Several NHL Teams Off To Surprisingly Poor Starts to 2021 Season

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Soapbox | 4 comments



  1. The rangers aren’t surprising anyone, their defense is not good I have a Problem blaming the goalies. Watching the rangers play I find Alexis looks slow and his big frame isn’t helping him as much as it did in junior

  2. Disagree with statement that Rangers overall have been lousy. 4 of 5 losses where by 1 goal (1 a shootout loss) I’d say they where lousy in 2 games, while they played well enough to win others. Defensively, they are 5th best in league in shots against. A huge improvement from last season where I think they were 4th worst. Disappointed they didn’t upgrade at center in offseason, something that hurts more now with loss of Chytil. Reminder also: Zib had covid right before season started. Also got hurt at end of 1 game.

    • Sounds like a lot of excuses? Lol

      • What was Boston’s excuse in Stanley Cup Finals game 7 (and at home, no less)? lol