NHL Teams Most Affected By a Flat Salary Cap for 2020-21

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Soapbox | 8 comments



  1. As I’ve been saying for a while now Dorion will very likely be seeking to strengthen his roster using some of his 13 draft picks (specifically that 1st rounder from the Islanders in the Pageau deal – unless they are the ones to wind up getting the 1st overall then that pick goes to 2021 and one or two of the his 2nd rounders – by dealing with such teams to take advantage of their need to clear cap space.

    The kicker is, I don’t believe it will involve a member of the over-the-hill gang making big bucks – at this stage of their re-build he doesn’t need to go down that road – but it will need to involve a player one of those above teams is prepared to relinquish who has term, is costing enough off the cap to make it worth their while to move him, and who doesn’t have a NM/NT clause.

    That really narrows it down. And no, I wouldn’t think he’d consider Stepan from Arizona – 30 y/o C making $6.5 mil off the cap with one more year to go before he becomes a UFA and whose offensive contributions seem to have settled into about 14 goals a year. No Thanks. Dorion is under NO pressure to settle for that.

  2. Played just like a Stradivarius – Johnny One Note.

  3. Lol , guess that’s what you say when you know I’m right Georgee’

    • LOL. Not at all Vinneee. Just pointing out your complete lack of originality. But then as if it needed to be

    • The truth is Dorion is gonna have a tough job…not only the team but the wannabe Ballard they have as an owner. If you want to point and laugh/mock anyone from the Sens, you gotta start with him.

      There’s a lot Dorian can do, it will be interesting to see what he actually does do.

      • Now THAT is something with which I can agree Ron. Never intimated that his job will be “easy” and Lord knows I have never painted a rosy picture of Melnyk. The situation is what it is. All he can do is make the best deal he can that he thinks will help solidify the team going forward and hope it gets by the brick wall.

        Maybe – just maybe – the current world situation and the major hit it’s delivering to economies everywhere will result in his selling to someone prepared to let his GM run things without constant interference (they all get involved to some degree I suppose – after all it’s their money supporting a franchise) AND keep the team in Ottawa. Assuming there are still would-be owners out there not being nailed big time by the effects of the pandemic.

      • Agreed, Ron. Dorion could draw upon his stockpile of draft picks and his cap space to acquire a good player from a club looking to shed salary.

  4. Yeah, but you know what they say … the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune