NHL Rumor Mill – June 4, 2024

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Check out the latest on Mitch Marner, Sam Reinhart, Jake Guentzel, and more in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports nothing new regarding the future of Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner. He and his agent haven’t put together a list of trade destinations. The 27-year-old winger is focused on finishing his contract with the Leafs and seeing how things go. LeBrun also doesn’t think there’s an appetite to discuss a contract extension this summer.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman speculates Marner’s situation could play out in Toronto next season. While acknowledging there’s a lot of time between now and then and things could change, Friedman described it as a “delicate conversation between player and team because everyone is determined to look like a winner here.”

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (NHL Images).

If the Leafs are to trade Marner, Friedman believes it must make a major impact, either with assets or in cap room that would allow the club to make another significant transaction.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marner’s contract is the complicating factor here. He carries a hefty $10.9 million cap hit that will be difficult to move even with the cap rising to a projected $87.7 million for 2024-25. He also has a full no-movement clause which he seems unwilling to waive.

We can’t rule out the Leafs getting an offer they can’t refuse from a team that Marner would consider an acceptable trade destination. However, it’s starting to sound like a slim possibility.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre Lebrun reports the Florida Panthers will have little time to get their pending UFAs such as Sam Reinhart signed between the end of the Stanley Cup Final and the start of free agency on July 1. Both sides profess a strong mutual desire to get an extension done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Score’s Josh Wegman cited Evolving-Hockey projecting Reinhart to sign an eight-year deal with an average annual value of $11.13 million to stay in Florida. That would make him the Panthers’ highest-paid player. Aleksander Barkov and Sergei Bobrovsky currently hold that honor with AAVs of $10 million.

The Panthers and Reinhart could agree to an eight-year deal worth the same AAV as Barkov and Bobrovsky or a smidgen less. Whatever the cost, it’ll take a big chunk out of the Panthers’ projected cap space of $20.8 million for 2024-25.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox also weighed in on the Panthers’ upcoming tricky free-agent situation involving several of their core players.

Fox noted that Panthers general manager Bill Zito prioritized re-signing defenseman Gustav Forsling over Brandon Montour. “Perhaps because Montour began the season injured. More likely because his current cap hit of $3.5 million should double soon, and we may be watching his final shifts in Florida.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zito must shed some salary to re-sign Reinhart and Montour. The Toronto Sun’s Steve Simmons recently claimed the Panthers intend to retain both players and could trade Aaron Ekblad and his $7.5 million cap hit and use the savings on Montour. I don’t put much stock into that scenario given Ekblad’s value to the Panthers.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports the Carolina Hurricanes are continuing contract discussions with Jake Guentzel. They’d like to re-sign the pending UFA winger but LeBrun indicates Guentzel could test the market on July 1 while keeping the Hurricanes as an option.

LeBrun’s colleague Josh Yohe was asked if the Pittsburgh Penguins will try to reacquire Guentzel.

Yohe isn’t ruling it out but noted that Guentzel was “pretty angry” about the Penguins trading him and angrier that they didn’t make a legitimate attempt at a contract extension. He anticipates the 29-year-old winger could get $9 million annually on a six-year deal and doesn’t see the Penguins making that pitch.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins GM Kyle Dubas could’ve re-signed Guentzel but didn’t seem interested. It’s unlikely he’ll try to bring him back.


THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: That’s the question Lia Assimakopoulos included among her Stars’ offseason storylines following their elimination from the Western Conference Final.

Duchene was signed last summer to a one-year, $3 million contract after being bought out by the Nashville Predators. Tanev was acquired before the March trade deadline. Both are eligible to become UFAs on July 1.

The pair fit in well with the Stars roster, playing crucial roles in their march to the Western Conference Final.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Stars have a projected cap space of $15.9 million next season with 13 active roster players under contract. There might not be enough room for Duchene and Tanev unless they can free up additional cap space.


  1. There was another report yesterday suggesting that Guentzel may decide to test the waters. That would obviously have greater implications. If the Canes don’t sign him, there’s much less reason to trade Necas. And if they trade Necas anyway, without an expensive extension for Guentzel, they wouldn’t be doing it to free up cap space. Which means they could seek players who’d help them win now, which would reduce the Habs as a likely destination. Unless of course the Canes decide to make a big push for Sam Reinhart.

    • I think Guetzel will stay with the Canes and they’ll trade Necas. Necas wants to play center, and the Canes should keep him for that, but there just seems to be a disconnect there between team and player. Canes will be different next year with all of their free agents, but they’ll still be very good (at least in the regular season)

      • It seems so, if the rumor mill is accurate, mikeP.

        There was also an article which stated that the Canes new GM will not have typical GM authority, but will have to run decisions up the flag pole.

        If true, it would explain why Waddell left, and it would certainly complicate decisions on what to do with Necas, and others.

        Carolina will be interesting to watch in the off season.

      • LJ, I don’t think thats a new requirement in Carolina.

  2. don’t buy the rumors of the Panthers trading Ekblad, especially if Montour leaves. I see Reinhart taking a 8 year deal @ $9.5M per to stay there. Florida will be just fine, Zito has things under control

    the Marner for Seth Jones rumour makes sense, but if Marner is traded for picks that doesn’t. Why? to keep Bertuzzi and Domi? no thanks.
    Maybe Tavares could be traded for picks instead

    Curious what Dubas will do. Even if he could trade Karlsson or another vet, the overall team is just old and slow, that won’t change until they go to a younger faster core. A fast 3rd liner or 6th dman isn’t going to change their game. Pens don’t have a modern team anymore, similar case with the Caps

    • I still contend that FLA should trade a tender to make cap space. $14.5M for 2 goalies is too much! And they have yet to sign a 3rd stringer!

    • Mike…I totally disagree with you. The Penguins while older were still a solid quick transition speed team. (not Col0rado Edmonton fast) but Florida isnt fast either they win.
      The Penguins defense was awful and they lacked depth. There were plus + 4 in goal differential where Washington who is truly slow and had a -37 goal differential.

      While Malkin has slowed (still 25 goals) should be third line center)
      Crosby and Letang haven’tslowed

      A couple shrewd moves and they will be a playoff team next year. They have $13 million in cap space that can get some younger middle six and a defenseman.

      Penguins younger players coming

      Drew Oconnor is 25 playing regularly now
      Jack St. Ivany is 24 young played well this year
      Valteri Pusrtinen is 25 had a good year
      Tristan Broz is 21 signed from Denver college
      Brayden Yager is 19 he is coming # 1 2023 pick
      Owen Pickering is 20 young he is coming soon
      Ville Koivunen is 20 tearing up Swedish league Vasily Ponomarev is 22 young tasted the nhl last year with Carolina 1 goal 1 assist 1 game he is coming
      Sam Poulin is 23 got up at the end he will be pushing for a spot

      So with some young talent coming, Crosby, Rust, Letang, Petersson, Bunting Karlsson playing well, a solid move or two and a smart trade ala Reilly Smith etc..they will be there count on that.

      • “Penguins younger players coming” … you mean from the organization ranked 27th out of 32?

      • We need to get rid of Accairi, Nieto, Eller, Smith first

        Our prospect cupboard is weak relative to almost all other teams

        Dubas has failed at every signing and every trade he has done for us

        Sullivan just doesn’t seem to have “it” anymore

        His line combos/d pairings/and who sits decisions are not good

        Can Pens be playoff contenders next year? It’s possible

        But to have that happen; Dubas HAS to win future trades (well at the very least come out square; he just in no way can continue to lose so bad on every trade)

        If Accairi. Nieto, Eller, Smith can be moved out and replaced by mid/late 20’s UFAs (or RFAs; Offer sheet?) that are all over 6’1”. All 205 or better; all with grit ; all strong

        Then yes, Pens can be a playoff team next year)

        Under no circumstances should we trade Petterson

        O’Connor will be on team for sure

        Hoping Pickering and Poulin will be as well

        St. Ivany could be our 7th D

        The Karllson experiment failed.

        Grossly overpaid in trade

        No one is taking him at full whack; but retaining 50% will get another team to accept Accairi and would provide a younger roster player back

        $7 M Cap out the door; younger roster player and say Poulin in….. at least $3M in net Cap savings

        Flip Eller for a late rounder…. That’s another $2.5 M in space

        Bury Nieto (untradeable)

        Flip late rounder in Eller trade; mid rounder from Pend and say Broz and/or Gruden to rid Smith contract

        Bring up a couple of the WBS listed above

        Now Pens have $22-$23M to spend on 6-7 UFA/RFAs mid/late 20’s with size, grit; strength

        Can this be done? Yes

        Will this be done….. your answer is in who we are stuck with as GM…. A GM that can’t win any acqisition/trade

        Sad for us

      • At some point Malkin and Letang will dropoff fast.
        Letang looked great last season. but the Pens actually stayed healthy(the hardest part for this core) and still missed the playoffs.
        So one year older and injury luck takes one bounce.
        tough situation with all the future HOFers keeping the entertainment and chances for wins up. i say they barely miss again and have an important aged player injury or 2 this time around

    • The only Taveras gets traded is if the Leafs are the ones giving up the picks, come on man.

  3. Rumors of 8 years and $11.1M for Reinhart (when he’ll be 29 when the extension starts) is WAY too much in my book for both term and $.
    He doubled his career goal scoring average this season in a contract year. Big red flag to me.

  4. The Stars have some definite questions for the off season.
    1. Will Pavelski play next year, and will it be with the Stars?
    2. Maverick Borque should make the starting line-up this coming year….so that will take up a spot, hopefully on the 3rd line with Benn and Stankoven which would allow Johnston to play with Robo and Hintz.
    3. Resigning Duchene…He was pretty amazing on the line with Seguin and Marchmant this year….I’d love to keep him, and he seems pretty happy in Dallas, so maybe he’ll take another discount since he’s getting paid from two teams.
    4. Tanev, great defensemen and would LOVE to keep him…obviously Lundqvist is not going to be on this team. He’s an RFA and I would be shocked if they qualify him. Sucks that Nill gave up a first to get him, but it was worth a try. He’s definitely serviceable, just not in the playoffs against star talent. He’d be a great signing for a team with less depth.
    5. SUTER must go…he just can’t keep up any more. Which would also help in the Tanev situation. They both serve the same purpose, but Suter just can’t do it.
    6. Lian Bichsel could possibly crack the line-up this year. Which would cover the 5-6 Defenders…If the Stars could ice, Heiskanen/Harley, Lindell/Tanev, and Haakanpaa/Bichsel that would be pretty strong. And to be honest, I’d like to move Harley to the 2nd pair and move Tanev to play with Heiskanen to let Miro have more offensive freedom with more of a safety net
    7. I would LOVE for Steel to get a qualifying offer…yes he played 4th line minutes, but still 26 years old. He’ll never be a top line player, but I could see him moving up to the 3rd line and playing with Benn and Stankoven…he tenacious as all get out. And if he stays on the 4th line, with Faksa and Dadanov (who needs to go) I’d be more than happy with that.
    8.Gonna need a backup to play with Oettinger and Wedgewood is a free agent…He’s flown under the radar because of Oettinger’s presence, but he’s done a great job while in big D.

    Bottom line, unlike many in this group, I have trust in my GM, he’s got a pretty good track record. (well lately)

  5. Leafs should deal Marner to LA for PLD and David Rittich. Would give themselves a proven playoff performer and a top notch goalie. I’m sure Marner would be ok with going to LA. Finally get PLD on our side and watch him flourish.

    • PLD – the human scarecrow (no heart) ? Leafs media would scare him out of town by Halloween

      • Human tin woodsman.

    • Tripper, in all seriousness, why do you think Dubois, taken 3rd overall in 2016, would suddenly change his spots and blossom into the top, dominating seasonal and playoff team-mate that he was projected to be in his draft year simply by going to the Leafs, when he couldn’t come anywhere near that with Columbus, Winnipeg or L.A.?

      He’s played 516 NHL games and, over 82-game spans, has averaged 23g 31a 54 pts and in 43 playoff games he has 27 pts which works out to 0.63ppg. Not bad for an average 2nd or 3rd line C but not at $8.5 mil per year off the cap through to 2030-31.

      The much-maligned (and rightfully so) Patrik Laine, take just before Dubois, has played 36 less games (480) and his 82-game averages are 35g 31a 66 pts and in 24 playoff games his ppg is 0.67. All marginally better than Dubois and he costs $8.7 mil off the cap for 2 more seasons.

      • George the players I all mentioned have had a taste in the NHl or are close or coming.

        Don’t really care what some idiot ranks them most of those guys are useless.
        These players will contribute you just need one or two to jump in Penguins top 2 lines are good.
        Brandon Yager,
        Ville Koivunen
        Vasily Ponomarev
        Owen Pickering
        plus O’Connor St. Ivany played this year already and the kid Broz is a stud who will play soon.

        I’m betting you never skated or played

        you’ll see Dubas has to clean up Hextall/Burkes two year reign of awfulness.

      • I’m not about to get in a round of “my team do or die” – I’m a fan of the Senators and have been nothing short of critical on just about everything they’ve done over the past 7 seasons (and, for the record, they are ranked 32nd and last by The Hockey Writers, something to which I am in total agreement.

        As for that bet, if you made it you’d lose – but that’s neither here nor there. Or are you suggesting that only those who “skated or played” can be fans with any true perception of the game? That’s a bit elitist. Anyway, I’d venture to guess that those who contribute to The Hockey Writers have a far greater understanding of the game than any of us will ever achieve. To think otherwise is hubris in the extreme.

        Anyone in here can toss out names of prospects in the system of their team of choice but, sorry, I’ll continue to put more weight on what I hear from the professional writers.

      • And by the way, 4 of the players you list were acquired during the “two-year reign of awfulness” of Burke-Hextal while the rest came in under the watch of Rutherford – who many Pittsburgh fans couldn’t wait to see the last of.

      • Rutherford did his job. He maximized the crosby Malkin years. Very few people revile him in pburgh. But many saw it was time.

      • No penguins fan with any sense wanted Rutherford to leave the organization. If you ask Rutherford he’ll likely tell you that decision was largely on him. “In Rutherford we trust” was a common statement amongst pens fans in this group. Don’t rewrite history to try and make the argument sound good.

    • In what universe is Rittich a top notch goalie? He’s a decently solid backup, nothing more. That said, I’m happy if the Leafs want him to be their #1.

    • Tripper is trolling!

  6. RE-leaf’s

    With Both RW Marner and C John Tavares coming of the books at the end of next season thats $22.M in Salarys,

    They will need a 2nd line centre to replace JT.
    but one of the kids could step into RW like Big Matthew Knies❓

    With a couple trade they could fill out there top 4 on the d
    UFA, RD man Chris Tanev would be a good adition, maybe The New coach has some one from St Louis in mind that would work……🤔

    • Matthew Knies is a LW not a RW!
      Tanev though good, is 34 years old and not a player you want to commit a lot of money or term to.

  7. Re Duchene

    Hid contract with Predators was to go through 25/26

    Overall He lost $4.7 M in the buyout; but recouped $3M from Stars this year on that

    Stars snd Predators same tax rate

    He’s out now only $1.7 M gross; with 2 years to recoup that to be on same track

    Stars are a great team and should be again next year

    1 year at $1.7 M with Stars effectively makes him “whole” and still with 25/26 to recoup more

    He’s obviously worth more than that on open market but with what team (and what tax rate) and is that team as strong as Dallas

    For Dallas hard ti go another $3M on a guy approaching mid 30’s with others yet to sign

    1 yr $2M offer; he walks

    What about Cap hit of $2.4 for 2 years; but $3.2 M in SB this year; $800 K salary both years; full NMC??

    Duchene well ahead of “making whole”, stays with very good team; keeps great tax advantage

    Stars keep very effective player at very reasonable contract; save Cap space

  8. Anything over $9M for Reinhart is sheer insanity, he’s generally a ~30 goal player who only has 2 seasons where he has had at least a PPG.

    • Brock,
      I think your right… $9.M for Reinhart is right, no way he should get paid more than these two..
      Florida is a very low tax state
      Barkov is $10.M
      Tkachuk is $9.5.M

      They also have 1 of there top 4 d/men Montour as a UFA at $3.4M who will get about $6.M and that leaves $6M to replace/bring back 4 UFA forwards and the othere 2 RFA’s
      They may have to Dump 1 of these $3.M Forwards
      Eetu Luostarine or Evan Rodrigues as they are very tight up against the Cap.

      Next year they have Bennet & Carter Verhaeghe as UFA up front and d/man Aaron Ekblad

    • Buyer beware on Reinhart!

  9. All posturing- don’t even think he has been asked to waive yet. I am sure that will happen closer to July 1st and BT will quietly see what offers are out there- at which point they can go to him and test the waters.
    Otherwise look for Marner to be in Toronto in the fetal position by November. This team won’t do him in any favors, new team- first coach, new system and most assuredly wont be playing on Matthew’s wing…all make for a terrible contract year.

    OR give the Leafs a couple of teams that you would either consider re signing with or play out your last year and increase your value.
    Financial suicide for him to stay in Toronto- fans would kill him and he has proven he just isnt mentally strong enough to endure it….

    He has every right to refuse a trade – but Leafs have every right to re arrange their captaincies/lines and pp lines based on who will be there for years to come.

    Just really smells like his camp/dad is driving this bus..

    • Offer Marner the same $11.5 million that Nylander accepted.
      If he agrees then welcome back one of the top wingers in the league with open arms. The Toronto Maple Leafs have too many expensive players who don’t live up to their contracts.
      No, I’m not talking about their stars. I’m talking about their non-stars who barely contribute any more than a random replacement player would.
      Calle Jarnkrok is getting up there. He has been a useful addition, but it is time to give his roster spot to a younger, cheaper, more hungry player.

      David Kampf is the NHL’s most expensive fourth liner. He needs to go.
      Ryan Reaves and Conor Timmins do not have a future in Toronto and need to go.
      Incredibly, moving out all four will save the Leafs $6.95 Million.
      If he refuses then it indicates to management, Leaf Nation and the Toronto Sports Media that he prioritizes money over being a “Leaf For Life”.
      Which is fine, but that opens the door for the Leafs to ask him if there are two or three other teams in the league that he would be interested in playing for.
      If Marner refuses the $11.5 million and refuses to allow the Leafs to trade him to a team of his choice then that information should be leaked to the media.
      Marner’s character and personality seem too fragile to withstand the level of negativity and abuse he will receive from fans, Leaf Nation and the Toronto Sports Media.

  10. So it turns out I was right. Trouba was playing with a broken ankle.

    That explains a lot.

    • Hockey players! That explains a lot. Was it good for the team. Hard to say — did they have a replacement? Was it what a hockey captain does?
      It was. Don’t know that healthy he makes the difference, and going forward the kind of leadership that can get you to the promised land if you keep beating on the door.

      • I think he and Fox both playing on one leg was a death sentence. More so Fox than Trouba, but both?

        Terrible timing.

    • Ok, it was his ankle that caused the elbow to go out of control. That solves it all, hope he gets better soon <3

      • Lmao, did anyone mention the elbow? Anybody?

        The point was, he wasn’t playing healthy. You’re probably a guy calling in sick when you have a common cold.

  11. It will be interesting if why Marner would expect more than Nylander’s cap hit. I would sign Marner to the exact same deal as Nylander.

    Next year you take your chances with what you have and when Taveres contract comes off the books the following year you spend that money on the back end.

    • There is no reason to sign him to Nylander’s number. Nylander played for 4 million less than Marner for 5 years and he has earned all of his deal with the crap he has taken. No honest leaf fan can say they watch the playoffs -(not just the first round) and think 16 can be impactful, 10 mill is too much and I think BT knows that…if they give him a raise they are idiots.
      Let him walk, who cares…they aren’t winning anything with him being paid 12 mill. Give Matthews the C and MCabe and Nylander the As and move on….send the message

      • The day the Leafs signed a $11M RFA winger, I said they wouldn’t win diddly because their cap situation was tanked. Doubling down on that and giving Marner $12-$13M would doom the Matthews era.

      • Agreed. Here’s what BT should do.

        Offer Marner a 3 year 7.5/year deal (knowing he’ll refuse it). Then say ok Mitch – You aren’t going to make 10m/ year for The Leafs anymore. We can’t utilze that cap space on another forward contract. It hasn’t worked. We need to go in a different direction…
        You have our permission to go out with your agent and find teams that will offer you the contract you want next year as a UFA and let us know who they are. We will make a the best deal possible – you get an extra year (8 instead of 7) as part of a sign and trade.

        Why this works for everyone – It’s already been well documented Marner doesn’t play well when he’s seen unfavorably in Leaf’s Nation. If he insists on “stay and play” for his final year it will cost him in his big UFA contract. He won’t have a good year. He’s already got a bad rep and a great regular season disappear in the playoff kind of guy. The pressure of a “bet on yourself” year won’t go well for him. He gets the big fat contract he wants and he gets to be the man somewhere out west.

        The Leafs get at least something in return for him but more importantly they get his 10+ mill THIS YEAR to get a goalie or a top for d-man and a good bottom 6 forward.

        That Smith fella out in Utah might wanna make a splash. Maybe Ronny Francis might move Larsson for Mitch and re-sign him. Maybe Nashville would move Saros for him so they can start letting their next hot stud keeper grow with their young team.

        Either way – Mitch insisting on playing out this final year will be a disaster for him. It will be a wasted year for the franchise and in all likelihood cost Shanny his job with another great regular season and early playoff exit…

    • Hearing in a couple of places …Ullmark to the NJD for their 1st rd pick in this years draft … use his $$$$ plus the 20+ million they have to spend which would get them to around 25 million this would allow to make all their additions needed by signing UFA’s …

      • Ullmark will not get you a top 10 pick. Only few goalies would get that return and he isn’t one of them.

        2nd and B prospect about the best you could get.

        If NJ is trading the 1oth for a goalie it would be Markstrom.

  12. Ullmark is 4 years younger and right now the better goalie

  13. George O.. I know you are like the Gran pooh Ba on hear and that.s fine…all good

    I disagree on your view of the Penguins.

    And Rutherford who you say wanted to be run out of town,,,mmmhhh two Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh and he turned Vancouver around in a couple years to a strong team…so not buying that logic.

    I also think there is a deal to be had between Pittsburgh and Ottawa.

    based on/ or around Chychrun and Karlsson….

    you need a right handed defenseman yes? you have an overload on the left side.

    I would take Chycchrun or Chabot…whoever Ottawa wants to move.

    Karlsson did have 11 goals 45 assists 56 points + 4
    obviously not the 101 points in san jose but solid

    Karlsson $ 1 million retained making him a $ 9 million player,
    For THomas Chabot $ 8 million

    or maybe we take Jakob Chychrun and Josh Norris and his contract of your hands.

    • Gran pooh Ba? The “pooh” I can understand – as you’ll discover if and when you reach 86.

      Seriously, though, I don’t know where the Hell you get that. I’ve never claimed to be anything more than someone who has been a close follower of hockey since the late 1940s/early 1950s. And a Habs fan for the longest of time – until my city got a team back.

      By all means, disagree with my view of the Penguins. I take some comfort in knowing I am not the only one in here – by far – who sees dark times ahead for the team. We’ll soon see who’s right.

      Karlsson? Not in this reality. Not for Chabot, Chychrun or anything else. He burned his bridges here. And is nowhere NEAR worth the bloated contract he possesses. Dubas wanted him – Dubas can keep him.

      • I noticed that you and Pengy one of my favs are like the wise man and vets on here which is cool and I’m sired well deserved.

        Well I know how u feel on Karlsson…LOL I thought he was beloved by fans there in Ottawa, plus he has still has a house there, and his best friend is the assistant coach..Alfredson.

        It seems like they need to move a LHD and Chabot who has been a tad dinged and has a longer deal or Chychrun who the rumors have suggested.

        Karlsson only a couple more years and if Pittsburgh eats $ 1 million he is at $9 million and Chabot are close in salary at $ 8 million

        we could take Norris who as been injured and a bit of a disappointment there.
        you have
        Branstrom LHD/
        Chabot LHD/
        Sanderson LHD/

        Seems like a lot of lefthanded d-men all quality too?

        Chabot to Pittsburgh $ 9 million

        Karlsson to Ottawa $ 8 million plus a 2nd rounder?

        Norris and Chychrun to Pittsburgh ?


  14. The hype about the Leafs trading Marner has been driven entirely by people seeking social media hits and a way to interest readers whose teams are out of contention now.
    Fact is, you could arguably find perhaps 10 to 15 players in the league who would make some kind of sense to Toronto, and not a single one is realistically available.
    The GM can’t make a trade and lose it. If he does, his next job won’t be in hockey. Marner has yet to reach his full potential, yet shows streaks where he can win a game almost by himself.
    No NTC , so he’s going nowhere. His trade value during a media “trade rumour frenzy” drops with each new speculation.

    If the team wants maximum return, it would be mid season.
    The odds of Marner having his best year, and seeking dominince instead of just a fun time is the season ahead. If he falls short, his next contract drops in value
    All far from clear, is what comes next.

    But unless Marner wants to go, and is guaranteed a huge raise, leaving the power play with Matthews and Nylander likely sees worse stats going into a UFA year.
    Reality is that the earliest the Leafs consider a trade is February, and they’d need to be in trouble then.

  15. I’m going out on a limb and say George O isn’t as old as me

  16. I guess I should read … you’re old George O …

    • George O has me beat.
      I’m only 75!

      Started watching Hockey Night in Canada in 1957.
      Saw my first live game in the old Montreal Forum at the corner of Sherbrooke and Atwater in the
      1962 – 63 season.
      25 cents for the bus from Dorval (west end) to downtown.
      75 cents for a standing room ticket.
      Jean Beliveau, Bernie Boom Boom Geoffrion, Jean Guy Talbot, Ralph Backstrom Dickie Moore, Donnie Marshall, Pocket Rocket, Bobby Rousseau, Phil Goyette, Bill Hicke, JC Tremblay, Gilles Tremblay, Claude Provost, Lou Fontinato……

      • 86 and 75 well done boys !!