Golden Knights Re-sign Robin Lehner

by | Oct 3, 2020 | News, NHL, Rumors | 22 comments

TSN reports the Vegas Golden Knights have re-signed goaltender Robin Lehner to a five-year, $25-million contract. The annual average value is $5 million. Lehner, 28, was slated to become an unrestricted free agent on Oct. 9.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lehner probably could’ve received a higher annual average value on the open market. But after spending the past two seasons bouncing from the Buffalo Sabres to the New York Islanders to the Chicago Blackhawks to the Golden Knights, he obviously wanted long-term security. The uncertainty over league revenue and the salary cap generated by COVID-19 may have also factored into this decision.

In 2018-19, Lehner won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy and shared the William M. Jennings Trophy with Thomas Greiss. He was also a finalist that season for the Vezina Trophy. Acquired from the Blackhawks at the February trade deadline, Lehner outplayed Marc-Andre Fleury and took over the starter’s job in the 2020 playoffs.

The Golden Knights believe their future in goal rests with Lehner. The question now is what the future holds for Fleury. He’s indicated a willingness to stay and share the crease with Lehner. However, his $7 million annual average value through 2021-22 will be a problem for the Golden Knights, whose payroll sits just over the $81.5 million cap ceiling.

Someone’s got to go and it could Fleury via the trade market. He’s got a 10-team no-trade list, giving the Golden Knights some flexibility to find a suitable trade partner.


  1. Saw that earlier in the Rumors thread from Slick62. Good deal for Vegas and somewhat of an indication that top-of-the-line UFAs may not be getting anywhere near what they – or many observers – have been bandying about.

    Now they’re $60,000 over the cap still with 4 to sign – including 2 RFAs with arbitration rights. Clearly, another big move (or two) has to come.

    Paying two goalies $12 mil off the cap is not quote as bad as Montreal’s $14,850,000 for 2, but at least in their case Allen (so far) is signed for just 1 year. Vegas would have to carry that for 2 if they hold onto Fleury. But who the heck could afford to take him at $7 mil per for 2? Assuming he’d even agree to go to the team that might express interest.

    • Wow, he left a lot of money on the table. Clearly he folded faster than Fleury in a critical game.

    • This is a great deal for Vegas at a great price. Would have loved Leafs to get him.

      Vegas is the odds on favorite to play either the Leafs or Lightning in the Cup final next year.

      • So…stats wise Lehner and Andersen are very similar.

        The Leafs claim they’re listening to offers for Andersen because he’s going to need a raise after next season. Do the Leafs now offer him the same AAV as Lehner?

      • One key stat is very different. Lehner has won an elimination game in recent history. Leafs will dump Andersen foe best offer.

    • Right? Or you can kick out your legend like a garbage!

    • Didn’t Pittsburgh already “kick him out?” Gary, there is NO room in professional sports for sentimentality over practicality. You saw that when the Patriots made no great effort to hang onto “legend” Tom Brady.

      Nor is there room for blind loyalty by individual players. You saw that repeated enough times in all sports, e.g. Lebron James

    • Brady? Well he wanted to leave, and he was a FREE agent, small difference. I know that here in the states only money matters, business etc.
      Lebron is a cry baby, he was changing his teams over and over again, so I wouldn’t count him as a legend in any team. Maybe Cavs eventually since he wont them a cup.
      Fleury didn’t spend his entire career in Pit, small difference.

  2. Looks like Elliot has resigned with Philly.

    There goes another team a need for a veteran tender.

    • And Pittsburgh just signed Jarry to a 3 year $10.5 mil deal – the signing was expected but what about the amount?

      • It wasn’t 10.5 mil

      • @George O..$3.5 million per season for theee years is a good deal. Jarry is young, coming off an all star selection, and it’s not a long term thing…Murray will b leaving that’s $3.75 coming off the books..all in all good have back ups making that much..good move

  3. New salaries are going to be 30-40% off . Lehner could have expected $6-$7m Pietrangelo $10m probably going to settle between $7- 8m somewhere.

    There can not be any big paydays . If i am a player I would take a bridge . If I am a stable owner, I go long looking for some bargains like Lehner.

    • Superstars like Pietrangelo won’t have to take a pay cut. Huge difference between Lehner and Pietrangelo.

      Fyi, Pietrangelo turned down $7-8 mill from STL and rightfully so, that’s an insult. No way he goes back to that amount.

      • I don’t know Canadian King – I keep crunching the numbers and no matter how you break it out for those 21 teams up tight against the cap – and with varying numbers needed to be signed to get to 23 (including a LOT of RFAs – some very good – others ennh) – when you add up the cap dollars they’d need to shed and then run it against the teams that have varying amounts of what might be called “lots of cap space,” it simply doesn’t all fit (most of them are in various stages of re-building and it’s doubtful Pietrangelo would consider them anyway)

        Whatever happens, it’s going to be fun to watch it all unfold,

  4. Gotta think … high odds of Statsny and/or the Flower moved

    The Flower is not getting moved at full hit

    With 50% retained and getting a back-up plus Lehner…. that’s closing in on $11M…. and a sweetener needed In trade

    Buyout, Lehner, Back up … $10 M… no sweetener; but dead Cap space in out years

    If they were looking at the 50% retention at nearing $11M and losing a sweetener …. maybe keeping MAF at a total hit of $1M’ish more; saving the prospect; is a strategy

    Then move Statsny… that’s $6.5 M…. for Hague; and a depth forward; plus re-signing Cousins and Stephenson… tight but doable

    • “Then move Statsny… that’s $6.5 M…. for Hague; and a depth forward; plus re-signing Cousins and Stephenson… tight but doable …”

      No it is Not. No one is taking Stastny or others like him at those prices simply because every team in the league is looking at cutting costs by elevating their best ELCs to fill any gaps in their rosters.

      Teams like Vegas, with the Stastnys of the world, are going to have to keep them until their deals expire and, instead, move players desirable by those teams that have the cap space – no older than 27/28 with term and cap hits that make it worth their while in terms of clearing space. Keep the bloody “sweeteners.” And it’s going to be that way until full crowds are allowed back in.

      • Vegas has a few RFA forwards to resign but if MAF is rehomed they can keep Stasny for another run.

  5. Jarry… 3 @ $3.5M

    Qualifying MM …. I think is $3.8 M…. with going rates maybe Arbitrator awards only $5.5 M??

    No mater what…. space still needed …. buyout easiest and best

    • It’s my understanding that the QO is last year’s salary +10%. If the player declines and elects arbitration the arbitrator can award a 1 or 2 year contract that the team can accept or decline…if they decline the player becomes a UFA.

      Is this correct?

      Maybe some GMs will wait it out to see if these RFA become UFA?

      Why wouldn’t PIT just keep both goalies for a total under $10M ?Gambling on your goalie is not a good move.

      • The Flower actually has a sweet gig, with a national recognition outside of hockey in Vegas bringing him a TV start. He has a shot at another ring, and his agent not withstanding, played a meaningful role for the GK. He probably isn’t a #1 carry the load guy any more. Do a cap friendly deal with Vegas and stay is best for all in this case. SImilar argument has one of Maroon of Shatty staying in Tampa on another one year deal, maybe even both. Never happen in a non-covid year, and some risk, but if the league is a low price deal for 2-3 years terms of engagement may emphasize situation.

  6. As an Isles fan I’m just happy for Lehner.
    The Island loved him more than any player that I’ve seen in my time.

    Great new, Robin. Stay strong.