NHL Rumor Mill – January 2, 2021

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The latest on Patrik Laine, Jack Roslovic and Matt Dumba in today’s NHL rumor mill.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: The trade status of Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic is among Mike McIntyre’s 10 key storylines for the Winnipeg Jets entering training camp.

Is Patrik Laine here to stay, at least for this season? Will Jack Roslovic’s trade wish be granted or will the restricted free agent ultimately be re-signed?”, asked McIntyre. Their statuses are contributing to what McIntyre called “an air of uncertainty hanging over the team.”

Will the Winnipeg Jets grant Jack Roslovic’s trade wish? (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The longer the uncertainty over the futures of Laine and Roslovic, the greater the risk it becomes an unwelcome distraction for the team during the season.

Roslovic’s situation could be resolved first. He’s an RFA whose apparent unhappiness with his role in Winnipeg has bubbled over recently into the media. It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s moved before the regular season opens on Jan.13. Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff will probably want a quality asset in return, like a defenseman who can help the Jets blueline right away.

Laine is under contract for the coming season. While his agent floated the notion of a trade during the offseason, there aren’t any reports of the winger pushing the issue. It seems like his camp and Jets management could take a wait-and-see approach this season.

TWINCITIES.COM: Addressing the No. 1 center position is among Dane Mizutani’s five storylines worth watching as the Minnesota Wild begin training camp on Sunday.

It appears offseason acquisition Marcus Johansson will be their first-line center because there are no other suitable options. Wild GM Bill Guerin gave Johansson a big vote of confidence but the 30-year-old forward struggled at the center position in the past.

Shopping defenseman Matt Dumba could be among the options if the issue needs to be addressed this season. Mizutani pointed out Guerin dangled Dumba as trade bait in the past and he has proven unafraid to pull the trigger on trades he feels will help the Wild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Guerin indicated in November he’s prepared to start this season with Dumba in the lineup. However, he didn’t state the 26-year-old blueliner was untouchable.

Trade speculation dogged Dumba through most of last season. Of the Wild’s top four defensemen, he’s the only one lacking a no-movement clause, meaning Guerin could be forced to expose him in this summer’s expansion draft if he opts to protect just three blueliners.

That issue alone could ensure Dumba remains a topic for media trade chatter, which will only intensify if Johansson can’t get the job done as their first-line center.


  1. Roslovic to NYR for Howden. Howden hasn’t really established himself in NY, and not sure what his ceiling/future is with Rangers. He’s also from western Canada so maybe being closer to home and a change of scenery would be better for both. (Roslovic from Ohio). Guessing Gorton already has a relationship with Roslovic agent since he already just negotiated a deal for his son , Brendan Lemieux. Even though Jets are perceived to need a dman, Statsny not a long term solution at center.

    • Why would Chevy trade Roslovic for Howden? Howden is basically a 3rd line scrub take more then Howden to get Roslovic 29 other teams in the NHL would offer Chevy better players then just Howden.

      • Gary, so maybe Rangers would add a pick? But, Howden is younger and his stats in his short career are basically same as Roslovic in 1st couple years. Don’t see how he is a scrub.

      • NYR4 says they are NOT “shiny objects” like Ben Hutton. Lol…he is a crack researcher I guess.

      • Don’t run from your moronic statements and thoughts NYR4, embrace them, as your signature. You make the LTC proud, I’m sure.

      • It’s a true bolland situation ny.

      • I initially had inference typed in but changed it so u would understand.

    • I have not seen Roslovic play much but is on the Howden level? Howden has regressed from his first half a season in the NHL even when given decent wingers and too much ice time.

      • ds. Roslovic is a better skater, faster than Howden. He’s a year older than Howden, but still has upside. Both were late 1st round picks.

  2. What was Guerin thinking trading away his centers, leaving Johansson as his #1?

  3. Hope all is well with George

    He is usually posting more than once a day and haven’t seen him on here for a bit

    • Probably taking the holidays off.

      • Thanks Lyle

        Hope your New Years went well

        Was just concerned

        Ur probably right 😀


      • I think George is shadowing politicians in St Barts……

    • Why do you care? And your concerned? Wow

      • Wake up angry again today Ed?

      • Wasn’t your heart supposed to grow three sizes last month?

      • Its been a nice break from Mr Arrogant

    • @pengy..like rosolvic,23, slick, playmaker, and can scoot..

      12 goals 40 points perfect fit with McCann and jankowski.

      Winnipeg needs defense justp rikola can play in their bottom pair or even second.

      His cap hit $894,166. He scored as many as haula and 6 years younger..

  4. Re Roselevic….

    just for fun…., 3 team trade suggestion….

    Jets (for Roselevic ) get:
    – Martinez at $2M Cap;( $2M held by Wings)
    – NJ’s 2nd (via Knights)
    – Dugan OR Leshyschyn (from Knights)

    Wings (for a net cash increase of ~ $1.44 M cash [$2M retention on Martinez less escrow less insurance premium on Zetterberg] )get:
    – Roselevic

    Knights for a 2nd; and a prospect; get

    – $4M Cap freed up with Martinez exodus (then sitting @ $78.5 M [with $3M space] and 3 positions to be filled)
    – Zetterberg …. another $6.1 M in valuable LTIR …. could then sign Hoffman AND Vats

  5. So, if I’m reading this correctly Pengy, the Wings trade Z’s LTIR and eat $2M of Martinez’s salary cap hit, and get Roselevic ? I just don’t see it. I can see the Wing’s trading Z’s LTIR and or eating some cap hit, but I don’t think Roselevic is what they are looking for in return. Despite what Roselevic says, he is nothing more than a #3 C, and that’s too much to pay to get one of those.

    • Hi Iago

      It’s a long shot at best just like any 3 team trade

      The net for Wings is paying ~ $1.44 M cash for Roslevic

      Note …. Carolina paid $3.8 M cash (Marleau trade) for a player that has never played a game in the NHL yet and won’t (likely will eventually but no guarantees he does end up in the NHL) until 21/22 at the earliest…. Jarvis

      $1.44 M for a quick 23 yr old player already with with 180 games under his belt is not too shabby…. Detroit on the re-build… 23 year olds fit into that plan

      Setting that aside…. Knights over Cap… Have to make a move…. Martinez most likely move

      Also… Zetterberg is useless to Stevie Y right now; actually costing him some insurance premium cash…. use him in a trade

      • If Knights retained 25% (now at $3M Cap) ; then to Detroit ; who then retain 50% of that ($1.5 M Cap)…. Detroit then is “buying” Roslovic in that 3-way; for net cash of $1.04 M

        Jets get Martinez for $1.5 M cap hit

      • Hi Pengy. I agree that Z’s LTIR is a waste here, and that Yzerman is probably shopping it. I just don’t buy Roselevic as a worthy target. And if Detroit were to get him, I don’t think they would protect him in the expansion draft – so they trade for him, and a year later he goes to Seattle ?

    • Of course you can’t see it, nobody does … delusional as usual.

      • Well Eddie, none of the “delusional ” trades I have rejected have come to pass, have they ? As for Roselevic in Detroit, strange as it may sound, I don’t think he makes the top six here either – certainly not over Larkin, Mantha, and Bertuzzi – nor over Fabbri or Zadina. So maybe he fits in over – Ryan or Namestnikov ? And Roselevic certainly doesn’t seem to be aa great team mate – can you see him accepting a bottom six role here ? No – but that what he would probably get.

  6. I concede i havent Roselevic play all that much, so I must be missing something. Can anyone shed some light why a guy with 12 goals as a career high, and 29 points has much value?

    • Hi Systemol

      It’s more an investment (noted with risks attached) in the future

      He’s 23 now ; numbers have been increasing; and does have nice speed

      Personally I think he will get to a 17 – 22 G production level on another team

      4 more years of those rights (to the RFA) …. to me has value

      How much value is the point… my opinion is that “buying” those 4 years worth of rights @ $1.44 M cash; IS a deal

      I was only throwing out a ships ‘N giggles 3-way trade …. they are a rarity

    • Not sure your missing anything Systemtool.
      I will take a few guesses at what is going on:
      Roslovic was a late 1st rd pick and he wants or believes he should be in the top 6, at least this is what is out there.
      WPG disagrees because they made a move to bring in a 35 yr old, more expensive, declining offensive production, Stastny to play the role Roslovic wants or thinks he deserves.
      Or maybe he just didn’t like how the contract negotiation is going, so his agent is trying to apply pressure by letting the press know he wants a trade.
      Or he doesn’t like living in WPG.
      I dunno.
      Or he was going to get that role and the “rare talent” Laine threatened to request a trade if he didn’t get a 2C that could feed him chances, so they got Statsny to keep him happy. That has also been rumored.
      Bottom line is he has no leverage other than with holding his services, so here we are. This almost never works and actually reduces the chances of WPG being able to get a fair return.
      If I was him, I would accept the offer and play as well as you can, because after this season WPG still needs a 2C and has plenty of talent up front to help make your #’s look good, and helps WPG get value back and for him to get paid.

    • All I can say is he has promise but if he views himself as a natural centre. A quote from Roslovic himself. Something must be lacking for the Jets to go and get stastny.

      Perhaps Laine will eventually be moved opening a roster spot for Roslovic on the wing.

      Defensive help is what is considered the bigggest need for the Jets. Can Roslovic bring that. Perhaps a fit can be made with Ottawa and all their young D. Branstrom may fit with the Jets. Lassi Thompson?

      Ottawa forward positions are all very much up for grabs. Lots of young potential but none have really gotten a solid grip on the open positions.

      • Roslovic has speed. Is timid in traffic. Probably best suited for C considering he won’t go into the corners.

        If other teams have high praise for Rollover, I suggest now is the time for Chevy to move him.

        Maybe someone will over pay.

      • Roslovic – another guy who’s head is warped with his joke of an agent, Claude Lemieux, filling his head with horse apples. The reason he’s on the Jets third line isn’t a secret, he plays like a third liner at this point in his career. Want the second line role? Great, go earn it! It’s not like the Jets are insanely deep at offensive centers. Ridiculous demands from a ridiculous agent.

      • Caper,

        If he wont go into the corners to check isnt he best suited for the Leafs and their marshmellow style of pond hockey?

        Asking for a friend

  7. I continue to be stunned at the INACTIVITY with camps opening and season pending!! There are SO many teams with work to do—rosters to fill, cap issues, contract signings(RFA)…….What is the delay?

    • Limited salary-cap space. Too many teams have little to work with and there aren’t a lot of teams with room able or willing to work out a trade.

      • I also think the expansion draft is causing issues.

      • Thanks Lyle,

        Let’s look at the Devils as an example—Cap friendly only lists 9 forwards and 6 d’men (with Bratt to sign)!? Their camp opens tomorrow. Are they just going to fill/complete a roster by plucking 5 or 6 players off waivers at the last minute?? Seems like a rough way to start a season!! That’s just 1 example.

  8. You already know before they even drop the puck that that team you root for is already dead when Marcus Johansson is your #1 centre.

  9. the Wild are kinda screwed with Dumba , they have 3 d men with NMC’s so it will most likely be trade him or chance loosing him to Seattle in the expansion draft.
    Jets trade Roslovic (if he wants a chance to play top 6 here it is ) + Poolman or Niku + one more asset as in a B prospect or mid round pick for Dumba

    • Wild forwards are garbage so they will just protect 4 D. There is no expansion issue just a crappy roster issue.

      • I see the light now , makes sense. Not only 3 NMC’s on D but Parise and Zuccarello as well. Guerin has his work cut out.

      • Wild need to Blow that up … what a mess

    • Sorry Fergy, that package does not land Dumba. That’s 3 highly unproven pieces that likely don’t make any impact at the nhl level for a bonafide nhl defenseman.

      Other teams will blow that package out if the water.

      • How about the Pens send Pettersson to Winnipeg for Roslovic? They can’t afford to pay Pettersson and Matheson that much and Matheson will be too hard to move

      • I hear you CK , just trying to find a home for Roslovic. It would likely be the best place for him to prove himself, he would very likely get the ice time he thinks he merits in Minnesota.

      • No problem Fergy, no harm in trying to find a home for Roslovic. And i do agree that Minny would be a good place for him, as their forwards are awful. He would surely get all the ice time he feels he deserves.

      • Soooooo can the Wild not just offer sheet Roslovic, perhaps double what the Jets are offering & force Chevs hand, perhaps offer a 2021 3rd & 2022 conditional 3rd which will be way more than what they would get for compensation on the offer sheet.

  10. The Sabres might be interested in Roslovic but he would likely be on the third line with Sam Reinhart and Tage Thompson. If that would work I could see the Sabres offering up either Miller or Montour.

  11. Package Laine. And Roslevic for Debois from CBJ and a pick

  12. Winnipeg wants a defencemen so like someone said yesterday Laine and Roslevic for Savard(who’s been rumored on the trade block) and Dubois sounds more reasonable.

    • A minimum fair trade from Jets perspective from an unbiased observer who doesn’t care is:

      Laine for Dubois, Savard with extension in place and an unprotected 1st. And it is still not a move I would make as Jets GM.

      Laine is 3rd best scorer in NHL , yes definitely better than both Pastrnak and Draisetl ove the long haul.

      • And the comedic drivel continues in 2021!!

      • Lol. Holy crap! That’s one of the top 70 dumbest things you’ve posted here, Wendel. Might even challenge for top 20.

  13. Would the CBJ be interested in
    Krejci & ….. lets start the rebuild now

    • No one is interested in Krejci or he would have been moved by now.

      • Who told you that ?

      • Just read where Sweeney has inquired about JLD.

        As much as I would like to see JLD in a Boston uni.

        Boston doesn’t have a one for one, unless McAvoy and that’s not happening.

        Debrusk, Studnicka and a pick.

      • Krejci would interest plenty of teams. All depends on if he waives his NTC to go to said destination.

      • Only if he was making league minimum. He is now a 3RW dime a dozen slug playing 2C because Bruins roster is garbage.

      • Better be a really good pick Caper. Tough deal for BOS to make because of what you said. But ya, he is exactly the type of young C Boston needs.
        Perhaps they take a run and Nuge if he doesn’t sign an extension with Edmonton.
        Methinks CLB wants a C in return. Tough for CLB to win this trade, so they likely do what Chevvy did with Trouba, wait til you have to.

      • I know it must be tough knowing your team is going to be an irrelevant bottom feeder for the next decade, but therapeutically speaking it would be cathartic to just say, you know Wendel, you’re right as usual. Now take your meds….and repeat after me. : I’ve been duped Park is a Ranger, I’ve been duped ….

      • You have ZERO credibility, Wendel! We enjoy your drivel as comic relief at best. Thanks for the laughs, even though it is YOU we all laugh at!

  14. Johansson is good. Always liked him as second line winger. Second PP. Second pk unit (note the trend ). He also gets dinged up frequently. Big trouble if he is your number one C. There has to be a deal in the works from the last trade deadline or over the summer time. They did move Koivu E. Staal which I thought would be in advance of a deal. Makes sense and almost mandatory to move Dumba but no idea for what except for a top flight Center.

    • And we have another contender! Keep em coming, Wendel!

  15. Roslovic for D Angelo or Fox….. since we provided Trouba for …….. Neal Pionk/
    Prospect and gave Brendan Lemieux for lending us Hayes for 4 weeks…. think the Rangers even got Fox for free. Lol