NHL Rumor Mill – May 11, 2024

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We look at some possible trade destinations for Mitch Marner and goaltending options for the Maple Leafs in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Adam Proteau recently looked at five destinations for Mitch Marner if the Toronto Maple Leafs winger is willing to waive his no-movement clause.

Pittsburgh Penguins: They’re desperate to make the playoffs next year. Marner could be open to playing for Kyle Dubas again. He’d also have the opportunity to skate with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Erik Karlsson and Kris Letang.

Chicago Blackhawks: Marner would play alongside rising superstar Connor Bedard. Blackhawks defenseman Seth Jones could be a good fit on the Leafs blueline if he would agree to waive his NMC to go to Toronto as part of the deal.

New York Islanders: They’re seeking a new direction. He would play alongside Mathew Barzal under head coach Patrick Roy on a team that wants to win immediately.

Anaheim Ducks: Winger Trevor Zegras has surfaced in trade rumors this season. The rebuilding Ducks need some veteran help. Marner might thrive playing in a market where there’s less media scrutiny.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (NHL Images).

Utah: Acquiring Marner would make a big splash for this club entering its first season in its new market. He would be instantly beloved there but without the harsh glare of the media spotlight.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve summarized Proteau’s article. He goes into greater detail regarding the pros and cons of those destinations.

We don’t know what teams Marner would agree to go to, if any. They could balk at the Leafs’ costly asking price. His $10.9 million cap hit for next season could be too expensive to acquire even if the Leafs agreed to retain part of it.

Nevertheless, expect Marner’s name to continue surfacing in the rumor mill in the coming weeks.

SPORTSNET: Ryan Dixon recently suggested four trade scenarios the Maple Leafs might consider for Marner.

Columbus Blue Jackets: In return for Marner, the Jackets part with their 2024 first-round pick and promising forward Kent Johnson

Seattle Kraken: They part with young center Shane Wright and defenseman Adam Larsson.

Calgary Flames: They get Marner, prospect Fraser Minten, defenseman Timothy Liljegren and winger Nick Robertson. The Leafs get Jacob Markstrom (with 25 percent of his $6 million cap hit retained) and defenseman Rasmus Andersson.

Philadelphia Flyers: In a three-way deal involving the San Jose Sharks, they get Marner, the Leafs receive forward Scott Laughton, Sharks defenseman Mario Ferraro, and San Jose’s 2024 second-round pick, and the Sharks get Flyers prospect defenseman Oliver Bonk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Credit Dixon for his creativity with these proposals, especially the three-team swap. Of course, it’s merely conjecture on his part as we don’t know if those clubs would be interested if Marner became available. Nevertheless, they provide at least a framework of the type of deal the Leafs would be looking for if Marner agreed to be traded.

Feel free to debate the merits of these proposals in the comments section.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Sammi Silber looks at whether the Washington Capitals should look into acquiring Marner. She believes the acquisition of a single player won’t resolve their roster issues. The Leafs will set a high asking price and must retain part of his salary for the Capitals to take him on. Still, Silber thinks it’s at least worth looking into if the Leafs are willing to listen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It wouldn’t hurt to ask but I don’t see the Capitals as a serious bidder for Marner if he hits the trade block. They’re transitioning out veterans in favor of younger, affordable talent.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan believes Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving will find it difficult to bolster his goalie depth behind Joseph Woll. Ilya Samsonov and Martin Jones are due to become UFAs on July 1. Samsonov is willing to return but will want more than a one-year contract.

Promising Dennis Hildeby will get an opportunity in training camp this fall to prove his worth, However, Koshan doesn’t expect the Leafs will go into next season with a Woll-Hildeby tandem. They need more experience between the pipes.

The free agent market provides few decent options. The notables include Cam Talbot, Laurent Brossoit, Anthony Stolarz, Kevin Lankinen, Alex Nedeljkovic and Scott Wedgewood.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs could surprise us by acquiring Calgary’s Jacob Markstrom, Boston’s Linus Ullmark, or Nashville’s Juuse Saros. Otherwise, goaltending will remain a question mark next season.


  1. And Ryan Dixon has parted with reality.

    • George, great succinct summary. Of the 4 possible deals, Treliving would probably go with the Calgary trade.

      Zero chance of Columbus trading away their 2024 #1 pick and then having to pay Marner $7 million several days week later.

      • I can see the Leafs being part of a three team deal involving Markstrom, but with Markstrom to Jersey & the Leafs getting Allen to backup Woll, if they indeed want to go with Woll as their starter.

        Allen would be an experienced backup with SC finals experience at less than $2 mill for the season.

      • Zero chance Treliving offers that package for Markstrom, who in 2022-23 had a 2.92 GAA and .892 SV% and Rasmus Andersson. Perhaps the Leafs would bite if CGY threw in Pospisil.

        Marner is arguably a top 5 RW in the league. Liljegren is the Leafs only RHD that plays regularly. Minten is a top C prospect and Robertson has an elite NHL shot and had a good year playing limited minutes.

      • @Daryl – Big problem is they are selling low on Marner. Despite another good regular season, he underperformed yet again in the playoffs (highlighted by gliding on the defensive backcheck while Pasta flew by him to score the series winner).

        They will be trading against that narrative and would ultimately ‘lose’ whatever trade Marner is involved in because of that. They could trade Matthews or Nylander from a position of strength, but obviously those are the two they most want to keep.

        I actually think that trade is worse for Calgary (as a Flames fan). They already have a Marner type player in Huberdeau and have a bad taste by his nightmare performance drop. To trade their top goalie, while bringing in a playmaker would just force them into a worse pick next year. If they trade Markstrom, they need to primarily get futures as the return and avoid the ‘mushy-middle’.

    • So many options that won’t meet 3 important criteria.
      1. Can they absorb the cap hit?
      2. Will Toronto be better after a trade, ( next season can’t slide back or management will veto).
      3. Marner will need to be willing to play there, and likely be out of the Eastern conference.

      San Jose is maybe the only destination that could fit all three. Mainly because of links and trust with Patrick Marleau.
      Marner wants the spotlight, so maybe…just maybe an LA team…but hard to see an easy fit.
      I suspect Leafs extend him and only consider trades before trade deadline.

  2. Muskoka Mitch to Pittsburgh?

    Another overpaid overhyped creampuff for Scooby?


    Yes please.

  3. Marner might thrive playing in a market where there’s less media scrutiny.

    Marner last 3 season:

    72gp 35g 62a 97pts
    80gp 30g 69a 99pts
    69gp 26g 85a 85pts

    Imagine now he might thrive in a less scrutinize market.

    Mitch is 27yrs old with no Stanley Cup if he waives his NMC he may just look at teams that he thinks he can win a cup with. Does he want to play for a rebuilding team that could 3 to 5 years out?

    What team out there has a 3 to 5 year window for a cup might be the better way to look at it.

    Of course there is the new contract to keep in mind.

    • Marner (3M retained) for Cerelli (1M retained) and Cernak

  4. Top 3 destenations for Mitch Marnier….

    1/ Utah
    $43.M in Cap space,
    trade MM for C/RW Schmaltz, Nick and a 2nd & 3rd pick❓
    Trade with Chicago for 1st paring RD/man Seth Jones❓
    Ducks for Winger Frank Vatrano & Oilers 1st round draft pick in the 2024 draft, use the pick to go after a goaltender like 30 yr old Ullmark or 28 yr old Saros
    or try a UFA Goaltender like Pen’s Alex Nedeljkovic untill Woll gets going….❓

    Then the leafs can pick up 1 or 2 top 4 d/men one for the pick and one in the UFA period

    It Sounds like the New Boss of the Leafs means business, Shanahan was very quiet, and it sounds like from Tree They are Not Brining Samsonov back

  5. Mariner playing for Torts? Can’t imagine it would happen. My guess is he stays in Toronto to finish his contract and then goes elsewhere as UFA. Leafs will get nothing and fans around the league will rejoice.

  6. Marner is NOT waiving his NMC to move to a non-contender & Toronto is not trading him an Eastern conference contender.

    So, who does that leave for Marner & the Leafs to agree on a team he can be traded to???

    Vegas?? A replacement for Marchessault with Shea Theodore being the centerpiece of a trade???

    • Hey Uwey,

      Vegas have No Cash to Get Marnier at $11.M……..They only have $895,00 to spend for 2024-2025 Season ….they need to move out
      money about $4. to $5.M just to re-sign 3-4 players
      Thats Not including going after Marchessault who could well be in the $7.M Pay Range
      They may have to move out a Goaltender Hill at $4.9M and d man Zack Whitecloude $2.75M…❓

      I see him getting shiped out West to team thats got lots of cap space & need fire power like the
      Utah or Ducks or to the Chicago BlackHawks for there RD/man Seth Jones ❓

    • was thinking similar…Marner to Vegas for D Theodore and Roy. its close

      Seth Jones can play 25 minutes a night in all situations. he was very good in Columbus.

      Dont see many teams that would give up a stud D for Marner…

  7. Marner “God” comment; felt like he loves the pressure and spotlight in Toronto.

    How many Nhl markets have the “God Status”

    Toronto, Montreal? any other, I don’t think their is any US markets that have “God Status”.

    • A few NMCs would have to be addressed but what about a 3 Way based on this:

      TOR-EDM: Nurse+ (Foegele?) for Marner

      EDM trades Marner, Broberg and Campbell to NSH (who evidently needs some scoring) for Josi and Saros. NSH seems to want to bring up their new goalie and Saros would be an effective 1B for Skinner. Could make it a true 3-Way if NSH sends Toronto something.

      Think the cap hits work out relatively close? Is it likely? No, but I don’t think it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility? Nurse may perform better with a change of scenery that brings him closer to home and family.

      • Who in their right mind trades for Nurse?

      • Dallas

        Why wouldn’t Toronto just trade for Josi and Saros directly?

        Nurse is awful defensively….and that contract…

        How about Marner to CAR for Pesce (signed to an extension) and the rights to Guentzel and Brindamour?

    • There is the McJesus nickname in Edmonton Caper, but Oiler fans seem less crazed the some in Leaf Nation.

      If Marner lands Seth Jones straight up I will eat my hat.

      I think he lands significantly less than folks are suggesting on here. Good player, no doubt, but he has a big contract, full NMC, and 1 year left on his deal. The market is limited.

      If Treliving does as well as the Hall for Larsson deal, that would be the max I would think.

      I am not suggesting this deal as the B’s are not the right fit and they have Pasta so don’t need him. Just the type I think gets done using a team and player I know well. Carlo for Marner. Big effective shut down D on a reasonable contract long term.

  8. Marner to Chicago for Seth Jones and…………..Mrazek!!!!!! 🤣

    • @JohnnyZ

      Seth Jones said no to Canada, And he was just named Captain.
      Marner isn’t waiving for that dump in Chicago. And Jones doesn’t waive for crap hole Toronto either.

  9. Marner trade at full whack nigh impossible save for “extras” given up by Leafs

    He has s full NMC ….destination; he can, if he wants; stay. There is zero Treliving can do if Marner won’t waive his NMC

    Remember, Toronto is effectively his hometown just like Tavares

    If he does decide on a location or two; that/those team(s) must (1) want him (2) have space (3) have assets Treliving wants (4) are willing to part with those same asked for assets

    That’s at full whack

    Retention exponentially increases odds

    Leafs have extremely deep pockets; absolutely need space. Once Marner is paid his signing bonus he is only owed $775 K

    Retention trades (with a middle team [or 2] retaining) are certainly not happening all the time; but a few happen every year lately (yes mostly at Trade Deadline time)

    This is an absolute prime case where retention via a third (and maybe 4th) team should be done.

    Maybe there is 1 (outside chance) 2 teams that can check off all 4 hurdles listed above with zero retention. Maybe none at all

    I suspect that Marner list (of where he’d actually waive his NMC for) if any at all ; is no more than 5 teams

    Those teams have to have space; assets Treliving wants;want marner; willing to give those assets up for him

    To get the list as big as possible; and return as high as possible; maximize retention

    Two teams sharing 75% retention (actual cost to them combined; AFTER signing bonus is paid; is just $580 K) …. Over the last few years actual dollars retained for that total amount are in the range of a 3rd and 4th or equivalent in prospects

    Final team getting Marner at only $275 M cash and at the low Cap hit of just $2.7 M should easily give up a good top 6 winger OR 2nd pairing D (early mid 20’s with term) that has a Cap hit in the $5M-$6M range); OR starting goalie (with term) in the $6M – $7.5 M range; AND a 1st; AND a prospect

    That team saves $2.3M to $4.8 M in Cap space; and that or more in cash

    Leafs can take the prospect above( and add a third) to pay off retention teams

    Leafs convert Marner into one of:

    A younger top 6 winger; OR

    Mid 20’s 2nd pairing D; OR


    All of those examples with at least 2 years left under contract

    They also gain a 1st (that they can use in another trade)

    But even more important; net between $3.5 M to $6.5 M in valuable Cap space

    This is long shot; and probably not going to happen; but this is an avenue that Treliving should explore at least

    Re suggestion of Marner to Pens . First of all; NO. The Dubas has beens to Pens is not a good formula (cite Accairi).

    However; even if this was a good idea for Pens; what on earth does Treliving want from Pens ?

    It won’t be Crosby or Malkin or Letang; no way they’d even think of waiving to go to Leafs

    The only player that Treliving may actually want (and he’d also have to waive to go to Leafs…. And that will be a no go) is Karllsson

    Can anybody here come up with ANY viable trade that gets Marner on Pens???

    • Give it a rest Pengy with the stupid trades. Marner may accept a trade to the old folks home, but aside from Sid and picks, Pittsburgh has nothing of value. Strange Karlsson had no problems going to Toronto when he was in San Jose, I guess a couple of years in the old folks home will do that to you. I can see Toronto retaining money on Marner`s contract but the return would have to be big. Marner walking after next year, won`t be as big of a deal as most people think. Matthews doesn`t need Marner nearly as much as Marner needs Matthews. Personally I wouldn`t do anything till the TDL just to see how much of difference a new coach makes

  10. I believe a new hard nose coach, with a proper system to play in their own zone will make a world of difference. Follow that by using a Vegas strategy. Put Tavares on Robidas Island for the whole year. Use his $11 million for some new pieces. Than bring back a fresh Tavares for the playoffs.

  11. I don’t see any of the trade proposals on Marner where the return equals a close to 100 point player. He will never be big in size , didn’t show the best this playoffs and I think he was recovered from his high ankle sprain. Larson and Wright is only one I would consider.

    • You`re right about Larson and Wright being the only reasonable offer. If Marner said yes to Seattle, the biggest problem would be Seattle`s cap space. Toronto would have to absorb part of Marner`s cap. Wrights development might be Toronto`s big concern. So Toronto retains 30% Seattle throws in Firkus and Rehkopf

  12. Would a deal involving Jodan Binnington and Justin Faulk be a realistic trade for Marner?