NHL Rumor Mill – May 28, 2024

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Are the Senators shopping Brady Tkachuk? Could the Canucks pursue Martin Necas? Will Tanner Jeannot become the latest Lightning salary-cap casualty? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk’s name recently surfaced on social media as a trade candidate. However, Senators general manager Steve Staios quickly denied the speculation.

Complete B.S.”, said Staios. “There is absolutely no validity to it.”

LeBrun pointed out that this is the second time Staios has denied trade rumors about the Senators winger. In February, Ryan Whitney of the “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast claimed, “Rumor Boys hearing that Ottawa would maybe move Brady Tkachuk.” The Senators GM replied they’re building their team around their captain.

Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: According to LeBrun, Staios and the Senators have no intention of discussing Tkachuk with other clubs.

The originators of this rumor will likely defend it by saying, “What do you expect Staios to say? Of course, he’s going to deny it.”

This speculation probably arose from Tkachuk’s frustration over another disappointing performance for the Senators, especially after their much-anticipated breakthrough failed to materialize. He’s not the only member of the club who feels that way.

However, there is no indication that Tkachuk wants to be traded. The 24-year-old left winger has four years left on his contract and remains determined to lead the Senators into playoff contention. Staios doesn’t have to shop Tkachuk unless he asks to be moved or a rival GM offers a much better player in return. There’s no evidence of either scenario unfolding.


THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma noted the Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes had considered a trade earlier this year that would’ve shipped Elias Pettersson to Carolina for Martin Necas. Now, they could become linemates as the Canucks seek a top-six winger this summer.

Kuzma suggested the Canucks offer up defenseman Filip Hronek for the 25-year-old Necas to balance the book. Hronek is a restricted free agent this summer with arbitration rights whose performance could warrant a big raise from his current $4.4 million cap hit.

Necas is also an RFA with arbitration and will seek a significant pay bump over his current annual average value of $3 million. However, the opportunity to play top-six minutes alongside Pettersson could be enticing to him. Acquiring him would also send a message of support to Pettersson, who signed an eight-year contract extension earlier this year.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun believes Necas would welcome a move from Carolina. He cited the winger’s father complaining about how the Hurricanes have employed his son and essentially saying he wants a trade.

LeBrun also noted the trade discussions between the Canucks and Hurricanes earlier this year. However, he cited sources that said the Hurricanes are getting a number of calls about Necas.

Carolina is in “win-now mode.” LeBrun doesn’t believe they’ll be interested in a return of futures for Necas. If they don’t get a star-caliber return, they could hang onto the winger even if he wants out.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Hurricanes intend to promote Necas into a top-line forward, he’s likely to be traded at some point this summer.

Necas for Hronek could be enticing for the Hurricanes but Kuzma believes it’s too rich for the Canucks’ blood. If they resign Hronek, they probably won’t have enough cap room to add a lucrative new contract for Necas. The Canucks must also they’ve got sufficient cap space to re-sign Brock Boeser next summer.

Some observers look at Necas’ stats and usage by the Hurricanes as a middle-six forward and wonder what all the fuss is about. It’s about his potential if allowed to play a greater role. His performance for Czechia at the recently concluded 2024 IIHF World Championships provided an enticing glimpse of his offensive capabilities.


SPORTSNET: During the last “32 Thoughts: The Podcast”, Elliotte Friedman suggested Tanner Jeannot could be a name to watch as the Tampa Bay Lightning attempt to free up salary-cap space to re-sign captain Steven Stamkos.

Friedman said there were teams interested in Jeannot. They believe his 24-goal, 41-point performance in 2021-22 is a better indicator of his capabilities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning acquired Jeannot from the Nashville Predators before last season’s trade deadline in exchange for five draft picks and prospect Cal Foote. He’s struggled among their bottom-six forwards with 14 points in 55 games this season.

A trade to a club where Jeannot could play a larger role might help him regain his 20-goal form. He’s signed through next season with an affordable $2.665 million cap hit. He also carries a 16-team no-trade list.

Jeannot seems a prime cost-cutting trade candidate for the Lightning. Moving him would leave them over $7.6 million of cap space and 17 active roster players under contract next season.

That would be enough to re-sign Stamkos provided he’s willing to accept a significant pay cut from his current AAV of $8.5 million. However, it won’t leave much to flesh out the rest of the active roster.


  1. Lebrun to the contrary notwithstanding I believe that a deal for futures may be preferable to Carolina even in a win now mode. The Canes need to open up some cap space so they could extend Guentzel and a couple of their other UFAs.
    As for those Tkachuk “rumors” they are likely the work of some clowns on the social media circus with no jobs and way too much time on their hands. Really amazing how the credible hockey reporters always feel the need to respond to such nonsense.

    • but hear me out…
      Brady in a deal for Necas

      • Brady for Me as, no…now Brady for Marner…

      • If I was Ottawa why not sell Brady high thanks to his brothers playoff successes?
        something not clicking for the Senators…why not

      • Something’s not clicking for the Habs or Sabres either. Why not deal Suzuki or Caufield or Power? Be great packages coming back.

      • His brother is exactly why I don’t trade him. Calgary got absolutely kicked in the teeth on that deal. His brothers playoff success is irrelevant. It does not boost his value at all.

        It’s a hard trade to win.

      • Capt you dont think someone would overpay for Brady? I do agree its hard to get value back in most trades…..

    • Kuzma’s proposal to package a D who will make 4 million + to a team that can’t afford to keep both Skjei and Pesce is pretty disappointing coming from a regular member of the press.

      And the ‘Canes issue is not “balancing the books” but finding $ to sign or retain existing players. Man, dumb!

      By the by, Howard, I think your view from yesterday re the Habs is the better take.

  2. No doubt Brady Tkachuk is frustrated, watching his Brother play in the finals and trying to get back there this playoffs.

    Brady after six season has zero playoff experience, most people including myself thought they would’ve challenge for a playoff spot this season but it wasn’t even close.

    If Ottawa falls out of the playoff picture early, the rumors may start up again.

    • Perfect Bruin

      • Joe, yep.

        Perfect every other team in the NHL too.

    • Brady watching his Brother and his Best Friend, Robert Thomas, both have playoff success is a tough pill.

  3. Elliot Friedman seems to spend as much time “speculating” (creating rumors) as he does reporting them these days, although I think the social media posters and fanzine bloggers are much worse.

    • It’s his job to speculate! Why do so many people want to treat rumors as fact? The more outlandish the rumors, the more people that read them. More people=more $$$ for these guys

  4. Rinse and repeat followed by whataboutism…..next is a nomination for the Lady Byng.

    Claude Giroux might be the most disappointed, signing with the Sens and missing the playoffs two years in a row so far.

    Tanner Jeannot is the kind of player most teams would like to have, good hands, heavy game and built for playoffs.

  5. So I’m gonna rely on the… more seasoned posters. Is this thing where players dads are getting publicly involved a newer phenomenon? Or has that been a thing over the past decades?

    • It’s been a thing for a long time Kretsky, messier, Lindros etc fathers were heavily involved in careers and contract negotiation

      • Gretzky

    • If you are talking about Dads talking/leaking to the press, Chrisms, I think it’s a new thing – depending on how far back you go of course.

      Much of this surprise outburst stuff is social media where anyone can post something.

      But even then, isn’t this rare?

      We are solidly in the player agent era, with entire firms managing contract negotiations, financial management, etc. Prospects in their teens are groomed in their teams about social presence by their agents.

      Mom and Pop aren’t equipped to become involved. I expect most player agents would tell the player to have Dad knock it off – unless that is part of a plan the agent has put together. Otherwise, it could undermine discussions between the agent and the team on behalf of the player.

      Hope this makes sense; it’s a bit of stream of consciousness, I know.

    • Good examples. And social media does certainly make it more obvious. I wonder about the 70s and prior.

      • Yeah but yawl forgot about Micheal Nylander and his “input” into Willie’s career. 🙄

    • Unsure if it is truly common, but it’s not new. Galchenyuk’s father when he was in Montreal was a huge thorn in management’s side…constant interference.

  6. Cripes Almighty – we aren’t even out of the semi-finals yet and the Silly Season is upon us.

    • Ya George, the only way OTT trades Brady is if Brady asks for a trade. It seems he likes it there and his team mates, but we aren’t in the room.
      If he did, at least he didn’t go public with it.

      • Then again, neither are Whitney and LeBrun “in the room.”

      • Ya, Whitney can be funny at times but when it comes to contacts with front office folks and agents he isn’t in the same class as Friedman, nor does he have the same standards of what to write/post say.

        Also Friedman would never say what Whitney did without it coming from someone he trusts. Not sure I would say the same thing about Whitney. All Lebrun said was this is the 2nd time Staois has denied it. Which is true, he has, but sure as hell doesn’t mean the rumor is.

      • Agree Ray. People love to toss crap against the social network wall in the (way) off chance they might hit the nail on the head and look the genius.

        They could – and probably will at some point – take the same tact with the better of Buffalo (13 seasons out of the playoffs), Detroit (8), Anaheim (6), San Jose (5) and Arizona, Chicago, Columbus and Philadelphia (4 each). And in some cases, counting.

    • GeorgeO Brady to Boston straight up for Ullmark!

  7. Does Ott need a goalie ..Ullmark for Brady Tkachuk

    • In your dreams, Joe. 🙂

      • Lol

    • Could there be a worse trade?
      Tkachuk for a goaltender?
      You simply don’t trade players like Tkachuk if you are fortunate enough to have drafted one.

  8. Brady Tkachuk is Going No Where…….Not for
    3 first picks and boston Swayman, & Charlie McAvoy‼️

    • williew, not sure I am reading this right, are you saying OTT would not trade Brady for McAvoy, Swayman and 3 1sts?

      If so, I got $1000 that says they would and they would do it fast before Boston changed their mind. Huge overpay. Guessing your kidding?

      I’m not sure I would trade McAvoy for Brady straight up, but it’s super close so probably a fair deal. McAvoy is the only Bruin that I might not trade for Brady though.

      • Easily the biggest laugh of the day was the one above suggesting Brady for Marner,

        Like anyone with an ounce of brains would deal a good tough player costing $8,205,714 off the cap to the end of 2026-27 before becoming a UFA, for a good soft player costing $10,903,000 off the cap for one more season before becoming a UFA … and likely seeking something north of $11.5 mil per.

        That HAD to be tongue-in-cheek.

      • George, a photo taken last week of Marner and Berube in an Etobicoke coffee shop, went viral on X yesterday. The two were seated at a table in a corner having coffee.

        Best caption I saw – First time Marner goes into a corner in the springtime.

      • LOL.

  9. I’ll settle for Lawson Crouse in a Bruins uniform… has some Neely in him

  10. Boston Bruins. On his 21st birthday in June 1986, Neely was traded along with Vancouver’s first pick, third overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft (used to take Glen Wesley) to the Boston Bruins for Barry Pederson. Canucks head coach Tom Watt was not impressed with Neely’s defence, and that was what made him tradeable. Trading for stars will and does happen

  11. On August 9, 1988, the unthinkable happened. The Oilers traded Gretzky to the LA Kings. The trade was Gretzky, Marty McSorely (D) and Mike Krushelnyski (C/LW), for Jimmy Carson (C), Martin Gelinas (LW), the Kings first-round draft picks in 1989, 1991 and 1993, along with $15 million in cash… he was 27 years old

  12. Pettersson was called out by Tocchet, basically saying good players produce results despite being injured, and he just doesn’t seem to be a Tocchet kind of player. So Pettersson, who has no Nmc, for Necas, who wants to play C, KK and a good prospect, not great. Money should work out and Vancouver gets both 2C and a 3C

    • Necas sucks at C in the NHL