NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 28, 2024

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The Stars rally to defeat the Oilers in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final, Rangers captain Jacob Trouba fined for elbowing, Dan Bylsma returns to the NHL coaching ranks, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: A hat trick by Jason Robertson powered the Dallas Stars to a 5-3 comeback victory over the Edmonton Oilers in Game 3 of the 2024 Western Conference Final.

The Oilers dominated the first period jumping to a 2-0 lead on goals by Zach Hyman and Connor McDavid. However, the Stars bounced back in the second with Robertson scoring twice and Wyatt Johnston giving them the lead.

Dallas Stars winger Jason Robertson (NHL Images).

Edmonton forward Adam Henrique tied the game late in the second but Robertson tallied the game-winner at 11:54 of the third period. Miro Heiskanen added the insurance goal into an empty net.

Roope Hintz, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin had two assists each and Jake Oettinger stopped 28 shots for the win. McDavid had a goal and an assist to become the fourth-fastest player in NHL history to record 100 playoff points, reaching that milestone in 64 games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edmonton appeared on the verge of a rout in the first period, outshooting the Stars 10-3 and controlling most of the play. However, the Stars maintained their poise, received solid goaltending from Oettinger, and overwhelmed the Oilers in the second, outshooting them 16-7 and holding their opponent without a shot on net through the first half of the period.

The Oilers caught a break on Henrique’s goal to end the second period with a tie. They outshot the Stars 13-3 in the third but Oettinger shut the door and Robertson sank the dagger with his third goal of the game.

Following the Oilers’ second-round series against Vancouver, McDavid said he and his teammates don’t make it easy for themselves. This game was another example of the inconsistency that could prove their undoing against a deep, talented, confident club like the Stars.

Henrique and Hintz debuted in this series after being sidelined by injuries suffered earlier in this postseason.


NHL.COM: New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba received the maximum fine ($5,000.00) for elbowing Florida Panthers forward Evans Rodrigues during Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final. Trouba was assessed a minor penalty on the play.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is Trouba’s fourth fine and he’s been suspended twice. I detect a pattern here…

THE SEATTLE TIMES: Geoff Baker reports a source confirmed the Kraken will hire Dan Bylsma as their new head coach. Bylsma is currently the head coach of their AHL affiliate in Coachella Valley.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bylsma coached the Pittsburgh Penguins from 2008-09 to 2013-14, guiding them to the Stanley Cup in 2009 and winning the Jack Adam Award in 2010-11. He also coached the Buffalo Sabres from 2015 to 2017.

Promoting Bylsma brings a degree of familiarity behind the Kraken bench. Joey Daccord, Shane Wright, and Tye Kartye are among a handful of their players who skated for their new head coach during their tenures in Coachella Valley.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports the Sharks’ search for a new head coach has progressed to the second interview stage.

Sharks assistant coach Ryan Warsofsky has had two interviews and former Detroit Red Wings bench boss Jeff Blashill will have his second this week. Ontario Reign coach Marco Sturm has had one but there’s no indication if he’ll get a second.


  1. Trouba has become a total liability. Captain or not, Laviolette needs to step in here.

    All that being said, Rodrigues deserves a fine and an Oscar award for that dive. Troubas elbow didn’t even touch his head!

    Speaking of Laviolette stepping in, Panarin, Zibanejad and Kreider 0 points in 3 games? It’s nice to see guys like Goodrow step up, but NY’s top guys need to be woken from their slumber.

    Fox looked better in game 3 than he has all postseason. But he is 100% playing injured. To what extent I have no idea. But he has looked less than ordinary.

    • Trouba’s elbow most certainly caught him in the head, watch the replay. In addition, Trouba didn’t make any effort to play the puck or the body, just lunged elbow first at the head. If ever there were a case of intent to injure, that’s it. I really don’t care which team wins that series, but Trouba should have been ejected.

      • And I’m not saying he didn’t intend to land that elbow, but he didn’t land it. Now players can get penalized / fined or suspended for a missed board, elbow, trip, charging etc?

        Should make for some interesting calls.

      • I also thought that Troubas elbow made contact with the chin.

        Regardless, it was certainly an attempt to injure, and should have resulted in a 5 min. minute match penalty.

      • Watching it from the front angle where Rodrigues is facing toward the camera, a chin shot seems next to impossible. Trouba is behind him. Not sure how it would be physically possible to hit his chin.

        Also, great angle to see his hesitation before he falls. I mean, if Trouba hits him flush on the chin, how is he not instantly falling backwards?

        He doesn’t fall until he loses possession of the puck. Interesting?

      • 3 posters, 3 very different perspectives.

        1 has a head shot
        1 a chin shot
        1 more shoulder or lower helmet skim.

        Trouba should have just did his thing and drop the shoulder and bury Rodrigues.
        Looked like a tired / lazy play no matter how you slice it.

        But a total sell job by Rodrigues either way as well.

      • That was a good clip Captain as it shows all camera angles.
        My take:
        Wasn’t a direct shot, glance off the side of the lower helmet.
        IMO he simply reacted to getting beat on the play, kind of like when you see guys stick their leg or knee out when they are getting burned. I don’t think there is intent to injure, but a reckless play and deserving of a penalty, and probably a fine as he needs to stop doing that.

        The rule I posted yesterday is clear, if the player is injured it must be a major. The refs reviewed it and thought what I think, he wasn’t hurt by that. And they also know that Florida has been diving and embellishing all playoffs. They need to stop doing that. It’s cheating, plain and simple.

        That wasn’t even as bad as getting punched in the head with a lid on, as that is absorbing 100% of the blow. That doesn’t hurt. That was like 50% of that, or less.

        I am 99% sure, that was an act to try and max out the call. That is cheating.

        How about this, Trouba gets 4 minutes for the elbow and Rodrigues gets 2 for embellishing.

        Both guys need to quit doing that.

    • That’s what Trouba did to Crosby three years ago knocked him out of 1/2 of game 5 and game six that was in Pittsburgh where the Penguins had a chance to eliminate the Rangers.
      Crosby did comeback for game 7 at New York where they lost in OT. They had the number 1 and 2 goalies out… and still went 7 games.

      Funny no one complained about Trouba then now all of a sudden he is an issue…mmhhhh

  2. Shane Wright must be giddy with excitement over the hiring of his favourite coach. Bylsma.

  3. Anyone like to discuss the Kulikov hit on Wennberg in game 2?

    You know, the one where Wennberg is nowhere near the puck and gets his head targeted by Kulikov? No 5 minute major, no game misconduct, no fine, no suspension? An interference call. Interference with Wennbergs head apparently.

    Anyone? Or nothing to see here! Suspend Trouba!!!

    • but what about Rodriques trying the Trouba forearm/elbow crunch himself?

      Florida had a worse headshot with Kulikov and also the Vesey shoulder injury was a blatant interference..nevermind the two embellished injuries…

      we should be talking about the Oilers Stars game

      • I’ll talk about the Stars Oiler game ds.

        As a guy who lives in EDM, that was a blown opportunity to take the lead in a what has been an evenly played series, with a slight edge to Oilers overall, except in net.

        Oil won 2 periods decisively and lost because they went into a coma for 10-12 minutes to start the 2nd and got destroyed by a really, really good team.

        I have no idea WTF happened or why it happened, but it did. It used to happen more frequently, but it had stopped this season for the most part. How about a timeout coach?

        I still think the Oil can beat Dallas and they have had the better of the play more often than not, but if they have lapses like that again, they’re done against Dallas.

        We’re gonna find out what they’re made of on Weds. No more room for error, or the Stars will take advantage every time.

  4. Rick Bowness who previously coached Dallas on Sportsnet panel a couple nights back said Dallas getting Roope Hintz back will be like also getting Jason Robertson back. Like getting 2 players back for 1.

    After last night game i can safely say Bowness knew exactly what he was talking about.

    Not the best thing for Dallas if so much of Robertson success relies on Hintz ability to feed him the puck.

    • Just did the math….Trouba got fined 0.00063% of $8 million…

      That’s less than a speeding ticket.

      If you make $100,000 a year, that would be $63…$32.50 if you make $50K….

      Fines need to hurt these repeat offenders in their wallet if its going to make them think about making a dirty hit.

      I say .01% of annual salary….still a drop in the bucket for an 8 million dollar salary but at least that $80K.

      • yes my math sucks….$31.50 not $32.50

      • Starsfan, the fines are negotiated by the PA in the collective bargaining agreement. Unless the PA decide it want to protect the 95% of it’s players that play by the rules and not the 5% that cross the line, then nothing changes.