month. However, they still have some roster shortcomings that could require a trade or two later this fall.

The Penguins could use some offense among their bottom-six forwards. With the club pressed for salary-cap space, it must also be affordable.

Kingerski also believes the Penguins need to boost the right side of their third defense pairing. Chad Ruhwedel or professional tryout offer signing Mark Pysyk are tentative options to be penciled in at that position.

Marcus Pettersson could once again find himself the subject of trade rumors. Other potential trade chips could be left-shot defensemen Ty Smith, Will Butcher and Libor Hajek.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like former Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford, current GM Kyle Dubas isn’t afraid to wheel and deal to try and address his roster issues. He could attempt to make another move or two later this season if those issues raised by Kingerski persist.


  1. The Pens are said to have extended a PTO to Colin White.

    • Which was duly noted in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

      • Lol. Thanks Lyle. I thought it was such exciting news that It would need repeating. 😉

  2. Johnny Z, in yesterday’s discussion on Pinto you responded with “Yup! WJC report come out, Batherson takes a bath and is suspended, Pinto resigned at 4 x $4.75M.”

    While the Batherson speculation may indeed turn out to be true, unless Ottawa is worried that the Norris shoulder situation could become a chronic one, and so need Pinto to fill a top 2 role, there is NO way they have a 3rd line C making $4.5 for 4 years.

    He would also not get any appreciable pp time, and since he’s just decent in a defensive role, probably not much – if any – pk time either.

    And you don’t pay 3rd line minutes that kind of coin in a hard cap world.

    If they’re confident that Norris is completely healed and not prone to repeated shoulder woes, Pinto’s value becomes what they could garner in a trade – a 1st round pick and/or a god prospect because, on so many rebuilding teams, he becomes a top 2 C.

    • George, I feel same way about Chytil on Rangers. After signing Trochek to be 2C, they extended Chytil 4×4.4m. I think that’s steep for a 3c, and if he makes the jump to 2C then you’re really overpaying on Trochek. While Trochek has a full nmc for 2 more seasons, Chytil lacks any trade protection.

    • This is what I was referring to yesterday as it seems Dorion was tending to the visitors while the family is in turmoil also seems his focus was signing Tarasenko for 1 yr when he should’ve been focused on keeping his core intact long term, and the cap implications with signing Norris and Forsberg coming off IR. The Sens with Dorion doesn’t seem well buttoned up.

      • And as I replied yesterday the current cap situation at CapFriendly – which includes the cap hits of both Norris and Forsberg and has them at 20 committed to with RFAs Pinto and Sokolov to re-up – indicates they have just under $900,000.

        So, yes, some roster adjustments need to be made either through trade or demotion to the minors – but if they are comfortable that Norris is 100% to go – and there has been NOTHING to indicate otherwise – they will not be paying Pinto $4 to $4.5 mil to be a 3rd line C. He will be dealt and NOT for a salaried/term player in return, but rather a combination of a draft pick and good prospect still under ELC terms.

        And those teams in various stages of a re-build or “tinkering” and needing a potential Top 2 C will be elbowing each other out of the way with offers to get him. In that event, and if Batherson is implicated in that sex scandal in some way, Tarasenko will look pretty good for 1 season.

        Meanwhile, the trade of a Joseph and/or Brannstrom will free up enough to get Sokolov signed and bring in another F or D as is deemed needed.

    • Thanks for reply, George, and good to see you back.
      Dorion seems to be locking up his good, young players, and although Pinto does not have a lot of NHL experience, (neither did Sanderson) Pinto is looking for a longer contract worth even more than I stated.
      I see this as the compromise that the 2 sides will come to.

    • Home town bias, George? You too share the enthusiasm Sens management has for young players who show promise.

      In the same way that the Sens have taken a leap of faith signing a player who scored 4 goals to a long term lucrative contract, stating Pinto is a “top” # 2 center is a touch optimistic.

      Yes, 20 goals last year is more than decent. His -21 less so. He might garner a first rounder but if I’m a GM I want to see a second such season out of him before I assign him a “top” 2 C status.

      • Well, you’re entitled to your opinion – like everyone else. The proof will be in the pudding as the old saying goes.

        But as for “bias” – my view has less to do with that and more towards simple logic. I will say here and now that, based purely on what he’s shown to date, that Sanderson’s contract will be looked upon as a bargain sooner rather than later.

        As for Pinto – if he were a winger I’d be a lot less “enthusiastic” about his perceived value to some team in a rebuild phase … but he’s a C – and they are gold. Simple as that. But with Ridley Greig being seen as every bit as good, and still on his ELC, there is NO way they should pay Pinto what he and his agent are likely seeking – $4 to $4.5 per – to play 3rd line minutes.

        And should they put him on the market, watch the interest and the offers.

    • Hey George! I think Flames are a team that should be all over this. Pinto is an NHL ready centre that Flames seem to be targeting as they want to do a serious youth movement retool but not scorch the earth rebuild. Wonder if a Zary & a 3rd for Pinto would be something Dorion would consider?

      • Potlicker, that’s the sort of return I’m referring to …. and Connor Zary would fill the bill along with a 3rd (I’d dicker for a 2nd – but I’m greedy 🙂 ).

    • Pinto gets 2nd pp time. 4 @ $4.5 is actually reasonable for a guy who is a good 2 way centre.

      • How does Pinto get 2nd pp time with Norris ticketed for # 1 and Stutzle # 2?
        I agree he is very good in the face-off circle – but no team, in a hard cap world, can be paying a 3rd line C that kind of coin.

        His greatest value to Ottawa right now is what he can bring to the team in terms of draft pick/prospect still in ELC stage.

  3. Was Dan Kingerski aware Sharks wanted Peterson in the Erik Karlsson deal, and Kyle Dubas refused to include Peterson in the deal? Peterson is Penguins Top 4 defenseman, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Other ways to find 3rd pairing right shot defenseman who excels on the penalty kill.

    • But if Doobie could give Petterson, O’Conner and a 1st for Travis Konencny…….I think he would.
      Petterson does have an 8-team no-trade clause.

  4. Welcome back George

    Re Pens and 3RD…and Kingedski and….

    “Chad Ruhwedel or professional tryout offer signing Mark Pysyk are tentative options to be penciled in at that position.”

    . Under no circumstances should Chad Ruhweedel be an option

    Friedman faaaaaar superior; Psyk has the added bonus of also being able to play RW

    Also….. Pens have (barely) ONE 3rd liner (Eller);

    With 9 4th liners ALREADY under NHL contracts; and 3 more 4th liners on PTOs; with ZERO players able to jump up to 2C if EITHER Gino or Sid gets injured

    Moves still need to be made

    A no trade move is easy…. Sign Tatar…. Fills in for Guentzel until he returns; then when Guentzel returns; he drops to play on Eller’s wing

  5. Dorion is terrible at managing money why are you giving Sanderson8.05m a year for 8 years for only one season under his belt
    How stupid is this? Look the guy is good but he hasnt played two full seasons yet and alreafy we wheeled the bank truck to his door this team is screwed if ownenship doesnt change hands and dump Dorion soon

  6. Oh yeah – with Norris, Stutzle, Giroux, Batherson, Tkacuk, Tarasenko, Greig, Kubalik, Chabot, Zub, Sanderson, Chychrun, Bernard-Docker, Brannstrom, Korpisalo, Forsberg on the roster this year, and next year $4,`134,833 in dead cap coming off the books to go along with 2 UFAs they probably won’t be re-signing totaling $7.5 mil – total of$11,600,000 to spend along with whatever amount the cap goes up by – they’re screwed.

    Come on, man. As for Sanderson, his value will become glaringly evident to all this coming season.

    And by the way, ownership has changed hands and to this point are evidently happy with the job being done by Dorion. Don’t kid yourself, every recent signing had to have the new owner’s stamp of approval.