NHL Rumor Mill – April 5, 2024

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Is Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry playing his way out of Pittsburgh? Should the Canadiens try to contact big-name free agents this summer? Check out the latest in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: A reader asked Paul Zeise what he felt the future held for Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry. “He does just enough each year to make you believe he’s finally going to be a solid NHL goaltender, only to revert back to form by season’s end.”

Zeise believes Jarry’s situation will be interesting to watch unfold. He thinks there’s a difference in the 28-year-old netminder’s value at the trade deadline and his value now because he hasn’t played well lately.

Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry (NHL Images).

Jarry’s contract will be an issue as he’s “locked up for a decent amount of money over the next several years.” If the Penguins trade him, they won’t get a good return. If they keep him, they’ll be on the hook for a goalie who hasn’t played up to his contract.

Alex Nedeljkovic has outplayed Jarry in recent weeks. However, he can become an unrestricted free agent this summer and may have played his way out of town.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last summer was the time to move on from Jarry when he was UFA-eligible. Incoming Penguins general manager Kyle Dubas signed him to a five-year extension with an average annual value of $5.375 million.

Jarry made Dubas look good earlier this season, stealing his fair share of games for the inconsistent Penguins. In his first 40 games, he had a record of 17-18-4 with a .912 save percentage and six shutouts. There were a few stinkers in there but he still played well for the most part. In his last 10 games, however, he has a 2-6-1 record with a save percentage of .870.

I don’t see the Penguins finding any takers for Jarry when this summer’s trade market could feature such notable goalies as Boston’s Linus Ullmark, Calgary’s Jacob Markstrom and Nashville’s Juuse Saros.


TVA SPORTS: Tony Marinaro believes the Montreal Canadiens must look into the availability of this summer’s notable unrestricted free agents.

He thinks the Canadiens are interested in speaking with all the free agents to find out what they think of Montreal and to sell them on their rebuilding project.

Marinaro doesn’t think older UFA stars like the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos and the Vegas Golden Knights’ Jonathan Marchessault would fit well with a Canadiens team transitioning towards young players. He also believes they would be too expensive, with Stamkos likely to command $10 million annually on a four or five-year contract and Marchessault getting between $35 million and $40 million on a five-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed that the Canadiens will search for a scoring forward this summer. However, they’re not pursuing older stars like Stamkos and Marchessault. I don’t see either player spending their final NHL seasons with a rebuilding team.

The best younger UFA options are Florida’s Sam Reinhart (28) and Carolina’s Jake Guentzel (29). Reinhart could re-sign with the Panthers while Guentzel could prefer signing with a contender. They’re also going to be too expensive for the Canadiens.

Canadiens GM Kent Hughes could look to free agency for one or two affordable depth additions. He’ll likely turn to the trade market for a scorer, preferably a forward in their mid-twenties who would fit in well with the Habs’ youth movement.


  1. Maybe the Hab go for Laine. CLB is probably ready to retain $3M, But he does have a 10 team no-go list.

    • Nope! Even if Laine was willing to go to Montreal he has too much baggage plus an injury history.

      • 👍

    • Lyle, what is Laine baggage?

  2. If he becomes available, MTL should go for Arvidsson. I really hope he stays in LA but, LA needs to make room on the cap and make room so their young players get a shot.

    • Arvidsson turns 31 on April 8 and has a history of back problems. The Habs won’t go after him.

      • Marchessault is a Quebecer and a solid dependable player but he’s the last guy the Habs need right now. A team in a win-now mode may risk giving him a five year deal in the hopes that he’ll help them win the Cup, which would make the last couple of years tolerable when he takes the inevitable downturn. By the time the Habs are ready to contend, his contract will be an anchor.
        Forget Reinhart and Guentzel. If Guentzel doesn’t re-sign with the Canes he’ll go somewhere else where he could in a Cup. If he wanted to be a part of a rebuild he’s have signed with the Pens. Reinhart will stay in Florida. Not because of taxes but because he truly likes it there and is part of a solid core. Why mess with a good situation?
        I can see the Habs picking up a depth forward as a UFA who could contribute third line offense. But as Lyle suggests, their main target would be a trade for a solid second line player who is in his early to mid 20s.

    • Hey Les,

      LA only has around $20.M in Cap space for 2024/25 season❗️
      They have 6 UFA players and 7 RFA players
      one is 21 yr old big Quinton Byfelild who in on pace for 60 points in his 3rd season, he will go for a bridge deal $4.5 to $5.5M for 2 years
      Then they need to get a starting goaltender and a back up………? whats that $5-7M ball park?

      they will have $10 to $11.M left to spend on the other 10 UFA & RFA players….🤮
      I could see a re-building team offer him a big 7 year deal knowing the Kings are cash strapped..

  3. Such amazing insight from Marinaro, HuGo must look into the availability of this summer’s notable unrestricted free agents…..as opposed to ALL the other GMs.

    It’s the job, look into every way to improve your team , draft picks, prospects and UFAs.

    I happen to think its too early in the rebuild to hunt UFAs and there are some young guys that might be hard for teams to hold on to.

    Necas, Pinto, Mittelstadt are potentially available in return for entry level prospects or draft picks.

    • Hey Habfan30

      the only one of these 3 Necas, Pinto, Mittelstadt
      i see potentialy moving is RFA, 25 yr old
      RW Necas from the Cane’s
      Edmonton Oilers are still looking for a 2nd line RW…. keep an eye on that one for a trade….

      Shane Pinto will play his way into the Sen’s top six as a Centre or Winger, young versatile 2nd year forward, in 41 games he will have the same amout of points as Josh Norris in 50 games….🤔

      Casey Mittelstadt will be in Colorado long term, he has 8 points in 12 games, will hit 60 point again this year

    • Marinaro wants what all sports reporters want. Attention and clicks.

      • Ya, it’s how the economics work now Howard. No clicks, no job, no TVA Sports.

      • I find his podcast sufferable only…when he’s not there. The “Recrute” version, with Grant McCagg, I sometimes listen to.
        The Habs need a top 6 winger and a vet RD. They’ll go nowhere with a defense only made of guys 23 and younger. Were I HuGo, my priorities this offseason would be to :
        a), get a right defenseman in the mold of Mackenzie Weegar, to insulate Reinbacher and Mailloux, for a few seasons. That would allow Guhle to go back to his natural left side, and would may be make Mike Matheson expendable for forward help, and
        b), trade for a mid-twenties , “200 feet” forward ; Martin Necas comes to mind.

        I don’t expect the Habs to make a splash in the UFA market, but I would like them to bring Sean Monahan back, on a reasonable, three year contract. A player like Anthony Duclair would also be a nice middle 6 addition.

    • williew,

      I mentioned Pinto and Mittelstadt for the same reason as Necas, Sens and Avalanche have cap problems and too many people to sign.

      Obviously each of their teams want to keep them they just don’t fit and a high prospect at entry level is a good alternative.

      Point being it’s the “type” of player I’d be looking for at this stage

      • The Avs didn’t give up Byram for Middlestadt to not re-sign him. They’ll get a long term deal done with Middlestadt

  4. Weren’t the Habs in the same boat as the Leafs were when they began rebuilding the team…bare cupboards devoid of good young prospects? I seem to have the impression the Habs are doing a full rebuild, including restocking the cupboards with young talent, not just the NHL team.

    So if that’s the case, it does make sense they find a very good NHL vet to carry the load as young players develop both on the nhl team as well as the minor teams. If they have the cap, they should use it to improve the team and start winning or playing in a style that will make them successful. I highly doubt most of the current players as well as players they use in the next few years will be on the team that will be competing for the cup.

    Unfortunately I don’t follow the team enough to single out their core players who they will stick with nor do I know if there is a core established; after all they are still very early in their rebuild though they do have a nice mix of players already.

    • I’d say our core players right now are Suzuki, Slafkovski, Dach, Caufield and Newhook at forward, Guhle and Xhekaj on D, and Montembault in front of the net.
      Plante to build around, with possibly great young D coming (Reinbacher, Hutson, Mailloux). The forward prospect list is thinner (Roy, Beck, possibly Mesar and Florian Xhekaj).

      • plenty *, sorry

  5. Just to throw out nonsense.

    Karlsson and Jarry both 1m retained to the Senators for Korpisalo and Norris. I think the Sens would also like the other Joseph but that’s just spitballing.

    • Counter offer

      Karllson 50% retained; plus Accairi and Nieto and higher of 2nd rounders (‘24…Flyers or Penguins) for


      • Hey Pengy,

        i would never do that tradea bunch of Old Penguins for young & much better & younger Sen’s….😳

  6. Of the players potentially available for MTL this off-season:

    1. Trevor Zegras-The former 2 time 60+ point scorer is coming off a tire fire injury riddled season. For a buy low price of Harris and WPG’s 1st in 2024, could be worthwhile.

    2. Kaapo Kakko-you could have for a pittance of Kovacevic. The former 2nd OVA could benefit from the change of scenery.

    3. Sean Monahan-Sean Monahan is still a very real option to bring back on a decent extension. He was a huge veteran impact player the short time he was there.

    • I don’t think Harris and a late first get you Zegras. I think the Ducks ask for Guhle or Xhekaj and Winnipeg’s 1st.