NHL Rumor Mill – June 11, 2024

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Will the Canucks pursue Jake Guentzel and re-sign Elias Lindholm? Will the Jets trade Nikolaj Ehlers? Are the Canadiens out on Martin Necas and Trevor Zegras? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports the Vancouver Canucks have long had Jake Guentzel in their crosshairs as a trade target. He wonders if they’ll get into the bidding as the Carolina Hurricanes are willing to trade the 29-year-old winger’s signing rights. The asking price is said to be a mid-round draft pick.

Kuzma noted the Canucks reportedly considered flipping Elias Lindholm to the Boston Bruins before the trade deadline to clear room to acquire Guentzel from the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Canucks were also linked to Martin Necas but the Hurricanes seek “star power” in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Acquiring Guentzel’s signing rights would be more affordable for the Canucks than what it would’ve cost to get him before the March trade deadline. However, he could prove too expensive to re-sign.

The Canucks possess over $25 million in cap space with 14 active roster players under contract for next season. Their notable unrestricted free agents include Lindholm, Nikita Zadorov, Tyler Myers and Dakota Joshua while Filip Hronek and playoff hero Arturs Silos are restricted free agents.

Guentzel could seek between $8.5 million and $9.5 million per season on a long-term extension. That wouldn’t leave much cap space for the others

Winnipeg Jets winger Nikolaj Ehlers (NHL Images).

Meanwhile, Lindholm’s encouraging postseason performance put him back in the Canucks’ roster conversation. Head coach Rick Tocchet likes his hockey smarts and versatility. However, the Bruins have a continued interest in the 29-year-old center. Even if the Canucks offered a seven-year deal worth $7 million annually, it might not be enough to keep Lindholm from testing the market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lindholm’s departure would make it easier to re-sign their other free agents, including Guentzel if they acquire him from the Hurricanes. 


WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck cited a report by The Fourth Period’s Dave Pagnotta claiming Nikolaj Ehlers wasn’t willing to sign a contract extension with the Jets. A source wouldn’t confirm it but said Ehlers had a year left on his contract and they’d see where it went from there. The source added that constant dialogue exists with Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff.

Billeck noted that Ehlers consistently produced well whenever he saw top-line minutes but didn’t spend much time in that role under coaches Rick Bowness, Dave Lowry and Paul Maurice. If new bench boss Scott Arniel is the same, it may be time to part ways with Ehlers, whose production tends to drop during the postseason.

The Boston Bruins, Seattle Kraken, Ottawa Senators, Columbus Blue Jackets, Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils are reportedly among the potential suitors. Billeck believes the Jets would seek a top-four defenseman if they peddle Ehlers this summer.

THE ATHLETIC: Murat Ates believes the Jets are prepared to shop Ehlers before the NHL Draft (June 28-29) in Las Vegas. He thinks they’ll seek a first-round pick and a good non-elite player in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The rumblings about Ehlers started soon after the Jets’ first-round elimination by the Colorado Avalanche in April. Ates pointed out that he carries a 6 million cap hit for next season and a 10-team no-trade list. He’s previously suggested the Senators, Hurricanes, Utah franchise, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins as potential destinations for Ehlers.


THE ATHLETIC: Arpon Basu reports the Montreal Canadiens are still exploring the possibility of acquiring Hurricanes forward Martin Necas or Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras. However, the acquisition price could prove too expensive and the timing doesn’t seem right.

The Hurricanes reportedly want “star power” in return for Necas. The Canadiens won’t part with their good young core pieces. It could cost them top defenseman Mike Matheson, leaving a big hole in their blueline. Re-signing Necas could also prove too costly for the Habs right now.

Zegras has two years left on his contract with an AAV of $5.75 million. However, the Canadiens would be asked to part with significant pieces for a financial commitment in a player that they’re not sure will fit in well within their system.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Basu acknowledged that asking prices for Necas or Zegras could drop and priorities might change. However, he pointed out that the Canadiens dodged a bullet last summer when they were linked to Pierre-Luc Dubois. While they need more scoring, it might be best to avoid taking a risk on Necas or Zegras and find better options.


  1. The Bruins would be sitting pretty if they could trade Ullmark for Chychrun and then sign Elias Lindholm.

    • I can’t figure out why OTT would want 1 year of Ullmark. I’m pretty sure they don’t.

      Not to mention it’s possible that Ullmark has limited (zero?) interest in going there.

      • Exactly. That’s a non-starter of a deal if ever there was one.

    • Barry… At this point if Ullmark was willing to sign an extension with the Sens I would be open for a Chychrun for Ullmark trade straight up.

      Sens would then have to retain 1/3 of Korpisalo contract to even attempt at peddling him to someone

    • Chychrun is overrated ! Led Ottawa with a -30 last year! And he might only stay around one year!

    • Chychrun leads Ottawa with a -30!Under contract for only one more year! To risky,look for better options!Does Ullmark really want to go to Canada?

      • He’s certainly not alone in that regard Sr


        His strength lies in his offensive contributions which, over the 467 career games works out to 82-game averages of 13g 25a 38 pts, which he exceeded this past season with 14g 27a 41 pts in 82 gp.

        Part of his defensive -30 lies in the fact that the entire team struggled with that with their overall -26, much of it related to horrible 5-on-5 stats by their goalies, and his on-ice partners will never be confused with a Norris Trophy candidate. He was also among team leaders in time-on-ice at 22.23 per game. so when those goalies were letting in questionable 5-on-5 shots, he and everyone else on the ice at the time got a minus.

      • And last I looked, we are not viewed here in Canada as a 3rd World Backwards country.

      • That was an understatement George!

        Actually, contrary to what many US folks think, Canada is a great place to live, better than the US actually. At least according to folks that do these annual rankings. European players get it, which is why a guy like Ekholm and his family were thrilled to come to Edmonton/Canada.
        Ya, gets cold in some places during winter. Put on a toque and some gloves.

        Best overall country to live in – Canada #2, USA #5.

        Best quality of life – Canada #3, USA – #23.

        Freedom index – Canada ranked #13, USA #17.

        For a hockey player, ya, he gets more take home $$, fair enough if that is what floats your boat, but for 99 % of the population, Canada all flippin’ day. Everyday.

        Yes I’m biased, proudly so, but these reports/surveys come back like this year after year, after year. Must be something to it don’t ya think?

        I have great respect for the USA, along with allies, and what they have done globally since WW2 that makes it even possible for a country like Canada, and those in Europe to be what we are. We all owe the folks who make that possible, and continue to try and keep it that way, a debt of gratitude.

        Just sayin’ Canada is a great country and a great place to live.

      • Yeah, well it seems most countries under US protection are pretty good countries to live in.

      • I thought I might get one of those from someone who doesn’t know the history Johnny. We were a great country before NATO as well. And, its an alliance not a protection racket.

        Article 5 of NATO has been enacted once in it’s history, after 911. All NATO countries came to the aid of the USA in Afghanistan, including Canada. 40,000 troops served there, 158 died, many more injured. Our troops spent 8 years there. I’m guessing most Americans are grateful for that. Obviously not all.

        Oh, and we didn’t send a bill.

        Canada entered WW1 before the US. Same is true for WW2. That didn’t happen until after Pearl Harbor; Dec 1941. Canada entered the war in Sept 1939.

        We don’t have the financial and military might of the US. And the reason they have continued to stay in those alliances is it benefits them/you greatly. It benefits all of us.

        The USA is the only indispensable nation in the world, but they and the rest of the free world is way stronger together. I have a great appreciation for that.

        I just hope it stays that way.

      • And don’t forget the 30,000 + Canadians who went to the U.S. to volunteer their service in the U.S.military structure during the Vietnam war. It’s estimated that something in the range of 150 Canadians died or went missing in Vietnam.

      • Another thing that our American friends should not forget is the last time the Canadians and US fought Canada burned down the Whitehouse. True story look it up.

    • I think Ullmark really wants to stay in Boston. More than any of us realize. And I also believe Swayman wants him there too. Enough to take less so the Bruins can keep them both. That end of game hug isn’t just a show for fans. When something works – works. The Bruins need more offensive help, and Swayman needs a new deal but I don’t think Ullmark is going anywhere. The two headed monster works. It works in Long Island too. Different type of team/game but they still made the playoffs with a dysfunctional offense and great goaltending.

      I also don’t think the Sens should do anything goaltender wise until they improve team defense.
      It’s like putting new wheels on a plane than hasn’t figured out how to fly yet.

      • Perfectly put. Korpisalo and ? will be the goalie tandem in Ottawa – hopefully with a system in front of them that has all 4 lines playing 2-way hockey, a D corps that meshes through all 3 pairs and a pk that doesn’t dwell near the bottom of the pack.

        THAT’S what Staios has to work on this summer.

    • Zero need for an injury prone top 4 d. Mac Carlo Lindy and Lohrie. Peeke bottom 6 need a big tough guy for his partner. True 1st line center and top 6 winger and the Bruins are set

  2. Could Ehlers who has 7 seasons of 20 plus goals be a replacement for soon to be ex bruin Jake Debrusk? The short answer is yes. Debrusk who has 3 20 plus goals season and who has 27 goals in 86 playoff games compare to Ehlers 4 goals in 37 playoff games.

    Ehlers is a different hockey player in the playoffs then the regular season.

    The other part is Boston doesn’t have what Winnipeg needs which is defenseman. I don’t see a match for this trade and i don’t want Ehlers because of his disappearing act in the playoffs.

    • I agree-Bruins don’t need Ehlers as a Debrusk replacement.Tarasenko would be a better replacement.

      • Debrusk is a LW, Ehlers is a LW, Tarasenko is a RW.

      • George that’s the point, Ehlers is expected to produce in the playoffs. The bigger point you’re missing George is he compete level in the playoffs. It drops from a 10 to a 3 the biggest tell tale is he goes from a good 5 vs 5 player to a bad 5 vs 5 player.

        Ehlers was always one of my favorite Jets but his playoff performance and i’m not talking about points, his compete level was very disappointing.

      • Caper, judging by the post-season stats, Ehler was far from the only Jet to disappoint, led by their porous D and Vezina-nominee who suddenly couldn’t stop a beachball.

        THAT was a total team effort – or lack thereof.

      • I would prefer DeBrusk over Ehlers or Tarasenko, and ya Caper, for the playoffs.

    • Over his 605 career games Ehlers has 82-game averages of 27G 35a 62 pts and has been a consistently good + player

      Yes, his playoff stats fall off dramatically, but outside of Scheifele and Connor who, among the rest of the forwards, has been lighting it up as and when the Jets make the playoffs over the course of Ehler’s career?

    • canada might not be a third world country but we are getting awfully close to it. why any player who has a choice want to play in eastern canada of all places?

  3. Ehlers to Ottawa is intriguing.

    Right now they are shown as having committed to 17 at a cap cost of $75,309,047 as follows

    9F – Stutzle, Norris, Tkachuk, Giroux, Batherson, Joseph, Greig, Kastelik, MacEwen

    6D – Sanderson, Chabot, Chychrun, Zub, Hamonic, Bernard-Docker

    2G – Korpisalo, Forsberg

    At the moment they have $12,465,953 with which to sign 6, with 4 RFAs to consider: LW Katchouk (coming off $758,333), LW Kelly ($762,500); C Pinto ($775,000); D-man Brannstrom ($2,000,000).

    Brannstrom likely will not figure into the spending as his rights will either be dealt, or they simply won’t qualify him. Kelly and Katchouk will probably both be retained at modest short-term bridge-deals in the $1 to $1.5 range. Pinto will take the most – again at a likely bridge in the $3.5 to $4.5 range.

    Hamonic ($1.1 mil) is a buy-out candidate, which would cost them $733,333 for 2 years at a savings of $366,667.

    Add that to the current cap costs of Chychrun ($4.6 mil), Forsberg ($2,750,000), and perhaps Joseph (included in recent “rumours”) ($2,950,000) and it increases their cap space to $23,131,900 with which to sign 13, including any players obtained through the trades of Chychrun & Joseph or off the UFA list. One Belleville player who will likely win a spot is big D-man Tyler Kleven – who’s on an affordable ELC.

    So. theoretically, they could accommodate Ehler’s $6 mil cap hit.

    The lines – pending other deals to flesh out the roster – would look something like this

    Tkachuk – Norris – Batherson
    Ehlers – Stutzle – Giroux
    Greig – Pinto – Kelly
    Katchouk – ? – ?

    Sanderson – Zub
    Chabot – ?
    Kleven – Bernard-Docker


    • Hey George! Was reading on another site of a trade scenario that probably seemed pretty reasonable. It was Ottawa sending their #7, #25 & Brannstrom to Flames for Markstrom & the #9. Would rather see Conroy pony up & get that #7 without giving up the 9 or getting the #10 somehow but wasnt the worst scenario either. Not sure if Markstrom would waive to go there but Im sure Alffy can phone Markstrom & wish him a happy Fathers Day this weekend LOL.

      I can see Conroy taking chance on players like Brannstrom, it fits right in that quicker retool Management have been preaching about. Flames have around $21 mill cap space with 20 players signed for next year. Thats before the Markstrom trade, could be even higher soon enough.

      • Again, Potlicker, any deal like that would absolutely NEED to be preceded by another for Ottawa where they find a taker for Korpisalo.

        Otherwise, finding himself with 3 goalies costing $12,750,000 off the cap, Staios would be seen as a lame-duck in a bind by any team taking Korpisalo which would demand sweeteners that would only further cripple the depth system.

        If and when I hear that Korpisalo has been dealt, only then will I believe that a Markstrom or Ullmark (or perhaps another we haven’t even yet considered) is on his way to Ottawa.

        But I ain’t holding my breath. Can’t afford to do that at my age. LOL.

    • George,
      like where you are going with some of this stuff….

      How are we getting Ehlers…❓
      Sen’s bigest problems are Goaltending they cant stop a beach ball…..❗️

      Trade Chychrun ($4.6 M & Forsberg $2,750M & a 4th pick. for 30 yr old Goaltender Ullmark

      Trade 25th 1st pick & A d Good Prospect like
      Big ( Djibril Touré ) & Korpisalo to a rebuilding team in the west ❓

      We have cleared $7.M in Cap Space and we Got a Good Starter….👍

      Sign a Top 4 RD/man, more of a Tough shut down guy

      Fill in the 4th line with a rookie and tought 4th line winger like Martinook….❓

      keep Hamonic as a saftey net … to cover
      young 3rd pairing of Kleven – Bernard-Docker?

      • That ‘safety net” is so full of holes he make Swiss Cheese look like a solid. For $1.1 mil they can do a lot better off the UFA heap.

  4. There have been many different takes on what the Canes would expect in a trade for Necas. However with it seeming more likely that Guentzel will hit the market, they would probably want a top six forward in return. That would leave the Habs out.

    As for Zegras, obviously rumors are just rumors but there’s word that the Ducks would want Guhle or Reinbacher from the Habs. That will not happen.

  5. Rumors are just that and I heard one so no yelling please …. Bruins interested in B Tkachuk.

    Bruins trade Ullmark for a 2025 1st draft pick .. in turn they trade that 1st rd pick and their own 1st rd pick plus T Fredrick & M Geekie for BT

    • Bruins own 1st rd pick would also be a 2025 pick

    • I won’t yell at you, Joe.

      First, there’s a teeny little flaw in that rumor. Almost insignificant really, but here it is: Tkachuk’s not going anywhere unless he asks to be traded, and he hasn’t even considered doing that. Senators GM Steve Staios shot down that notion last week, saying they were building their team around Brady Tkachuk. He’s their franchise player.

      Also, if the Bruins trade Ullmark (which certainly seems likely), why pursue a winger when their biggest need up front is a proven first-line center? Seems to me moving Ullmark would make more sense if Tkachuk were a center, not a left wing.

      I’m also curious where that rumor originated?

      • Better yet, Joe, fill us ALL in on where or with who that rumor you heard originated.

  6. Lyle… I came across it yesterday let me see if I can find it again …. If they move Ullmark for a draft pick only that would give them 24-25 million plus the Fredrick/ Geekie $$$$ to spend on a 1st line center.. a scoring winger…Swayman & possibly a tough Dman with size

    • But you’re also taking on Tkachuk’s $8.2 million per season in this proposed deal.

      • Yeah, I just read that Causeway Crowd piece. They completely ignored Staios’ dismissing any talk of trading Tkachuk as “pure BS”. Of course, the author of that piece will defend it by say, “What do you expect Staios to say? Of course, he’s denying Tkachuk is available!”

        Even if Staios were open to trading Brady Tkachuk (and he’s not), it’ll take more than that hypothetical offer to get him. Tkachuk is the Senators’ franchise player. They’re not parting with him for that return.

      • Can you imagine someone would trade a 27 year old franchise player in his prime named Wayne Gretzky

      • Can you imagine that the Gretzky trade happened in a different era under different circumstances that have NOTHING to do with Brady Tkachuk?

      • Joe, that doesn’t even fall under the old adage “apples and oranges” as there were SO many facets involved. First of all Pocklington’s financial “empire” was unraveling at an alarming rate and he needed cash. Fast.

        When Gretzky learned that he was about to be dealt to L.A. he agreed only if McSorely and Krushelnyski went with him. GM Sather at first tried to stop the deal, but when he discovered that Gretzky himself was involved in the dickering he did a U-turn and demanded Luc Robitaille come to Edmonton. To that, the Kings said no and instead offered Jimmy Carson, Martin Gelinas, L.A.’s 1989 1st round draft pick and, not least, FIFTEEN million in cash.

        Carson, an American from Michigan, scored 49g 51a 100 pts in his only full season in Edmonton before demanding a trade out of town. Ultimately he, together with Kevin McClelland and a 5th round pick went to Detroit for Adam Graves, Joe Murphy, Jeff Sharples and Petr Klima, all of whom just so happened to be front and center when, in 1990, the Oilers took home their 5th Cup in a 7-year span. Thanks Wayne.

        No, don’t try and equate the Gretzky saga with Brady Tkachuk.

  7. Just to name a few players traded in their prime….

    Paul Coffey…26 years old
    Jaromir Jagr…29
    Marcel Dionne..23
    Erik Karlsson..27
    Joe Thornton..25
    Chris Chelios..27
    Brendan Shanahan..23
    Scott Steven’s…26

    Just to name a few…..anyone can be traded

    • Not to poke holes, ultimately I agree, anyone CAN be traded.

      But pretty much every example you’ve given was pre-cap. Which is a world of difference.

    • Of course anyone can be traded – unless they’ve been given clauses in their contract that precludes a trade anywhere without their stamp of approval.

      But what does that have to do with Tkachuk who hasn’t even given a flimsy hint that he wants out of town? One quality you fail to mention about the Tkachuks is that they are not quitters.

      Just because some blog authored by a Bruins fan suggests that the Bruins could use Tkachuk – what team couldn’t? – does not translate into negotiations between Staios (who didn’t just pour cold water on the idiocy but flat-out called it Bulls*&t) and Sweeney.

    • What do any of those players have to do with Brady Tkachuk? Who hasn’t asked to be traded? Whose general manager publicly called the rumors BS? Who wouldn’t be a proper fit with the Bruins when they so obviously need a center? When that rumor you cited was something dreamed up by a fan, rather than something reported by a credible media source?

  8. Man I’m going to miss Cap Friendly!
    Anyway Hab fans I propose this swap for Ehlers.
    Picks 26 and 37. Justin Barron and Armia to help with the $.
    Jets need young RHD and Armia could play 3 rd or 4 line with Perfetti taking Ehlers spot in the top 6.
    MTL gets a legit 25-30 goal scorer that may have been underutilized in the Peg

    • MTL doesn’t have pick 37, but 57. Ehlers, 28 yo, 1 year left before UFA, is too old for what K. Hughes is looking for. Swap Ehlers for Perfetti and I garantee K. Hughes will jump on it.

      • Yes Pat my bad on the 37-57 draft slot mistake. So imo MTL has to add another 3 rd or 4th rd pick in my scenario.
        I’m thinking that 28 year old Ehlers gets a 5-7 year contract extension wherever he goes so that age is not going to be a factor.
        As for Armia involved in the deal for the Jets it’s a 1 year commitment only but money has to be going back the other way. Really draft picks and Barron for Ehlers is the deal

    • Winnipeg does not need Montréal left over pieces…especially not Armia and Barron and picks that will probably not be NHL players.

    • Cap Friendly will be missed by thousands if not tens of thousands.
      Another site that offers pretty much the same information with a similar setup is “Spotrac”!

  9. One of the most overused and wrong statements i hear is Wayne Gretzky got trade so anybody can.

    Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, Mario Lemieux, Patrice Bergeron, Mike Bossy didn’t.

    Most teams, owners and GM understand there maybe certain established players that you’re not going to trade, unless the player himself asked to be moved. ie Ray Bourque

    The top of the list for today players would be Alex Ovechkin. Washington will not move Ovie at any cost.
    Ovie has two season to catch Gretzky and either resign in Washington or skate off into the sunset.

    While any player can be trade, established superstar of a one team player doesn’t happen unless the player request it.

    • Recently viewed someone saying – Wayne Gretzky got traded, so any player can get traded.

      Agree today many superstars don’t get traded unless the player requests get traded.

      Another example, keep hearing Sidney Crosby will sign new contract with the Penguins.


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