NHL Rumor Mill – August 14, 2020

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Is it time for the Jets to rebuild? Should the Oilers trade a top-four defenseman? Are changes coming for the Predators? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen believes Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has spun his wheels since his club reached the Western Conference Final two years ago, suggesting the club is heading in the wrong direction.

Friesen acknowledged Dustin Byfuglien’s unexpected departure and an injury-ravaged roster contributed to the club’s struggles this season. Nevertheless, the Jets lack depth on defense and the forward lines. He feels it’s time for Cheveldayoff to make a big move for a second-line center and a top-four defenseman.

With several teams affected by the flat salary cap and the Jets carrying additional cap room after Byfuglien’s contract termination, Friesen believes Cheveldayoff has the cap flexibility to address his roster issues.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre believes Cheveldayoff will feel the pressure during the off-season to reverse the Jets’ fortunes. He wonders how much rope the club’s ownership is willing to give their GM before deciding they need to go in a different direction. McIntyre feels Cheveldayoff will have to make a big move via the off-season trade or free-agent markets.

Could the Winnipeg Jets pursue Alex Pietrangelo in the free-agent market? (NHL Images)

If sidelined center Bryan Little (eardrum surgery, post-concussion symptoms) cannot play next season, they can place him on long-term injury reserve, potentially freeing up his $5.29-million cap hit for next season. Trading or buying out Mathieu Perreault could clear some more salary from their books. McIntyre considers fixing the blueline to be Cheveldayoff’s priority.

SPORTSNET: Ken Wiebe suggests Andrew Copp could be the internal solution to replace Little if the latter remains sidelined. External options could include Montreal’s Max Domi or Philadelphia’s Nolan Patrick as both could use a change of scenery. Wiebe also pondered the possibility of Cheveldayoff pursuing a big-ticket player like St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Jets have over $65.9 million invested in 13 players. All their core players are under contract, so Cheveldayoff could re-sign his RFAs to affordable, short-term deals. Still, he might need a little more cap space if he intends to land a big-ticket player, especially via the UFA market. He can send some salary the other way if he’s acquiring a player via trade.

Domi’s status has been a hot topic in the Montreal media throughout this season. That chatter recently intensified with Domi currently seeing fourth-line minutes in the postseason. Patrick, however, has been sidelined this season by a migraine disorder, which (as Wiebe also noted) would make him a risky acquisition.

Pietrangelo would be a big catch for the Jets, but that’s assuming the Blues captain wants to play in Winnipeg if he tests the UFA market. If he doesn’t, Cheveldayoff would have to look elsewhere, and the pickings for top defensemen are slim beyond Pietrangelo and Boston’s Torey Krug.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Bob Stauffer’s recent interview with Brian Burke in which the Sportsnet analyst suggested the Oilers trade a defenseman like Adam Larsson, Darnell Nurse, or Oscar Klefbom.

Burke felt the Oilers defense didn’t play well enough, believing one or two of their blueliners might need a change of scenery. He acknowledged such moves might be difficult given the Oilers’ limited cap space for next season.

The former NHL GM agreed with Stauffer’s suggestion the Toronto Maple Leafs might be a trading partner, proposing a swap of Larsson for a winger like Kasperi Kapanen or Andreas Johnsson.

Former NHL GM turned analyst Brian Lawton agreed there could be some changes to the top four. He expressed concern over Klefbom’s injury history. Sportsnet’s Mark Spector, meanwhile, believes Larsson could be the likely trade candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those three Oilers defenseman, Nurse could fetch the best return. The 25-year-old is two years younger than Klefbom and Larsson and his style would make him attractive for clubs seeking a mobile, physical rearguard. Klefbom’s injury history could hurt his trade value, while Larsson’s UFA eligibility next summer could be a deal-breaker for some clubs.

Staples feels the Oilers should try and move out Kris Russell. He’s also a year away from UFA eligibility, but his 15-team no-trade clause could make that difficult.


THE TENNESSEAN: Paul Skrbina reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile pulled no punches assessing his club’s performance this season. “This is unacceptable”, he said. “This is how we have to view this result is that we have to be better and it’s not acceptable.”

Poile indicated the club’s direction in the last two years made it “clear to me that we need to make some changes.” While the Preds GM said “everything is on the table,” Skrbina doesn’t expect a complete roster overhaul.

Pending UFAs Mikael Granlund and Craig Smith might not be back. The Predators could look in-house to address some of their needs, perhaps promoting Eeli Tolvanen and Philip Tomasino. Skrbina also speculates Poile could try again to trade center Kyle Turris or buy him out.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With over $72.2 million invested in 17 players, Poile will have to cut some salary if he intends to look to the trade or free-agent markets for help. Trading Turris could mean absorbing part of his $6 million annual salary or packaging him with a top draft pick or prospect. A contract buyout will leave them with $2 million annually in dead cap space to 2028.


  1. Ray, since the Oilers are part of the topic again today, and not to belabor a point in our long discourse yesterday on the Oilers’ cap situation …. 🙂 … walking away from an Athanasiou arbitration settlement – as you’re willing to bet they will – won’t look good when those two 2nd round picks (2020 and 2021) Holland relinquished to get him (along with Gagner) are taken by Detroit.

    Also, in one of your summations you say “Benning gone leaves you with $12M in space …” Not sure I follow your reasoning there. As matters now stand they have $10,148,835 to sign 6 and that does not factor in Benning’s current $1.9 since he’s an RFA. How does moving him or walking away from an arbiter’s settlement add almost $2 mil to that? If he re-signs at $1.9 (or a tad more) that comes off the $10 mil. If they move him for a pick or prospect or simply walk away that has no effect on the $10 mil at all.

    • Hey George, bad math on my part re: Benning. Your right. Nicotine withdrawal is my guess. Yesterday was day 2.
      AA, why throw good money after bad. The Oil were challenging for the division at the time, so it was a TDL move that didn’t work out.
      If there wasn’t a Covid pause, maybe he finds chemistry with McDavid and it does and everybody is happy.
      I just can’t see how he qualifies him at that #.
      I don’t think he gets anywhere near that as a UFA.
      He is 1 of the cheap options they may pursue as a UFA to plug in, but there are others that might be a better use of that $$.

      • No problem Ray – just that my brain always considers the math first and foremost.

        Re quitting – I did that when I was 21 – started at around 15 and decided to quit when they got too expensive – .25 cents a pack!!! That, and something my grandfather said when he saw me lighting up not long before I quit: he asked “you know what the definition of a cigarette is?” – I said no – he replied “a fire at one end and a damned fool at the other.” That stuck in my mind. And what I smoked (British Consols) was cigarette from one end to the other – no filter or cork tip. Fingers were yellow.

        I just decided there were plenty of stages I could drop – beginning with “don’t buy them … if I don’t have them I can’t smoke them” – if I did get a hold of one – don’t light it …”

        It took a while before the craving disappeard – but it did eventually.

      • @George I completely agree with what you are saying especially regarding the math. It’s also a great way to judge a players performance. I think you might be surprised at some of the big contracts that get moved in the off season. There are teams deep in defense and low on offense and vise versa. There are real hockey trades that can be made between those teams. Columbus, Toronto, Nashville, Dallas, NY Islanders just to name a few. There are also teams looking to shed actual salary not caring about cap hit as long as they can make it fit. Florida and Buffalo come to mind so players with high cap hits but low salaries are going to look really good to them. Front loaded contracts have been the thing for a while so there are quite a few high end players like that just like the aforementioned WW and Marner. The cap was the same last year and teams still found ways to make trades plus now we know what the cap will be the following year. Time will tell but I think we’ll see a surprise or 2. The shock is going to be to this year’s middle UFA,S there are going to be some serious bargains. I believe those guys will just sign for there favorite team at a bargain and hope the market improves soon. I can tell you this much the teams with cap space have all the leverage so it should be an entertaining off season.

      • Luv your grandfather’s saying.
        I have quit for extended stretches (6 months to a year) at least half a dozen times.
        Always drags me back in. Usually with a cigar in boat or golf cart.
        I always think I can just quit again, which I eventually do.
        Must like going through this crap I guess.

      • Roger, good point on pure position need for position need pure hockey trades. For certain those could happen – and with some surprising names involved.

        It’s just that those kinds of deals, while solving positional concerns, does nothing – or not much – to alleviate cap problems as the cap hits exchanged almost have to be identical.

        Regardless, I think we’re in for some interesting days ahead and with a whole flurry of trades of both kinds – lots of fodder for discussion – which I’m sure Lyle is looking forward to eagerly.

        So far today Price is looking like a game stealer again. 2-0 at this point.

      • @George in a way it does alleviate cap issues. For example leafs need defence hence why they need more cap space so if they trade a high priced forward for a high priced defenceman they take care of the need no cap relief needed. Although they are still at the top of the cap crunch they addressed a need.

      • Yes George Price has been playing great these playoffs but still doesn’t discount the last 3 years. Glad we can finally say he won the team a playoff round though. The one that’s impressing me most on that team is Suzuki. He might be the one high end talent they actually have. Let’s hope I’m wrong because nothing would be funner then having a competitive Habs, Leafs and Ottawa team all on the same playoffs. Would be some epic hockey. I have a feeling though that Ottawa and Toronto will leave the Habs far behind until they figure out that a rebuild is needed. Like I’ve said as long as they have Price they’re going to think they can win and that’s going to be there downfall.

      • I’d say the leafs will be the worst of those 3 teams in a few years, the leafs are stuck with big contracts and terrible defense. He Habs and sens both have top 5 prospect pools in the league and the sens will get 2 great players this year aswell as a whole bunch of other picks, I think the Habs have 14 picks this draft

      • @bigbadbruins We all know you’re a leaf hater and will never look at them fairly. The Habs have a top 5 prospect pool because they don’t count NHL players. Look at this way go down the teams with players under 23 which I would consider a valid basis for the young talent on a team. Who do the Habs have with star potential. Maybe Suzuki but he’s already 20 and do you see a point a game from the guy who will be the number 1 center. Seriously Marner, Mattews, Nylander, Robertson, Sandin. Who is better on the habs then those guys. Go down every team like Columbus who on the habs is better than Foudy or Elvis. The habs need a top draft pick or 2 and that’s not happening till they get it so they can have a bunch of OK prospects who might make to the NHL and even be very good but not one star coming up let alone superstar.

      • I think I would take Kotkanemi over Robertson and Sandin Roger.
        I would take an even bet that he will be a more valuable guy than Nylander in 2-3 years.
        Big kid, just turned 20, got his confidence back it seems, and is a C that is already responsible in his own end.
        Suzuki looks like the real deal so far too, so can’t say whether Robertson or Sandin will be better.
        But you right, there isn’t a Matthews in the group. But IMO he is becoming a top 3 C in the NHL. He was great against CLB in both ends.

      • @Ray I hope you’re right but I don’t see Kotkiami as anything but a 3C. Responsible in his own end maybe but does not put up big numbers the very definition of a good 3c. Nylander at the same age put up way better production. He posted over 60 points as a rookie and is actually a career plus player. Kotkiami is producing like a 3rd line center. Will he get better maybe but will he be a 60 point defensive center which is what I would call a good 2c I doubt it and there has yet to be any evidence to show otherwise. So far 47 points on a 115 games and a -11. He’s got 2 points in 5 playoff games so far. Those numbers do not say star. Robertson is 18 let’s see what he does by the time he’s Kotkiamis age. Sandin is a very promising defenceman and will take some seasoning for sure so we’ll have to see just like Suzuki who looks great by the way.

  2. Agreed you can’t give up 2 seconds and then walk away. Athanasiou should be a reasonable contract. Not like he is lighting it up. Adds to team speed and will be a third liner and PK.

    Poile won’t buy out or hold dead salary Never has .
    Not sure how a Patrick deal happens. All risk all parties. Missed a lot of hockey. Is he even in the bubble ? One of 3 16 year olds to score 30 in the dub.

  3. Who would the Jets trade to Montreal for Domi? The last couple of years have drained the Jets depth. All they have are players who they will not trade and players who won’t bring back much.
    It’s hard to see the Oilers trading one of their top 4 defensemen. They need to add to their D, not ship them out.

    • Roslovic remains on the block, Perreault may have some value there as a utility player.

      then there are the Fins:

      Heinola (2019 1st round) looked slick in 9 games in October.

      It is hard to gauge Vesalaine’s value right now as a year ago he was a can’t miss top 6, to this year (??) He was in a car accident in September that seemed to derail his year.

      Sami Niku (2018 AHL d of the year) seems to have fallen out of favour in Wpg was in the same accident.

      • 2.0 None of them players by themselves get you Domi.

        I heard Copp wants to be the 2nd line C, after turning 26 in July and a 10g season, not sure if he has the pedigree to be a 2nd line C

        Winnipeg biggest need if on D and No Torey Krug is not what the Jets need, they have Pionk for that and much cheaper.

        A good add would be Brenden Dillon add a little of the lost snarl. If they could add Pietrangelo, that would be awesome.

        Goaltending is set top 5 is good, need a second line C and a number 1 d and a stay a home d with snarl. Finding a 2nd line C and top pairing D isn’t a easy think to do.

      • I’m with you all the way Caper

  4. Key trade suggestions for Leafs (just main players picks etc may be needed to balance)

    Andersen for Larson
    Kerfoot for Georgiev
    Marner for Ryan Ellis

    (Move Nylander to centre where he should be)

    Leafs then have best roster down the middle in NHL and cap space for next deadline.

    • a team that is too small….to soft (leafs) is going to overpay for a small defenseman (Ellis)…..

      • Leafs r not too soft or small for a league without hitting or fighting g anymore. Obd says marner is an overpay which is true because Marner should be at 8.5M so it impacts return. Cap comments by George is in a vacuum. Poile can dump Turris to a dog team like Detroit with picks like leafs and marleau. Leafs could also substitute NylNder but he is better player and his contract will be an underpay going forward, so leafs would need more from Preds. Ellis is an excellent all around top 2 D.

      • Wendell, this is not the same situation as when those kinds of deals went down before. And it isn’t going to get any better for the foreseeable future. I don’t think teams like Detroit or Ottawa are going down that road any time soon simply because they don’t HAVE to in order to improve. THEY have the cap space. And there are only a few in the position with many many more needing to shed salary. The Yzermans and Dorions are not looking at becoming a contending team – even for the playoffs – in the near future and both have a plethora of picks already. They can just sit back and sees who blinks first among the teams needing to shed cap. And pick and choose.

        The only vacuum is in your refusal to see that this is a whole new ballgame.

    • Aww come ON man. The Preds have $9.267,190 to sign 6, and although they have no RFAs to deal with – which is a break a lot of cap-strapped teams don’t have – you’d think they’d want to re-sign UFAs Granlund (17g 13a) and Craig Smith (18g 13a) – both in a shortened season, since they’re not about to replace 40 goals from within their season – not if they give up their best D in Ellis ($6,250,000 for 6 more years – a real bargain) for a $10,893,000 cap hit for 5 more years, which would leave them just $4,624,190 to STILL sign 6 which puts one of Granlund and Smith out of reach and nothing left to sign 5.

      That’s just plain fantasy pool stuff. Let’s keep it at least plausible.

      • “… from within their system ….”

      • Hey George,

        I like that that you are keeping people honest on the cap implications when trades are suggested.

      • FlameFan, it’s all about the math. If you look at all 31 teams and add up all the RFAs and all the UFAs, and factor in the flat cap limit, trades to clear space can only be made with 5 or 6 teams. And since every one of them has RFAs to deal with and, in some cases, UFAs they’d like to keep, there is only so much they can take on in trades for players with significant enough cap hits to make it logical for the team to move them in the first place.

        ne of the teams with the most cap space – Ottawa – has $39,595,833 free only because they are committed at the moment to 9 – meaning they need to sign14. They have 7 RFAs – 6 of whom have arbitration rights – who cost them $9,770,792 off the cap this year so when that dust settles and all are re-signed, you’re looking at $16.8 to $17 mil. Then there are the two UFAs they’ll likely keep – Sabourin and Borowiecki – and keeping both will probably cost them in the vicinity of $3 to $3.5. All together that’s $19.8 to $20 mil.

        So, while $39 mil+ looks like they could take on half the cap clearing deals that gets whittled down pretty fast. It gets even tighter as you go up the list of cap-free teams.

        Bottom line: there are going to be more UFAs without jobs than we’ve ever seen in the cap era, and a lot of RFAs are going to have to lower their expectations.

        This constant talk about all such-and-such a team has to do is move so and so and his cap hit and they should be able to sign or trade for whoever doesn’t stand the smell test. As I keep saying – move them WHERE?

      • I’ve said Marner for turris and Ellis is actually a fair trade for both.

      • Just looking at the players … perhaps that’s true … but there’s no way Nashville can accommodate the difference in cap.

      • Actually George they are almost identical cap hits.

      • Yes, but the exchange does absolutely nothing for the primary need of both teams – to shed cap. After that dust settles each still must do something to clear space.

      • Nash dumps a bad contract and gets a guy who would be legitimately considered an offensive star. Closest they got is forsburg. Toronto gets a d man they need and replaces a top 9 forward. Offensively they get worse but can absorb that. Defensively they get much better. They still have cap problems but have one less position to fill this the cap problem is lessened.

    • These proposals aren’t realistic and your last point is factually incorrect.

      • No way! Really?!

      • Lol. What’s wrong with you?

      • George,

        It sure doesn’t take much to totally mess up a teams cap situation.
        Ottawa has to be carefull with all the low draft picks. They will surely get some very good players That will demand big pay days, so to take or sign FA to long term contracts would be silly.

        I talked about this very situation when Toronto signed Taveras and mentioned it was a mistake but leaf fans did not agree and thought Dubas and Shanahan were geniuses. That move has totally hand cuffed them now.

      • You hit the nail square on the head FlameFan. It’s not just next season and its stagnant cap that teams have to consider when absorbing another’s cap clearance moves, it’s their own top prospects who have to be considered. If Lafreniere is, indeed, the next Kane or MacKinnon, what’s he going to cost in his first year of RFA eligibility?

        The GMs always have to have an eye on seasons ahead – unless their team is bereft of top-notch prospects in their systems like Pittsburgh and Toronto who each have to seemingly go for it now – albeit for different reasons – rather than 2-3 years down the line.

    • trading anderson would make mathews mad—he wouldn’t be happy–we just need another top d and a 3rd line centre—and a bit more sandpaper–nylander needs to go—soft

      • Go where?

    • George, are you even watching the NHL this year? Hurricanes are doing it as we speak. Picked up a 13th overall for Marleau and are a legitimate contender. You are talking nonsense as it is happening before your very eyes in real time?? Wow

      • That was 6 months BEFORE the Covid outbreak and the new flat cap reality … are you not aware of the dates involved? Wow … better get tested

  5. Ok … Re Oilers/ Leafs swaps listed bandied around (Staples/Stauffer/Burke/Lawton) today….

    JP & Darnell for WW & Holl please and thank you 👍🙏😀

    Then Leafs sign UFA Soucy (as it looks like GMJR won’t 🤬😡)…. 👍👍👍👍

  6. Considering the way the Oilers got lit by the Black Hawks Id doubt they have any “defencemen” another team would want or need. Nurse is ridiculously over rated.

    • Hi RRJ

      Been a DN fan from when he was in Jr’s

      I would absolutely love to see him on Leafs or Pens

      I’m absolutely confident that he’d make both D’s much better overall

      Morgan,Muzzin,DN on the left side…. 👍👍👍👍👍

    • Nurse is a good player RRJ. Not sure the blame lies with Nurse, but he wasn’t great that series either.
      Here is how I view the Oilers D:
      No top pair guys is the problem and players are taking on more than they are capable of.
      They have 4 quality second pair guys in Klefbom, Larsson, Nurse and Bear. You could argue Klefbom a #2 guy, but hasn’t been consistent enough IMO. To be fair playing as their #1 which he shouldn’t be.
      # 3rd pairing guys – Russell (Paid like a 2nd pair), Benning, Jones.
      2 excellent prospects in Bouchard and Broberg, with Bouchard ready for 3rd pair in the NHL now. Broberg the following year. Both or neither could be top pair material. Time will tell.
      Samarukov has skills to be an NHL player. Maybe 2nd pair, maybe 3rd.
      They spent 2 top 10 1st rd picks on D in the last 2 drafts to address the top pair problem. But it takes time so I would keep Larsson if you want to be a playoff team next year and develop the young guys.
      They have plenty of depth on the blue line and can deal one for forward help. But if you deal Larsson or Nurse you are forced to push another player into a spot they shouldn’t be in. I think Holland knows better than repeat that classic Oiler mistake.
      I move Benning unless you find a taker for Russell, which I doubt.

  7. Very doubtful the Flyers move Nolan Patrick already. Dealing with migraine issues he hasnt really had a chance to show he can excel at the NHL level.

  8. Its August, cue the months long list of everyone to the Leafs for one of their marshmellow creampuffs.

    Aaaaaaaand go!!!

    • Really, Lyle needs to create another room titled Leafs Fantasy Transactions

      • They could name it for Ron – the “Same old, Same old Room”.

      • But it will soon become Lyle’s bread and butter site and this one will shut down. A Leafs website with a some other hockey talk is gonna do alot better than a hockey site with some Leafs talk. You all know it’s TRUE and its eating you alive!

      • This is my bread and butter site. It’s doing very well for a hockey site with some Leafs talk.

      • Naw, Wendel, What’s eating us up alive is the knowledge that we won’t be around to celebrate 100 years without a Cup.

  9. There are some holes on the Jets but it is not rebuild time. The internal depth is still on the upside of the development curve including Roslovic, Laine, Connor, Vesalainen, Gustovson, Heinola, Samberg, Harkins, Appleton, Berdin and a few more. Hellebuyck is as good a bet as any in net.

    Without Little and Byfuglien the view of what this team was expected to be is distorted – that is 14m dollars out of the lineup all year.

    Wheeler still has some fire and will decline gracefully, likely transitioning over the next couple seasons to a middle six role, Perreault’s play has declined but offset by rise of others.

    There is a hole at 2c and need for a top 2or3 defenseman – Pietrangelo would be perfect. Also could use more beef on d in a 5,6,7 role. I think there will be opportunity to sign local kid Hamonic. Also am interested in where Zadorov is fitting in with Avs as he fits the role in Wpg.

  10. The blue line that Cheveldayoff handed to Maurice this season bordered on being criminal … Not replacing Myers & Chiarot was short-sighted to say the least … and Poile has some nerve after trading away one the league’s best defenseman for an under achieving centre is laughable … take a look in the mirror Davey …

    • Can’t argue with that assessment.

    • Buff was supposed to be there – it was thin even if he was – but they lost 22 minutes a night with him out.

    • It’s amazing just a couple of years ago Poile was deemed one of the top GMs in the league. Now after a few years and the young players that he was involved in trading almost all of them backfired.

      Gone are;

      Pk. – since traded

      Probably missed a few others but these are the names that come to mind

      If he was the GM of a Canadian team he would be gone.

      • Yep – and for two of those names – Turris and Duchene – some were strong in their opinions that Dorion got fleeced. Now he sits with a good number of promising prospects and a boatload of picks to come, while not forking over $14 mil for the next 4 years for 2 players who weren’t doing anything to make them a better team to begin with and who now Poile would love to move (in fact Duchene has another 2 at $8 mil per)

        He also got fleeced, said the same bunch, in the Karlsson deal. And here he sits not shelling out close to $12 mil per for the next 6 years for a D who is a shell of his former self, while promising prospect Josh Norris – a big C – is ready to step in and a good pick awaits at # 5.

    • If Chevy knew Buff plans he would’ve resigned Chiarot, couldn’t afford to resign him for the $$$ he wanted.

  11. The question is, what is Holland willing to give up to trade Russell? Puljujarvi? If so give the Devils a call. Need a RW.

    • Oil need a RW too. A cheap one like JP would work.

      • Agreed, but latest I read he still does not want to play for Oilers. Holland might as well get something for his useless asset, not saying what I proposed was the best he could do either….

      • I think he would trade him Kevin, but nobody is offering what Holland values him at. I get it, he took his puck and went home so GM’s are wary.
        He needs to prove himself in the NHL again, and if he plays well and still wants a trade it will make it easier to facilitate one for Holland.
        I still think he ends up in Edmonton. With Covid, maybe he stays in Finland for another year.

    • Hi Kevin

      Above today I had:

      JP & Darnell for WW & Holl please and thank you 👍🙏😀

      A 6 player deal is virtually non-existent; but if Holland insisted in Russell going in deal; to make somewhat close to Cap neutrality…. Rosen coming back…. the non-existent basically almost impossible 6 player swap would be

      JP, DarnellRussell


      WW, Holl, Rosen

      No matter what; I just can’t see Leafs win a Cup with 1/2 of Cap spent on 4 Fwds…. AM not going; nor is JT (his control)

      So WW or MM; and much fewer teams have space/need/assets desired in trade for MM; than WW

      …. so Leafs movement forward; as far as I’m concerned ; must be WW out (via single trade or the more complex multi-player and/or even more complex multi-team trade) and a young top 3 (or trending towards) D; with term at at less cap; coming in

      Anything but that and me thinks the Cup window (‘21-‘25) is unattainable😭😭😭

      • Or, Pengy, they could name the “Same old” room after you – The JJ and WW room where everyone goes to die of boredom.

      • No need. Easy to see comments that are a no loss if you skip over….it makes easy to skip the site too.

      • Virtually non existent would leave a door open to say it could happen. 6 player deals involving salaries players are 100% non existent!

        I don’t know why people even propose them.

      • Hi BC Leafs Fan

        I’ll take a room for both please 👍

        I get the jabs re my repeated blabber re JJ ( will not go there today… it’s Sunny out my window; must keep the good vibe going)

        However re moving WW… I think you may be reading that as me hating/knocking him

        Not in the least. Not at all.

        I just think it’s the only path forward for Leafs

        I’m all ears re a plan that wins the cup and still has those 4 (costing half the cap)…I’m too dumb to come up with any strategy that accomplishes that (with those 4 still on roster) . And AM and JT stay

        Only 2 options : MM & WW…. and I can’t think of a team that has space and has players (and is willing to move them) that Leafs need and will accept in trade

        Trades like someone posted a couple of weeks ago …. Jones and Josh Anderson for MM; are just not going to happen

        Yes 6 player deals are extremely rare… last one was EK deal….Tierney ; Balcers, DeMelo, Norris, Perron[Francis] and EK, plus of course picks. I was only throwing that out there for Ships ,N Giggles to piece in Russel… 6 player Oil/Leaf deal not happening

        I still think WW/ Holl for JP/Nurse is workable (tweaked mid rounder(s) to balance if Holland or Dubas get persnickety )

        Doing nothing… out again in first round next year is not out of the question

  12. Buffalo and Winnipeg should look to trade again. Neither city are very attractive to free agents, so trades may be the best option to shake up their rosters.

  13. Dan Hamhuis retires. Solid not spectacular dman.

    • Hi RRJ

      Fair description

      From what I’ve read… liked/respected by teammates

      Was on our Sochi Olympics Gold Medal team 👍

    • I’d place his career as above average. Hardly heard his name or noticed any mistakes game in and game out.
      Roll him out in all situations.
      Kinda like Jay Bouwmeester, but not quite as good at zone exits and entrances. Solid career.

      • Yep so true. With those types of defensemen, when you don’t notice them, it usually means they’re doing their job.

      • Hamhuis was terrific with Vancouver. Man, they had some good players.
        And that coach, what’s his name?
        Vigneault, that’s it – what ever happened to him?

  14. Apropos of nothing, but it looks like whoever updates the ESPN hockey scores site has been imbibing – eg., they show the Coyotes-Avalanche series as at game 2 … with the series tied 1-1. And they do that right down the list.

  15. I personally hope all four stay in Leaf land. As long as they do, the Leafs won’t win squat and it pretty much guarantees Mathews departure when his contract is up.

    • You can’t break through the hubris, Canadian King. No cup in well over half a century and 1 (ONE) playoff series win in 16 years and yet they are the be-all and end-all of the NHL. Just ask them.