NHL Rumor Mill – June 10, 2024

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Check out the latest on Jacob Markstrom, Mitch Marner, Juuse Saros and Jonathan Marchessault in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Calgary Flames are quietly trying to find a deal for Jacob Markstrom. The 34-year-old goaltender has two years remaining on his contract with an annual cap hit of $6 million. 

Friedman believes the New Jersey Devils, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Ottawa Senators are interested in Markstrom. Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald is willing to move his first-round pick (10th overall) and seeks help between the pipes. Meanwhile, Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving is the former GM of the Flames and signed Markstrom to his current contract. 

Calgary Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom (NHL Images).

The Senators are believed to be in every trade conversation regarding a goaltender. Friedman doesn’t know what Markstrom feels about that. He holds a full no-movement clause. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Steve Staios has been working the phones in search of a goaltending upgrade. He’s reportedly among the more aggressive suitors for Markstrom. Staios also held talks with the Boston Bruins about Linus Ullmark. It’s also believed the Senators GM may have “kicked tires” on Nashville’s Juuse Saros

The Senators would have to get one of its current goalies off their books to accommodate Markstrom’s $6 million cap hit if he agreed to come to Ottawa. Joonas Korpisalo has four years left on his contract with an annual average value of $4 million while Anton Forsberg has a year remaining at $2.75 million. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Markstrom’s NMC gives him the final say over where he goes. It’s believed he was willing to accept a trade to the Devils in February, That deal fell through partly because they didn’t want to take on his full cap hit. 

Nevertheless, the Devils remain the most likely destination of the three. He could also accept the Leafs because they’re a playoff contender and his link to Treliving. Given the Senators’ struggles, it’s unlikely he’ll agree to go to Ottawa.


TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs have no plans to ask Mitch Marner to waive his no-movement clause. However, they remain interested in moving him during this offseason. 

Simmons claims the Leafs are in trade mode and are willing to entertain offers for everyone except Auston Matthews and William Nylander. As for Marner, if they get a suitable trade offer, then they’ll approach the 27-year-old winger about waiving his clause. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs need to clear cap room to bolster their goaltending and defensive depth. However, they won’t just give Marner away. They’ll want a suitable return that helps them now and in the future. 

As for potential trade destinations, Daily Faceoff’s Matt Larkin recently published his list. It includes the Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Blackhawks, Nashville Predators, and the Utah franchise. Feel free to check it out and then give your thoughts in the comments section below. 


SPORTSNET: Friedman said there is motivation between the Nashville Predators and Juuse Saros to work out a contract extension. The 29-year-old goaltender has a year left on his deal with an average annual value of $5 million. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been reported that the Saros camp could wait and see what Igor Shesterkin gets for an extension with the New York Rangers and then seek 75-80 percent. 

Speaking of contract talks, Friedman said discussions have started between the Vegas Golden Knights and Jonathan Marchessault. The 33-year-old winger can become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 after completing a six-year, $30-million deal.


  1. Can not see the Leafs and Flames making a deal since Treliving left the organization in a bit of a mess. No favours for certain.
    NJD likely but they have choices with others available. A swap of 10 for 28 and Holtz. Flames can hold a few bucks but they are tight wads. Maybe a lesser salaried player thrown in to balance

    Marner and the Leafs are going to ride this out . Sit back and listen to the chatter do like a year.

    85% of game one winners win the Cup.

  2. Marner to Buffalo is interesting. Marner plus leafs 1st for dahlin.

    Money works.

    • I don’t think the Sabres trade their franchise d-man who’s signed long-term for Marner and a first rounder. The Leafs would do that in a heartbeat if Marner would waive his ntc.

    • No way Sabres trading Dahlin . Hell no!!

      • They are pretty stacked on the left side with power dahlin and byram.

    • I’d be happy to hear of an Owen Power for Marner deal ( and whatever knowledgable insiders believe would balance the trade).

      • I’m sure every Leaf fan would be happy to hear that WBK!

        If it was me me I wouldn’t trade Power for Marner straight up even if their contracts were identical.

        Power has 7 more years at $8.35, Marner will likely be over $11M on his next deal.

        What would the Leafs have to add? I dunno, how about Knies plus something?

        BUF isn’t trading him regardless, but if they did the cost would be significant on top of Marner.

  3. Leafs need cap space and draft picks (nothing in 2025 until rd 5!) So here’s a trade proposal: Habs trade 2024 5OA, Calgary’s 1st rd pick in 2025, Penguins’ 2nd rd pick in 2025, Devil’s 3rd rd pick in 2025 and Red Wings 4th rd pick in 2025 for Mitch Marner. If that’s not enough then they can have Logan Mailloux. If that’s still not enough then they have to take salary back.

    Of course, Marner could nix the trade. But what would it take?

    • Leafs are certainly not trading him to the Habs. And he won’t waive his NMC or sign an extension for a rebuilding club at this point. This deal wouldn’t work for the player or both teams.

    • That will never happen. First of all, TML won’t trade Marner to a division contender. Second, Habs are looking for a 22-25 yo player under the 7M$ range. Marner’s 27 yo at 11M$. Finally, the 5th over all is off the table, unless it’s an offre Hugues can’t refusé .

    • Mitch to the Habs would be funny! He would instantly become a Leafs killer and make Leafs fans cry for wanting him gone so badly. I mean he probably wouldn’t kill a trade there, why would he? His hero played for them too.

      • Hence the proposal 😉

  4. Disagree on the Markstrom to Devils in Feb. because they wanted Calgary to take on $$$, but because Flames ownership nixed it because they were still in playoff hunt at that time. Dougie Hamilton was on LITR (9mil) so that wasn’t the reason.
    Also regarding Marner, I know he’s offensively talented, but other teams are not beating down the door to get him imo. Way too expensive, & what’s he going to get in his next contract? I hope Leafs are stuck with him

    • Vincois: The Flames ownership did nix the deal in February. However, Pierre LeBrun subsequently reported talks continued up to the deadline but the Devils didn’t want to take on the full cap hit. Yes, Hamilton was on LTIR but there was no certainty he would remain there for the entire season at that stage as reports suggested he could return in April.

  5. Re; Carolina d Problems….❗️

    With the Canes potentialy loosing ther whole 2nd paring d as UFA’s of Brady Skjei, & Brett Pesce❓
    There 3rd paring d..
    Jalen Chatfield and Anthony Deangelo, and they have a few young d on the farm…

    UFA Brent Bunrs will be done at the end of the 2024/25 Season (39 yrs old ) and Jaccob Slavin & Dmitry Orlov, are both UFA players at the end of 2025 season

    I can see them Needing to trade RW Martin Necas for a good top 3 d/man to help re-build the
    Cane’s d…..🤔

    • Williew:
      I agree with you. But the problem is not with the players. Nor will it be with their respective agents. It will be with the Canes’ lack of grown ups in the front office. It will be interesting this next season.

      As I see it, Waddell is the best GM we ever had. He is now in charge of one of the worst franchises in the NHL. Mumble, Bumble, and Fumble (Yorke, Tulsky, and Dundon) are in charge of one of the best. The results at the end of 24/25 season will be interesting.

      • Bill
        They have not picked a GM yet,
        Ass GM is runing the show Eric Tulsk
        he has his hands full. It looks like from the outside Dundon has his hands in the team….

        What do you think of tradeing RW Martin Necas for a good top 3 d/man to help re-build the
        Cane’s d…

        its not sounding like they are going to re-sign
        Jake Guentzel ether…..❓

    • williew, The biggest surprise for me is that Chatfield hasn’t been signed yet.

      Carolina has had the benefit of team friendly contracts for Pesce and Slavin, signed by Ron Francis and drafted by Rutherford. Francis left the team with Faulk, Pesce, Hannifin and Slavin.

      Carolina has been planning for the arrival of Morrow (2021 40th pick) and Nikishin (2020 60th pick) which are both projected to be top 4 defensemen. Morrow played 2 games near the end of this season. He is the first defensemen drafted by the current ownership to play an NHL game.

  6. Ottawa swaps first rounders with Calgary. 7 to 9 in a larger trade for Markstrom. Who miraculously agrees with it. Enabling Calgary to draft the next Iginla with with reduced risk of someone else taking him. Looking at you Montreal.

    I honestly do t even know where he is projected to be drafted beyond the first half of the first round.

    • Jeff,

      I dont know if the Sens trade Or Swap the 7th….
      They really want a offencive RD/man like Zayne Parekh…. They have nothing coming from the farm on RD on there top 4, its a very weak area for the Sen’s and a big hole to fill ZP would do that…🤔

      Goaltending is a Very Weak area for the Sen’s
      They have 2 young 23 yr olds who are a year away from being a back up’s maybe Two years away,
      They have 2 back up’s trying to fill the the starter roll now,
      they have the 26th pick in the 1st round of the draft also, maybe they can trade that with Korposalo and a prospect to clear cap space in a deal for a Starter somewhere ❓

      • Can’t disagree.

        Though at this point Ottawa needs to push for more ready players in trade or free agency rather than drafting and waiting for them to develop.

        Golaies typically don’t get large returns in trade. So I’d be hesitant to be the team to send a large return when it isn’t clear if goaltending is the issue or defensive play. Though clearly both need improvement. Improving defense play may improve the goal tenders you have .

        That’s Ottawa’s plight. They have to deal with being a small market and a Canadian market. Players don’t flock there. A GM could be the best in the world coming up with crazy trades and deals but if the player being acquired doesn’t want to come their isn’t much you can do as a GM no matter how good you are. You can only reduce media pressure so much. Can’t remove the taxes and have no control over how cold and long winters are.

        I think part of Dorion’s thinking when he brought in Debrincat and Tarasenko is that once here and they experience the atmosphere they would then want to stay. The winning atmosphere never happened and it didn’t work. They left.

  7. A 27 year old Wayne Gretzky in the prime of his career got traded ….

    • No one is saying he can’t or won’t be traded just that a trade to Montreal don’t seem like it will happen because they are not looking for a 27 year old with 11+ mil contract.

    • I don’t know why people insist on these type of predictions. I remember a pens fan saying Guentzel won’t be traded in the east. Only to have Guentzel not only traded within the east, but within the same division! The same pens fan insisted Hextall also wouldn’t be signed by the pens as a gm.

      It’s a business, the right trade for both teams / or fit for personnel, and they are going with it. “Rivalries “ be damned.

      All that being said, I don’t think Toronto / Montreal makes a bit of sense for anybody involved…personally. But I’d never say never.

      • Where are all those nay Sayers now oh Dubas got fleeced in the Guentzel deal.

        Dubas did the right thing…Bunting has fit in well he is physical, great two way player, net front presence will be a 20-25 goal guy with a full season in Pittsburgh. He had 19 goals 55 points this year.

        Plus Ponomarev is young a a goal and assist in his one nhl game with Carolina.

        Koivunen is only 20 and tearing up the Swedish league

        Carolina has made it know Guentzel’s rights are available for a mid round pick…

        Well done Dubas.

      • Well, I wouldn’t say Dubas got fleeced, but he certainly fell short of the overblown expectations a lot of people were putting out there.

      • Captain Obvious

        Hurricanes and Guentzel don’t come to an agreement, clearly Penguins won that trade as they obtained :


        Three young prospects

        2nd Round Draft Pick

        Also , keeping score Stanley Cups won :

        Crosby 3 Stanley Cups

        Trouba 0 Stanley Cups

      • Am I the only pens fan on here that’s not a complete jagoff? 😂😁😉

      • Lmao. I think I hear Bruce Springsteen in the background singing “glory days”.

        If the canes don’t sign Guentzel, they’ll be on a long list of teams that kicked the can on a run / pending UFA at a deadline and didn’t get over the hump. Most teams involved in the playoffs THIS year will have “lost the trade “ by that way of thinking.

        What does any of that have to do with anything? I’m pretty sure cups won by Crosby, and not won by Trouba didn’t come up in negotiations to trade Guentzel. Hold onto those “glory days” you’re gonna need those memories for years to come.

        Bunting is a good piece, did it get Pittsburgh any younger? Are all those prospects “can’t miss guys”

        I gotta agree with Chrism, why is the first thing out of most of you a venomous response? For gods sake learn how to deal with criticism and being wrong!

        I wonder if I go back and look at what most of Pens fans were expecting vs. what Dubas got was even remotely close? Hmmmmmmm. Shall we?

    • Jeff,

      I agree with you regarding goaltender not geting a big return, but this year it sounds like there are 4-5 teams chasing a Starting goaltender
      it may drive the price up….,
      All these teams need a starter The Leafs, NJD, Sen’s, LA Kings, and Steve Y Red Wing, you never know what he is thinking….❓

      The Sen’s looking at Ullmark, Saros, & Markstrom..
      heard X Sen’s Goaltender Filip Gustavsson of the Wilds name mentioned and Canucks starter
      Thatcher Demko too….

      Sen’s with a 26th pick in the 1st round of the draft, A Good Prospect from the farm, with Korposalo moving money,
      it could also be the Hawks, Sharks, & Ducks
      3 re-building teams with Lots of Cap Space
      $33. to $36.M in Cap space with room for a goaltender….🤔

  8. Williew:
    I agree with you. But the problem is not with the players. Nor will it be with their respective agents. It will be with the Canes’ lack of grown ups in the front office. It will be interesting this next season.

    As I see it, Waddell is the best GM we ever had. He is now in charge of one of the worst franchises in the NHL. Mumble, Bumble, and Fumble (Yorke, Tulsky, and Dundon) are in charge of one of the best. The results at the end of 24/25 season will be interesting.

    • I was kinda thinking the same thing Bill, or at least the jury will be out on how they do.

      Dundon seems to have a different approach to things, we’ll see how it works out. Usually doesn’t go well when ownership thinks it knows better than the guys who have been doing it in the NHL for a long time, and had success.

      You seem like someone who follows them close in Carolina, is that the word on the street there?

  9. Sens fans; want space and freeing up Korpisalo;

    Korpissalo, Chychrun ($8.6 M out)


    Accairi, Eller ($4.5 M on roster); plus Nieto; Gruden and and a 3rd and Broz

    Before you say it; yes I realize Chychrun’s value is high; BUT Sens have to “pay” for freed up space AND being able to unload Korisallo in order to go after another goalie

    For Pens; willing to hugely overpay for a very underachieving defacto back up in Korpisallo; and give up prospects and a 3rd

    To improve D; get younger; and rid Accairi, Eller, Nieto

    If not good enough; before you say no…. Provide s counter offer that has Accairi, Eller, Nietto ending on Sens

    • Counter offer..

      Karlsson $ 1 million retained making him $ 9 million
      Tristan Jarry $5.3 million
      Pierre Oliver Joseph $825,000
      # 2 round pick 2025

      Jarry is a two time all star, lead the league in shutouts and had a .903 save % which is league average.

      Karlsson is beloved there, still has a house there, his best friend is an assistant coach Alfresson and you need a right handed d-man

      POJ really played well the last month getting moved up with Letang on the 1st pair d unit and is young.

      To Pittsburgh
      Jakob Chychrun $ 4.6 million
      Joonas Korpasalo $ 4.0 million
      Josh Norris $ 7.9 million

      We are going to move Jarry anyway and Korpasalo was good in Columbus and with the Los Angeles kings.


      • Ottawa says no, if Norris can just stay healthy he is an ace and to soon to give up

      • All indications blue chip prospect Joel Blomqvist makes the Penguins rooster as one of the two goalies.

  10. July first only 20 days out. We will have a lot of answers soon. Guentzel was a good fit with Aho. Their styles mesh. Who says he doesn’t sign. Same with Necas. Why is he out again ?

    Pens have to get younger . Makes sense if you are in fact the oldest.


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