NHL Rumor Mill – August 10, 2020

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Reaction to the Maple Leafs’ elimination from the qualifying round in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes a seismic change is needed for the Toronto Maple Leafs following their elimination from the qualifying round by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Their disappointing loss and a stagnant salary-cap could force management to make some difficult decisions.

Johnston considers the Leafs defense to be second-rate and took a big blow after losing Jake Muzzin in Game 2. Secondary scoring was an issue after Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe put Auston Matthews, John Tavares, and Mitch Marner on the same line in Game 5.

Has William Nylander played his last game with the Toronto Maple Leafs? (NHL Images)

Except for Matthews, Johnston expects one of the Leafs core players (Tavares, Marner, William Nylander, Frederik Andersen, Morgan Rielly) will be sacrificed as part of wider changes before next season. “Everything else must be up for consideration, pending the forces at play in the marketplace.”

If the Leafs win tonight’s draft lottery, Johnston suggests selecting left wing Alexis Lafreniere, trade away one of the high-priced, high-impact forwards, and use the savings to address their blueline needs.

TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos believes it’s time for Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas to trade William Nylander for defensive help. He pointed out the Blue Jackets did the same thing several years ago, shipping center Ryan Johansen to Nashville for blueline stud Seth Jones. “Maybe Nylander can get the Leafs a Seth Jones or, at the very least, a Josh Manson or Brett Pesce.”

THE SCORE: John Matisz listed John Tavares, Frederik Andersen, and Kaspari Kapanen among those on the hot seat heading into the off-season.

Matisz wondered how Tavares will be perceived following his inconsistent play against the Jackets, especially carrying an $11 million annual average value for the next five years.

Replacing a goaltender of Andersen’s caliber won’t be easy, as he’s usually top-10 caliber during the regular season. While he’s undoubtedly safe, he will face increasing pressure heading into his contract year

If a shake-up is coming, Matisz believes Kapanen (and perhaps Andreas Johnsson) could become a trade chip. He carries an affordable contract ($3.2 million AAV for the next two years), had a decent scoring touch and skates like the wind.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ll see and hear a lot more speculation about the Leafs’ off-season plans in the coming weeks. No one should be surprised. The Leafs are top-heavy offensively and lack sufficient blueline depth. They can get by with that during the regular season, but it’s their undoing in playoff or qualifying-round series.

Dubas, with the blessing of Leafs president Brendan Shanahan, approved that hefty contract for Tavares two years ago, bringing in a player they didn’t need. That’s not to disparage Tavares. I don’t blame him for taking the big bucks to play for his hometown club. He didn’t pressure the Leafs to sign him, and he’s played well for them.

However, the Leafs’ defensive shortcomings were obvious two years ago. They were coming off a season where they were among the top-five in scoring but also in shots-against per game. Andersen’s goaltending was the only reason they finished 12th in goals-against per game (2.80).

But the Leafs front office got distracted by a shiny thing in the summer of 2018, and Tavares’ $11 million AAV handcuffed them ever since. That’s why they had their contract standoff last season with Nylander, it’s why Dubas and his capologist engaged in salary-cap gymnastics last summer to free up room to re-sign Marner, and it’s why they failed to suitably address their defensive needs.

I praised Dubas’ efforts last summer because he hadn’t made the team any worse. However, it’s clear he didn’t make them any better. And now, he faces a daunting challenge of addressing those weaknesses with even less cap room.

So who gets moved? I agree it won’t be Matthews. It also won’t be Rielly. Trading their best defenseman for defensive help would be ridiculous.

They could move Andersen, but the cost of a replacement will be expensive via trade or free agency. That’s a move likely to be kicked down the road a year. They could move Marner but that’s unlikely after all those moves last summer to accommodate his new salary. Tavares has a full no-movement clause. Even if he agrees to waive it, good luck trying to move that contract in the current economic environment. 

That leaves Nylander, who Dubas reportedly promised wouldn’t be moved as long as he was the general manager. The youngster could find out that sometimes general managers break their promises for the good of the team.

Nylander had a breakout performance this season, carries a reasonable $6.962 million AAV, and lacks no-trade protection. Teams in the market for a scoring winger will definitely be interested if he becomes available. The Leafs could also move Kapanen, but he won’t fetch the type of return the Leafs need.

Dubas and company could shock us by moving someone else, but I think it’s got to be Nylander.

What do you think, Leafs fans? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. I see it being Marner over Nylander. Nylander will not fetch close to the same D player back as MM. The one option I could see is the Wild being a place for Nylander but better deal for Marner of course.
    Lets see if either the Wild or Leafs with the lottery.

    • internet woes sorry

      • No worries, ds, happens to all of us at one point or another. I removed the extra post.

      • “Lottery” hahahaah NHL and this donkey Bettman…

    • I agree and i think nylander is better to be honest

  2. Trade the high-priced talent where exactly?

    • I agree. Where exactly are all of these high priced players or horrible contracts going?

      I don’t think this frozen cap and most teams in cap trouble have quite sunk in yet.

      I don’t see many , if any albatross contracts on the move any time soon. I think we’ll see a lot of bad contracts moves for bad contracts.

      I keep seeing people suggesting over and over moving 2-3-4 bad contracts off their team , and keep thinking…. hmmmmm good luck with all that!

      Marner is a great player, who has a good d-man and that kind of cap space?

      I don’t see Nylander returning a top pairing d-man.

      LA ? Doughty? I just don’t see that happening.

      • The Wild need a Marner player. They have 10 million off the books with Koivu and Galy….
        Giving up Dumba ?

      • So, the Wild would relinquish their best D-man to add a points-producer (who unfortunately does not produce points when it counts most) and costs almost $11 mil per off a stagnant cap for the next 5 seasons, and in so doing put themselves into a D hole?

      • I think we could come up with a million the dollar work deals. I see the wild a year or two away from a bottom feeder. So many aging contracts.

        I don’t see them taking on an 11 million contract at this point. Not so sure Toronto isn’t wanting more than Dumba.

        Parise, Staal , Suter, Zuccarello, = Yikers!

        Plus those two departing players plus 7 more need to be replace or re-signed.

      • Yes Dumba leaving Wild leaves another hole but they have lacked a game break for a long time. If they win the lottery they are not moving a Dumba etc

      • OK, but I think they’d want a proven gamebreaker who has shown that ability in playoff hockey. Marner has yet to demonstrate that.

        Look, I like Marner and feel that, perhaps, some of his lack of production in the playoffs may stem from the system applied by the coaching staff and the inability of the D to move the puck out of their own end and create opening for the Fs. Perhaps a change of coaching systems would correct that. But the thing is, I just don’t like the close to $11 mil per cap hit which, in a flat cap era, only serves to create roster balancing problems.

      • yes 11 million for Marner is alot of coin….

      • NYR4LIFE… CONGRATS GOOFBALL your Rangers got the number overall pick….tipping the hat.

        Penguins still have the #15 overall which ain’t bad there is a good player for the future to be had… We are retooling now rebuilding 2022-23

      • You don’t see a lot things do yo NY4LIFE…. including your hapless Rangers…

        I do agree with you about Nylander not bringing back a top 4 d-man… They will have to move Nylander and maybe go the UFA route.

        Mariner is a stud he shouldn’t be going anywhere. Move Nylander for futures clear that big contract and get a UFA to add to Muzzin and Reily!!

      • What I could see as possible for a Nylander trade to bring someone back is targeting someone like a Pietrangelo where their team already looks like they can’t afford them. Blues would get a good 1/2 RW in return for a guy they can’t afford to keep anyway while the Leafs get a 1st pair D. Something like this hinges on their ability to talk to Pietro ahead of time to work out a contract.

        But in terms of getting a top 4 D under contract from a team with cap space a la Seth Jones (who is worth far more to the Jackets than a Nylander)…I don’t see it.

    • Marner for Karlsson????

      • And how, from a defensive aspect, does that help Toronto?

      • Karsson—–San Jose ? He sucks defensively good god Reggie. Mariner is a stud why you trade him for the orange cone pylon on defense…The leafs need defensive help not another offensive d-man..

  3. OK, just for argument and discussion sake, what team do you see able and willing to take on Marner’s cap hit? And, in so doing, put themselves into the same position the Leafs are trying to escape?

    • LEAFS shouldn’t trade Marner this kid is a stud and plays with heart….unlike Nylander.

      Leafs should trade Nylander to Detroit for futures and clear that big contract. Then get their top 4 d-man via UFA this off season…a lot of good d-man like Torey Krug etc.

      Toronto has plenty of fire power they need defense…

  4. Matthews is an unbelievable talent but he doesn’t look like he wants to be there and I’m sure after contract he is leaving town. Trade Austin I’m sure some teams will over pay and let the Leafs be Tavares team. Toronto would get a load of talent back and it was also fix cap issues. Most will think I’m nuts but I don’t see them winning with the team they have now.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing, Obe.
      He would bring the greatest return.

      He doesn’t want to be there.

      With all that said, I believe the Leafs deserved a better fate in that series.

      • Leafs shut out twice. Deserved a better fate????

    • Would Matthews net you Ekman-Larsson and maybe Dvorak (re-unite with Marner) from the Coyotes? Lot of talk that Matthews would want to go to Phoenix.

    • Totally agree with George, trading Dumba would be … dumb a … he’s their best d-man, why would they do that? Right handed shot and can skate and hit … Leafs blew it when they signed Tavares … their blueline is worse than Pittsburgh’s and that’s saying something. If I’m Dubas I’m not trading Matthews, Marner, Reilly or Andersen .. & Tavares is untradeable … everyone else is on the table.

  5. Signing Tavares was curious, but further concentrating payroll among a handful of forwards by inking Nylander was pure folly. I agree, Lyle, Nylander must go to bolster the blueline.

  6. When Barrie went down “good night Irene’ . . Tavares for 9 instead of 11 looks good now. Mathews and Marner fall in line and you have 4-5m to play with.
    Not sure what team those big 3 could be moved to even if you were inclined.

    • Barrie was one of the bad moves dubas made in the summer, for some reason dubas doesn’t believe in steady stay at home defense instead goes for offense that cannot play in their own zone for the life of them

      • would of been different if Barrie was more consistent moving the puck out of his own end
        or is it the system where the Leaf forwards look for the long pass and dont work one zone at a time……

  7. Per Portzline in his most recent podcast, CBJ are “going to move heaven and earth” to trade for a skill, difference-making F in the offseason. Teams w/ those types of players seeking upgrades via a package on defense, goal-tending, secondary scoring F could prove to be a good match. It will be interesting to see what impact players become available.

    • Ya, if you going to look at a team that needs what the Leafs have to get to the next level, CLB would be one as you and I have discussed in the past.
      Just not sure who for who.
      Jones is going no where. Werenski?

      • Ray…great question. CBJ have made it clear they plan to build around Jones and Werenski but if a rare talent unexpectedly comes available (Not to trigger anyone but for example…Eichel?) would they consider that….possibly? I think they will be looking for opportunities similar to the structure of the Panarin and Saad trade before that where a team pressed by cap or other issues may be willing to shake things up and accept a package deal that doesn’t involve a star asset.

      • Ya Deacon, not sure where CLB goes to find scoring if they don’t trade a guy like Werenski, but that is a tough guy to move as you may end up regretting that one big time. And get yourself fired.
        They actually have less space than I thought they would next year and they need to sign Dubois.
        Maybe Trey Fix-Wolansky, 7th RD pick from 2018 comes out of nowhere to light it up.
        Short bugger, but stocky, strong and was outstanding in JR. The kid is a gamer and can put up points.
        May need to wait a year. How bad is Dubinsky’s injury? LTIR again next year or no?

  8. George you ask where the high-priced talent may be traded.

    As I have been reading you lately, you are strongly focused on the cap which is in fact very restraining regarding the Leaf situation. Just about their only options in that regard is either taking a bad contract back or holding salary back or a combo of the two. These are not attractive options , but they are options.

    Another option is to trade for other high priced talent but that is on the defensive side. That might be for example an over paid younger Leaf forward for an overpaid d man from another team. San Jose/Anaheim might feel they are in that boat.

    What I think commentators are underestimating is the importance or real dollars in and real dollars out today on the owners of some teams. Florida is sending signals it wants to reduce its real dollars out ( the spendthrift Tallon left the building today). Buffalo recently scraped the barrel in staff reductions. I think there will be others.

    A flat of $81+ is not a gift to any team that is operating on very few real dollars in. The business plan of losing money now in hope your capital gain will cover it in 2 years took a real body blow when fans are not allowed in arenas. Some of these owners are the sports equivalents of people earning $50,000 a year buying million dollar houses on strange mortgages before the 2007-08 crash.

    We had a little fun regarding the Alan/Andrew Ladd debate a month ago. I would say this about the Leaf bad/overpaid contracts. They are young players that are “high-priced” and therefore a lot more easily moved than older high priced players.

    You asked exactly where?

    I don’t know but I will speculate that the following teams will be looking at the Leaf roster after the number one lottery tonight. Anaheim, San Jose, Ottawa, Edmonton, Nashville, Minnesota, LA, Calgary and probably others.

    There are deals to be done. I think it is time for some Board and President direction to upper management.

    • There are deals that will be done, OBD, but real dollars or … unreal dollars the Leafs are in a very tough spot.

      I believe the only thing harder to acquire than a top 4 D is a stud center. I can’t think of a team that has such a strong top 4 d Corp that they can afford to give one up. And the D coming to the Leafs might have to be a top 2 D to justify their giving up a player who was viewed by Leaf management as worth the big bucks.

      Interesting times …

    • I agree OBD it is doable with some of the players.
      I can’t see a team that would take Marner and that contract. Tavares, nope.
      You could trade Matthews tomorrow. The team trading for him would find a way to make it work.
      Nylander is all about the return but definitely doable.
      Also the real dollars for teams for player salaries is closer to $65M as the escrow is 20% this year and next.
      Still many, if not a majority, of teams that will lose $$, for sure, but not all and not as much as a full cap.
      Many can also withstand a 2 year dip in revenue.
      We do need to remember that goal is to win, and there will be plenty of teams that will try and do that.

    • OBD, I agree that teams like L.A., Ottawa and Anaheim – and probably NJ – will be scanning the Leafs roster – but in so doing it won’t be to take on long-term high-cap individuals that, in a few short years, will only serve to be a cap problem if and when their own wealth of prospects (with more high-end ones coming up) reach the RFA negotiating phase. Players like Kapanen, Johnsson, Kerfoot, Hyman would be their most logical targets, but the problem there is, to free up the cap space they need, the Leafs would need to deal at least two of that type. And that would be robbing Peter to pay Paul in the most classic sense.

      I seriously doubt Edmonton, San Jose, Nashville or Calgary could find takers for the caps they’d need to shed themselves in order to take on one of the Leafs high-end players, while trading dollar for dollar does absolutely nothing for either side’s cap woes.

      As you point out, another team that might soon be in the mix to shed some high-end cap hit is Florida now that they and Tallon have parted ways. Who is successor is will be revealing.

      • George….I think Ottawa and some other teams will be reviewing the Leaf roster to see what players have big bonuses paid that reduce the real dollar in costs of said players.

        I think but am not totally sure Nylander, AJ, Kapanen are in that situation as of the end of this season that makes them attractive trade targets for some teams….and as of the end of next season Marner’s real dollar cost until the end of his contract will be 7.5 million….I read that somewhere and if it is true…..that is a tradeable player.

      • It isn’t the actually dollar cost, OBG … it’s the cap hit that’s the killer.

        But regardless, unless they find some way to get their D into the top 3rd there is just NO way they’ll ever be a factor in playoff hockey. They were 3rd in team offense this shortened season but 27th in team D … and NO team with a D in the bottom 3rd has ever won a clutch of playoff series let alone a cup.

        Vegas was around 21st in team offense but 3rd in team D – and they remain a threat to go deep.

      • George to your point regarding the importance of D.
        The top 9 defensive teams are all in.
        The 10 worst, are out.
        So ya, being in the bottom 3rd is a problem.

    • OBD
      Tonight will change everything for the winner. Acquiring an immediate top six forward basically for free will open every door.

      • Rigged. But Gary is happy, we need to support American market. Now let’s build rangers.
        Middle finger to this entire joke league

  9. It should be Marner or Nylander, but the problem is this. Nylander wont get you the top defender but on the other hand, is Marner worth 4m more and which team has 11m and a good, pref young, D and the cap space. So they could find a taker for Nylander but wont get the defender and for Marner they could find the defender but not one with the cap space. They should also trade Kapanen or pref Johnsson.

    • Hey Kent, I think you get just as much for Nylander as you would Marner because of what you say, the contract is a problem with Marner.
      I don’t think Nylander is overpaid, I think Marner is.
      Is Marner better, ya OK a little in terms of production. But not $4M better.
      Nylander was a C coming up, and maybe he can again. That has value as well.

  10. I will double down today
    AM for Drew and the #2 pick.

    • Why would LA be interested in that trade?

      It seems to me that these days teams are valuing top D as much as top C, so maybe this makes sense as a 1-for-1 trade, but Doughty and Stuetzel or Byfield? I don’t see it.

      • Yes good point. Still Drew for AM somehow…. if nylander or marner do not bring home a D stud

      • Did you just withdraw your double down? Lmao. That was a soft double down.

      • @nyr4
        not on AM for drew …but the #2 +drew IS too much

      • If Austin Matthews – augmented by Tavares, Marner and Nylander, cannot propel that team deeper in the playoffs, why would you think Blake would see it any different in L.A. sans Doughty! They don’t need a gate attraction in the same way as does Arizona so what would be the point. Especially if Blake gets the sense – as some Leafs fans have opined in here – that Matthews is eyeing hometown Phoenix anyway when his contract is up.

      • LA makes that trade in a heartbeat …an aging DMan and unknown at #2 for a 23 yr old top 5 Centre is a no brainer

    • Given Oilers need for top 6 forward, I’d propose straight swap: Marner for Darnell Nurse. Addresses both team needs.

      • Well, except for the fact Nurse will cost $5,600,000 off the cap for the next 2 years while Marner will cost double that. And Edmonton can barely find the space to re-sign all their RFAs now. which includes 2 more D-men (Benning and Bear) that they can ill afford to lose.

  11. Tavares is pretty good but he is not $11 million per year good. Toronto needs to really address their staff that approved these contracts that they will be stuck with for years. Some of these contracts are absurd. The shiny prize is getting dull real quick. Of course being a Hurricanes fan I have no empathy for Toronto since many of their fans and media barely acknowledge our existence.

  12. If the Leafs win the Lottery, i would just deal the pick for that impact defenseman. It would have to be more to it, since the Leafs are against the cap.

    • If the Leafs win the pick….trade idea:

      To Philly: #1 overall
      To Toronto: Ghost (1/2 retained…so only about $2m for TO), Flyers first and a d prospect (Friedman).

      Leafs get a bonafide dman, retain a first and get a prospect dman that has already shown he is capable of playing in the NHL.

      no, that propsect is not Cam York.

      • Philadelphia Flyers gratefully accept your offer.


        Maybe Sanheim or Provorov but no way for Gostisbehere.

      • Agree Ron. The Leafs don’t trade a winger who can likely play in your top 6 today on an entry level deal.
        It is exactly what they need so they can move a guy like Nylander.

  13. another double down
    Nylander for PK

    would leafs of been better with that move?

    • Fitzgerald would be dancing in the streets (social distancing of course) if the Leafs traded Nylander for Subban … awful for Toronto …

      • PK does not give up on a play.

        The teams willing to take on Nylander and his contract will be a short list.

        Tell me what teams will trade you a 20 minute per game D for Nylander?

      • lol … great visual … although the news-hungry Toronto media would join in the jig at the thought of having PK as a ready, willing and able news source, as would PK himself who revels in the attention.

      • Have to agree, Devs would be in ecstasy in a PK for Nylander. But what about PK for MM? Leafs actually get some cap relief from that? Dubas also gets a “name” star back for his overpriced signing….

    • As a Habs fan I pwould b ehappy to have PK asa Leaf.

      He has a great media personality and a generous heart. But he is also like the kid brother who won’t shut up and leave you alone.

      Quite aside from the impact in the dressing room, his defensive liabilities got him traded from Montreal to Nashville where he under performed. He then under performed in NJ.

      The Leafs need is not for an offensiD, but one who can keep the puck out of the net.

      But go ahead, Dubas.

      • Sorry for the typos. Tablets suck.

    • Hey boys your talking cap and forgetting the game these current leafs didn’t fight hard enough to win not a Gilmour or foligno Among them where’s the leaf pride where’s the fight

  14. Nylander just turned 24 and put up 30 goals. Contract just under 7m isn’t bad for a kid signed through his prime years. He doesn’t necessarily have to bring back a top 4 dman. He will bring back a decent return, but will clear the cap space where maybe Toronto can aquire in another deal or through FA. I think tomorrow we’ll have a lot more rumors once the Lafreniere sweeps are done.

    • THAT’S the kind of deal I keep contemplating Slick62. Ottawa’s NYI pick in the 1st round, one of their multiple 2nd rounders and someone like Englund.

    • @ slick
      but did you watch him in this series?

      • ds, as I say elsewhere, much of the lack of production of the Fs like Nylander could have had a lot to do with the inability of the D, as a whole, to consistently move the puck up the ice in a manner other than long, blind passes – easily defended against.

        Maybe it’s time to re-visit the “Shanaplan” (6 years and not one series win) and the Dubas regime.

      • @george
        yes i agree the Leaf D was not strong with leaving their own zone at all. And Leafs had been able to make those long passes in the regular season

      • ds. Yeah, I watched him. Kid has skill and he goes to net. Did you watch Panarin? Zib? Like George mentioned, hard to do it on your own without D and others around you contributing.

      • @Slick62
        yeah kid gots the skills. you want him and that salary as the #2C @ MSG? I actually did a few years ago. not sold

    • Not sure that will get Nylander George, seems like an under payment.
      Nylander had 4 pts in 5 games. Was minus 3 in the series, which is what he was in game 5.
      I think Nylander is a very good young player with skill and goes to the net. Needs to work on his play in his own end which is doable.
      I think they get a 3 D for Nylander. Or a young guy who projects to be a 2 or 3, but hasn’t proven it yet.

      • In Nylander’s case, Ray, if he is the one dealt it would be for the purpose of freeing up close to $7 mil in cap space to then use on shoring up the D through other methods. He is NOT, by himself, going to fetch a bonafide Top 4 D-man from a team that legitimately has a deep D structure, while a so-called Top 4 from a cap rich but bottom-feeding team is anything but. It’s all about the cap space in his case.

        They don’t now have a 1st round pick – that would get them one which they could then use as trade bait along with, say, a Kerfoot to move up a few slots in the draft and get closer to the Top 12. Ottawa also has a couple of high-placed 2nd rounders. Englund is a decent AHL D-man who can fill in here and there as an injury replacement without killing you.

        If they think they can do better they may find themselves being left in the lurch as the many other cash-strapped teams move quickly on similar deals with the cap-rich teams, since there are only so many of those kinds of deals the cap-rich teams can make. And there are far more teams needing to clear space than those who can take on caps.

      • I get that teams that have D depth can be up against the cap George, but some need forward help.
        I am thinking a Hall for Larsson type deal, which the Leafs will loose as they are in a similar position of not much leverage. Just like Edmonton was. Is Nylander that much worse than Hall today? Hall’s upside is better, but Nylander is younger and signed to a reasonable deal, has been healthy.
        Top 4 D get traded all the time. Top pairing D don’t very often. #1’s almost never.
        A Larsson type guy is just what they need. RD, big, moves good, moves the puck and plays nasty.
        Hell sign Larsson to an extension similar to Muzzin deal and trade Nylander for him. Oil throws in a Chaisson type guy to make the math work.

  15. Dear Toronto Maple Leafs,

    The 2020 Pond Hockey season has now concluded. The NHL Mens Tournament begins on Tuesday for your viewing enjoyment.

    Please stop by coach Sheldons office to receive your Participation Ribbon and a complimentry 12 pack of Charmin (soft).

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    Every team with the testicular fortitude to qualify.

  16. Toronto Maple Leafs:

    2017 – 1st round elimination vs Washington
    2018 – 1st round elimination vs Boston
    2019 – 1st round elimination vs Boston
    2020 – missed playoffs

    Hows that Shanaplan working out for you?

    Shanaplan? More like Shanascam.

    • HI RRJ

      You just might be able to add:

      2021… 1st round elimination by ….

      if they don’t make a move that gets them away from 1/2 Cap spent on 4 forwards.

      • Pengy,

        Youre assuming the Leafs make the 2021 playoffs.


      • Pengy..Our Penguins will be ok!! This will be a retool not a rebuild.

        Everyone is throwing dirt on the Penguins and they will be sorry.

        Short season, ran in to a hot goalie, short 5 games series not 7, Malkin was a no show, Schultz & Johnson and Pettersson sucked, plus Montreal had nothing lose and they played well.

        Look gone will be buyout/release/trade or just letting them walk
        Throw in Simon

        Build around Crosby, Guentzel, Zucker, Tanev Rust and Malkin.

        on Defense build around Marino Dumoulin and Letang.

        Goal Jarry and capable NHL back-up

        we need 4 things all attainable

        1. A left handed top 4 defenseman to pair with young John Marino.

        UFA T.J. brodie Calgary really mobile, solid skater, good out let passer, and can run the power play… He is making $4.6 now Give him a little bump but less than you paid Schultz say 2 year $10 million or 3 years $15million. Schultz was at $5.5 million.

        Also some good RFA d-men Nikita Zadorov 25, young, mean, nasty, can skate, pass and has a shot. Murray plus 2021 1st will get us him. He is Ulf Samuelson only meaner, bigger, faster and more talentedA perfect number 2 pairing with Marino. We need either Brodie or Zadorov

        2. A third line center 29 year old 2 way center Eric Haula who can skate, score, and pass, and defend…making only $2.5 he will succed where Brassard and Mccann failed.

        How about a third line of Center Eric Haula Winger Brandon Tanev and Winger Jared Mccann might be the fastest line in hockey all can fly. That’s a third line

        3. Add a right winger for Crosby’s
        line some good UFA choices out there FROM Criag Smith, Tyler Toffoli, Jesper Fast etc.

        4, Add defensive depth to third pair..Say a Radko Gudas (HE TAKES A LITTLE LESS) he play third pairing with Pettersson or young Pierre Oliver joseph.

        ideal line up

        Crosby Guentzel UFA/RFA
        Malkin Zucker Rust
        HAULA (ufa) Tanev Mccann (super fast line)
        Blueger Rodriquez Hornqvist

        Letang / Dumoulin

        Marino / RFA Zadorov or UFA Brodie

        Petersson / Pierre Oliver Joseph (if he isn’t ready Radko Gudas UFA

        Adding Zadorov and Gudas is much needed muscle on defense.

        Jarry UFA back up

  17. Matthews, Tavares and Marner.

    The “Superstar Line”.

    Maple Leafs : total of 3 goals 5 on 5 in 5 games.

    Have a chuckle and talk amongst yourselves.

    • Ronald, to be fair, as I keep saying, maybe the lack of production by the Fs stem directly from the shaky D when trying to move the puck out of their own end and create openings for those guys. The conundrum is, they’re paying those 3 so much that they really can’t afford top high-cost D-men.

      • Agreed. If a team can’t move the puck out if it’s own end they can’t be successful.

    • Ron, the players deserve all the criticism thrown their way but I really think the coach should get a lot of the grief for last night’s result.
      You’re in a do-or-die game and suddenly Nylander’s playing centre? and Tavares is on the wing? and your best forechecker, Hyman, is dropped to play with Nylander?
      The guys must have wondered what the hell was going on. Talk about panic city.
      After all that, credit to Columbus – they played really well and deserved to win.

  18. I’m with Traikos

    Move WW

    Leafs just can’t win with 1/2 Cap spent on 4 forwards

    Just can’t see it.

    Leafs will not be moving AM; and I just can’t see them moving JT.

    So WW or MM… and with MM’s cap hit; I believe much fewer suitors (available Cap and/or need) our there for MM vs WW

    WW now only owed $2.5M for upcoming year; and effective CASH AAV for balance of contract is ~ $5 M per.

    I believe that with that low cash contract; he can garner a 22-25 year old top 3 D (now there or trending to top 3) with term; and at much less Cap hit.

    Leafs improve D and gain Cap space.

    All other moves; mean multiple players moving for sure.

    Leafs getting 1st pick at 6 tonight— yes 12.5% chance mathematically; but to me; via Karma: 0% (same Karma odds for Pens).

    If the miracle of miracles happen and Leafs do get 1st overall; outside of the riots and phone calls to Gary from some posters… Leafs should parlay that pick in a bigger trade for a D improvement and Cap space

    Cheering for Laffrenierre to go to just a tad to the right of the 100th Meridian and tad North of the 49th parallel ; but my gut feels that he might be going to a warmer climate where he might need to learn some Spanish

    • Personally I think the odds will favor the big markets (I don’t believe the 12.5% hype), so 1st overall is most likely to end up in NY or Tor. Pitt is a dark horse because Bettman loves them.

      • Do all you conspiracy theorists actually believe this stuff about the draft being fixed etc etc?

      • Why do people keep acting like NY has had this tremendous fortune in draft lotteries?

        I will guarantee, all other 7 teams (especially Edmonton, Toronto and Pittsburgh) have had MUCH better luck landing top 1-4 over the last 3-5 decades!

        I’ll also guarantee that #1 ends up anywhere but NY tonight.

        We’ll revisit all this at around 6:01

      • Ray – I honestly do believe there’s something fishy with the draft. Maybe it is just perception, but it is odd that every generational talent has gone somewhere in a market that Bettman would identify as in need of a savior. Toronto gets AM right when they need some infusion. Edm gets McDavid right when there’s talk of the franchise relocating. And Pittsburgh getting Crosby was exactly what saved the franchise, although in that case I believe Pitt was in a tie for the best odds of winning that lottery. If you look at this lottery, how much interest would have been generated in tonight’s presentation if it was to determine even the 2nd or 3rd pick? The first pick overall up for grabs, though, that is exactly what the NHL needed for this COVID rest.

        The caveat, though, is that Lafreniere is a great prospect, but not Crosby, McDavid or Matthews by all reports I have read. I’d love to see what he would do in Winnipeg or Florida. Wpg with all their hard luck in other areas lately, or Florida with such a need for a scoring boost. That would restore my faith in the NHL (not Bettman mind you, just the NHL in general!).

      • Hey Bigphatbastard, that type of thinking makes no sense to me, and frankly ignores facts.
        Yes teams that would benefit most from winning (savior) the lottery often do, because they are the worst teams and have the best odds. Of course that is what often happens.
        This entire process is managed/supervised by Ernst and Young and filmed to ensure there is no chicanery.
        The NHL doesn’t even have access to the lottery balls.
        Sometimes people hit an unlikely river card in poker too. The improbable happens everyday in real life and if your looking to make sense of it all, you are often wasting your time. It is simply chance.
        The NHL has a lot more to lose, like their integrity and trust with ownership and fans, than they have to gain by trying to shape the draft.

      • Toronto could roll out a team filled with the JJs, Mike Rupps, Tanner Glass’s of the nhl with Stevie Wonder as their goaltender, go 1-81 for 7 straight seasons in a row and they’ll be just fine.

        Some markets thrive even when they’re putrid! Look no further than the NY Knicks or NY Jets! Still top $$$ makers and run by idiots!

        Toronto will be just fine.

        Sometimes it sucks, but I can’t say anything about conspiracy. NY had a much better chance at Crosby than Pittsburgh…. it is what it is!

        Broken? … very! Conspiracy? Not so much.

      • I told you NY4Life, Gare is sweating to build your team and Devils now. unfortunately you won, as predicted. Rigged

      • Once in 55 years… by way of comparison look at Edmonton, Tampa , Pittsburgh, NJ, …. pretty much every team!

      • Ny your post about Toronto etc is dead on. But you forgot to include the rangers.

    • Sorry, Pengy, but a Nylander trade would be for one purpose and one purpose only: to free up almost $7 mil in cap space. They are NOT going to get back “a 22-25 year old top 3 D (now there or trending to top 3) with term …” That’s wishful-thinking in the extreme – not that there’s anything wrong with wishful-thinking … just that it seldom if ever works out that way.

      • NY4Life, are you crazy? Last year you were high in standings- 2nd, this year “playoffs” and 1st, where i said couple days ago that YOU will get it.
        I see that Gary is trying to rebuild your “Derby” vs Devils. Don’t worry next year if you won’t make play off, you will get 2nd or 3rd, of coursr “Well deserved”.
        Edm was disfunctional- i don’t count this team. Pit, Chicago, Devils, Rangers that’s Garys plan.
        On the other side: Red Wings, Ottawa, Vanvoucer, Montreal.
        Sucks that you got 1st overall pick, not deserved, and not fair. But hey at least you have 2 GM’s

      • Also bro if your gm wouldn’t trade your 1st that would be a different story.
        Nhl is actually exactly the same as fifa- corrupted mafia

  19. At the expense of what I expect will be a sh*&^t storm of “crazy Pengy” trade retorts; because of my Pens/Leaf melancholy, I throw out:

    WW, Holl, Lilligren for

    Pullock and Pelech

    Heading to meetings now; so will read the hate mail later

    • Lol

    • You don’t see a lot things do yo NY4LIFE…. including your hapless Rangers…

      I do agree with you about Nylander not bringing back a top 4 d-man… They will have to move Nylander and maybe go the UFA route.

      Mariner is a stud he shouldn’t be going anywhere. Move Nylander for futures clear that big contract and get a UFA to add to Muzzin and Reily!!

  20. Chris Johnston of Sportsnet is about to find out that seismic change is easier said than done.
    You all know that I’m not a Leafs fan. But I’m certainly not finding reason to gloat, in spite of Habs victory, as the Habs still have many issues and a GM whom I’m not so sure has any plan to address them.
    As for the Leafs, my 2 cents are as follows. It’ll be harder for them to make changes than you might think.
    Anderson is going nowhere. If they do trade him, salary would be coming back, which would make it impossible to sign a new goalie without dumping salary.
    Reilly is going nowhere. When your D is bad, you don’t trade your best D-man. It is obvious that Tavares and Matthews will not be moved either.
    I don’t see Marner being dealt either. He is far and away their best winger and trading him would leave too big a whole. As he is an elite player, he would require an elite D-man in return. And elite D-men are not often traded. Plus, it would be hard for another team to swallow his cap hit.
    Nylander is obviously everyone’s favorite trade candidate. The problem is, I don’t think he’s good enough to snare a top flight D-man but he’s too good to trade for anything less. I would demand more than Pesce or Manson for him.
    Johansson and Kapanen wouldn’t get more than a second pairing D-man. The Leafs best bet may be too move them out, and possibly Kerfoot as well, and make a run at Pietrangelo.

  21. Do not feel bad for the leafs one bit. They get what they deserve. If they win the lottery tonight you know it is rigged.

    May the Tavarse curse live on!!!! Five more years of nothing.

    • Orange N Blue?? The Oilers??? Now THAT would be the real travesty of justice if they won the # 1.

  22. I’ve been playing the lottery for about 40 years. Still not a millionaire. Rigged!!!!!

  23. Rangers aquired Nylander today. Well, the dad. Signed with NY Aug. 10th 2004

    • Like father like son …… soft.

  24. Step one has to be clearing out the entire Management group; Shanahan, Dubas & Keefe. They had their chance. They built a team that performs well in the regular season, but they are no where near a playoff team.
    They have to have a good blend of size & two way players. Get rid of all the smurfs.
    Marner is not a playoff performer, he’s too small.

  25. PK Subban may be available?????

    • I’m not sure I saw a mention of the first under contract player they need to jettison…Andersen. The biggest choker goalie ever. After the first bad goal with Andersen looking small they still has a legit chance to come back until a rookie scores from the corner and that killed the team. Andersen does this every playoff, always soft goals at critical times and always outplayed by opposition goalie. 0 -8 in series clinching games. That is all you need to know. He is a loser FULL STOP.

      And Marner is the player to trade if possible not Nylander.

      See you all on line after the draft.

  26. To think, the Habs are the first Canadian team to win a series in Toronto in the past 15 years!!!

    That has to sting as much swimming in the the Atlantic Ocean after picking black berries naked!!!!

  27. Edm couldn’t afford that trade: Nurse @ $5.6M v. Marner at $10.9. So add $5.3M to the Oilers cap. They would then have 12F / 4D / 1G signed for next year (17players) for $76.9M leaving about $4.6M for 2F / 3D / 1G I think. That’s not even league minimum wage. Now if you changed it to Marner for Nurse and James Neal I think you’d have a deal!

  28. Maybe San Jose still wants Tavares….Tavares for EK65!!??

  29. Nylander to Buffalo for Montour and Mattias Samuelsson.

  30. Definitely Nylander.
    Leafs were hot when he was holding out. Ever since he signed, the “team, has not played nearly as effectively.
    He plays way to ” privileged”, with not enough compassion or team heartedness.

  31. I love when fans is e the term “ puck luck “ as an excuse it’s almost as bad as their goals played outstanding when our big money forwards couldn’t score

  32. 💯!!!!!!

  33. F ny.

    • Hahahahaha!

  34. YESSSSS!!!!!

    • how much did you pay bro? My team might need 1st next year

      • You’re a bitter flyers fan! Thanks for winning that Lindros trade. Ny won a cup keeping what they offered ! Lmao

        You’ve had how many top 3 pics in the last 40-50 years? Yeah stfu Francis, I mean Gary!

  35. Congrats to Rangers

    Per TSN… first time in 55 years Rangers pick 1st… Andre Villieux

    • Pengy. And that guy never played an nhl game.
      I’m waiting for all the conspiracy theorists. Guy dropped Rangers ball and had to slide back out again. Did something to make it float atop others.

      • Slick62, he added some helium – I saw the tiny needle in his hand when he reached to pick it up … you know – the “magic needle” like the magic bullet

      • Lol! George O, my heart rate still hasn’t slowed down. The more I watch videos of this kid, I think he can play center. Now that we have the pick, I think they best take him.

      • its funny how you both are replying to each other, while trying to be “funny” but you sound like idiots.

      • “Trying to be funny”. Says the guy who thinks flipping a couple letters around is cute. Bary Gettman. 👇🏻 What NY4 said. Go F yourself

  36. Way to go NYR. They were my second choice after the Jets – maybe they now have their best French-Canadian superstar since Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert. If the kid is half as good as those two were they really latched on to something (assuming, of course, that’s who they draft – but I can’t see Gorton going any other way)

    • sad day for the nhl, but it’s not a surprise, not at all.

      • A sad day that a franchise that is the most valuable in the nhl, that has suffered through 55 years without a #1 overall got lucky? Yeah… go f yourself !

  37. Rangers will have an exciting young team if I’m Leafs I offer Matthews for Trouba and first overall.

    • AM trade is not happening for at least 3 years but your suggested trade is not unreasonable but TML would need a bit more.

    • Not – A – Chance

    • Marner well before Matthews, but Trouba? Not worth it.
      Maybe Dubai is who should go!

  38. congrats to the Rangers fans , going to be one helluva an exciting team to watch.

  39. Kerfoot and Cici in a heart beat. Lets face it. Kerfoot is OK in the regular season. But in the playoffs, he’s just too small! And Cici, don’t even start me on him.

    PLEASE Kyle Dubis! Getting rid of these two would be a dream come true for me. Period!

    • Thad, Ceci is a UFA – all Dubas has to do in order to get rid of him is not offer a renewal.

  40. Very happy Toronto and Pittsburgh did not win the draft lottery.
    I was hoping for either Minnesota or Florida. I’m ok with NYR winning.

    I am gloating a little tonight because I was one of the very few people that said signing Taveras was a mistake.
    Shanahan did not listen to his own words back then when he said they were going to be patient and build through the draft.
    Then he blows that out of the water and totally messes his cap up by signing Taveras.

    Congrats to all the Ranger fans your team just got better

  41. As a Ranger fan had less than zero expectations with the lottery…which makes it even better.

    Just need a 2nd NHL center on the roster now…. its looking like an amazingly fast rebuilt….never mind Igor….

  42. I think it should be Marner. His high risk style is spreading through the roster and he has been a no show 2 playoffs in a row. His salary, at least 2 million higher than it should be, would give the leafs flexibility and should get a significant return.

    • But Vic, who can afford that close to $11 mil cap hit and be strong enough to relinquish a “significant return?” For a player you say is a “no show” in playoff hockey? Just name one.

  43. The flat cap will create a couple of widely different scenarios for teams going forward.
    The one I hope happens is teams making hockey trades throughout the league.
    The other is to draft and develop and have teams made up of a core of highly paid top players and a group of depth players basically all on entry level contracts or guys like Spezza who will take minimum dollars to keep playing.
    If the Leafs go the second route, they will have players like Sandin and Liljegren on defense next year. A gamble but not a huge one.
    I could see that happening but, if they go the trade route, Kapanen and Johnsson seem the most likely to be traded imo.At the least, they would land veterans who have been reliable in the past.
    Here’s hoping they find trade partners out there and there are lots of chances to find some solid replacements on the back end.