NHL Playoffs: Flyers Blank Canadiens To Take 3-1 Series Lead

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Soapbox | 6 comments



  1. Though the Habs were a pleasant surprise against the Penguins their flaws are obvious against a more structured team like the Flyers.

    I have to list Drouin as a major disappointment, again. He is of course not the only forward underachieving but I think Berg should move him in the off season. Perhaps the Penguins could put him on the wing with either Sid or Gino and get production out of him.

    • Too many floaters and small players that should be addressed in the offseason. I hope Drouin is sent packing, and Domi is told if he wants to stay in Montreal its as a winger.
      I expect ex-Flyer Dale Weise to be back in for Belilze and would like to see KK on top line with Gally &Tatar, Suzuki with Domi & Drouin, and Danault on the 3rd, but expect lines to be similar to game 1.

      For some reason my gut tells me Montreal takes Game 5. If they can convert some of those goalposts they’ve hit, it won’t be hard, they’re making Hart look better than he has been.

    • Just need a little more firepower up front.
      Oh, and seasoning. Still a young forward group.

  2. Yes LJ
    Rust And LeTang for Drouin and a pick

  3. There has been a lot of great developments but also more than a few players who seem to run out of runway … Drouin, obviously, but I am also not sold on Mete. Ouellette needs to be upgraded too, and Kulak dropped down. For me, Habs are definitely in need of a top 4 D. I realize Romanov is in the wings..
    Armia has been disappointing too … hoping the top three lines is a chemistry challenge because there are good pieces there.

  4. Montreal are in tuff situation their best two players are signed for ever at crazy money and aging fast. They will be a middle of the pack team for next 10 years.