NHL Rumor Mill – October 14, 2020

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The latest on Brendan Gallagher, Mike Hoffman, Tyler Johnson and Johnny Boychuk in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger wonders about Brendan Gallagher’s future with the Montreal Canadiens after contract talks broke off. Discussions between the right-winger and the Canadiens were going well until they acquired Josh Anderson and Tyler Toffoli and now general manager Marc Bergevin is playing hardball with the Gallagher camp.

Gallagher is a year away from becoming an unrestricted free agent, giving the two sides plenty of time to negotiate a deal. However, this situation has some observers wondering if Bergevin might consider trading the 28-year-old winger. Frank Seravalli believes the Vancouver Canucks would be among the suitors, pointing to their need for a scoring winger and Gallagher’s ties to Vancouver.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gallagher’s situation could be a preview of what most of next year’s UFA class could experience. The cap is expected to remain flat again for 2021-22 and that will force general managers to be less accommodating with their pending UFA talent than they were in the past. The acquisitions of Anderson and Toffoli also provide Bergevin with leverage that he didn’t have before the offseason began.

Cap Friendly indicates the Canucks have $1.998 million in cap space. Seravalli believes they have some ability to move out some contracts, suggesting Loui Eriksson or Brandon Sutter, as well as noting uncertainty over winger Jake Virtanen’s future. He feels GM Jim Benning would like to make one more splash in this offseason.

The Canucks might be interested in Gallagher if he hits the trade block, but I doubt they can put together a deal to land him. The winger carries a cap hit of $3.75 million. Benning will have to move over $4 million to take him on, assuming he can put together an enticing package for Bergevin. Other clubs with more roster and salary-cap flexibility could outbid the Canucks.

Tampa Bay Lightning winger Tyler Johnson (NHL Images).


TSN: Seravalli reports Tyler Johnson has expanded his list of trade destinations from five to eight clubs. His camp is also willing to accept some suggestions from Tampa Bay Lightning management to best facilitate a trade that will get the club out of salary-cap hell.

The Lightning could be forced to include a draft pick with Johnson or any other player (Alex Killorn, Yanni Gourde) they would consider moving in a cost-cutting trade. Those players, however, hold all the cards with their no-trade clauses.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning will probably have to pay far more than they would prefer to move one of those players. Every GM in the league knows their cap situation and won’t make it easy for them.


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports Mike Hoffman is holding firm on his value and belief he’s a $5.5 million to $6 million player. He believes the 30-year-old winger can be had on a one-year contract. The Boston Bruins, Columbus Blue Jackets and Nashville Predators are the most interested, though the Canucks and Canadiens could get into the mix if they can move some pieces.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: NBC Sports Boston’s Nick Goss indicates the problem for Bruins GM Don Sweeney is signing a player such as Hoffman would take up a big chunk of his $12 million in salary-cap space. The other clubs said to be interested in the winger will face the same issue. Hoffman and the remaining players in this year’s UFA market could be waiting a while to get what they want or be forced to significantly lower their asking prices.


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple cites a report by The Fourth Period claiming the New York Islanders were close to trading Johnny Boychuk on Monday evening. The 36-year-old defenseman carries an annual average value of $6 million over the next two seasons, though in actual salary he’ll be owed just $5.25 million for the duration of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No indication if efforts to trade Boychuk are ongoing following their trade of Devon Toews on Monday to the Colorado Avalanche. The veteran blueliner also carries an eight-team list of trade destinations, though perhaps he can be persuaded into broadening that list.


  1. Montreal also drafted Cole Caulfield 15th overall last year. Was a point per game last year at Wisconsin. If I’m Montreal and just committed to Toffoli for 4 years, Anderson for 7, and Caulfield could leave school after this season, why would you sign Gallagher? They’ll have no problem trading him.
    Tyler Johnson: if nobody claimed him on waivers, why trade for him? Teams with cap space could’ve had him already. Teams that don’t would need to send a contract back, which Tampa can’t do. I don’t see Tampa getting out of this unless they sweeten pot. Nobody is taking both Johnson and 1 of the other guys mentioned.

    • I’d like to see the flames move Monahan for Gallagher

      • I say trade Gallagher to detroit for Mantha, i hate to lose him but mantha would be great 6ft 5in 235 lbs and he can score 25 goals.

      • Yzerman says what??? Is it April Fool’s Day already?

  2. “Seravalli believes they have some ability to move out some contracts, suggesting Loui Eriksson or Brandon Sutter …”

    Move them WHERE? Let’s face it, even if they could find a taker the cost in “sweeteners” would be so prohibitive even Benning would have to back off.

    Finding landing spots for all the so-called “best of the UFAs” listed by Lyle yesterday will be difficult enough, never mind finding the cap to re-up the 53 RFAs shown in CapFriendly on NHL rosters to go with the 56 RFAs shown on minor league rosters.

    And before someone says those minor-league RFAs are no big deal, you can bet there are more owners going through difficult financial times with their other holdings – thanks to Covid19 – than just the Dallas owner.

    Here’s the list of those “best of” UFAs shown yesterday – which do you see as eventually getting contracts and which are facing forced retirement or movement to Europe:

    Hoffman, Dadonov, Granlund, Kovalchuk, Hamonic, Haula, Soderberg, Duclair, Athanasiou, Vatanen, Galchenyuk, Brassard, Thornton, Perry, Wilson, Martin, Sheary, Chara

    • Personally, I think Chara, Kovalchuk, Soderberg, Thornton should be embracing retirement rather than trying to hang on to past glories at minimal salaries.

      Athanasiou, Galchenyuk & Sheary should be exploring European options.

      The rest will land somewhere – but nowhere near the salary and term they may have envisaged.

      • Chara will be in a Bruins uniform next year, as long as he is willing to agree to an appropriate contract and I really don’t think it’s about the money for him at this point.

        Soderberg is barely 35, scored 17 goals last year, has good size and hockey sense and is still one of the better 3Cs in the game in my opinion. He’ll be a good 3C for some team at a discount for a couple more years.

        Kovalchuk and Thornton may have to accept non-roster invites to training camps and hope for the best.

        I do think we will see some players who would typically be signed playing in Russia or Europe next season, but with clauses in their contracts allowing them to sign with an NHL team for the playoffs. That could have an interesting affect on the TDL next year for sure.

      • Disagree on Athanasiou. He can still catch on in the NHL on a one year prove it deal. As for the others, I agree.

    • George,

      Seravelli also failed to note the Canucks will need to free up at a minimum 12 million in cap room to sign Pettersson and Hughes next season.

      Eriksson is untradeable, Sutter at 4 million will cost at least a decent pick to move.

      Vancouver is trending towards becoming Leafs West. At least with the Canucks their young “difference makers” showed up at playoff time.

      With Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat and Boeser they have a very good core group. Unfortunately theyve put themselves into a situation where adding complimentry players will be very difficult.

      Eriksson, Beagle, Roussel, Luongo contracts are going to limit their options dramatically.

      Adding local boy Gallagher would be a great replacement for Toffili but I just dont see how its going to work.

      • Good point about next year, Ron. Ottawa’s in the same boat with guys like Tkachuk coming due … but at least Dorion has removed the untradeable albatrosses and will enter next season with a nice cushion. That’s why I don’t think he’ll touch anyone like a Boychuk who has a fairly large cap hit and, more importantly, more than 1 year to go. He just then becomes another player you’re desperately trying to move.

        You know I have often stated my like of Markstrom and how I wished Ottawa had been able to land him. But not for 6 years when he’ll be pushing 37 at $6 mil per. If that’s what he was demanding to stay in Vancouver I can see Benning’s reluctance.

        Hey, maybe he’s one of those who plays to a high level to that age – there have been plenty like that – but there has also been just as many who start to show the wear and tear around 34/35, and then trying to move them with still 2 to go at $6 mil becomes problematic.

        Having said that, I wish him and the Flames nothing but the best.

      • George, I know what you mean about Markstrom. The Oilers were in on him and I’m glad that they didn’t try and out bid Calgary for him. Not only is the term to long, but because of the signing bonus in the last 2 years it’s almost buyout proof, and then there is also the NMC attached to it. The flames fans may like him this season and next, but that will most likely change in 2 to 3 seasons from now.

      • Sutter off books next year and all the others are on their final years making them either tradable with or without salary retained or buyoutable. Plus expansion so potentially could entice Seattle to take one with a sweetener. The bucks couldn’t be in a better position next year with their stars coming due.

        Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration but if bending don’t make any foolish signings they are just fine next year.

      • True … and what we’ve already discovered is that that 75-80% who had very good years and pushed them well along in the playoffs can and probably will do it again. Patience is the key there.

      • George I know why you stated that Markstom’s contract is too long. I wish it was 4 yrs, but I am sure he would have got his term elsewhere. I would like to win the lottery, but I don’t think that will happen either. You should probably consider your team paying Matt Murray $6.25 million for 4 years. He was 50th out of 57 goaltenders in save % last year and has a history of injuries and concussions. I will take Markstrom’s deal all day long.

      • I have often stated that I would have preferred Markstrom over Murray, Ttutone – but not at 6 years at $6 mil per. That’s $36 mil with large bonuses in the final two years when he’s approaching 37.

        Murray, over his 4 years, will cost $25 mil and, being 5 years younger, will be 30 at the end of it.

        Markstrom at 4 years? Hell yes. Any day. But hey, Treveling gave him what he wanted so more power to him. I truly hope he can remain at top competitive level for the duration. Just too big a gamble for my blood at 6 years.

  3. Im not sure how Vancouver is going to be able to add Gallagher. Vancouver is already pressed for dollars and still have to add a defenceman and sign Virtanen.

  4. I honestly didn’t know Loui Eriksson was still playing…

    • Neither have the Canucks!

  5. What’s the rush now ? Season might not start to March April May. Relating to previous year’s the big rush early July. Some odds and sods August and some ufa signings later in September

    Hoffman is worth $5m not much more.
    Johnson was one of the worse Bolts in the playoffs . Maybe it is TOI and role but a decline over the last few years. Center man is all I will give him.

    Gallagher has hurt feelings. Has laid it all in the line and a leader. What no extension.
    Pietrangelo left a couple of million on the table if the Blues report of 8×8 were true

    • SS, I saw something the other day where Petro will actually come out with more take home when you figure in the tax savings in Vegas over the life of that contract. And he got a full NMC.

    • Silver Seven…

      Mike Hoffman has outscored Taylor Hall 246 to 235 over the last 4 seasons.
      He’s been very consistent and has been durable. I’d say he’s pretty accurate about $5.5-$6M a season

      The problem may lie in who has that much cap space to sign him? CBJ need scoring and have the cap room.

      • Daryl, that’s exactly where the problem lies. In “normal” times a goal-scorer of his ability would have been long gone and at top dollar and term. Like Hall, he and the others worth their salt on the UFA heap will soon have to start grasping at straws – unless they’ve stashed away enough to keep them solvent for at least a year and, instead, decide to just lay back in the gamble that the pandemic will have a vaccine sooner rather than later, that crowds will soon start to filter back and desperate GMs go searching for scoring and/or defensive help.

        Be interesting to see who the gamblers are. Clearly, Hall isn’t one.

      • You got it Boom/Bust … we’re on the same page there and it’s something I have been trying to get across for a couple of months now re owners and directions to their GMs.

        The thing is, I don’t know if there’s a list anywhere of the various outside holdings of NHL team owners. One I do know of is Melnyk whose biggest holdings are pharmaceutical and we know those aren’t taking the same kind of beating – if any at all.

        Molson should be alright, too, as no one has dropped their beer habit as far as I know – maybe sales in bars and clubs are down but all that has done with their closures is increase home sales.

        Not sure what other investments are held by the owners of MLSE or the owners of the Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg teams.

        Been wondering, meanwhile, about the owners of the new Seattle franchise in that regard.

        Sure be interesting to see a comprehensive list and compare.

      • The above should have followed after the Boom/Bust post at the bottom of this thread – why does this happen so frequently Lyle?

        I know I clicked on Reply after reading that post.

  6. Lyle not sure of what happened to my post yesterday, as i noticed it didn’t get posted was there a trigger word or something?

    So i’m still frustrated that Sweeney couldn’t land Nate Schmidt. All he needed to do was offer a 2nd round pick. That didn’t happen.

    Back to Vegas and the Jets who also need defensive help. Chevy gave a player and a conditional 4th round pick for Stastny. This was a terrible deal, everyone knew Vegas needed cap space and instead of getting at least a second round pick from Vegas they gave a pick. If Winnipeg had of also received Schmidt in the deal and added a third. Then the deal would’ve looked good.

    Back to Boston unless the Bruins are going to start their left side D with Grzelcyk, Chara and Moore, then Sweeney better get something done, unless it’s to start Zboril or Vaakanainen on D, personally i would give the nod to Zboril.

    Scanning the LD ufa they’re are all late 30’s even one in his 40’s and he is probably the best of the bunch; fast forward to 2021 season for ld ufa’s nothing of much coming down the pipe line.

    The RFA LD Boston own Grzelcyk, Devon Toews (rights traded to Colorado) and Hayden Fleury.

    Is there a deal to be made for Fleury? Otherwise need to look at teams trying to dump salary or at the cap ceiling.

    Maybe Jacobs has an internal salary cap on the Bruins but that doesn’t makes sense, as it been reported they were looking at OEL, Hall. To be honest the OEL might have been with Arizona holding about $3m in cap space and Hall was probably a low ball $5m.

    Suppose to be getting younger but signed 31yr old Craig Smith to a 3 year contract.

    Quite honest i don’t know what Sweeney is doing or is allowed to do; is there any NCAA LD out there?

    • Yeah Caper I am in the same boat as you, confused to what is happening.

      Here’s my feelings

      1. I don’t mind the smith signing as I think him and coyle with whoever will form a very solid 3rd line. To me the other player on this line should be Studnicka.

      2. I would be all over signing Hoffman to play with Krejci, esp on a 1 year deal. That means either trading Kase or Debrusk to facilitate getting a Dman???

      I have not seen Zobrill play but I am curioous as to why you would take him over Vaak at this point.

      I think overall adding Hoffman and smith with Studnicka we would have 3 solid scoring lines.

      We all know Chara is coming back for 1 more year, that just leaves 1 more LD to come up with IMO.

      • Greatgonzo, it’s been reported that Zboril was Boston best dman at season end.

        There has been a report that Zboril suffer from sleep Apnea and reported to the team, they’ve got it under control and since that time his game develop and as stated was Providence best dman at season end.

        I’m not saying the sleep apnea is an excuse but the fact he has improved after getting help, i hoping so.

      • Caper, maybe that is why he didn’t get into NHL shape early in career. Big difference between good shape and NHL shape.
        Heard the same thing about Zboril’s season last year.
        Was plus 20 and from what I have heard played some tough minutes against the other teams best.
        His ELC just ended so he would have to clear waivers I think if they sign him and send him down. IMO now is the time after 2 full AHL seasons.
        I wish they published TOI stats for the AHL.

      • I personally would like to see a couple of the you guys finally play NHL game and get a chance. Lauzon and Zboril or vaak is fine with me.

        they need to get rid of Moore in the worse way and I would be fine with Grez or clifton being traded too.

        How do you guy feel someone like Hoffman would fit in the line up if they signed him?

      • Not a Hoffman guy Greatgonzo, but for cheap and short, why not.

      • Greatgonzo, Nick Lidstrom – arguably among the best D to ever play in the NHL, knew when to call it quits and went out on a high note after his last season at 41.

        Now, while Chara is certainly among the best, he’s no Lidstrom and if he comes back for one more season he’ll turn 44 not long after it starts. Now is the time to hang ’em up and not go out like Dougie, crawling off the ice on all fours in his first game back


    • I’ve wondered if VGK even called around to get the best offer they could for Schmidt. I can’t believe nobody would offer more than a 3rd rounder for a legit top pairing D-man. I don’t understand the rush. So what if they had to wait an extra day or two to sign Petro in order to get the best return?

      I remember being underwhelmed by Boston’s return on the Joe Thornton trade way back when. Other GMs around the league were interviewed about it and many admitted (paraphrasing) “I had no idea he was available. I would have offered a package if I had known.”

      • Same was true with Phaneuf.
        There is a story behind that one that caused the rush.

      • DoubleMinor – “I had no idea he was available. I would have offered a package if I had known.” – that, to me, was probably said by a few teams this past week re Schmidt …

  7. Lyle, this is off topic, but saw your Bleacher report article on worst ufa signings. I think you’ve been overly influenced by Pengy’s years long ramblings about JJ. You agreed it wasn’t about term and price. That alone should’ve kept him off list. As a Ranger fan, I have no issue with signing. I’m definately in the minority but, I think the constant barrage of negative press on the guy is too much. Martin coached him last year. Davidson’s comments on him where that he killed penalties and Pitt had the 7th best PK in league. NY was at the bottom. Everyone here talks about adding size on back end but rip a guy that was 5th in league among dmen in hits and 22nd in blocked shots. Yet, he is trashed by every advanced stats geek out there. Probably deservingly so but for 1 year at barely above league minimum? Add to all this that NY played 2 rookie dmen last year. They traded Skjei at deadline. They traded Staal this off season. What’s left at LD is last years rookie, Lindgren and Brendan Smith, who they could be looking to move and who spent most of last year as a 4th line winger. Honestly, JJ signing is depth and experience only. I’ll also add, with the financial mess this guy went through a few years back, I wish folks would lighten up on him.

    • As entertaining as Pengy’s takes on JJ have been, they didn’t influence my opinion. Johnson was once a good NHL defenseman. He’s not anymore and (like Larry Brooks) I don’t see where he fits on the Rangers’ blueline. It was a waste of money, even if it can be buried in the minors. They could’ve found far better value in this current free-agent market.

      • Lyle..agreed waste of $$$
        Particularly when they could have traded a 3rd for Schmidt to pair with Trouba and traded ADA for pick. Then Smith stays buried on the 3rd pair.

        Guess JJ rotates with Smith ….woe is Manhattan.

      • Again, they needed depth. Obviously Jacques Martin feels he was worth it. As far as finding value, you get what you pay for. As I said, 1 year at a little above league minimum. This signing got wayyyy too much attention.
        JJ didn’t keep them from trading for Shmidt. The 5.9 million cap hit did though.

  8. Now that habs GM has way overpaid for 2 intervhangable right eingers he is getting tough with Gallagher who is better than tiffoli and Anderson combined and a borderline difference maker.

    Dubas go get him for this year and don’t bother extending. He could be a key piece in top 6 , 2 of our core 4 on top 2 lines with hyman on one line and gallagher on the other.

    • Why would Dubas sign a “borderline difference maker”? As the resident know it all on everything Leafs youve stated ad nausem that Toronto will only sign “difference makers”

      TJ Brodie? Wayne Simmonds? Aaron Dell?

      Difference makers?

      Still waiting for Pietrangelo to sign in Toronto, “bank it” were your words I believe.

      Ridiculous….. but funny as hell…thanks for the laugh.

      • I never said they would only sign difference makers you dummy and I have tried to tell the LTC this many times but you are in this exclusive club for a reason. Who is typing for you, your POA?

  9. Us Habs fans can’t even have one day to celebrate our new arrival without the skunk entering the garden party. Shame on the agent for trying to negotiate through the media.
    That being said, there’s no reason for panic at this point. There’s lots of time to get an extension done. Bergevin wants to sign Gally and Gally wants to stay in Montreal. I’m confident they’ll get a deal done.
    Dreger, as often, is just spitballing. There is nothing to suggest that it’s Bergevin who’s playing hardball or that the acquisitions of Anderson and Toffoli are a slight against Gallagher. If anything, the new players will help convince Gallagher to re-sign as it shows they’re serious about winning.

    • Howard, there is plenty of time for both sides to come to an agreement. No one knows what the ask and the counter offer are. Both sides are likely trying to feel each other out.

      Gally has the heart of a lion and it would be hard to see him go. But there is rarely room for sentimentality in hockey – we just saw Pietrangelo leave St Louis and both sides tried hard to come to an agreement.

      In my view much depends on term. He is a wolverine but takes a beating every season, all season. I would be surprised if he can play another 4 years before injuries compromise his career. If he is looking for anything beyond 5 years the answer has to be no. Makes me sad to say that but …

      • I agree with both Howard and LJ on this. My first thought was ‘really? this guy bleeds red, white and blue’ but the more I thought about it I am hoping this is being overblown. I would be surprised if MB is playing hardball at this point.
        But as LJ points out Gallagher plays an all out game and with age comes wear and tear. He deserves a nice raise but I would be cautious on term.

    • Hi Howard

      Re “ without the skunk entering the garden party. ”

      I started to laugh out loud… is one/both of ur parents from the UK?

      My mom (from UK) has used that line over my lifetime


      • “popular as a skunk at a garden party” has been around for as long as I can remember – and that’s a long friggen time

      • I never heard tha one.

      • My late mother spent the WW2 years in Budapest and then her family escaped to London when she was 11 so,yes, she grew up in the UK. But I never heard her say that. It’s an old expression I encountered on many occasions.

    • I end to agree, but also thought Bergevin was negotiating thru the media with his comment about using younger players next year and that players may have to take discounts in the coming years if they would like to remain with the Habs.
      With that said, I still think it gets done.

      • The Gallagher thing is agent talk. I’d be amazed if Montreal failed to re-sign the guy.
        Meanwhile I guess the agent needs to show his guy that he’s out there working 110% for him.
        Blah blah blah.

  10. Gallagher was signed to a 6 yr 3.2 contract as a young guy, coming off 19 and 24 goal seasons. Bergevin took a flyer on him that paid off eventually in year 3 and 4, remains to be seen what year 6 brings.
    I like him a lot but he has had two 30 goal seasons in total.
    Ii isn’t a bargain deal, he got term and stability as an unproven young guy, Habs got a player that grew in time,
    Wonder if the Sens would take Hoffman, still the best scorer around.
    I wonder what the story is behind the Schmidt deal as surely there are a number of teams that would have given more than a 3rd rounder eg Boston, Colorado, LA

    • I would find it very hard to believe that Dorion would ever circle back on Hoffman given how it ended. I think they’d be more likely to try and get Duclair back. Personally, I think Duclair would be a better fit. I wonder how far apart they were in the negotiations. From what I heard, it came down to term, but as we are seeing, these players might have to back track unless they want to be playing in Europe.

      • Completely agree. I’d be absolutely floored if Ottawa signed Hoffman, especially at US$5.5M-$6M/year.

        I could see them circling back with Duclair. I have a feeling he is beginning to regret turning down the reported 2 year, ~US$3M/year offer Dorion gave him prior to withdrawing the qualifying offer. Reminds me of Dzingel turning down a 4 year/US$16M offer from Ottawa only to sign a 2 year/US$6.75M deal in free agency. Ouch.

      • If Ottawa did it would be seen as them believing the Hoffman side of the story in the infamous spat with the Karlssons.

        As for Duclair, he made his bed … I think with all the kids looking for spots his stay in Ottawa is history too.

        Maybe he should have Pengy as his agent to try and convince Rutherford he is worth more than $3 mil per and for more than 2 years.

      • Also, I bet San Jose isn’t looking at Hoffman either.

  11. It’s not about winning free agency it’s about winning in the playoffs and regular season. Boston has a great team they need to get healthy and play some of their young guys and see how they perform. If a team has to move a player to get under the cap than fleece them or don’t make a move. Teams with cap room will be king and next year Rask and Krejci come off the books. Bruins in fine shape and they have been on a nice 10 year run.

    • The $1.5M withheld on Backes comes off after this season as well, the only dead cap they are carrying which is nice.

      Teams will probably be facing a flat cap again next offseason. Will Krejci sign a 2 year extension for far less than his current deal.

      Who knows what will happen in net after this season. I could see Rask coming back for a couple more seasons or retiring. I’m not overly confident in Bruins’ goaltending prospects.

      • I never said they would only sign difference makers you dummy and I have tried to tell the LTC this many times but you are in this exclusive club for a reason. Who is typing for you, your POA?

      • Swayman looks OK DM. At least so far. Was the NCAA top tender last year and a Hobey Baker finalist.
        Vladar was a project. Big, athletic and kind of a crap shoot.
        You’re right none are gonna be ready to take the reins in a year, so ya might need to keep Tuuka around for a while. The guy was really good again last year. One of the best in the league IMO.

  12. George with Stutzle out….. wanna do Strome for Logan Brown and pick?

    • Stutzle will be back long before any new season gets under way. And it’s a hand break, meaning he can skate and stay in shape that way while it heals.

  13. Bruins
    Reading the above and questioning what’s up with the Bruins, I’m also wondered about what happened to them the past 7 months. Go back to March 1 and they lead the league in points and looked like the odd’s on favorite to win the cup.
    After the pause in the season they didn’t look the same, then after playoffs Krug gave them the middle finger.

    Couple of days ago someone posted an article about the Bruins owner Jacob, and that his investments were down 40%. ( I think the number was 1.7 Billion). It’s one thing to have your GM ask for 10 MILLION to sign someone when your investments are going up 100 million or so a year, it’s quite another thing to take on a OEL contract when your investments are tanking, remember no doubt Bruins and every other SPORTS teams will lose money next year with NO or FEW fans in the stands, reduced seasons and most likely less TV money.

    All of a sudden the biggest issue is going to be which owner is invested in what ?
    If your in the entertainment business or
    business that support the entertainment businesses, look out below, this is much more than an NHL team problem.

    • Down 40% from when? Their highest point? If that’s the case, he’s still doing fine. His total net worth as of March was $3.4 BILLION and the market was down almost 8K from where it is today so he probably made a bunch of money between then and now.

      So, let’s be ultra-conservative and assume he lost 40% of $3.4B; that’s $1.36B. Now he “only” has $2B. $10M is literally .5% of his net worth. In the meantime, he’s been furloughing workers making minimum wage to shore up his own bank account. Cry me a river for billionaires crying “poor” when things get just a little tough.

    • I’m the guy that posted about the Jacob’s finances.
      The info was in Forbes.
      While I am sure he has money in the stock market, his core business is hospitality and the company is Delaware North. The family business.

      While his business is private and we don’t have access to his debt load, I would bet $20 that he isn’t just using his own $$ and carries debt. Like every other business does. Probably needs to pay it back.

      My point is he may not be done losing money.

  14. And maybe just maybe don’t pis……. off your fan base by going woke and having Evander Kane as your leader. Maybe thank your fans for continuous support over the years when there were strikes and work stoppages while the players were making millions and minimum wage was like 10 bucks an hour and an average ticket was 100.00 and 200.00 for your favorite jersey beer at 8.00 a draft. Like Jeremy Roenick said NHL wake up. NBA is done nobody cares anymore nobody watched. NHL maybe don’t follow in their footsteps and try actually appreciating your fans and thanking them for paying for your wages.

    • With the exception of the woke stuff I tend to agree with most of this.

    • We’ll see about the NBA. All I know is that the Toronto Raptors have a large hard-core base of fans that will fill the seats as soon as they are allowed.
      I’ve been to Leaf games forever and Raptor games a lot, especially since my son and his boys bought season tickets, and the atmosphere at the Raptor games just blows away the hockey crowd.

  15. It’s very possible that the NHL starts back up with no fans in the stands again ….. huge hit for the owners

    • So much for “facing the risks of the marketplace”…

  16. I just saw a tweet that Melnyk says Sens have a 6000 seat safe seating set up for when next season starts. Thats called a “sell out” in OTT when Leafs aren’t in town. Lol

    • Lol, good one.

      Youre spot on of course. As the resident Leafs Insider you know its much better to collapse and fail in front of a full house so everyone can see first hand the difference grossly overpaid and heinously over hyped “difference makers” actually make…

      always good for a laugh Wendel…. keep up the good work..lol

    • Is every Leaf fan like you and your buddy? That reminds me Rangers fans, loud and”special”

  17. The Raptors are irrelevant when it comes to the NBA when a Lakers final is down 70 percent viewership from the previous year than things are not good. The NHL in Canada will always be strong but must get back to being humble like the old days Gretzky ,Robert Gordon Orr, Sakic Yzerman and so on. It’s an absolute dream to play professional sports and it pays not bad either. If you want to get into politics be a politician if your unhappy with the Police join the police force and make a difference or donate half your paycheck to the needy and causes you believe in. No fans no money no league it’s not hard economics. I’ve had NHL season tickets in both Canada and US for years I will compare my jersey collection with anyone’s I ve bought trips to golf with NHL players for thousands of dollars. Play the game that every little kid dreams of playing and give some of your money away to good causes and look after the people who support you -the fans.

    • And, if you want to shovel sh**t, be Obe.

    • Obe, great comment. Your sentiments have been echoed by many Americans who have stopped watching pro baseball, basketball and football on TV. For most sports fans, the games are a break from the daily grind. So when politics are introduced, they say “adios, goodbye, call me when you decide to stop flaunting your political beliefs during my entertainment hours”.

      NBA has already said that the political messaging will be greatly toned down, if not eliminated, next season.l

      • All in all it’s just another, blip in the wall…They’ll be back because they have no alternative and they can simply ignore the parts they don’t like.

  18. Gallagher extended.

    Looking like Tatar & Danault not going to be re-up to ensure cap space.

    Cannot see Tatar resigning for same cap $ so even if Danault is let go to balance out Gallagher’s new cap $ ….some other high $ has to be let go.

    Armia won’t cost anything to resign….if he even wants to.

    • Typical Bergevin, one step forward, 2 steps backwards.
      I think this guy shouldn’t be a gm anymore. Gally is overpaid at least 1,5 mln

    • Lol . Extend habs GM for 6 years like Gallagher. He should have been offered tops 2yrs x $5m or better yet wait and see how the season and he plays out. With his size and style he will be totally broken down by then. What a mess MB is creating but the bigger dummies are his superiors who don’t realize MB doesn’t care because he wont be there when the house of cards collapses.

    • Gentlemen, the skunk has left the garden party. Never in doubt.
      Danault will re-sign; they’ll have space for him. But there won’t be enough for both Tatar and Armia. I’d say Tatar will probably leave and Toffoli will eventually move to LW.

    • Gave Allen an extension too. Showing less than a million in cap space and a roster of 21. Next year they’re showing 14 players and 16 mil to fill out roster.

    • ihatecrosby, the Gallagher signing needs to be viewed in the context of everything Bergevin has done this off-season. As I am not a Habs fan, I will just point out the arithmetic.

      Considering that Alzner’s buyout penalty drops by $2 million in 2021, and adjusting for the contract extensions, the Canadiens will maintain a flat cap hit from the cumulative contracts of
      Alzner (-2M)
      Gallagher (+2.75M)
      Petry, (+0.75M), and
      Allen (-1.5M).

      That leaves MB with the same number of dollars to apply to the non-core players (Tatar excepted).

  19. SIX years?? At $6.1 mil per??? For a guy who will be 34 when it ends, who is 5′ 9″ and 180 lbs soaking wet and who plays with the reckless abandon he does???? Ooo-kay ….

    Mr. Bergevin, your team is greatly improved with your earlier moves but if this is an indication, combined with the 2 year extension to Allen, that you think your cup chances will come in the next two years – you are not THAT improved.

    • George Allen will be gone at the expansion draft he is not protected,

  20. Seattle isn’t taking that bum, don’t be ridiculous.

    • Just like petro is a shoe in for signing with the leafs right? Lol you’re never right let’s be honest

    • I think it gives them an option, Seattle picks 3 tenders, Holtby probably one and Allen at 2.5 or whatever is a great backup for a new club.. if not, perhaps they take either Chariot or Edmundson.. either way, not a bad position

  21. Wilson kept his word with the Labanc signing. Off year but got a nice deal. There is some integrity in the league.

    Hoffman a pure finisher .