NHL Rumor Mill – January 11, 2021

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Matt Dumba wants to remain with the Wild plus updates on Jack Roslovic and Paul Byron in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani reports Matt Dumba was fully aware of the trade rumors swirling about him. Nevertheless, the 26-year-old Minnesota Wild defenseman informed general manager Bill Guerin he doesn’t want to be moved. “This is where I want to be,” said Dumba. “I don’t want to move nowhere.”

Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba (NHL Images)

Guerin reportedly entertained trade offers for Dumba during the offseason, presumably for a first-line center. The blueliner understood that, saying Guerin wouldn’t be doing his job if he wasn’t listening to offers.

Muzitani suggests Dumba could make himself too invaluable to trade if he returns to the form he displayed two seasons ago. The blueliner was on pace for a 30-goal performance when he suffered a season-ending pectoral tear. Dumba struggled through last season, though his game improved over the course of the schedule.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dumba could be the best trade chip the Wild have to land an established No.1 center. Guerin could seriously consider moving him if a rival team makes a suitable pitch.

Dumba’s also the only member of the Wild’s top-four blueliners lacking a no-movement clause. He could be selected by the Seattle Kraken in this summer’s expansion draft if Guerin opts to protect just three defensemen. That scenario will ensure the Dumba trade rumors keep simmering throughout this season.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre examines why some young players have struggled to fit in with the Winnipeg Jets and ended up traded. One factor is the Jets have boxed themselves in financially by signing many of their players to expansive, long-term contracts that can come back to bite them. Another is their roles within the Jets’ lineup.

McIntyre ties those factors to the current contract standoff between the Jets and Jack Roslovic. The restricted free agent has reportedly requested a trade and is home in Columbus. He’s also out of sight and out of mind among his teammates and coaches as his roster spot has been taken over by Mason Appleton. Roslovic’s agent, Claude Lemieux, has also gone silent of late.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McIntyre observes the Jets have the financial flexibility to sign Roslovic with Dustin Byfuglien off their books and Bryan Little slated for long-term injury reserve. The main issue here is his unhappiness over his role with the Jets. McIntyre notes Roslovic sees himself earning top-six minutes as a center but has been relegated to checking-line winger duties.

Roslovic completed his entry-level contract and has little leverage except to stay home and hope for a trade. Once this season begins, Roslovic has until Feb. 11 to sign with the Jets (or another club if traded) or become ineligible to play this season.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan reports there have been rumors of Paul Byron being traded with the Canadiens up against the $81.5 million salary cap. The 31-year-old forward is entering the second year of a four-year, $13.6 million contract. Byron claims he doesn’t listen to trade rumors and is focused on the upcoming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Byron could remain the subject of trade chatter as promising youngsters make their way into the Canadiens’ lineup. However, it’s unlikely he’ll be shopped given the value of his experience and leadership. They’ll employ some other salary-cap gymnastics to become cap compliant when their season opens this week.


  1. There are still teams that are over the Cap per CapFreindly with just two days to go.

    Many are going to use LTIR ; while a couple may slide an ELC or two down for game 1 to be compliant

    However, Knights over by almost $1M, only at 21 players; no LTIR; only Glass on ELC (can be moved down w/o having to clear waivers)… but that would have Knights at 20 (I believe Min reported roster size for season start) and still slightly over… they have to make a move

    Zetterberg still with Det… with absolutely no benefits and only costs to them… a trade???

    • I think that teams not cap compliant but puck drop should be punished heavily. Its not the other teams fault that Vegas are not under. They wont be the only ones either.

      That being said, I must admit I do not understand the whole impact of LTIR. You referenced Zetterberg, does he not still count his regular salary against the cap (for Detroit) until they move him to LTIR? How does moving him to a team against the cap help? Other then Detroit does not have to pay his salary.

      Sorry I just thought it worked that he counted against the cap till move to LTIR where the team could spend extra cash.

      • Hi Greatgonzo

        Correct re Detroit… counts reg until they formally list him on LTIR

        Obviously is best for them to do so… not on LTIR … they pay full Sal (of course less escrow); on LTIR… ins. company picks up most …. per TSN… usually ins picks up about 80%

        CapFreindly is showing him currently as LTIR on the Det roster

        Detroit could trade Zetterberg still above the line (not LTIR) and receiving team could then place him on LTIR when they receive him

        Re punishment if not under… it’s in the CBA; I don’t know the punishment tho

        Agree … should be heavy

        If I’m reading CapFreindly properly… it is only (as at now) Knights , that are in peril of not being at 20 players and Cap compliant

        Other teams over will use LTIR and/or temporarily send down a player or two that can avoid having to clear waivers (ELCs)

      • Zetterberg was not placed on LTIR last year due to the fact Wings never needed his salary to field a 23 man roster. Wings can hold him this year, with his cap hit and still be under the cap with a 23 man roster.

        There is no rush to trade him to a team unless that team is willing to give up something. No need to help other teams for nothing. His cap hit is over 6 million but in real dollars he costs on 1 million, front loaded contract, and if insurance cover 80% then the Wings only on the hook for 200k.

        As far as LTIR, a team could trade for him, place him on LTIR before the 1st day and get cap help only for the amount they are ovr the cap. If they are over 3 million over the cap if they place him on LTIR before the season, they only get 3 million of cap relief. If a team did trade for him they would need to be over the ca by his full cap hit to take advantage of his full cap. That is what Leafs did last year, went over the cap to the amoun they needed to take advantage of full cpa hits on LTIR before season.

      • Bang on Mike

        Savings only $200 K if they move him from where they apparently (per CapFreindly) have him now (LTIR)

        Almost zero incentive to move him without reasonable sweetener coming back

        But what is the reasonable sweetener to Stevie Y and will McCrimmon cede the ask?

        The coversation may centre on Yzerman asking for Krebs and they eventually settle on one of

        NJ’s 2nd; OR
        Elvenes; OR
        Lechyshyn; OR

        No matter what…. Knights have to make a move of some sort…. moving their only ELC (on CapFreindly) down; puts them at 20; and still over…. not by much; but over

        My thoughts this last two months was the easiest route was to move Martinz with a sweetener; then be at 20 at $3M in space….

        If ghis was done a few weeks ago they could have gone the UFA route (Vats? Duclair)

        Now they’ll fill from within

    • @ Pengy or Mike. I was in a hockey pool & someone took Kucherov with his last pick & this other guy thought it was a brilliant no risk move. I disagreed, it was basically just drafting a drop for the half time draft, which is a strategy as well. But he was arguing Kucherov’s surgery has gone well in the NFL & he could be back way early. I said it wouldnt matter because Tampa could never fit his $10mill cap hit back in. He said yes they could as it would be way lower if he came in at the 28 game mark. I dont see how Tampa could easily roll in Kucherov without injuries freeing up cap space. Am I wrong?

  2. Byron is not long for the Habs. With new contracts for Petry and Gallagher kicking in and with others such as Danault or Tatar to sign (I firmly believe the Habs will sign one of them, likely Danault, but not both), there is no cap room for him. He’ll either be traded or taken in the expansion draft. I think it’s best to trade him now if they can and move on.

    • Howard, what do you think Danault costs as a 28 yr old UFA next off season?
      Unless they make him an offer north of $6M, he tests the market IMO. (Hello CLB)
      I suppose it all depends what they think of the progression of Kotkaniemi and Suzuki I guess. If they project them as their 1 and 2C’s after this season, Danualt becomes an expensive 3C.

      • Ray, you have it. Unless Suzuki or KK flops badly this season it is hard to see a scenario where Danault stays next year. He will be missed but too expensive to keep.

      • He would be a suitable replacement for Krejci for a few years….assuming Sweeney can remember how to offer a contract to a free agent.

      • Ya, he would DM. I’m thinking he gets 6×6, minimum.
        Especially if he gets first unit PP time this season.
        RNH will be out there too if he decides to check the market.
        But he is in a pretty good spot on either McDavid or Draisaitl’s wing.
        Kind of what I’m saying is, there will be a strong market for a top 6 C out there, not sure MTL steps up with the kind of offer that keeps him there.

      • Ray,
        A year ago, I would have agreed with you. But obviously things have changed. And mid-level players like Danault are feeling the brunt of it. I figure he gets 4 years, $5-5.5m. AAV. The Habs could manage that, although it would mean parting ways with Tatar and likely Armia.

      • You might be right Howard.
        I view Danault as above the mid level for a C.
        A 2 way C that produces points at the top 6 level will get some action on the market IMO.
        He is in the upper half of point production for 2 C’s over the last couple seasons, and better defensively than the vast majority of them.
        The guy has value.
        Would make a good Bruin or Blue Jacket or Jet or Ranger or, or…..
        I don’t know what the market will be in terms of dollars, but it isn’t hard to find teams that should be interested in him.

    • I agree, Howard. Of all the projected starting forwards Byron is the one I would part with. He can skate like the wind but he is small, gets hurt a lot and of course that means declining production.

      He is too expensive to be a 4th liner and (for this season only) I would rather have Perry get his 4th line minutes.

      • I like Byron, but I’d like him more if he came in a million dollars cheaper. Great on the PK. Skates like the wind, above average hands. I think someone like old friend, Chicago will take him off MB’s hands.

      • Well, crap. Byron is in the starting line up and Perry has been put on waivers.

        The NHL says it is counting on taxi squads to get through the pandemic season. If that is so they should have suspended the requirement to clear waivers when a team wants to put a player on the taxi squad. Losing a player to waivers defeats the purpose of a taxi squad.

  3. Does a #2-3 Dman get you a first/second line center these days.? Dumba is good, I just don’t think that good.Unless you have an over flow of centers, I would think not.

  4. Let’s be clear on one thing. We know Dumba will not be exposed in the expansion draft.

    • not necessarily Caper , I made the same statement a week ago and it was pointed out that they do have the option of going 4 d + 4 fwds. They must protect Parise and Zuccarello ( NMCs ), and for the remaining 2 go with Fiala and Greenway or Eriksson Ek.

    • disregard my repose I mis-read your post

  5. Paul Byron isn’t really going to bring anything of significance back in return, getting his overblown salary off the cap is Bergy’s main goal … that would give him some flexibility in case he wants to make another move or two this year … Tatar & Danault are on the back burner.

    Dumba isn’t worth a #1 centre, that’s why he’s still with the Wild.

  6. Spector’s Hockey is a lot like Twitter … zero freedom of speech.

    • WHAT? I have never had a problem here. Lyle and the majority of posters are great – informative and open to discussion.

    • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences, ed. If you don’t like the rules here, you can always exercise your freedom to air your views somewhere else.

      • Thankyou!

    • Ed is a lot like Twit: Zero thought or value.

    • Excellent play on words, Wendel!
      For what it’s worth, indeed.

    • Ha!

  7. Byron is one of those situations in which he has more value to his own team (Habs) than to others so I don’t see a plausible trade.

    Aside from having an A on his jersey, the team has a much better record when he’s in the lineup than not, and he still has his wheels.

    Danault is in the same situation as many bubble players, worth more money in a shrinking market and at the end of the season a new reality might set in regarding what is fair.

    To date Bergevin has been generous with young players showing potential and has paid them handsomely.

    Bergevin tripled Danault salary to $3 million after an 8 goal season so he can hardly feel taken advantage of by the team.

  8. Should be a busy day. 100+ players are set to hit waivers in a short spell. Wonder if there will be tons of movement, or a league wide agreement to leave other teams stables alone?

    • 1 year @ 4 million for Hoffman. Couple hundred grand more than I predicted.

    • Some names mentioned on this site as possible trade candidates can be had for free today; Ho -Sang, Juulsen and Senyshyn.

      • Juulsen is now property of the Florida Panthers, Ray.

      • That makes sense.

      • Seeing Senyshyn on waivers about makes me want to throw my laptop across the office….what a difference Barzal, Connor or Chabot would make for the Bruins right now.

        Rant over. I’ll get back to work.

  9. Predictions:

    First Head coach fired: Julien (not his fault, no talent to work with)

    First GM fired (unfortunately) Bergevin This guy is a disaster and I love it.

    Assembles a team full of 3rd and 4th liners and 3rd pairing D while up against cap.

    Tear down will further gut them as they will have to add draft picks to dump all these overpaid slugs.

    …and their only 2 used to be top end players Weber and Price already decaying with no way to dump their salaries.

    So so funny listening to the deluded Hab fans like LJ drinking the Kool-aid. Can’t wait for the “shock” of reality to hit.

    Worst positioned team in NHL with no top end talent, no good prospects, no future for a decade as they can’t even tear down this team due to the new economic realities of league.

    My tummy hurts thinking ’bout it.lol.

    • Your tummy hurts from the blue cool aid . Maybe try to go a day without guzzling enough for 10 men .

      • Hi Whalercane

        Pens with the worst prospect pool per that article hurts bad; but not unexpected

        Many “all in” moves in recent years, including 1st round picks and prospects … has left Pens in an “Old Mother Hubbard” situation

      • Whaler, since its dinner time I have prepared a Fact sandwich:

        Fact: NHL is a young man’s game now.

        If your “prospect” is not already performing at a highl or improving level in the NHL or banging like hell on the door one year after they have been drafted then they are likely a “suspect”, not a prospect. Don’t let pundits and media who are just trying to justify their existence confuse you by assessing wannabes and neverwillbes who will fade away to be forgotten and never make it.

        Fact: With an incredible young core already in the NHL, the Leafs have the best true “prospects” in the NHL.

        Chew vigorously before swallowing.

      • Pengy – if it’s any consolation, JR did the same to the Hurricanes – left the prospect pipeline in shambles.

        Nevertheless, we won a Cup here, and you won several there under JR , so it’s hard to argue with the results.

  10. Wendel – you argue that by having better players in the NHL, the Leafs have better prospects.

    Your definition of prospects and mine are radically different.

    • Yes, apparently. A prospect is a player who projects to be better in the future. AM34, Nylander, Marner, Rielly, Lehtonen, Robertson, Sandin et al are already good or great NHLers all whose best days are still ahead. Hence my conclusion.

  11. Any player taken on waivers has to stay on the NHL lineup for 30 days or they go back on waivers and the team picking him can put him right back to the minors.

    Rick Dudley and Shane Churla have close ties to the Habs making me wonder if they grabbed a player they know (Juulsen) or are doing a favor to Bergevin.

    We’ll see.

  12. Lehtonen. Healthy scratch

    • I know , too much talent on D this year but he will set the league on fire this year

  13. Lehtonen will be right side with Muzzin by end of season . He will force the ice time and will be better than Reilly as PP QB.