NHL Rumor Mill – September 22, 2020

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The latest on the Penguins, Coyotes, and Predators in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Josh Yohe believes Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford is going to make significant moves in the coming weeks, though the pressure from team executives may have relented a bit since their qualifying-round elimination over a month ago.

Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Matt Murray (NHL Images).

It’s only a matter of time until goaltender Matt Murray is moved. They’d love to get a first-round pick in return but so far there are no takers. Given their cap issues, they could be fine with a return of draft picks and prospects for Murray. Yohe also expects another salaried player could be moved.

Yohe would be surprised if defenseman Kris Letang is traded. He doesn’t rule out recently re-signed Jared McCann getting traded but feels they’d like to keep him as a third-line center. He also said adding a right-hand defenseman is high on the Penguins’ wish list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yohe recently suggested Vancouver’s Chris Tanev, Tampa Bay’s Kevin Shattenkirk, Ottawa’s Ron Hainsey and Philadelphia’s Justin Braun as possible right-shot free-agent defense targets for the Penguins. Depending on how much cap space Rutherford frees up, Hainsey or Braun would be his most affordable options.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Mark Madden wouldn’t be surprised if McCann gets traded. He points out the center’s new two-year contract ($2.94 million AAV) could make him easier to move.


TSN: Travis Yost believes teams interested in acquiring Oliver Ekman-Larsson should be aware of the decline in his production since 2015-16. While he feels the Arizona Coyotes captain is still a good player who could be very good in the right situation, the 29-year-old defenseman is on the wrong side of the aging curve carrying a big contract ($8.25 million AAV) through 2026-27.

AZCOYOTESINSIDER.COM: Craig Morgan cites league sources say Arizona Coyotes blueliner Niklas Hjalmarsson will not waive his no-movement clause for the final year of his contract. He wants to spend the season in Arizona for family reasons that likely center around his two sons. Morgan doubts the Coyotes will buy him out because the savings would be nominal and he’s already received half of his $4 million in actual salary in signing bonus money.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ekman-Larsson trade chatter emerged weeks before their recent hiring of Bill Armstrong as their new general manager. He could prefer hanging onto Ekman-Larsson in hopes his performance improves as the roster does. If ownership insists on dumping salary, Armstrong could see what the trade market is like for his captain. The decline in his stats plus his hefty contract (with a full no-movement clause) could dampen his trade value.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Adam Vingan recently listed Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dylan DeMelo, New York Rangers winger Jesper Fast, Tampa Bay Lightning winger Pat Maroon and defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk as bargain free-agent options for the Nashville Predators. He also suggested they could re-sign winger Craig Smith.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Predators have $73.3 million invested in 18 players for 2020-21. Unless GM David Poile sheds some salary, they won’t be major players in the UFA market. The best they’ll get is bargain signings like those suggested by Vingan. I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Smith.


  1. Rutherfords going to be waiting a long time if he thinks hes going to get a #1 pick and prospects for Murray.

    Nobodys giving that up for a goalie whos one bump away from the I.R.

    • It didn’t work before when he had Fleury and an up and coming Murray, can’t see it happening now. Besides the injury history, he has something going on with his glove hand.

  2. Just a thought, Rutherford wants a first for Murray. Holland wants a substantial return for Jesse Puljujärvi. Just spitballing here, but potential match? Both GMs are delusional on this but this may satisfy their thoughts (and preserve their egos).

    • Not a bad idea Kevin – Murray for JP – or maybe even AA ?

      • @ PENGY

        I am not a Matt Murry fan…sorry to go against the grain here …

        ..if it wasn’t for Fleury in CUP #2 run and that whole season as he was on fire .. they did not have a chance ..Fleury shut out the Capitals in game 7 to go on to win that cup …Murry has had terrible season there after as well as can not win an Overtime game…since

        Jarry is just fine… must cash in on an asset in Murry ..they should look at the Oilers with AA ..as Pitt really needs a 3rd line Centre if they also throw in a quality D man in that deal ..Id say that is the best way to go …IMO

        Iam also suspecting that Fleury WILL BE A PEN AGAIN … LOL

        Oilers have some good young D that could step in and grow with the Pens ..so d like to that deal ..Murry for AA and a D man prospect !


      • The Oil aren’t trading a young D prospect for Murray, unless it is a guy like Lagesson. A guy you can call up in a pinch.
        I wouldn’t trade JP for him either.
        AA, sure straight up.
        Both have had good years in the past and both were not very good last year.
        AA can still skate and can still wire it.
        His issues are playing off other players, and sticking within the structure.
        Neither are worth their contracts, but Murray costs more but has a little more upside.
        I look at Murray as an expensive risk.

      • ” Ray Bark

        While a first round pick may not be in order..there is no way you trade a player like AA straight up for Murry ..sorry sir..he is worth more than that !

        That sounds like a Peter Chiarelli trade deal to me ..LOL ..just yoking..lol

      • Agreed Ray Bark,

        Murray is a total high risk at this point. Injuries and inconstancy. A first round pick or even a good prospect would be gross overpayment. Just can’t see it.

        I’ve read multiple times now that Edmonton and Pittsburgh talks broke down the minute a 1st was mentioned (or at least a sticking point). I would imagine that will be the common result for that asking price.

        I get that Rutherford WANTS a 1st…. but as my granny used to say… you can want / wish in one hand and 💩 in the other … see which one fills up first !

        Eventually, Rutherford will need to wake up and realize he doesn’t have any leverage here. He will end up stuck with Murray or having to walk away from Murray for nothing.

      • Agree NYR, which brings up the same question I brought up with AA in Edmonton.
        Does Rutherford qualify him?
        I think it has to be at 90% (can someone confirm or advise) and if not accepted than arbitration. The team can walk from it then as well.
        If Murray has a decent agent he accepts the qualifying offer as that is likely the most he gets for next season.
        Does Rutherford want to pay him $3.3M if he can’t trade him? Maybe the Oil get him for just the $$.
        If the Pens want a winger then AA for Murray seems fair but sounds like PIT is slashing salary so likely looking for picks.
        Gonna get interesting in the NHL off season.
        I think we disagree on MM’s value Kal El. I just don’t see much, especially this off season and the $$ crunch.

      • @ Ray Bark & NYR4 life

        I was not saying a roster player along with AA …
        I was talking a prospect ..that would be a year away ..

        You guys have been posting here a long time

        you should no better enough that a 2 time Stanley cup Goalie ..who is still young ..26 years old ….and a BIG MOBILE guy ..is going to be worth more than Andreas Athanasiou straight up …who is a 3rd line Centre…

        Like I said Iam not his biggest fan…but that is just undervaluing ..and you know it …

        Come on guys …

      • Kal el,

        If you go by recent history, Murray’s value is next to nothing.

        I’m confused…. you said…

        “ Murry for AA and a D man prospect “

        Murray by recent history isn’t fetching AA alone. Never mind AA plus a defensive prospect.

        I said a few weeks back, if Rutherford doesn’t hold any value to Murray’s 2 cups…. why would any other gm?

        Especially given he fall the last year.

        Murray’s value imo is a 3rd . Anything better than that and Rutherford should run with it.

      • Hi Kal El

        Just reading your post now

        I do realize that I am in the minority here w.r.t. MM’s value.

        It seems the value issue is mostly due to the risk of injury. Noted.

        The injury is of concern no doubt; but if he is only going to fetch a 2nd (reports have been out there that a first is getting rejected) then I’d rather keep him.

        His contract will not be anywhere near what he was expecting and what TSN had tossed around pre-covid.

        When he’s good he’s good. His most recent performance was much better than regular season (he was 914 in the Habs series overall; and lest we not forget that he was 970 when #3 was off the ice against the Habs).

        The problem for Pens is not a goalie issue. It lies entirely with #3. No matter what addition or subtraction they do; if they play him for the year; there is a pretty dang fair chance that Pens miss the playoffs. Buy him out and replace him with either Czuczman or Pierre Olivier Joseph…. Pens then become Division champ contenders; just with the stroke of a Pen; AND , save $’s and Cap (like the good Dr’s Ronny and Mario ordered); and all Pens stats increase. Players happy, coaches happy, owners happy, fans happy.

        I still say they should keep MM. If he gets injured, he is on LTIR and there is no financial skin off of Pens’ noses as insurance does the payment; AND with him injured, they are right where they are now considering going …. TJ starter, De Smith as back up; and then if MM and one of those go down… Larmi

        If he falters through the year… he can be exposed to the Kraken …

        So it is a 2nd that they are bandying about vs. satus quo of MM/TJ (at a much lower Cap hit than they had thought back in Feb) with mitigation of risks (Larmi) and ability to expose to Krakken if he falters. It is the way to go in my opinion.

        Re the Flower— yes if he is bought out (I have suggested and stick with , Stastny is the one they first should buyout) then the Flower back in Black, White Gold is a possibility.

        The buyout would have him losing $4.2 M… signing back with Pens at 2 * $2.1 M; there is no change to gross (there is a change to take-home though do to the tax savings in Nevada— per the Gavin site the difference on $4.2M Nevada to Penn is about $260K

        MAF back as a Pen would be nice to see

    • Hi Kevin

      I still advocate for keeping MM (and yes he can be fit in the Cap with proper moves)… as one injury to TJ or DeSmith leaves Larmi as back up which is scary

      That said… the JP for MM is fair…. can Oil fit MM’s expected new Cap hit

      Covid times mean Covid moves… most GMs have been told to tighten belts.

      GMJR has been specifically told to cut costs and stay competitive

      Buyout #3 and # 72; replaced by Czuczman or Pierre Olivier Joseph and Poulin…. net difference… over $4M cash and over $4.3 M cap saved…. team substantially younger; extremely quicker; team way better out look (will move from possibly missing playoffs in ‘21 to Div champ contenders) ; all Pens players stats improve massively; fans happy; coaches happy; players happy; owners happy

      #3 retires

      #72 could sign elsewhere for 2 @ $2.5 M. retires then ; 1 year early; out only $300 K gross

      • Pengy:

        I though maybe you wouldn’t mind solving a puzzle for me.

        NHL statistics say Ryan Reaves played in 19 playoff games this season, yet Vegas played in only 17 games, and Reaves was scratched in at least one. How can this be? Does the NHL count overtime periods divided by 3 as full games, if Reaves was even involved in that many?

        I can’t come up with an answer by research, but I know you delight in delving into statistics, and I know you usually respond to comments.


      • That might help Cap-wise but when being told that they are on a budget that usually means spending millions to reduce cap hit is not what owners have in mind

      • Francis – I think they are counting the round robin games, too. Vegas played in 17 playoff games + 3 round robins, to make 20 total.

      • NYR4life, I don’t think AA has much value at all because of the 3 million dollar qualifying offer & the threat of even higher arbitration award. Based on his results with Edmonton I can’t see teams having much interest. The 30 goal season he had in Detroit may mean an arbitration award higher than 3 million.

      • Ok Pengy….First Matt Murray needs to move and he needs to be packaged with something to get a better return..

        Nyr4life..True Murray’s recent history hasnt been great..he has had some decent stretches but too inconsistent… He is young,26, has tremendous pedigree and he is way more affordable than the flood of 30 and over UFA goalies.

        Worst of all Rutherford that bird brain is interested in 30 year old dman chris tanev..we are trying to get younger..hes an idiot

      • Part of the risk of trading for Murray is he’s not signed. As a RFA with arbitration rights it’s difficult to determine his value. If I’m not mistaken the arbitration process will award a one year contract. After that year will Murray then be a UFA? Tough to offer up a high pick or roster player for that uncertainty.

        Puljujarvi was a miss at #4 overall. Holland needs to get something for him while he still has value. Plenty of players light up the SHL and barely majeca difference in the NHL,

        If EDM wants a goalie they should be giving PHX a call about Kuemper. Murray is a gamble they can’t afford to take. I put the Leafs in the same boat…if they’re trading Andersen they better get a very good goalie to take over for him.

      • Murray’s a clear upgrade on andersen as he has actually won critical playoff games but i hope they look elsewhere like gibson or lehner or kuemper.

      • Hi Francis

        Probably they are counting the play-in games

        Per TSN officially the stats count as playoff stats; the games do not count as playoff games … WTF????

      • Hi Swamp Dragon

        Re “That might help Cap-wise but when being told that they are on a budget that usually means spending millions to reduce cap hit is not what owners have in mind”

        The buyout saves them millions in cash as well; even after replacing them.

        For instance; buyout Horny and replaced for the final years of his contract with Poulin… total NET cash savings is $3M…. team faster, younger, bigger.

        Buyout JJ and say Czuzman in for balance of the contract; Net cash savings is $700K but team massively better

      • Hi BnG

        Re any move… no matter what… the team does not improve and may very well miss playoffs if they keep and play #3


        “Worst of all Rutherford that bird brain is interested in 30 year old dman chris tanev..we are trying to get younger..hes an idiot”

        If he is buying out JJ and replacing him with Turbo’s bro…. the team just got massively better.

        I hadn’t heard about his interest in Tanev though.

        He can’t afford to get him anyway unless he does a buyout

    • Maf not back with pens. They have two goalies already minus Murray. They would not be able to pay maf unless he played for like 2-3 mil. He’ll get more elsewhere

  3. Re “ Yohe also expects another salaried player could be moved.”…. to retirement please….#3…. buyout 🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏

    Re Preds…. just asking… is there any team willing to bite on Turris as their 3C for 50% retained from Preds… $3M cash and Cap per?

    A buyout…. saves more Cap for the first 4 years…. $4M vs $3M cap (with 50% retained);but has 4 out years of $2M dead cap…. Preds also save only a total of $8M cash with buyout vs $12M cash with 50% retained

    If he’s bought out… Turris gross loss is $8M; setting aside the Tenn. tax advantages, he could sign 3 yrs @ $2 M and at worst, be out $2M gross and retiring 1 year earlier than he’d expected…. or maybe at the end he signs for 1 @ $1.5 M … out only $500 K

    I expect some buyouts and then other teams signing them as UFA for a price between 50-70 cents on the Cap dollar

    Some players might net more from a buyout and then signing with another team:

    If the King is bought out…. he’’s only out $1.5 M…. I’m sure many teams would easily pony up $1.5 M + for him…. the trouble is…. would he accept a back up roll to a contender (from posts here many think not)…. if not as a back up on a contending team…. what weaker team (That is looking for a starter) is Hank willing to sign with…. or does he boot overseas to play with Joel? Does he retire?

    • Pengy..yes Rutherford is reportedly interested in chris tanev…30 injury prone, ufa coming off a 4.45 million dollar deal isnt taking less….I’m afraid Jr is so in love with jh we are doomed

      Zadorov from Colorado is available.. he woul be a great fit in our top 4 abs have cap space…sign gudas decent deal to play 3rd pairing d with pettersson. You add skill toughness and sand paper which is much needed.

      Murray McCann + a 2021 3rd round pick to colorado.

      Zadorov Nichushskin to Pittsburgh

      We save a little over a million put toward a 3rd line center… sign gudas were good

      • Hi BnG

        As I mentioned before…. no trade or acquisition will make any difference at all if they keep and play #3

        If they do… more than reasonable shot Pens miss playoffs; then they are basically starter the following year on the downside of Crosby/Malkin cup window

        GMJR has been given the marching orders of cut costs and stay competitive

        Buyouts of #3 and #72; replaced by either Czuczman or Pierre Olivier Joseph and Poulin; saves (that’s NET savings after paying the replacements) over $4M in Cap AND cash…. team younger; faster; better; ALL plAyers stats increase

        After that… GMJR can tweak with trades

        Re 3C…. GMJR got absolutely hosed… for sure he could have outbid Kevyn Adams who gave up a UFA

        GMJR could have offered Laffy and ZAR (both under club control for a few years) instead of a UFA, for Staal

        Above then could have had

        Sid Guentz Kappy
        Gino Rusty Zuck
        Staal McC Poulin
        Blueger Turbo Simon
        13th/14th… UFAs or WBS grads

        Marino/Soucy(moved Pettersson down for you against my thoughts LOL)
        Petterson/ Czuczman or Pierre-Olivier Joseph
        7th… Czuczman or Pierre Olivier Joseph

        TJ/ DeSmith

        …. for about $77 M – $78 M

        That roster for sure has them as an Excellent shot to get to ECF next year

        *But … rumours have surrounded about Ronny and Mario wanting to get budget into the low 70’s

        I certainly like Nikita and Valeri…but budgetAND still needing a 3C…. can’t be done

        It all starts on the 26th… we’ll see if Jimbo can follow simple instructions and buyout JJ ; and possibly Horny

  4. Sabres could package RD Montour plus a mid- level prospect and a future mid round pick to the Penguins for Murray.

    • Hi G-man

      Pens would like to counter offer

      Forget about pick and prospect

      MM plus a “stay-at-home “ (wish he would) D-man; approaching 1,000 games; for Montour

      • The buyout window is coming soon.
        J j must go

        Players that also need to go via trade or buyout

        Hornqvist. Probably

      • Hi BnG

        See my post above

        Yes… buyout JJ for SURE
        Horny buyout is quite logical… I’d do it…. not sure if he does

        Ruhweedel has no trade market… should absolutely not have been extended… especially for a raise and a year early… waive him… no one picks him up (gee that would be nice)… and he goes to WBS…, whew for Pens…. 🤬😡 for WBS

        Looks like they are moving MM… I wouldn’t… but if it is only for a 2nd… keep him

        ZAR on LTIR to start year… yep

        Move Simon… I wouldn’t at all… low return… they are going to be able to sign him for $900K – $1M and for what he can give… perfect Cap hit… he shouldn’t be moved

        Not sure what you have against McC…. he’s been thrown all over the line-up from winger with Sid; winger with Gino; filling in 2C when injuries happened; 3C with at least 8 different combos of wingers…. all that crap and he was on an 82 game pace of 16-26-43…. his best season… re-signed for prove yourself bridge at $2.9 M…. Pens should absolutely not trade him

        Would love to have seen

        Staal McC and Poulin

        But McC cantering Poulin and another swift young winger with good hands would be a very good thing for Pens as a 3rd line…. very good thing…. perhaps the MM trade can bring in a prospect just cutting into the NHL?

    • With all the FA goalies not worth using a good Dman as trade bait for that.

      Can always use that extra Right hand RD to get a top 6 player they desperately need.

      Skip MM unless is its MM, McCann, Rust & Malkin for Skinner & Montour


      • Agreed . I’m taken Lehner for money rather than Murray for anything!

        Is a Lehner / Buffalo reunion possible? Not sure. But there are plenty of other options out there.

  5. Vancouver/Boston rumor….
    Teams have talked Van looking for a Dman & the Bruins a winger ….names mention in rumors Boeser & Virtanen….Carlo & McAvoy

    • Hi Joe

      For Bruins.. moving McA maybe

      IMHO … moving the 23 year old big lad (who is doing great now and has many years ahead of greatness) and whose Cap is < $2.9 ….. would be a big mistake

      Suitors galore for his ilk…. but moving him will burn them in the long run

      I can only think of 30 other teams that would like to have him

    • Joe, i’ve been advocating that Bruins number 1 d pair for the next 10yrs + is McAvoy and Carlo and now you put both names in one rumor. ouch

      No thanks, McAvoy will get a decent raise on his next contract; how much will depend on his next season.

      Carlo, because of his limited offense won’t get a huge raise.

      I don’t like the idea of moving either player.

      Debrusk for Virtanen works for me.

      • @ CAPER

        I agree ..with Carlo ..I think they need to be patient with this guy and keep him in the top 3

        ..as per our last conversation a week ago ..as my thought was to keep Carlo for sure ..but I really have to disagree with you on moving Debrusk for Virtanen …you are not getting enough in that deal IMO ..Debrusk is worth more ..Virtanen may fall off the hockey world map after another poor season ..you deserve more for Debrusk from another team IMO !


      • Kal El, you maybe right, but i don’t think Van would give up more. Both players have the same issue inconsistent.

        I was listening to an NHL player talking about Debrusk and he said he is the type of player that team leaders need to keep at him game by game and in between shift sitting on the bench to keep him motivated.

        From what i hear out of Vancouver, is that Virtanen doesn’t show up but when he does he is a difference maker.

        If Boston can get more, I’ll take it.

      • Caper, ya McAvoy and Carlo are their 2 best D, but they won’t be playing together IMO. If that is what you meant.
        Both right shots.
        Charlie #1 on the PP, Carlo #1 on the PK.
        The right side is set with Lauzon as your 3rd pair.
        LD is the question mark.
        Right now it is Grezlyk and Moore. Both NHL players, neither is all that.
        Chara, sure bring him back but fewer minutes, and maybe even as a 7th guy with Zboril called up and they rotate in and out.
        Not great, so add at the TDL.
        If they are serious about contenting I think they need to shop for a #4 left shot type guy for better quality depth. Play Grez with Charlie and push the offence.
        Vaak needs another year IMO.

      • ” CAPER

        Would you do …Debrusk for Bennet from Calgary ..very very similar players ..Bennet brings toughness and scored the odd Hat Trick over the past few years ..he seems like he would fill out a Bruins uniform very nicely !

        There kind of player ..i am saying.

      • Caper ,
        Virtanen arrived at camp last fall out of shape so was early season scratch after being spotted boozing it up in a local bar.
        He then entered bubble camp out of shape and was a scratch early in the playin roundl

        Tons of talent but zero drive or commitment.

      • DeBruck for Bennett is an interesting idea Kal El. He does seem like a Bruin type guy.
        I really like Bennett but not sure if it is equal value for DeBrusk? The B’s do have Kuraly which is a similar player. But Bennett put up big numbers in Jr, so I think there is more offence if given the chance.
        Bennett on the wing with Krecji?
        Things that make you go hmmm,
        Wasn’t aware that Virtanen won’t get in shape.
        That’s a big red flag if he won’t even put in the work for that. Non starter for me, and the B’s IMO.
        Heard the same thing about Lehner in the past, but he turned it around last couple years. Maybe Vitanen will too? Maybe Lehner reverts back once he has a long term deal?

      • I’ll give you Domi & Ottawa’s 2021 5th rder for Debrusk,

    • pretty sure you made that up. nothing on that in vanvouver province or on either of local sports radio stations.

      Why would the Bruins trade for Brittle Boeser and Fat-tanen?

      Brutal trade idea.

      • Sorry Joe, the Jullie-bean is a one trick pony. pissing on whoever he can, especially if they can’t respond. Best to completely ignore him, you won’t miss anything. If you want a laugh go back to his comments on when Miller was traded to the Canucks. They are a hoot as just how wrong one person can be.

  6. umm. memo to Josh Yohe … Ron Hainsey shoots left-handed … now I like Murray for Montour … I don’t like AA … and I need more than JP straight up for him … Kris LeTurnover for a bag of pucks, no emblem required …

    • EDVANIMPE…I agree I wouldn’t mind Brandon montour for matt Murray. I think we are stuck with leturover..

      I would like tosee matt Murray and jared McCann to Colorado..

      For stud dman nikita Zadorov and valerie Nichushskin..we get a left handed big talented with and edge [yes pengy pettersson is a third pairing dman] and we get a big bottom 6 winger who had 13 goals last season. We get younger better and tougher

  7. Probably not a good time to be a UFA or RFA…already Bruins have said they won’t be digging deep into the FA market & sure other teams are on board with that ……. might see a lot of trades this offseason if the $$$ works for both teams

  8. Maybe some of Pens fans (or Wild) can explain, why Galchenyuk has been on 4 teams in 5 years in NHL?
    Why is he never brought back to the team he’s playing for? He does have some talent? What is it? Work ethic?

    • Gally to COL and become the next reclamation project for Sakic like Burakosvsky and Nichuskin.

      Gally should jump on that

      let Namestnikov walk…. keep cap room for a big move if needed during the season.

      • Do the Avs really need another reclamation project at this point? Aren’t there better options available? They’re Cup contenders now and need to make strong moves to get over the hump. I agree on Namestnikov.

      • Colin Wilson @ 30 or Gally?
        Gally will come cheap and replaces Namestnikov

        Avs young core with MicKinnon are special… worth a 2 for 2 yr investment that he wont get anywhere else.

        Worth the investment from both sides.

        Plus Avs save$ and Gally plays on a cup contender .

  9. If the rumors are true and Pitts has an internal Cap hit of $70m, they need to do some trimming.

    As of today their cap hit is $75,443,508 and 20 players signed.

    Their biggest sign is a backup goaltender.

    They need to sign a backup goaltender and two smaller contracts plus drop over $5m off their payroll.

    Offer MM and JJ to whomever is looking for a goaltender and take back a 5th round draft pick if you can get that.

    If not willing to move Letang, then move out Tanev who was signed as an over payment.

    That is a $6.75m savings but you still need a backup goaltender and 3 players to round out the 23 man roster and a $1m to do it with.

    That still isn’t enough, not sure how you get down to $70m maybe ownership will settle on $72 or $73m

    • Well if that is the case and Pit wants an internal cap of $70M, trade Kris Russell for Murray.
      He is only owed $1.5M, and is the rare D who plays both sides well so can slide in at RD.
      Let Schultz walk.
      I assume PIT still wants to compete next season instead of tearing it down? They did trade for Kappy after all.

    • The have a solid back up already signed on a 1 way deal.

      • Hi Chrisms

        “Solid” is subjective

        He didn’t have a great year in WBS.

        He is OK, but if TJ goes down; he is certainly not a starter.

      • He was among the nhls best statistically two years ago. It’s odd how goalies can be mediocre in the ahl and good in the nhl. See Bennington. He s a solid nhl goalie.

      • Excellent point re Bennington example Chrisms but they did bring Bennington up when he was getting “hit” in AHL

        I just don’5 have as much confidence in DeSmith as you do… I’ll be ecstatic to be proved wrong in my assessment of him

        I still say that TJ/ DeSmith combo is one injury away from Larmi as back up… scary

        If Jimbo does his job and does the JJ buyout… save percentage goes up and GAA down for all Pens goalies👍👍👍👍👍

    • Hi Caper

      Re Pens and budget

      Buying out #3 and #72 and replacing them with Czuczman or Pierre Olivier Joseph and Poulin has net cash AND net Cap savings of $4M+ ; team younger, faster, better, all stats tremendously increase. Team goes from playoff bubble team to Div contenders.

      Those moves put Pens at just over $71 M with 3 to fill (including TJ, if they are moving on from MM as the media has stated). Once TJ signed to bridge and final two depth forwards signed (or re-signed)… that is in the $76 m range.

    • Hi Caper

      Re “Offer MM and JJ to whomever is looking for a goaltender and take back a 5th round draft pick if you can get that.”

      Jimbo already ate 1/2 of Bjug’s and is not technically guaranteed getting that 7th

      If any team will do MM and JJ with a conditional 7th in ’33 coming back… even though I’m a MM fan… that is a deal they must take.

      I’m still burning over that Bjug deal but to see that Billy G then got hosed by rookie GMKA for Staal; makes it hurt more.

      Pens could have offered much more and would have had Staal as 3C

      Perhaps GMJR can go back to the well and offer MM and JJ for Dooby (no retention).

  10. Are they more concerned with cap hit or actual salary? Because their actual salary expenditure is $71.352. They do have a few more roster spots to fill out so they will have to trim but how much is the question?

    • Hi NMAvsFan

      Both, but mostly Cash

      See my details listed above

  11. A lot a people here, the rangers and flyer fans who are delighting in the pens situation especially, are going to be surprised at what murray brings back. Won’t be a ransom but it will have decent value.

    • Or…. a lot of penguins fans are going to be really disappointed?

      History tells me yes.

      Whether Pittsburgh gets 9 first rounders and McDavid for Murray doesn’t matter to me.

      I am not looking at this as some type of rivalry grudge wishing for a terrible return for Murray.

      A Toronto fan yesterday proposed a 1st for Georgiev which I also said ain’t happening. Am I secretly hoping for a terrible return from NY….? Or am I just realistic of what goaltenders returns are any given year?

      This is anything BUT any given year. This is frozen cap and a ton of other options on the market.

      Right now all reports lead to Rutherford being a little unrealistic and holding up a trade…..

      Bottom line, we should probably both hold our “I told ya so” moment for when something actually happens.

      • georgiev is worth a 2nd at best

    • Actually Ranger and Flyers fans are enjoying watching the Penguins go bankrupt……againl

      • 😜😜😜😜😜

        Third times a charm?

      • Actually the third time recently got kinda boring. Even the parade was kinda ho hum.

      • I’ll buy The Pens….. who wants to be my new GM?

        I’ll cash in my 401K

      • Hi IHC

        Pens value would increase if they could put the GM on LTIR 🙂

        Ronny and Mario have told him what to do… cut costs, keep competitive… and on the morning of the 26th we will start to see if GMJR can follow simple instructions.

      • You’ll have fond memories of the Houston penguins some day! Lmao

      • Ron Burkle is worth 1.4 billion dollars and the Pens are going bankrupt? That’s Malarky.

  12. Allen to MTL for what ?
    Murray for a second and a suspect prospect would be my wager

    Galchenyuk I heard has or had a drinking problem. Maybe it is substance abuse of some kind. Definitely not the skill set.

    First buyout period Saturday 9-26. I have to believe there will be some surprises

    • I guess M.Murray is another salary conundrum. Does an arbitrator award based on his 2 Stanley cups or on his 50th out of 57 save%

      • Murray & McCann to CHI for Saad??

      • Hi Ttutone

        It is supposed to be based on comparable and recent performance by player

        Year not great… playins he out played the year over-all; and was actually 970 when JJ was not on the ice

        That is something I’m positive will need to be mentioned by his agent when stating his value.

        with JJ stats; w/o JJ stats…. last two years; only Malkin has been hit worse (JJon ice vs JJ off).

        It sounds like Jimbo is trying to move him before then.

        I’m not sure what happens w.r.t. arb if there is a trade post qualifying offer but before Arb hearing.. does the new team go to ARb or can they sign him before then… does anybody here know?

    • That sounds about right to me silver.

    • Personally I wait to see if JR qualifies Murray, and if he does will Murray accept it or go to arbitration. If award is higher than what he currently makes I think PIT walks from it.
      If they don’t want to risk qualifying him then he takes the best offer he has before he has to do it.

      Some of you may think it’s a crazy suggestion, and it might be, but we don’t have access to Pit’s financials and if they say they have to cut to $70M payroll, then I believe them. So why sign a goalie you don’t really need?
      Wait them out and see what happens on Oct 7.

      • Hi Ray

        unless GMJR moves MM before then ; he should (read must) qualify him.

        He is certainly unlikely to accept $3.8M qualifying offer; if he does… no brainer, keep him

        If he goes to arb… decision can be made then

        No qualifying… forget the 2nd that keeps getting bandied about… Pens get nothing.

        GMJR has been a raving lunatic on many many many things recently; this (missing trading him and not qualifying him by qualifying date) is not one I think he misses on….. but then again…. according to him…. Pens lost to Habs due to every single player NOT named JJ. JJ was the bestest

      • Maybee Lyle can answer this. If Murray is qualified and goes to arbitration at what price can the Pens walk away from the award. It is my understanding at up to a certain increase they have to settle at that amount.

      • Ttutone: As per Cap Friendly, the walkaway threshold is over $4.538 million for a one-year award. If it’s $4.538 million per season on a two-year award, the team can walk away from the second year. However, they cannot walk away from a club-elected arbitration. https://www.capfriendly.com/arbitration

      • Good to know. Thanks Lyle

    • Chucky loves the night life.

      Police were called to condo in Montreal on a couple of occasions in the early morning hours throughout the season.


    • Hi SS,

      First one on 26/9….#3 on Pens please and thanks

  13. Chucky loves the night life.

    Police were called to his condo in Montreal on a couple of occasions in the early morning hours throughout the hockey season.


  14. Leafs and Pens aren’t done dealing yet.
    Dubas will fill out his team through blatent cronyism.
    Murray and McCann will be in the blue and white soon enough.
    Colin Miller and Nurse will soon follow in separate deals.

  15. What about

    To VAN: Ullmark, Montour & 2nd
    To BUF: Markstrom (sign & trade) & Virtanen

    would that do it for both sides?

    Markstrom gets his price; BuFF gets their goalie and top 6 scoring; VAN gets cap room along with Montour over Tanev and Stecher. Bonus 27 yr old back up Ullmark for VAN