Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 19, 2024

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Could Martin Necas be a fit with the Devils or Flames? What are the Canadiens’ best trade assets? What are possible destinations for the Golden Knights’ notable UFAs? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


NEW JERSEY HOCKEY NOW: James Nichols cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman speculating that the Carolina Hurricanes could attempt to move Martin Necas. The 25-year-old winger is slated to become a restricted free agent on July 1. Friedman doubts the Hurricanes will offer him a new contract and could trade him this summer.

The Devils have a hole among their top-six forwards after trading Tyler Toffoli to Winnipeg before the trade deadline. Necas could help them address that problem. However, he could also prove costly to sign and the Hurricanes could seek an expensive return.

Nichols examined the pros and cons of acquiring Necas. He thinks the Devils should be interested if he becomes available, but only at the right price.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Acquiring or signing a starting goaltender will be the priority for Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald, followed by a defenseman. With $18 million in projected cap space and 15 active roster players under contract, there won’t be enough to add a top-six forward.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Trevor Neufeld thinks Necas could be a good addition to the Flames’ forward lines but ultimately they should pass on him.

Carolina Hurricanes forward Martin Necas (NHL Images).

Neufeld believes Necas’ next contract could cost over $7 million annually, taking a big chunk out of the Flames’ $19 million in cap room. He also believes the Hurricanes’ asking price would be expensive.

Necas doesn’t play a hardnosed style. It could also be the wrong time for the Flames to add an established forward if management is rebuilding the roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s hard to determine what Flames GM Craig Conroy has in store for his roster.

Trading away Elias Lindholm, Chris Tanev and Noah Hanifin and attempting to move Jacob Markstrom screams “rebuild”. Nevertheless, they have veterans Jonathan Huberdeau and Nazem Kadri on long-term contracts plus several good young players on their roster and others in their pipeline, suggesting a retooling could be in order.

Adding Necas could fit into a roster retool for the Flames. However, Neufeld is likely correct that he wouldn’t fit into Conroy’s plans


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marco D’Amico recently looked at the Canadiens’ best assets to use as trade bait heading into the NHL Draft next month in Las Vegas.

The first-round pick acquired from the Winnipeg Jets in the Sean Monahan trade could be bundled with one or two assets to bring in a scoring forward. They could also part with one of the two first-round picks they hold in the 2025 draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The pick from the Jets is one of their best trade chips. It’ll be surprising if the Canadiens part with their own first-rounder (fifth overall) in this year’s draft. That will likely be used to select a promising young scoring forward.

They could draw on their plethora of promising young defensemen. D’Amico mentioned Justin Barron, Jordan Harris, Jayden Struble, and potentially Adam Enstrom or Logan Mailloux.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One of those young defensemen could be packaged with the Jets pick to bring in a scorer.

Trade partners could ask for Kaiden Guhle, Lane Hutson or David Reinbacher but they’re unlikely to be on the table. Guhle is well-established among their top four. Hutson and Reinbacher are their most talented prospects and could be in the lineup as early as next season.

D’Amico also suggested a veteran defenseman like David Savard or Mike Matheson could be dangled. They could also draw on prospects such as Filip Mesar, Owen Beck or Joshua Roy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Savard is entering the final season of his contract. He will likely be shopped at next season’s trade deadline if the Canadiens are out of playoff contention by then.

Some Habs fans are begging Hughes to trade Matheson while his value is high. However, he’s a local boy with two years left on his contract and an invaluable part of their defense corps. Matheson’s skills and experience should ensure his place with the Canadiens.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Julian Gaudio recently looked at possible destinations for the Vegas Golden Knights’ notable unrestricted free agents if they aren’t signed to new contracts by July 1.

Jonathan Marchessault could interest the Detroit Red Wings. Alec Martinez could see a reunion with the Los Angeles Kings or land with the Devils or Edmonton Oilers.

The San Jose Sharks or Utah could use a skilled shooter like Anthony Mantha. William Carrier could be an affordable addition to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Flames could target Michael Amadio.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Golden Knights could keep one or two of these players depending on the cost. If they re-sign Marchessault, the others won’t be back because they won’t be able to afford them.


  1. I thik Martinez is resigned to a short term low cost contract

  2. Coaches

    Now that Graig Berbue is signed in Toronto for 4 yrs
    Rod Brind’Amour is Signed for 5 years in Carolina

    Leaves the following 5 teams
    1-NJ sounds like Keefe is the fav to get this job
    2-Jets, farm team coach Scott Arniel,
    3-San Jose,? re-build coach for 2-3 year then a new one

    • SJ- Blashill
      Kracken- Tood McLellan
      LA- Gallant or Todd Nelson

      • What about Jay Woodcroft, A good young …..?
        Joel Quenneville, its looking like he is Not getting reinstated …?
        along with X GM Stan Bowman for next season🤔

    • Could there be an opportunity for Boston Assistant Joe Sacco for a head job! Has experience and has done a great job with Boston!

    • Sullivan to Devils

      Then Boudreau or Gallant or Creed (from The Office) or maybe (if reinstated) Quennville to be at the Helm for Pens

      • Leafs want coach Q but the league said they will not reinstate him.!

    • “Alec Martinez could see a reunion with the Los Angeles Kings or land with the Devils or Edmonton Oilers.“

      I can’t see Oilers wanting to sign a 37 year old D-Man

      Oilers fans, do you agree?

      • Agree. Thks but no thks

    • Arniel, I certainly hope not.

    • In regards to coaches available.. Why is Marc Crawford’s name ever brought up in conversation? Lots of experience and successful years also. Just a curiousity question. Did he burn bridges in the NHL similar to Mike Babcock?

  3. After I got home late last night, I saw the LJ had asked me a question. With Lyle’s permission, I’d like to answer it, now.
    LJ, John Davidson is keeping his cards close to his chest. The only reliable local insider, Aaron Portzline, only Thursday got home from the hospital after a kidney transplant. That said, the only “rumors” I’ve read are from national (The Hockey News) or other local (LA insiders) people and I don’t trust them.
    Now, for my opinion based on Davidson’s statements. Bergevin is someone’s wishful thinking. Davidson has stated that he wants someone experienced in building a playoff team. The one team Bergevin built which went to the playoffs got in on the COVID quirk.
    For the same reason and because of his age, I don’t think Holland is under serious consideration. Besides the fact that he doesn’t fit Davidson’s list of requirements, his handling of the Oilers has shown that he is not suited for the salary cap era.

    • Hey Paul,

      It Sounds like Ken Hollands game plan is to Retire in June when his cantract is up with the Oilers…..
      that what was said last year moving into his last year as GM with the Oilers…..🤔

      • I’ve never considered Holland a viable candidate. He did a great job in Detroit, but couldn’t adjust to the salary cap era. His handing out questionable contracts in Detroit led to his dismissal. Edmonton should have been conference finalists repeatedly, but Holland handing out bad contracts instead of developing good goalies and d-men scuttled that possibility. Basically, the game has changed and he couldn’t adapt. The proof is that $5 million a year, multi-year contract he handed to a goalie who had one good season and is, now, plying his trade in the AHL.

  4. Necas is a talent. Thought he had a good playoffs . Flames need speed and skill mid twenties . He checks a lot of boxes. Markstrom in the mix as a return I am not that sure the Canes want to move on from Necas. Can’t teach what he has .

  5. Skinny Pete is pulling a Marneresque disappearing act for the Canucks.

  6. Biggest difference in the Rangers/Hurricanes series was between the pipes.

    Andersen was good, Shesterkins was better.

  7. As I posted last night, the Canes will likely focus on signing Guentzel to a long term extension which will mean that they’ll need to save cap space. So Necas will likely be traded without a lot of salary coming back. The Habs should offer the Winnipeg pick, one of the young D-men mentioned by Lyle and one of the young forward prospects.

    • Just the Winnipeg pick and a D, Howard.

      Necas will improve the line up because it is wafer thin, but Necas’ best season was 71 points and 28 goals two years ago. Either side of that was 40 and 53 points.

      While there will be interest from other teams, the ‘Canes aren’t in a great bargaining situation. Let’s not overpay. There are other choices out there as good as.

    • Necas for Markstom(Flames retain $1.5M) or
      Necas to Boston for Ullmark
      Canes peddle Anderson to Detroit for a 4th

  8. Carolina has a lot of work to do this summer. According to Cap Friendly they have 14 players that have to be dealt with in one way or another. I’m glad I’m not the GM.

  9. Thanks, Paul.

    Don’t step over Holland, who has made a number of good trades and signings for the Oil in difficult circumstances. If Henrique were healthy they would have a shot at the Cup finals.

    • You’re welcome. Yes, Holland has made a few decent trades and a surprisingly good UFA signing. In my mind, that doesn’t quite compensate for overpaying on some contracts, all but completely ignoring and his completely crazy dealings in net.

  10. Necas could be a fit for the Bruins

  11. I think, in the last year of major covid cap impact there will be a number of good-with-a-question-mark players left looking at lowball one-year-and-prove-it contracts when the music stops. Jus noodling on the back of an envelope there are about twice the dollars asked (or currently paid) as dollars available, not many looming retirements unless there is a surprise (Marchand? or similar). Good year for patience for teams with slots to fill.

  12. Quenneville will never coach, again. Not after his involvement in the Chicago disaster.