NHL Rumor Mill – January 23, 2021

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The latest on the Columbus Blue Jackets’ efforts to trade Pierre-Luc Dubois in today’s NHL rumor mill.




SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman was among several pundits last night reporting on the Columbus Blue Jackets’ efforts to trade Pierre-Luc Dubois.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are aggressively shopping Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

General manager Jarmo Kekalainen is reportedly aggressively shopping the 22-year-old center after he was benched for most of Thursday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Friedman speculates a deal could come as early as Saturday morning

Sources claim the Winnipeg Jets are offering up a package that includes forward Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic, a Columbus native who’s currently unsigned. The Anaheim Ducks are believed to have increased their offer while the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens are said to be among the suitors. Friedman reports it’s not believed the Canadiens are willing to include center Nick Suzuki in their offer.

Friedman’s colleague Chris Johnston tweeted the Jets are believed to have the best offer on the table. The Blue Jackets are continuing to gauge the market to see if they’ll get better offers.

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports it’s unclear if Dubois will be enough to land Laine and Roslovic or if the Jackets will have to sweeten the pot. The Jets are said to be in the market for a defenseman. Laine is a restricted free agent this summer and getting him to agree to a long-term extension will be a concern for the Jackets. Portzline speculates it could cost around $2 million annually to sign Roslovic.

It’s unknown what the Ducks and Canadiens are offering. Portzline believes the Jackets would be interested in top prospects such as the Ducks’ Trevor Zegras or the Canadiens’ Cole Caufield.

In a recent mailbag segment, Lisa Dillman was asked if the Los Angeles Kings should pursue Dubois. She feels there’s no trade fit between the Kings and Blue Jackets, pointing out the Jackets will want a player in return who gives them some version of what Dubois gives them. Promising young Kings prospects like Alex Turcotte and Quinton Byfield have yet to play an AHL game, let alone an NHL contest.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: George Richards believes the Panthers should get into the bidding for Dubois. He could fill the second-line center role behind Aleksander Barkov, giving the Panthers a solid one-two punch down the middle. Panthers general manager Bill Zito is former assistant GM of the Blue Jackets and knows Dubois and Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen well. Richards doubts a package of draft picks and prospects will get it done because the Jackets aren’t in rebuild mode.

TSN: The Panthers are among Frank Seravalli’s list of seven teams that don’t have an interest in Dubois or the assets to acquire him. The Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers, Nashville Predators, Toronto Maple Leafs and Vegas Golden Knights are the others.

Seravalli wondered if the Canadiens would part with Jesperi Kotkaniemi to land Dubois. His colleague, Pierre LeBrun, listed the Minnesota Wild, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers, Detroit Red Wings, Washington Capitals and Arizona Coyotes reached out to the Jackets.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty reports the Bruins are not among the clubs pursuing Dubois.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch believes as many as 20 teams have reached out to Kekalainen about Dubois. However, he doubts the Senators are among them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubois could be traded to one of the aforementioned teams by the time you read this. On the other hand, this could drag on throughout the weekend or perhaps longer. It’ll be interesting to see what the deal looks like when it finally goes down.

Kekalainen wants to trade Dubois as soon as possible. The center’s benching on Thursday created a festering situation that threatens to worsen if left unaddressed. Nevertheless, he’s not going to just give him away. He’ll want a return that provides immediate help to his struggling roster.

Many of the teams linked to Dubois could merely be doing due diligence. They’re understandably interested in the two-way center but could quickly back away once they learn about the asking price. Still, one of them could surprise with a last-minute offer that meets the Jackets’ requirements.

That return could come from the Jets if Laine and Roslovic are part of a package deal but the Jets will certainly want more than Dubois in return. A defenseman might have to be included in that package.

The Canadiens have been linked to Dubois for some time with speculation suggesting Suzuki or Kotkaniemi will have to be part of the package. Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin could be reluctant to part with either promising youngster especially given their roles in the Habs’ strong start to this season.

I’m not sure what the Ducks could offer up besides Zegras to the Blue Jackets. Maybe GM Bob Murray packages Zegras with another young forward like Sam Steel, Max Comtois or Max Jones.

The Flames already seem set with Elias Lindholm and Sean Monahan as their top-two centers. They may have to part with one of them or perhaps a winger like Johnny Gaudreau to make this work.


  1. Laine AND Roslovic for PLD… I don’t think Chevy goes that rich

    Habs… Cap$’s have to come back just to balance (Tatar??) ; then main part of trade… Kotka (and pick/prospect)…. GMMB should not move Suzuki

    Throwing this out there…

    Tatar, Kotka, Caulfield for PLD and Texier

    Perhaps balancing picks … 4th for 2nd ; 5th for 3rd

    Not really sure what GMJK would want from Ducks

    • No way in Hell is Texier getting traded.

      • Hi Paul

        Turns out you were bang on with that 👍

    • Laine isn’t rich on his own. People think he is but not for Columbus, not without a signed extension so you are getting a year at the most of him if that because he is banged up already.

      • Both Laine and PLD will be RFA when current contracts expire. They are team controlled for at least 2 (2.5) years.

    • Pengy…hope all is well. I don’t beleive Texier will be included in any deal. He is now shifted to C and they view him as part of the long-term solution to solidifying the middle. Not sure how I feel about the long-term prospects for success running Domi and Texier down the middle but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

      • Was just doing a ships n giggles proposal and included him not only as he is a good young player but also a francophone

        I go out and do shopping only to get back and see the trade has happened

        As I now I believe Chevy lost this deal

    • Pengy,

      Drop Tatar from your offer & add Drouin, & I would do it in a heartbeat.

      That said, the only three that “I” deem untouchable in the Habs organization at this point are Suzuki, Romanov & Primeau.

      The Habs will overpay to add a francophone top six centerman.

      But even the majority of francophone media in Montreal says they will pass on Pierre-Luc if it means giving up Suzuki.

      Suzuki isn’t going to be a Matthews, Draisaitll or even a Tavares point producer. But he does possess all the tools to be a Patrice Bergeron. An all round, dependable centerman with exquisite leadership abilities who makes others around him play to their greatest abilities. Centermen, leaders like that are are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building a championship team.

      • Hi Uwey

        Was out shopping and just found out Jackets/Jets deal done

        I was surprised

    • That is what folks thought about PLD after last season’s playoffs as well Uwey. He was an all around beast, that produced at the most physical and important time. All over the ice.
      6’3″, 218, C’s seem to be worth a lot as well.
      You guys know Suzuki better than I do, but from the outside, I would trade him for PLD all day. CLB would want an addition IMO so depends what that is I guess.

      • Ray,

        Maybe so, but I now question Pierre-Luc’s character.

        The Habs just went through a situation with Domi where he sulked & put himself ahead of his team. Now that Pierre-Luc has raised some of the same red flags with his on ice antics of late .

        His character is the biggest question mark now. Character is what creates leadership.

    • Pengy…this has puzzled me since the summer.

      If it was known by CLB that Dubois wanted out of town why didn’t MTL and CLB make Dubois part of the deal for Domi?

      It would have allowed all players involved to quarantine and start with their new teams at the start of the season.

      • Daryl

        Absolutely bang on

    • Columbus made out big time in Laine and rosolvic.

      Pengy…penguins need a top 4 defenseman to compete for the cup..

      Messaged you on different post…

      Duncan Keith playing tremendous hockey, at 37, skating g terrific, making good decisions, controlling the play..

      He has two more years left which fits our win now mode. You put Duncan Keith with john marino our top 4 can skate and move the puck..
      POJ Looks terrific just need to figure one spot.

      To Pittsburgh
      Duncan Keith is at $5.45 million

      To CHicago
      Pettersson is at $4.025 to million
      Zack aston reese at $1.0 million

      We have young defensemen coming Cam Lee, Joshua Maniscalco, William Reilly and of course pierre oliver Joseph

      We have enough scoring

      Rumors are starting to surface Keith wants to play for a contender…

      Nashville Ryan Ellis is another top 4 guy I would look at..

      Maybe Malkin to Nashville

      Ryan Ellis eric haula to Pittsburgh.

      • Hi BnG

        Sorry must have missed your other post. Was it on Morning Coffee side?

        I’m not opposed to Keith but Chi would need to retain 50% …. just due to risk of out years.

        Yes he has said he wants to be on a winning team but has also said he wants to stay in Chi (and has full NMC)

        If Zucker continues as is he’s got to go…. I thinking (and hoping) that it is just due to very short training camp and no exhibition games….. he just can’t give or receive a pass; and is continuously panicking and dumping puck out of Pens end (instead of starting a breakout) which gives opposition possession

        Perhaps he is playing through an injury to wrist or hand ???

        Rust was great last night

        I like the third line

        I liked what I saw of Pierre-Olivier Joseph 👍👍

        Ruhweedel still scares the living crap out of me

        He comes in first game and starts out great (like he did a few times last year after extended time off)…. but then after first game he has his brain farts again and has been directly responsible for two goals since then (similar pattern to last year)

        Patterson is injured. You and I don’t see eye to eye on him

        I really like the Marino/Pettersson pairing

        Would be over the moon if Pens could get Soucy

        Not a chance Gino waives to allow a trade

        Unfortunately we have to be realistic with GMJR’s ability to get any truly beneficial positive deal done

        He won’t get Soucy… no way Billy G let’s him go

        Dallas sitting with 8 D…. would love to get Big Jamie O back for 3rd pair

        Staal (50 % retained) for ZAR and Laffy

        TSN talked about Dermott for a forward (they were citing Jumbo out for 4 or more weeks and that Leafs had AHL D’s that could jump up and replace him if moved)

        Dermott would be an excellent add to Pens

    • @Pengy.
      Just had my coffee as well watching the NHL replay of the rangers penguins.

      Yes rudwhedel goes in to the corner where dumoulin was falls down smashes in to dumo ranger walks to the net untouched scores.

      Leturover had several but great shootout goal

      Pierre oliver Joseph is only going to better…

      Pettersson is young, decent but soft and isnt goi g to help us win a cup..

      We have pierre oliver Joseph Cam lee and William rielly all left handed defensemen coming..

      Pettersson Zak Aston reese get us duncan Keith money is even..Chicago could retain some if needed..

      Two top 4 lefthanded defenseman we could pursue to play with john Marino..

      Duncan Keith 5.5 mill 2 years left

      Niklas hjlmarsson 5.0 Ufa next season

      Either one of these two help us a ton…

    • @ Pengy..was on pgh hockey now they listed 5 dmen. Rutherford may pursue…one is your boy so all lefthanded D

      1.vegas 22 nicholas Hague

      2. Wild 26 Carson soucy

      3. Red wings 30 Danny dekeyser

      4. Red wings 28 jon Merrill

      5. Vegas 33 nick Holden

      Apparently Anaheim ducks scouts in town for penguins rangers 2 game series

      Ducks penguins frequent trade partners Interesting

      Ur thoughts

      • Hi BnG

        1. Soucy

        No thanks on Merril

        Dekeyser … too expensive

        Holden too long in the tooth

        Again ‘ I highly doubt Keith waives his NMC

        If he does it won’t cost both Pettersson and ZAR

        Unfortunately I don’t see McKrimmon giving up Hague…. Martinez goes after this year…. Hague in at less than 1/4 of that Cap

        The way Zucker is playing …. he better pick it up… move him back to Wild…. no way Billy G takes him now (the way he is playing) … but….

        Zucker, Ruhweedel


        Soucy, Rask, Beckman…


        Marino /*Soucy (while Pettersson off)

        *Ceci/*P-O J

        *When Pettersson returns (to be with Marino), bottom pairing is Soucy/Po-J with Soucy playing on his off side

        Since the way Zucker is playing now there is no way Billy G will take hm back; a more likely trade is

        Rusty for Soucy/Beckman

        Then Pens down a top 6 forward

        If the miracle of Keith waiving NMC does come (it won’t)…. Chi must retain 50%

        Then Petterson and CR for Keith




    • “nevinsrip on January 22, 2021 at 3:42 pm
      PLD to Winnipeg with Roslovic plus, going to the Jackets.”

      If PLD wants out of Columbus, lets see how he likes Winnipeg.”

      Posted yesterday right here.

  2. Servalli’s list of 7 that are either not interested or don’t have the assets for PLD ; did not include Pens????? So Pens a possible suitor? How Servalli?

    Pens’ prospect cupboard is bare; they are needing a D trade now; and I can’t fathom what GMJK would take in trade for PLD

    I think Servalli’s list has to go to 8 at least

  3. This seems like we have been here before….Matt Duchene…how did that work out for the trading team and receiving team(s)????

    • How did Carter work out for LA? How did Gaborik work out?

  4. Danault, Caufield and Fleury could possibly entice Columbus for DuBois. It might be a two-week hell for the Habs if Danault is traded, while the two injuries heal. Columbus won’t miss DuBois as much, because he wasn’t being used as much as he should have been.

    • I have to respectfully disagree that Danault would be a centerpiece roster player to move the needle on any deal for CBJ. I also completely understand MTL likely very happy w/ Suzuki and KK down the middle & has no interest in trading them for Dubois. Unless MB is obsessed w/ landing PLD and gets into bidding war mode, I don’t see MTL-CBJ as good trade partners in this deal

      • Totally agree, Danault is a 3rd liner on a really good team … KK & Caufield for starters …

  5. Monahan + any prospect for Dubois. Fingers crossed.

  6. Is anyone certain Laine would want to be in Columbus long term?
    3way trade seems more likely to me if Winnipeg involved
    but at the same time does Dubois want to play in the Peg….

    I call the Ducks land him

    • Interesting . PLD to the peg Laine to the ducks Zegrus to CBJ ? might need picks and prospects mixed in ? Not sure if the cap works just spit balling if there is a 3 way trade .

    • Great points. Wpg can’t sign him to an extension since he is on 2 years (I think it can be done with 1 year or less) and it is doubtful either he or Laine would sign long term if swapped so the value of either player is actually quite low. You are only going to get a few games out of Laine and only this year, and you will get 1 additional from DuBois. He plays C and the other plays wing. Center is worth more especially a 200ft center. Just the way it is. So it should be a Laine plus deal just to break even

      • AZHockeyNut, You are putting centres and wingers in 1 big group (Apples to Oranges). Not all Apples or Oranges are equal in quality/taste. Laine is more valuable than Dubois if he would agree to an extension, imo.

    • By the sounds of it the Ducks are a good choice ds.

      That said, neither player has any form of trade protection, so they don’t have a say in where they are traded to.

      If your Columbus or Winnipeg you need to make this trade with one thing in mind, and thats getting the best return possible. You cant worry about if said player wants to be there long term or not. Make the best trade possible and try and sell the City/organization after the fact.

      If an organization like the two mentioned start trying to guess what players want to be there long term they will never get anything accomplished.

      Just my thoughts.

    • If Montreal won’t part with Suzuki for him I wouldn’t give up Zegras for him. He’ll be better than Dubois.

    • Good thoughts Canadian King. I don’t think they are considering what the player wants in this situation.
      I’m not sure if the “market” is the real reason PLD wants out. Who knows, I posted yesterday my guess is Torts. Just because he is an A-hole.
      IMO CLB would want an adder from WPG for Laine. WPG likely thinks Roslovic is too much of an adder and I would agree.
      IMO the value of the 2 is pretty close so if it does include Roslovic then CLB needs to add, but nothing crazy.
      Of course the $ needs to work.
      If Laine wants to leave there too, make another deal I guess.

      WPG makes sense IMO, as I don’t know who ANA sends that makes sense for CLB in the right now.

  7. Why would Sweeney go after a young talented proven scorer? He is not the usual deadwood that he typically acquires. Sweeney will ride last years regular season success for a few years. The team is good but flawed depending on one scoring line.Tampa Bay exposed the Bruins in the playoffs. While other teams with more aggressive GMs continue to improve, Sweeney sits back , Maybe there is another Brett Ritchie out there.

    • Why trade more assets when they have over 30 million in cap space next year? Maybe you should root for the Senators.

  8. Backland, Bennett, and a 1st for Dubois.

    If Dubois came to Calgary there is no 2 week isolation period. Anyone coming into Alberta has to have a COVID test before they leave, upon landing in Calgary they get another rapid test, if they are both negative you are free to go anywhere within the province, then 3 days later a 3rd test and if you pass that you are good to go.

    So if he came to the Flames he could play for them in about 3 days which makes it very enticing.

    • That package doesnt land Dubois, not even close. Flames would need to with Monahan or a Lindholm.

    • Lindholm, Hanafin, and 1st for Dubois…a long suffering CBJ fan can have delusions of grandeur right 🙂

      • Deacon, I really hope the Flames can land PLD but that is a little rich. Remember Columbus is trading from a position of weakness. PLD put a gun to their head and GM’s know this. Just ask Burke when he had to trade Bure he never did get fair value.
        I could see a Monahan straight up for PLD. That is tilted in the Flames favour but that is the problem when players demand trades then to add insult to injury PLD rubbed it in by not playing hard.

        Maybe Johnny and Bennett and a Second.

    • Flames have been looking for a game changing C since Niewendyk left. They stopped the goalie carousel, time for the C position. Go get him.

      • Arnie, I have to say I am intrigued by a possible CBJ-CAL deal. I think the roster player assets are there for a couple very interesting deals that would be give-to-get win-win deals. I think they fit quite well if Treivling is interested ins shaking up the core to land Dubois. This trade is an inflection point in the future of the CBJ franchise…it will be fascinating to see it play out.

    • Nice try fanboy … thanks for playing though …

  9. Yesterday I read alot of comments on here, that felt PLD value has dropped and JK wouldn’t get as much of a return.

    I will disagree with that sentiment, PLD is a hot commodity, a young proven C with size, speed and grit.

    Unfortunately Boston doesn’t have the quality Columbus wants, has the quality but not quality.

    The more teams interested the higher the price.

    I’m a Laine fan, but Winnipeg needs another C and if Columbus born Roslovic is part of the package, then it need to be more then PLD coming back.

    • I was one of them Caper, and if the teams and amount of them is accurate, I may be proven wrong.
      At least I was right about them not being able to play him after that episode, I suppose in a Captain Obvious moment.

    • It isn’t that Sweeney would have gotten Dubois it irks me that he wouldn’t even try . He put himself in contract problems with the cap because he has wasted money and cap space on fringe players. Sign fringe players after you compete for players that matter.

  10. Fire Tortorella … and keep Dubois …

    • That was my wish all along too.
      Maybe then players wouldn’t be in a dead run for the exit doors in Columbus.

  11. For JK if considering Laine, one would have to wonder how does Laine free spirit and speaking his mind will mesh with Torts.

    It’s only 2 season removed when it was reported that Laine was clashing with captain Wheeler on how Wheeler was getting into the young guys face on the team.

    • Exactly. And it’s not like Paul Maurice is that different a coach from Tortarella.

  12. There will be 20 teams in on this. Jackets will short list and If Calgary a contender it will be a multiple player deal. Don’t think Monahan straight up but involved. Tough breaking up that chemistry with Johnny G.
    Ducks have some young assets and could be on a short list. They would be reluctant to move on Zegras. Steel Terry Comtois and Drysdale
    Jets Laine Rosolovic Dubois Carlsson

    • I think the CLB might have to add a little bit more than Carlsson just because he is unproven. Wonder what Deacon thinks of him.

  13. It’s done!,
    Glad it didn’t drag on for months.
    I think the Jets made an outstanding deal!,
    Congrats to all Jet fans

    • Ya good move for both teams considering the players involved were “disgruntled” in some way.
      Well done Jarmo.
      Still needs a top C, but Laine can help with getting that if he chooses.
      Really curious to see how these guys play in their new locations?
      Statsny or Dubois to the wing on 2nd line?

    • Big win for Winnipeg. Fantastic value for Laine. I honestly can’t believe Chevy got PLD for a one dimensional winger, who struggles to skate, and some kid sitting on his couch.

      • Lol, I couldn’t have put it better myself

      • Ya, WPG got the best player SOP.
        If PLD has his head on straight, which I think he does, this changes the Jets big time.
        Can I change my picks for the North division?

  14. Philadelphia – Patrick, Gostisbehere, 2nd rounder
    Columbus – Dubois

    • R u guys NUTS!!! Columbus wins this trade all day long.

      The fact Chevy thru in Roslovic for a third round pick is ludicrous.

      I’m a big fan of both players. But I’m taking Laine over PLD.

      40 goal scorer don’t grow on trees.

      For those who think Laine is one dimensional, simply put you don’t watch Jets games.

      • Agree Caper, Laine is a true superstar talent and PLD has huge potential, but throwing in Roslovic for a 3rd rounder seems a bit much. I think Winnipeg may be getting the better play-off performer.

  15. Just spitballing here, but I wonder if Laine was really truly injured or was Winnipeg holding him out of the lineup because they knew they were close to a deal?

  16. JK won that trade , Laine for Dubois perhaps , I can see both sides. But sending Roslovic for a 3rd rounder is less than the return he should have got IMO

    • Fergy22, If you think Laine for Dubois is close to even, then the trade is even… Roslovic is inconsequential, a 3rd liner at best. Getting a 3rd back is not too bad for Jack.

      • Banger , revisit that statement in a year , I did not like JR’s antics and pouting but he has some game. Given the opportunity I think he can produce. If he pulls the same crap with Tortorella , demanding top6 time , he is in for a rude awakening. His first meeting with the coach will be ‘ son if you think you are a top 6 player , prove it to me’

      • Banger, a team without depth does not win the cup.

        What we do know is less then 7% of third round players make it to the NHL. Considering the fact Roslovic is already an NHL player with upside, yes it is consequential.

    • I think it is a good deal for both considering the circumstances.
      PLD is the most valuable asset in this deal, vs Laine, I think we can put that weeks long debate to bed by looking at the return for PLD.
      Jarmo did good, especially considering the circumstances.
      If I had to guess, the basics of this deal seem like they have been in place before yesterday, and Jarmo finally said yes.

      • Ray you had a typo. Should have stated:

        “Laine is the best asset in this deal”

        One think Laine didn’t do was quit on his team.

        Drafted higher and his next contract will be much higher then PLD. Because he is a better player.

      • Caper, scoring more goals doesn’t make you a better player. For example, I’ll take Crosby over Ovechkin all day long.

        Dubois is the more complete player at the more desirable position.

        Oh and Laine may not have quit on his team like you claim Dubois did, all he did was throw his linemates under the bus at every opportunity.

      • That may be proven true in the future Caper, as we will see how both perform where the other player just was.
        As the saying goes “it is worth what someone will pay for it”.
        Chevvy just paid Laine and Roslovic for Dubois and a throw in 3rd.

      • Caper, I know you are a big Laine fan, but wait until the playoffs, you have a horse that will not get pushed around plus he can drive the play. Columbus doesn’t beat Toronto last year in the playoffs without Dubois.

        I think you will be very happy.
        On the opposite of that as a flame fan I am not very happy as the Jets will be a load in the playoffs

  17. Wow did not think The Peg would give up both plus hold cap .I am betting Laine will be traded at the draft . He wanted out because he wanted a number 1 centre now he does not even have that on the PP

  18. Winnipeg has the second largest French culture outside of MTL. Dubois might like that or he might be just moving his complaint down the road.
    Not a fan of the limited sample size of Roslovic. A third round for a first, not liking that aspect. Maybe that was the sweetener.
    Jets waiting for a long time for a strong 2c that can play first PP
    Glad it is done . Killed two birds with one stone.

  19. Winnipeg still has no defenceman and Columbus doesn’t have a centerman??????
    I guess more trades are ahead.

  20. This is a bad trade for all concerned, Winnipeg gave up too much and Columbus didn’t get enough.

    Columbus gets the drama of Torts handling Domi, Laine and Roslovic, good luck with that. Laine will be wise to stay a UFA at the end of the year.

    Winnipeg gets the drama of losing a generational scorer for a centre who is going to slot in where….2 at best.

  21. Laine best player in the trade but can’t see him staying in Columbus so I believe another trade or two coming.

  22. Another good call from Wendell leafman , I read probably 10 times that posters were crazy , laine Would fetch much much more than PLD and everyone who thought different was brain dead . Your on a roll leafman. And look at bobby lehtonen just shine lol

    • let sleeping dogs lie

  23. True that Fergy , I should have resisted . Apologies , the wall will be a better place without him , I wont engage , respond or mention that poster again . Not being sarcastic , you are right

  24. Bruins should’ve could’ve, once again
    Sweeney falls asleep at the wheel

  25. Sweeney falls asleep at the wheel

    • So……you would have Sweeney trade Pasta (holding $) and Coyle for PLD and a 3rd?

    • That’s an interesting question SOP.
      Would you trade Pasta straight up for PLD?
      Really tough call. Pasta is a better player than Laine as he generates more offence and scores more goals. Still young but also a UFA sooner. On a great contract for the next 3.
      This off season I might.

      • We are in the minority around here when it comes to player/position value, Ray. I believe there are 2 or 3 others who are like minded. The rest seem to like flashy PP trigger men.
        5vs5 wins playoff games, once the whistle has been pocketed.

        I’d convert Pasta to a center, for what it’s worth. 😉