NHL Rumor Mill – April 11, 2024

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Will Patrick Kane return with the Red Wings next season? Should the Devils add toughness to their roster in the offseason? Check out the latest in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the decision by the Detroit Red Wings general manager to sign Patrick Kane to a one-year, $2.5 million contract last November has been validated.

Kane recently reached the 20-goal plateau for the 16th time in 17 NHL seasons. It’s an impressive achievement for a 35-year-old winger coming off a hip resurfacing procedure last June. He said he was “really happy” with his decision to sign with the Red Wings, adding he has nothing but positive things to say about the organization, the coaches and the team.

Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

With 44 points in 46 games, Kane is second to Wings captain Dylan Larkin in points per game (.96 to .97). He also indicated he’s no longer feeling pain on the ice as he did before his procedure.

Khan believes the Red Wings would like to re-sign Kane before his eligibility for unrestricted free-agent status on July 1. He’s focused on the playoff chase and will sort out his future in the offseason.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Bob Duff noted that Kane offered no inclination that he’d like to return with the Wings.

I think just with the situation I was in and coming in and being here for maybe three-quarters of the season or whatever it was, it’s just this year and then we’ll see what happens,” said Kane.

Duff believes Kane’s performance this season will draw a lot of suitors if he tests the free-agent market on July 1. Yzerman could find it challenging to keep the future Hall-of-Famer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A lot will depend on what kind of offers Kane could receive. They’ll be short-term proposals but he could lean toward a club willing to sign him for three years.

The cap hit will also be a factor. He won’t get anything close to the $10.5 million annual average value of his previous contract and won’t accept another $2.75 million AAV. Something around $6 million annually could tempt him.

Kane could prefer signing with Stanley Cup contenders if he hits the open market.


SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek noted the New Jersey Devils intend to search for a starting goaltender and a new head coach this summer. However, he wondered if they’d re-sign enforcer Kurtis MacDermid or find a suitable replacement.

Marek observed that most of the Devils’ rivals in the Metropolitan Division carry a slugger. MacDermid was brought in to deal with Matt Rempe after the Rangers forward ran over Nathan Bastian.


  1. “Tan over”? He means of course the elbow to the head of Bastian where Rempe received a match penalty. There is a difference between being a tough player and a cheap shot artist. You can decide for yourself. But I wish those garbage hits were relegated out of the NHL.

    • No question Rempe threw up the elbow against Siegenthaler. No question. Zero room to misinterpret that hit, zero. He paid the price with 5 games and a match penalty.

      Bastian???? Bastion plain and simple got run over by Rempe with his head down. He also later got destroyed by Trouba when he probably never should have been back in that game.

      Sometimes fans are just grossly blinded. This is one of them.

      Much like Ranger fans and coaches screaming about the accidental collision involving Zibanejad the other day. Ranger fans and coaches got it wrong.

      • My point is that this league should have no room for players that consistently show no regard for player safety, this was not an Anti-ranger post. I do not think Tom Wilson, Rempe etc. Belong in the NHL.

      • And as to the hit by rempe on Bastian he was ejected from the game for it, by rule:
        Bastian’s head was clearly down, as noted under section ii above. The catch is that he didn’t materially change his position prior to the hit. Rempe had plenty of time to adjust. If he wants to deliver a hit on this play, he needs to drive through the player’s core. Instead, he delivers a hit where the head is the main point of contact, on a hit where such contact is avoidable.


  2. MacDermid should be resigned on the cheap as a 13th/14th forward, only playing against teams carrying other enforcers. He doesn’t belong in the everyday lineup. Doubt Bastian returns for NJ

  3. Detroit fans are hoping Kane re-signs for 3 x $5.5M.
    We’ll see if the only HOF player on the team remains.

  4. Re; Red wings

    Steve Y still has lots of work to do… they need more firepower up front and help on D to be a contender next year…

    • A goalie wouldn t hurt either!

  5. Sure. Sign a 35+ year old that played well for roughly half of a season to a multi -year deal. Double hip replacement be damned.

  6. Hanifin sign with Vegas . Proof AGAIN that “oh we will just until free agency and he will sign with his home town team . Just like Dubois and many others before them . Would you wait or take the bird in hand