NHL Rumor Mill – June 1, 2024

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The potential cost of Travis Konecny’s next contract, the recent trade rumors about Tanner Jeannot, and the Avalanche’s need to go bargain-hunting in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC’s Kevin Kurz took to social media on May 26 to speculate over Travis Konecny’s next contract. The 27-year-old Philadelphia Flyers winger has a year left on his current deal with a cap hit of $5.5 million.

Kurz believes the “obvious comparable” is the eight-year, $70.4 million contract Timo Meier signed last year with the New Jersey Devils. “Similar ages, almost identical PPG”, wrote Kurz, adding we can’t ignore how much the Flyers view Konecny as part of their leadership group.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Jonathan Bailey cited Kurz’s comparable but expressed concerns about Konecny’s age, pointing out he’ll be 29 when the first season of that extension is complete. He noted that the Flyers would carry that $8.8 million AAV on their books until the winger is through his age 36 season.

Philadelphia Flyers winger Travis Konecny (NHL Images)

Combine that with the rumored $10 million AAV asking price, and the Flyers could find themselves in serious trouble down the line,” wrote Bailey. He also cited the 5’10’, 175-pound Bailey’s size and physical style of play as areas of concern that could adversely affect his performance over time.

Bailey suggests the Flyers signed Konecny to a five or six-year contract. That would enable him to seek one more big payday if he remains healthy and productive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how Flyers management handles Konecny’s contract situation.

If they were a perennial playoff team or a Cup contender, they’d likely sign him to an eight-year extension without any qualms. However, they’re in the middle of a roster retooling as they transition toward younger players.

As Bailey suggests, Konecny might not fit into their long-range plans. If they ink him to a contract comparable to Meier’s, it could become an expensive millstone in the latter half of the deal even with the salary cap projected to be much higher by that point.


TAMPA BAY TIMES: Eduardo A. Encina recently took note of the trade rumors swirling around Lightning winger Tanner Jeannot. Some observers suggest the 27-year-old winger could be moved to free up salary cap space to re-sign captain Steven Stamkos.

According to Encina,  no concrete reports indicate the Lightning will trade Jeannot. However, he acknowledged that the winger still needs to provide the complementary scoring management was hoping for when they gave up five draft picks and defenseman Cal Foote to the Nashville Predators last season to get him.

Injuries hampered Jeannot’s performance this season. However, his $2.665 million cap hit for next season could make him a player they move to clear cap space for Stamkos.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Depending on how much it costs the Lightning to re-sign Stamkos, Jeannot could be the most likely cost-cutting trade candidate. Anthony Cirelli, Mikhail Sergachev, and Erik Cernak were also mentioned but they’re too invaluable to move. 


THE DENVER POST: Corey Masisak pointed out the Colorado Avalanche could be forced to go bargain-hunting again. They lack salary-cap space and face uncertainty over the futures of Gabriel Landeskog and Valeri Nichushkin.

The Avalance successfully signed Zach Parise and Jonathan Drouin to cost-effective one-year contracts. Both players performed well and gave glowing reviews of their tenure this season in Colorado.

Masisak wondered if New York Rangers forwards Jack Roslovic and Alex Wennberg would be good fits with the Avalanche. San Jose Sharks winger Alexander Barabanov could be another.


  1. TBL gave up Cal Foote (fortuitous timing for them) but also five draft picks for Jeannot, including a first and a second rounder. They might get a 2nd back from a team? Seems like poor asset management to me.

    • Brock

      I was stunned at the package Tampa put together for Jeannot, especially from an experienced GM like Brisebois.

      If Cirelli is available they could recoup some of those assets. He’s a very good two-way C

      Plenty of teams up against the cap have tough decisions to make. Allowing Stamkos to walk might be the more prudent decision.

      • Agreed Daryl,

        I think letting Stamkos walk is the right move. I mentioned the possibility of Stamkos telling Tampa he will test the market, hence the Mcdonagh trade at full cap hit.

        Another very likely possibility is moving Hedman in the offseason. Having 3 pretty expensive Left D-men is not ideal.

        Trading Sergachev or Cirelli would be the wrong move.

        Stamkos is definitely one of my favorite players. But his age, contract demands are / will be a problem going forward. He’s a PP specialist, primarily playing LW.

        And I don’t see him taking a “team friendly “ 3-4 per deal. Highly unlikely. I believe he will command somewhere in the 6-7 x 2 range.

        Re-signing him, brings them no closer to regaining their competitive days.

      • The center-rich Ducks have need for more energy and scoring and grit on the wings.
        Hagel and Jeannot for McTavish
        Stammer gets signed and the future C slot is fortified! I love Hagel and his production and energy, but those some sacrifice has to be made to get a productive team to be cap compliant.

      • I can’t see Anaheim trading Mctavish or Leo Carlson.

        If they’re going to move a center, it’s going to be Zegras imo.

        But either way, I don’t think it’s a fit for Tampa either having Point , Cirelli. Unless Cirelli is going the other way instead of Hagel.

        I don’t think Tampa should part ways with Hagel.

      • @ Captain Obvious:
        “Unless Cirelli is going the other way instead of Hagel.”
        I thought of that, but Cerelli doesn’t seem to have the overall offensive value that Hagel brings to get the Ducks to move McT. But if the Ducks assent to having Cerelli, that would be better for Tampa.

  2. It s hard to maintain success in the sports world! Success means inflated contracts eventually causing teams to rebuild or retool!Look at teams like Chicago,Pittsburgh and Tampa that are going through it now! Some times have circumvented the LTIR to stay competitive!

  3. It sounds like Travis Konecny is pricing himself out of Philly! I really like the player but his age and style of play will NOT age well beyond 4 more years. With no trade restrictions, they could get a haul for him now and that could be the best move. I hear Utah calling!

  4. Anyone who suggests that Sergachev could be traded in a cost cutting measure knows nothing about hockey.
    Sergachev, only 25 years old (26 in June) is arguably the Lightning’s best defenseman and is at worst their second best defenseman.
    There is absolutely no way Tampa trades Sergachev so they can resign the 34 year old Stamkos!
    How ridiculous a suggestion!