The Hoffman Watch Continues In Latest NHL Rumor Roundup

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Rumors, Soapbox | 16 comments



  1. Re Columbus – I also just can’t see Hoffman and his style of one-way play getting along with Tortorella.

    I also notice no one mentions L.A., Detroit, N.J. or Ottawa – all with lots of cap – as possible “suitors” – even at 1 year/$6 mil.

    To me this reporting of “up to 12 teams” is agent-fed hoping to drum up competing offers. I’m more inclined to believe the $3.5/4 mil 1 year offers ,,, and even there I have my doubts.

    Everything about his situation screams “buyer beware” as talk about his involvement in that Karlsson spat circulates.

    • There must be some pong Hoffman emits.

      Taylor Hall has had three 20+ goal seasons since 2014. Hall has had six 20+ goal seasons in a row.

      Hall gets signed quickly. Hoffman is still out there. I wonder if the issues in the Ottawa brouhaha remain with Hoffman. Something is not right.

      • Oops: correction: Hoffman had six straight 20+ goal seasons.

  2. If Sweeney can\t [pull off the Hoffman caper, time to fire that little useless jerk who never seems to accomplish much every year just enough to make the bruins decent in the regular season not enough to get them near the cup

  3. If Sweeney can’t pull off the Hoffman caper, time to fire that little useless jerk who never seems to accomplish much every year just enough to make the bruins decent in the regular season not enough to get them near the cup.

    • WHY would you want Hoffman in Boston? Forget the offense – the guy never gets his skate marks back of his own blue line – can you see that style sitting well with Marchand or Bergeron or any other hard-working two-way players on the Bruins?

    • Didn’t they lose in the SCF to St Louis a year ago?
      In game 7?
      Seem pretty “near” to me Rick.

      • Helluva lot nearer than any of the teams the rest of us follow – except St. Louis, TB and Dallas. I know a team that would kill to go as deep as the Bruins have in recent years

  4. Does Hoffman still have the same girlfriend he had in OTT during the Karlsson saga?

    • I believe so

    • He married her.

  5. George, What’s you take on the Pageau trade?
    Did one side win? Or was it an even trade?

    I’m asking because you’ve seen him in Ottawa.

    In my opinion, it was an even swap.
    Unless one of the picks turns into McDavid or both picks end up as AHL’ ers. I think that Ottawa did just fine.
    Getting a player like Pageau for picks and then signing him to a long extension seems like a win for the Isles.

    Your thoughts?

    • For the “right now” nevinsrip there’s no doubt the Islanders are the winners in that deal. Pageau is a proven “clutch” performer and a C who can move up and down the line-up as needed without killing you – but only for short times at the 1/2 level. At 5′ 10″ he does wilt if used there for long stretches.

      He’s good in the face-off circle and dangerous when killing penalties.

      With Ottawa heading for a total re-build, and young Cs waiting for NHL-time assessment this coming season and next, there wasn’t much point in re-signing him.

      At the outset, I suppose the Sens camp figured that 1st round pick would come in at around mid-round – but the Islanders – helped a lot by Pageau ironically – confounded everyone by going deep (proving Trotz is under-rated when it comes to handing out awards).

      So they had to settle for the 28th pick – which I thought they might deal during the draft – but, no, they hung onto it and took Ridley Grieg – a bit undersized at 5′ 11″ 159 lbs – but what you read about him says he plays with an edge despite his size (sort of like Rossi and Konecny).

      But, of course, we won’t know the full picture there for a couple of years – same with the 2nd round pick. They also have a conditional 3rd round pick in 2021.

      • George I think that the 3 rd pick only came into play if the Isles won the Cup.

        I may be wrong, but I recall LL saying he would be happy to part with the 3 rd.

        I am Bill, by the way.

      • Thanks Bill – I figured that 3rd was something like that but couldn’t remember the details.

        Going to be interesting to see how they handle the Barzal situation. The $3,905,833 they have in cap space will have to be augmented by a trade freeing up at least that same amount since it’s going to cost $7 to $7.5 to get Barzal re-signed – likely for 6 years.

        Under current conditions, and the way teams are approaching them, Lou can pretty much forget getting anyone to take Ladd, Komarov or Boychuk.

        Bailey or Pulock would do it but I seriously doubt Lou’s thinking along those lines. It almost has to be Leddy and his $5 mil contract as he doesn’t have NM-NT protection.

        I doubt he’d want to send him to rival NJ so I can see a deal cooking with L.A., Ottawa or Detroit. My bet would be L.A.

  6. NYR re-sign LW Brendan Lemieux to 2-year $3.1 mil deal – $1,550,000 per. The now have the full 23 signed with current cap space of $4,829,367. That finished their RFAs

    Right now CapFriendly shows them with 14F at the NHL level, but 1 of the ELCs shown will likely start in the AHL which would add about $850,000 to the cap space, bring it up to just over $5,650,000 – enough to still be involved in a trade with a cap-strapped team.

    Nice job by Gorton so far.