NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – February 12, 2024

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Recaps of Sunday’s game and the Leafs Morgan Rielly faces an in-person hearing for cross-checking Ridly Greig. Details and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines


NHL.COM: An overtime goal by J.T. Miller with 4.8 seconds remaining in overtime lifted the Vancouver Canucks to a 3-2 victory over the Washington Capitals. Thatcher Demko stopped 31 shots for the 35-12-6 Canucks (76 points) as they opened a three-point lead over the Boston Bruins for first place in the overall standings. Alex Ovechkin scored for the fifth straight game as his Capitals (23-20-8) sit six points out of the final Eastern Conference wild-card berth.

St. Louis Blues defenseman Torey Krug (NHL Images).

St. Louis Blues defenseman Torey Krug collected five assists as his club thumped the Montreal Canadiens 7-2. Robert Thomas had a goal and three assists while Jordan Kyrou tallied twice for the Blues (28-21-2) as they hold the final Western Conference wild-card spot with 58 points. Nick Suzuki and Joel Armia scored for the 21-23-8 Canadiens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Krug’s five assists were a single-game franchise record for a Blues defenseman.

Meanwhile, Canadiens blueliner Jordan Harris left the game with an upper-body injury (suspected concussion) after being boarded by Blues forward Sammy Blais, who received a five-minute major penalty and a game misconduct. Before this contest, the Canadiens announced that forward Rafael Harvey-Pinard would be sidelined for four to six weeks with a lower-body injury.


TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly has an in-person meeting with the NHL’s department of player safety for cross-checking Ottawa Senators center Ridly Grieg during Saturday’s game between their two clubs. Rielly took exception over Greig firing a slap shot into the empty Leafs net during the dying seconds of the game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rielly could be facing a suspension of five games for more. Meanwhile, Leafs and Senators fans lit up social media over the weekend arguing over the incident.

With the Senators assured of victory in that game, Greig may have been rubbing it in a bit with his slapshot empty-netter. Frustrated over the game’s result, Rielly took exception to it.

Rielly’s defenders argue that Greig violated an unwritten code or was guilty of poor sportsmanship. However, there is nothing in the rule book against the way that goal was scored. It was no excuse for Rielly deliberately attempting to injure Greig by cross-checking him in the head.

NHL.COM: Boston Bruins defenseman Matt Grzelcyk was fined $5,000.00 for spearing Washington Capitals winger Max Pacioretty on Saturday.

CBS SPORTS: Minnesota Wild forward Marcus Foligno will miss the club’s next two games with a lower-body injury.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice picked up his 850th career NHL coaching victory when his club shut out the Colorado Avalanche 4-0 on Saturday. He moved into sole possession of fifth place for the most coaching victories in league history.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: New Jersey Devils bench boss Lindy Ruff sits nine wins ahead of Maurice in fourth place with 859.


  1. The TML could use more Of that physicality when the game is on the line,not already decided!Seems Reaves is always on the bench or not dressed when these things come to a head!

    • That’s because Reaves is basically useless.

    • Reaves is a pylon. He can’t help an NHL team at this point. He takes stupid penalties, and if no one engages him in a fight, his one skill is moot.

    • So you are saying Reeves should cross check people in the head when the Leafs get scored on?

      The 1.5 million hit that Reeves is taking up for his 7 minute a game ice time (along with a shiny -12 for all that on ice time) is money the Leafs could use to add a bottom 6 forward, a d or a goalie.

  2. Reilly certainly deserves at least the 6 games given to David Perron, and should probably be more, given the significant differences in the leading circumstances.

    Perron was responding to hits to the head of Dylan Larkin, while Reilly was responding to the faux pas of a meaningless slap shot into an empty net.

    • Sens 3rd and 4th lines dominated play when they were on the ice. Reeves simply can’t skate at pace needed to keep up with the likes of Pinto or Parker Kelly. While the Sens bottom six aren’t the most skilled they’re a speedy bunch.

      the question that doesn’t seem to get asked often enough is why the heck did Grieg even do that?

      • Who cares why Greig did that? It’s not against the rules. As I said, he was rubbing it in a little but so what? The game was already over. If Rielly wanted to get in his grill and yell at him or face wash him, so be it. Greig’s actions didn’t merit Rielly’s response.

      • More goals in the stats line can equal more zeros on your paycheck. Any player (particularly young ones) should aim for this every time.

    • I Really hope the NHL department of player Safety Through the Book at Morgan Reily,

      This a beltant attempt to injure young Ridly Grieg,
      suspension of 6 to 10 games.
      What is the NHL doing for young kids are they the NHL saing this is ok….???

      last but not least the Leafs Coach Sheldon Keefe should be find for his Stupid comment about the hit,
      looks like a first round exit for the leafs again this year.
      He wont be coach for them next season !!

    • lago

      I find it interesting that in two of the stories this article refers to there is a stick infraction.

      Spearing (BOS) gets a $5000 fine but a Cross check (TOR) deserves a minimum 6 game suspension? The cross check you reference by Perron was much more violent than the one by Rielly.

      What about the two hands, baseball type swing that Smith (NJ) committed against Koneckny (PHI)? Was there any supplemental discipline?

      Where is the consistency?

      • Daryl, I 100% agree that the big problem is there is NO consistency – its more like a roulette wheel.

        And let’s not forget two things about the Perron situation:

        1) Perrons hit was SO viscious that Zub didn’t miss even one shift.
        2) Larkin took 2 shots to the head, was knocked out, missed 5 games, and the 2 head shots he took resulted in 2 minute penalties.

        And I thought that Matthews slash/high stick was much worse than Perrons or Reillys, and he got, what, 3 games ?

        Yes, where is the consistency ?

  3. There’s no rule that you can’t cross center ice during pre-game warmup.
    There’s no rule that you can’t shoot the puck into an empty net after a whistle.
    There’s no rule against a non-contact flyby through the paint.

    There are more rules in “the code” than in the rulebook (exaggeration).

    What Greg did was dumb, he knew exactly what he was doing and he surely knew there would/could be a reaction which explains his getting his arm up to block the stick.

    I’m not saying Rielly was “right” BUT there isn’t a single team or fanbase that wouldn’t have reacted to that f-you.

    • Maybe, but not with a stick to the head. A face wash or brief tussle would be the normal response.

      • Exactly, Howard. Not something that merits a multi-game suspension that takes him out of the lineup at a time when his team is struggling. The Leafs hold one of the two Eastern wild-card spots. Only four points separates them from the New York Islanders, who are chasing a wild-card berth. They haven’t overtaken the Leafs yet is because they’ve been playing poorly. Same goes for the Devils, Capitals and Penguins. If the Isles and Devils get hot, the Leafs could be in trouble if they keep stumbling as they have lately, especially with their best defenseman out of the lineup.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree.

      Engage in a fight if you want to, but cross-checking someone in the head while they’re turned away from you is a cowardly act.

      The leafs had a chance to take advantage of the Sergachev injury and build a cushion against Tampa. Now their already depleted D-corps will have to do without their best defenseman for 6 games or more because of a selfish, cowardly play.

    • With a case worker helping out, I can take a moment to respond to that pile of crap.

      Why aren’t there more violent reactions when an NFL receiver mocks (often with an exaggerated slamming of the football to the ground in the end zone) and trash-talks a defender, or when a 6’10” NBAer on a breakaway to the hoop, SLAM DUNKS the ball instead of a routine lay-up?

      Or when a hockey player reacts after a routine goal as if he just scored the winner in OT in game 7 of the Stanley Cup (e.g. Domi in that game).

      Gee – Grieg KNEW he was going to be cross-checked to the face so he “got his arm up? What the F did you expect him to do in the circumstances. Should getting his arm up be the difference between 2 games (or no suspension) and 6 games?

      You “insulted” them so you should expect to be attacked with a weapon.

      To SteveR – what exactly are you saying – that all 32 teams should employ someone whose ONLY contribution to the team would be to be there “when things come t a head?” Meanwhile costing the team a roster spot and a multi-year $1 mil + off the cap?

      Give me an effing break.

      • Hey, George. Good to see you on here.
        I thought everyone got what they were looking for. The kid was looking for a response and he got one. The Leafs needed a response to that action, and they got one. Not the proper response, but a response nonetheless. Good on everyone. I was entertained.

      • Welcome back George O. Long time no see.
        You are coming in hot today !! Good on you. This “code” crap only works when both sides adhere to it. I’m sure there must be some code that says you should not take your stick and try to rearrange a guys face, eh . My goodness if a slap shot to an empty net gets a player so ticked off that he takes a stick to the head maybe that player should see an anger management specialist ?? Something else is brewing inside that guy.

      • What Greig did was classless and unsportsmanlike. What Morgan Reilly did was classless and unsportsmanlike. Reilly should of challenged him. They tussle a bit till the refs get in and it’s over. Nobody is talking about it anymore. Really is going to get a deserved suspension. Then only thing that might save him a bit is he is not known as a dirty player. Actually quite the opposite. Either way I think 5 games.

      • Great to see you back George. I hope all is well with your wife and family.

        WTH the one difference is that unlike what Grieg did, what Reilly did was illegal as well as classless and unsportsmanlike.

      • Good to see you back, George!
        As to Reilly’s reaction:
        Is it part of the culture now that when offended that violence is excepted, expected and most often encouraged?

      • Howard that’s why Morgan Reilly is going to get the suspension and not Grieg.

      • So I think we have some agreement on here. Grieg probably knew he was rubbing it in, and that their would likely be a reaction. If he didn’t he does now.

        Reilly snapped like a twig, crossed way over the line, and will be suspended. Which as others have said, is out of character for him. Stupid play. Any pressure in Leaf land? Holy cow and WTF?

        Grieg will be fine, Reilly will be poorer (deservedly), and the Leafs lose their best D-man for a stretch.

        Grieg has a little Marchand in him or? Marchand also got gross checked in the head recently, for continuing to whack at the tender after he had control of the puck. He looked worse for wear than Grieg did. No supplemental discipline for Pospisil.

        Good for OTT, guys like him can bring value if they can contribute elsewhere too.

        Perhaps the NHL needs a taunting rule like the NFL has? Which is what this was IMO. There is a reason they have as guys get pissed off and stuff escalates.

        Again, Reilly crossed way over the line and will correctly pay the price. But I won’t shed any tears for Grieg either. He didn’t deserve that, but he deserved something.

        Hey George, good to hear from you.

      • Thanks guys. I’ve tried to tune in when I can, but any attempt to spend any length of time here in a non-starter when dealing with someone in the throes of dementia.

        Those who have experienced this first hand will know what I mean … those who have not I most sincerely hope you never have to experience it.

        Getting some daily intervention is helping.

        As for the issue under discussion, I agree with those who, like Lyle above, cannot understand the mindless reaction by Rielly to something as innocuous as an emphasis to a final ending of of tough-fought game.

        The impression I got by Rielly’s reaction is that it was a brain fart after a budding in-your-face pest put an exclamation point on the final seconds of a 4-game seasonal series won by the Senators 3-1.

        Rielly should be more pissed at the fact that his team has put themselves into a very real position of missing the playoffs by losing a seasonal series to one of the bottom-feeders, and that now he won’t be in a position to help reverse that trend for X number of games.

        From this vantage point, far worse was Keefe’s feeble attempt to instill some justification for the brainless reaction (a drop-the-gloves challenge or face-rub I could understand as a reaction to a hot-dog move), as well as the Leafs butt-kissing by the panel led by Bieksa and his cronies. Morons.

      • By the way, welcome back, George. Drop by whenever you’re able.

      • Hey George, so good to see you again. And you nailed what I would have said.

        Also this weird “unwritten rules” BS gets to me. If you want someone to have consequences…make it a written rule. Can’t make it one? It’s probably an inconsequential “rule.”

        The only reason so many are trying o victim blame Greig is because he’s a Senator.

      • George O

        Did you think it was OK for Daniel Alfredsson to take a slap shot at Scott Neidermayer out of frustration in the playoffs?

        It was deliberate as well…

      • Welcome back George, albeit I note the context.

        We get to see some bizarre rationalizations from some today. Even posters like SOP are making absurd comments, which makes me a little disappointed, especially given what we know about CTE from concussions. What a surprise that Ron Moore’s comments are – not!

        I can only hope those who are rationalizing the hit are doing so because it seems Grieg wasn’t seriously hurt. And I am confident that had a player of their team been on the receiving end their response would be different. Especially given the many frustrated comments at the Player Safety Department for lack of discipline of for bad hits. To say that this was any different is absurd and frankly shameful.

        Meanwhile, back to you and your Mrs. Good luck to both of you for a soft landing.

      • Daryl. No it was NOT all right for Alfredsson to do that. Never ex[pressed the thought that it WAS OK i any sense.

        What’s your point?

    • You’re right again Habfan30. The reaction was just, like it would of been for any player on any of the 32 teams…that being said, the choice of how to deliver that statement wasn’t the most sensible but did really drive in the message Rielly wanted to send, no matter the cost (again, not the best choice).

      Let’s not pretend how many fans and teams view this Leafs team and how limited that view is. There is a code and even though the Leafs rarely enforce it, it’s nice to finally see some response for a blatant act of disrespect, i.e., breaking the code.

      Both players knew exactly what the consequences of their actions would be…or at least Rielly did. The last time a Leaf player with no previous record went before the joke of DPS that player received 6 games….that menacing player was no other than Jason Spezza!

      • So, a “clean record” should mitigate against any severe punishment for attacking another player’s head with a weapon?

        Is handing down a punishment that fits the crime the reason why the DPS is a joke (no argument from me on that score) in your estimation? Great message: “if you have a clean record you’re entitled to one vicious assault on an opponent.” Just wonderful.

      • By the way, Ron Moore, I and several other Hab fan posters lambasted Gallagher for his head shot on another player and were supportive of a suspension. So how about putting this “everyone hates the Leafs” mantra to rest. You’ve been told by others throughout this season that it’s tedious. It’s not aging well.

    • Come on HF30. You usually demonstrate clear thinking. Gregg is a rookie on a team which his finally putting wins together and he celebrated.

      Since when isn’t hockey about emotion, and since when isn’t celebrating in a game whose purpose is entertainment?

      Since when is there an unwritten rule or code that cross checking an opponent in the head when they embarrass you ok?

  4. I’ve been watching a long time, I didn’t know a slap shot into an empty net hurt folks feelings.

    I had to say the amount of ex-players who supported Reilly actions or but the blame on Grieg, has me asking why?

    Andrew Raycroft does Boston nesn broadcast “keep your arms up kids if you’re going to do that.”

    Marc Methot ex Ottawa Senator, no issue with Greig and no issue with Reilly response, i was entertained.”

    many many more of the same tone. Personally i don’t get it.

    Was Vancouver upset over Walman skate/Dance after scoring on a penalty shot in OT

    Do teams get upset when a player over zealous celebration after scoring a goal.

    For me i’m missing something because there is a lot of players present and ex regardless of teams that support Reilly actions.

    Is this one of them times when people say “if you know, you know.” I don’t know.

    • I hope on Tuesday that DOPS does not support Reilly’s “reaction”. 😁

    • What I don’t understand is, are players not supposed to react or stick up for something, be it a “code” or player?

      We can pretty much agree that a (light) cross check to the face wouldn’t be the best course of action, but I don’t believe anyone agrees on no reaction was what’s needed, ie, game was over, puck (aggressively) rifled into the net. So the reaction was justified but the choice of retaliation was not.

      I’ll call BS on anyone who says different.

      • There was no need for a reaction at all. The net was empty. He wanted to score. You don’t want empty net goals scored on you don’t pull your goalie.

      • I say different. A “light” cross-check to the face?

        THAT observation is BS. But not unexpected. Especially since the perpetrator is a Leafs.

        Had it been Marchand doing that – or Wilson of the Caps – you’d be righteously leading the screams for “justice.”

        But just for argument’s sake, what if it had been, say, Chabot delivering a “light” cross-check to the face of Marner – or Rielly – in response to something similar – i.e., no big deal in the final scheme of things other than an ill-advised hot dog move by a rookie?

        Get off your bloody high horse.

      • I will take a stab at addressing the “code”.

        The word “code” is kinda stupid, sounds like some big secret, how about we go with norms.

        These are norms of behavior established by the players over decades. What is acceptable, and what is not. It doesn’t matter what rules the league comes up with, those are enforced by the league, and in this case Reilly will experience those first hand.

        Chrisms, it had nothing to do with Grieg scoring, it was how he did it. There is a reason you don’t see guys react the way Reilly did on a normal empty net goal. What Grieg did was taunting, rubbing it in, call it what you will. How many guys you see slapping it into an empty net like that? There is a reason for that.

        No different than normal society. If your a dick to folks all the time, you run the risk of it blowing up. No law against being a dick, but generally frowned upon. Now if you act like a total dick, in an already heated moment, sometimes sh*t happens to ya. And if bad enough, the law (rules) deals with it.

        The “code” is there for a reason, and it has withstood the test of time, by the guys who play the game at the highest level. They seem to think it is a good idea to have them.

        Basically don’t be a dick, or you may end up on the receiving end of something. Marchand is a dick to play against, and his bent nose and scarred face looks like it. How about Gallagher’s face?

        Again, big time over reaction by Reilly, and he will pay the price. I also think Grieg fully understands what he was doing, and will continue to do it. It worked. Guys like him are in demand if folks haven’t noticed.

    • Has anyone asked Gretzky, Yzerman, Sakic, Bourque, Lidstrom and other superstars what they thought of the cross check and slapping the puck into the open net.

  5. George,
    Good to see you back on the page.

    hockey Its a Sport & its a Game to entertain That means Fun,…
    The winners loved what young Ridly Grieg Score
    The Looser the Leafs did not,
    Very Poor Sportsman conduct by Morgan Reily!!,

    What dose this hit from Morgan Reily send to the Young fan base and young players

    cant wait to hear from the NHL player safety and the NHL Brass…….??

    • George

      I do agree with everything you just said.

      It is amazing how two different
      People Can look at the same play and see it so differently-

      There is no love lost between the Sens and the Leafs – so that slap shot into the open net is part of the game.

  6. I cannot believe someone is actually equating Gregg’s slap shot on an empty net to repeatedly slapping a puck at a goalie…one little showboat shot into an EMPTY NET now puts a player on Marchand’s level? As George said…if a Leaf had done this everyone would have said how great the shot was and had a good laugh at the either team.

  7. Bonkers this turning into a Leaf rallying cry. Lady Byng Dman throws a crosscheck to the head and so many leaf fans+media happy for the situation?

    Maybe Reilly should of cared that much when losing series lead after series lead…

  8. Complete over reaction by Reilly. The “code” is about respect. But at the end of the day Toronto put themselves in this situation. They put themselves in a place where they needed to pull there goalie, they put themselves in a situation where they lost a season series to a team that is having a horrible year. You want to get mad then get mad at your poor play as a team. Getting mad at a kid who slap shotted a puck into the net is more telling about the Leafs then anything. A team that lacks spine, is only “tuff” after the fact. The Leafs will get steam rolled in the playoffs… if they even make it. Now Reilly has put his team in a position that could really hurt them… Reilly chose to act like an entitled idiot but I am sure Leaf fans will place blame somewhere else.

  9. The shot wasn’t a celly, you folks are conflating things, does anybody for a moment think that had Greig just slipped the puck in the net and danced his way back up the ice that any Leaf on the ice would have given him a menacing look?
    Of course not.

    It was a deliberate stupid provocation and it got a reaction.

    Had Marner done the same stupid thing into an empty Sens net, more than one player would have jumped him.

    Sorry but poor Ridley Greig is a pro not some wide eyed innocent bambi who didn’t know he did anything wrong.

    I’d be surprised if Giroux and Martin haven’t told him not to do that again.

    • Of course the veterans have had a quiet chat with Grieg. Under the umbrella that “you do NOT give the opposition fodder for future motivation …. ever.”

      He’ll get the message. But a vicious cross-check to the face with a weapon is NOT a proper response. And if you and those whop think like you see justification in that, then you’re idiots.

      • George O

        Answering the question you posed above “what’s your point” about the Alfredsson incident. You’re a Sens fan…do you truly believe it was accidental?

        It was equally dangerous. Maybe more?

        It was also out of frustration.

        Do I condone what Rielly did? No

        Hockey is a game of emotions.

        Grieg knew exactly what he was doing. He likely saw who Toronto had on the ice and was expecting zero response.

        Let’s all talk about more exciting things like the TDL.

      • Daryl, of course the Alfredsson episode was not accidental. It was stupid and dangerous.

        But that was over 2 decades ago. What the Hell does that have to do with the Rielly actions?

        This is NOT “well you’re a Leafs fan and I hate the Leafs” sort of mindless crap. It was solely about a dangerous and stupid response. Check this out from a Leafs follower


      • Yes Daryl you’re correct with your points which are very valid regardless of time, especially when people brought up past offenses by players known to cross the line like Marchand where the similarities end at: they are both good hockey players; your Aflie example is more appropriate as both him and Rielly are more alike than like a Marchand for example.

        George, if you saw somewhere, here or elsewhere that someone claimed Rielly’s choice of action or method to hit a player who, lest be honest, did something he shouldn’t of done, I think you’d be right, that person is DUM dumb.

        But some here like chrisms don’t see there was need to give a response at all.

        And George, Rielly looked like he eased up on the hit as it ended up being a one hander than a real cross check which Grieg saw coming. And like I said before, not what I would have done which would be more of a palm wash and a punch in the face…maybe the opposite order deserving so.

    • HF30, Ray, others:

      Do you seriously think Reilly’s reaction was part of a “code?”

      If so, then you are saying the code also permits the cross check to the head.

      If you don’t like getting scored on, then don’t get scored on.

      Rationalizing the cross check because Greig violated some mythical code (you know, the one with the hooded monks, the torches, amulets and chants that every team does in the basement of the rink as part of rookie initiation) is the biggest pile of horse crap I have read here, ever. And that’s saying something.

      It reminds me of the absurd George Laraque prententions about the “code” of fighting, reducing the game to almost burlesque status.

      You want to know what the real “code” is in the NHL: nothing justifies a cross check to the head. If it did, then why is player safety, overseen by ex-NHL players, about to hand Reilly a lengthy suspension?

      • LJ, I never said what Reilly did was justified. I also said, twice now, that is was an over reaction. I also said he deserves what he gets. Also said it was stupid.

        I also said what Greig did was, in my opinion, intentional. Every scouting report you read on the kid is that he is a pest and tries to get under players skin. It makes him a more valuable player if he can stay out of the box and out of Bettman’s office. He gets the opposition off their game because they focus on getting even with him vs what they should be doing.

        Both things can be true, and I think in this case, both are.

      • LJ,
        You’re reading what you want as opposed to what I said.
        “I’m not saying Rielly was “right” was in my original post.

        Had Rielly punched the living crap out of him that would be ok?
        Had Rielly face washed him that would be ok?

        Maybe Rielly should have just ignored it…..and cue the dissing TML for being softies.

        I’m not a fan of headshots, I was critical of Gallagher’s elbow to Pelech, but Grieg wasn’t an innocent bystander who was attacked for a celly.

    • The stadium was mostly leaf fans, they are rivals and of course he wanted to to say FU to Leaf fans and players but that still don’t give Riley the right to cross check him in the head area. If he had dropped the gloves and fought no one would be talking about it. Even if Reilly had gotten his ass kicked he would have gotten a lot of respect from hockey fans and players .

  10. Rielly most definetly deserves a punishement. I think the issue is that it’s going to be as severe as it is given that plenty of hits like this go unpunished, look no further than the media reaction to the upcoming hearing. If it’s a 5-6 or beyond for this hit, it should be for all of the similar hits. Trouba was baseball swinging a stick in this very season.

  11. George nice to hear from you again and nice to hear from a voice of reason. Morgan will get what he gets just lucky he didn’t break the kids neck like Bertuzzi did would have been life changing for both. Every Leaf fan will say 5 is to many and every other will say 5 is not enough.

  12. Welcome back George

    I have no problems with the shot or the aftermath. The issue is cross check in the head. Why not confront the player and fight. It is not and should not be ok to cross check someone in the head ever Geez. If that happen in men’s league this own team would dis own him Retaliate with your hands not your stick

    • Thanks MrBruin4 – my point exactly. There would have been nothing wrong with Rielly skating over to Greig exactly as he did – drop his gloves and challenge him to a fight. Message delivered. What he did was dangerous.

  13. First off, nice to hear from you George and yes i know what is like, both parents.

    I can honestly say i enjoyed todays banter, nothing wrong with different opinions.

    The code is changing and it will be up to the new players what the code is going forward.

    example of code changing, thing of the goal celebrations you see today, not to long ago a player would receive a good cross check or tussle for the way a players celebrates goal today.

    My opinion is still “i don’t get it” but also understand so many present and ex players disagree.

    Great discussion today thanks for it, i read every comment and appreciate your point view.

    • Lively forum here today! And a welcome back George from me as well. From family experience I have some first hand experience with what you’re dealing with right now. Always appreciate your observations. Stay strong.

    • I know what it’s like as well. My mother had Alzheimer’s. It’s really tough to see a loved one decline like that. I’m sure it’s even harder for George as a spouse. Being with her 24/7 and having to handle it all day, every day. Stay strong George. May God be with you and your family.

  14. The only thing consistent about the DoPS is their inconsistencies.

    Just watch the cross check Simmonds took from Edmundson as proof. Straight to the jaw, no let up…Not even a minor penalty.

    How about Ovechkin spearing Frederic in the groin…nothing

    It has nothing with me being a fan of any team…just be consistent