NHL Rumor Mill – February 12, 2021

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Could Sidney Crosby one day be traded to the Avalanche? Did the Penguins attempt to reacquire Marc-Andre Fleury? What are some possible trade destinations for Sam Bennett? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater cites NHL insider Darren Dreger telling TSN radio yesterday he wouldn’t be surprised if Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby asked to be traded to a Stanley Cup contender or a club on the rise.

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby (NHL Images).

Dreger made that suggestion on the premise of the Penguins either missing the playoffs or if Crosby feels they aren’t a Cup contender anymore. He proposed the Penguins captain might do this as a way for the club to secure pieces for their future in return for sending him to “the Colorado Avalanche the New York Rangers whatever the team is,” with Dreger saying Colorado “makes a lot of sense to me, by the way”.

Sending Crosby to the Avalanche would unite him with hometown buddy Nathan MacKinnon. Dater acknowledged that would give the Avs the benefit of Crosby as their No. 2 center while still in his playing prime for the next two or three years. However, he wouldn’t part with Bo Byram or prospect Alex Newhook along with two or three first-round picks plus a roster player to get him.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski also weighed in on the possibility of Crosby being traded. He noted there was a hot rumor soon after Jim Rutherford stepped down as general manager that Penguins co-owner Mario Lemieux and Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin (a good friend of Lemieux from their playing days) discussed the possibility of dealing Crosby to Montreal before Lemieux “snapped out of it”. He said a Penguins team source vigorously shot down that rumor.

Kingerski considers Crosby trade chatter as “mostly ridiculous”. However, Dreger’s scenario in which the Penguins captain accepts a trade if the return brings pieces that will benefit their future “doesn’t sound insane in that context.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The notion of Crosby getting traded sounds silly. Nevertheless, we all know the old chestnut that (say it with me) “if Wayne Gretzky can be traded anybody can be traded.”

Most observers believe new Penguins GM Ron Hextall and new president of hockey operations Brian Burke will meet at some point with Crosby and the club’s ownership to discuss the team’s future and his place within it. All reports thus far suggest Lemieux and co-owner Ron Burkle want to build around their aging core of Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang. That could be the game plan for the remainder of this season and next regardless of how this season shakes out.

The notion of Crosby wanting out after all these years seems absurd. For all we know, Sid’s a Penguin for life no matter what. The more pressing issue is addressing the futures of Malkin and Letang. Both players are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer.

Assuming Crosby doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild, or if he feels the Penguins’ championship window has slammed shut, he will want to sit down with the front office and discuss potential trade options.

Teams will be interested in Crosby, but fitting him into their roster will be costly in terms of absorbing his annual $8.7 million cap hit and the return. The Penguins will want quality draft picks, top prospects and one or two good young NHL players in return.

The Avalanche, Rangers and Canadiens could all meet the return needs. However, they’d have to ship out considerable salary to make room for Crosby’s cap hit. The Penguins have limited space themselves so they’ll be reluctant to absorb any portion of his salary.


Kingerski also cited insider Bob McKenzie telling NBC Sports the rumors last summer of the Penguins attempting to reacquire Marc-Andre Fleury was true. Rutherford and Penguin assistant GM Patrik Allvin both tried to bring the 35-year-old goalie back home. However, the Vegas Golden Knights lacked the cap space to absorb part of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wonder if the Penguins might try again in the offseason. Fleury has a year remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $7 million. He also has a 10-team no-trade list but perhaps he’d waive it to return to the city where he had his best seasons.


THE ATHLETIC: Hailey Salvian recently examined several possible trade destinations for Sam Bennett. The Calgary Flames forward is reportedly interested in a change of scenery though trade chatter involving him has cooled of late.

Salvian noted the reports out of New York suggesting a swap of Bennett for Tony DeAngelo. She also cited two Sportsnet reports claiming the Flames have no interest in the troubled Rangers defenseman. She feels the Blueshirts could still be a viable trade option if they offered up a less controversial return.

Other options include the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild. Salvian questions if the Leafs have the right piece they’d be willing to send to Calgary to make the trade work. She cites colleague Thomas Drance’s recent assessment suggesting Bennett would be the long-term solution to the Canucks’ third-line center position.

Michael Russo, The Athletic’s Wild beat reporter, believes the Wild could be a good fit provided the Flames are willing to take back a significant contract in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see how DeAngelo would be a good fit with the Flames but the New York Post’s Larry Brooks insisted they had some interest. However, he also recently noted the market for DeAngelo has dried up so a Bennett-for-DeAngelo swap seems unlikely now.

The Leafs are pressed for cap space so they can’t afford Bennett’s $2.55 million cap hit unless they move out some salary. I don’t think the Wild would have the type of return the Flames would seek, specifically a versatile third-line forward to replace Bennett.


  1. Russo, if the Wild trade for Bennett from Calgary, hopefully it would be for Rask. Get Rask’s contract off the books and have Bennett center the Wild’s 3rd line. I know the Wild are lacking at center but I don’t think Bennett would be a #2 center, even for the Wild – I would certainly give it a shot.

    • Why would the Flames make that trade, sounds idiotic from the Flames perspective in my mind, convince me.

    • Hahahaha

      • Was meant for Cole

  2. Disagree with idea that DeAngelo isn’t a fit with Calgary. 7 dmen on roster and only 2 are right shots. I believe Nesterov is playing off side on 3rd pair. Giordano has 1 year left on contract and will be 38 when next season starts. DeAngelo could fill offensive void that he’ll leave. Honestly, I’m not sure Rangers want Bennett, especially considering they’d have to retain money to make cap work or take another contract back. Rangers are pretty deep in wings. With Strome now signed through next season, not sure Bennett pushes him out as 2C. Chytil should be back in a couple weeks.

    • Slick go big

      Send Strome ADA & Chytl to Pitts for Crosby lol

      ADA is looking harder and harder to trade, even with eating cap.

      • Penny, I agree. I’d much rather get package DeAngelo for a 1/2C. I don’t see Pitt trading Crosby. I would do that deal in a heartbeat for him. As much as I don’t like Pens, I don’t see them blowing it up yet.

      • Sorry IHC. That was meant for you.

    • It has been rumoured around Calgary that their players only meeting was about Tkachuk and his antics and how they put other players on the team in a hard spot. Could you actually see DeAngelo and his attitude a good match with a lockerroom that already has Matthew Tkachuk?
      As an Oilers fan I would find that really entertaining. LOL

      • Where did you get tbat rumor KevJam?

    • RAngers will by him out, much cheaper and I wouldnt want him as a Flame anyway

  3. As a diehard I would like to see Crosby play his entire career in Pittsburgh … that said, Malkin & Letang can go and would love to have MAF back between the pipes …

    Rask for Bennett? I can almost hear Brad Treliving laughing from here …

    I think Calgary’s locker room is pretty strong and could handle a loose cannon like DeAngelo …

    • I don’t understand the commitment from teams to keep certain players just because of sentiment. It’s a business and players are assets that either help you try and win the cup or get you assets in return to win the cup in the future. Pittsburgh is at the crossroads where they are no longer a real contender amd have traded away all of there assets to try and win every year. It’s time to trade Crosby, Malkin and Letang while they have decent value. Get a return and go for a quick rebuild. Of you just hold on to them the rebuild will take at least 3 years longer. Same goes for players like Matthews where the haters will say he signed that contract so he can leave Toronto on his prime. On year 4 you say are you going to sign an extension, if not trade him while there’s still a year left on his contract so you can maximize the return. These are assets playing for millions of dollars. Throw sentiment out the door and run your business accordingly.

      • You do realize that all three have No Movement clauses in their contracts???? This is 20121, not 1980 …

      • Letang’s is now an 18-team no-trade list. Given his age, salary and declining performance, however, the Pens could find it difficult moving him.

      • Roger….I hear what you are saying but Crosby isn’t going anywhere. Malkin and Letang are possible but their contracts are up next year.

        People say they aren’t a real contender with a couple tweaks they are in contention.

        Look they have played without most of their top 4 d-men for over half the schedule, Malkin has slumped the whole year until recently, goaltending has been average by Tristan Jarry, and they are still tied for the 4th spot in the east.

        Two points behind Washington (who they beat twice).

        They get healthy and the new GM and president of hockey operations makes a couple slick moves they can contend.

        I wouldn’t bury them just yet…..

      • Hi Roger

        See my post below re Sid… it will be his call completely

        Gino… all his call as well… but possibility that extension talks aren’t going well in off-season and he asks for trade

        Tanger is traceable w/o consent…only 12 teams that he can’t be traded to…. Cap and desire by 18 teams limit it… but viable

        Pens as is are not cup contenders, but anything can happen in playoffs…. they need to pass, and stay ahead of Isles (whose goaltending is keeping them in)

        Pens down D; but soon getting them back; Gino on cusp of breakout; top line is flying with buckets of scoring chances a game

        When D healthy….

        Marino/P-O J
        2 of Matheson/Pettersson/Ceci/Riikola for bottom pairing

        That D… waaay better than the shuffle going on now; and Ruhweedel to taxi (or better still WBS)

        They are still tight to cap and their is no other Cap hit that is playing well below cost than Zucker

        He is just playing awful…. I had thought that it was a wrist or hand injury (as passes [give and take] were fumbled and way off, and non-rushed dumps ; all were giving over possession; and he continues to shy away from being hit)…. but it is much more than that

        3 goals… one gaping net he almost missed; one a tip in that all he needed to do was keep his stick on ice near post (perfect pass from P-OJ and he almost fumbled that) and one with a screen and bounces

        He is dragging down that line

        Can we get Billy G drunk enough to reverse the trade…. Zucker for Addison and the first back? LOL

        Zucker and Ruhweedel for Soucy…. alas I dream

        Pens will take Rask off of their hands





      • Blackngold I get what you are saying but Pittsburgh is at the crossroads point. If they keep thinking there stanley cup contenders they are going to lose a lot of value on regards to Crosby and Malkin. Trade them while they are still top line forwards so you can get a huge return. If they properly trade those players they’ll be back in contention no time. Problem is teams hold on to these players until they are so old there value becomes next to nothing. I agree with Lyle on Letang plus he’s injury prone but Crosby and Malkin would completely restock Pittsburghs pipeline. Easily worth a top prospect, first round pick and more. Imagine where L.A. would be had they traded Carter a few years ago or even Doughty before they sighed him to that ridiculous contract. Chicago is another great example. When it’s time to rebuild you should go for it.

      • Certain players warrant that Lemieux Crosby..

        But players like Gretsky messoer Lafleur Brad park jagr have been moved..so who know?

        Dont see 87 goi g anywhere unless he asks he is till elite

      • Crosby won’t leave Pittsburgh. I know. Gretzky blah blah blah. Sid leaving Pittsburgh just isn’t going to happen. Attendance would drop to 0 if he leaves. I understand that he has value and could bring back a decent haul. Doesn’t matter.

      • Randino attendance will go back up once Pittsburgh becomes a contender again. That will happen a lot quicker if they move Crosby. Then attendance will drop as the teams performance drops Crosby or no Crosby. It’s just bad asset management. They could be a competitive team again in no time they just need to grow a pair and do what needs to be done. If there that concerned about Crosby retiring a Penguin then get him back when he’s 39 and not worth anything. They could be contenders again by then.

      • Roger, I totally get it. I actually agree with your proposal. I just don’t think Mario, or most NHL owners would make that move.

    • If I was Sakic I would trade for Crosby but not for Malkin or Letang. Crosby will be good for a few more years, Malkin and Letang are trending down already

    • 100% agree Ed Sidney says Malkin and Letang can go.

  4. Bennett for DeAngelo has been talked about for two weeks already. If it was going to happen it would have already been done. Not. Gonna. Happen.

    • NYR fans on here have been trying to get rid of D’Angelo all year, even before all this stuff happened. We’ve been telling them he has no value but still every trade scenario they came up with had D’Angelo in it. Will only happen if there is a bad contract or significant money retained. Not worth it for NYR as the buyout is cheap and no other team buys out players like the Rangers they seem to really enjoy it.

      • Roger, for Ranger fans, DeAngelos offense was a luxury they couldn’t afford to keep. Fox is a better all around player, and they’re very high on former 1st round pick Lundkvist who should be on team in near future. DeAngelo was coming off a pretty good year and his value was high. Who knows what Gortons ask was. Unfortunately, most fans figured it was only a matter of time before he screwed up.

    • @Roger…can’t say I disagree with you but what you are saying while correct should have been done 2 yars ago.

      No value now pricey contracts only one year to go wont get.much for either letang or Malkin.

      Gms know it too

      Better tweaking retooling for this year and next..then we have all our picks and can let malkin letang walk
      Have a full draft and clear $16.75 million

  5. The Canucks are a trainwreck. Six losses in a row. J.T. Miller spent more time last night playing defence than current Mr Wonderful Quinn Hughes did. Ridiculous 2- 2 1/2 minute shifts. Giveaways, caught up ice or out of position. Leading scorer among defencemen, and still an NHL worst -13.

    Hughes does what he wants and Green doesnt hold him accountable. Hughes needs a seat on the bench ( a la Torterella) or a spot in the bleachers ( a la Vigneault).

    The Hughes hanging his goalies and forwards out to dry has to stop.

    • Not Hughes fault the Canucks are losing. Benching him makes no sense at all. You can look at management and you can look at coaching and you can look at the play of some but targeting the hardest working player? Not sound logic, sorry.

    • Why bench your leading scorer, just makes no sense no matter how bad he is playing. Can you pass the drugs this way please.

      We can blame the schedule and lack of rest, and the match ups, but we as a whole need to play better

  6. I agree very much with Roger Laurin’s above statement , regarding the Penguins, also with his Auston Matthews thought .
    It will be interesting in Pittsburg , with Hextall and Burke , although I am not in belief , they think the same .
    Hextall likes to build through the draft , stockpile draft picks , Burke is more of a risk taker, and willing to make the blockbuster trade . I wish Burke all the best , great, entertaining hockey guy ! Maybe, made mistakes, and learned from them , I.e. the Phil Kessel trade..
    It will be interesting for sure, never a dull moment with Burke , at the controls !

    • Not just that Ken but I would do the same with Reilly. You can start negotiations with him at the end of this season. I figure out what I’m willing to pay him as it relates to his worth and cap. I offer the contract and explain it to him if he says no he gets traded while he has value. I don’t hold on to him hoping I can convince him to sign that contract later in the season. This is a business and the players are assets. It’s bad business to let an asset walk without getting anything in return.

  7. Crosby’s total salary goes down to $3 million after next season. Perhaps, that will mean something to a team interested in acquiring him.

  8. Crosby ‘s upcoming salary drop at 3.0 mil, definitely a key element, but will need to be extended ?
    Either way, Colorado is “stacked” Cup ready , maybe need a goaltender , I can’t see them parting with major assets …
    They are already in locomotive mode ..
    Montreal , Bergeron, I think will be “keen” if Pittsburgh wants to relocate to that mode .
    If not Crosby , maybe Malkin somewhere else …
    A major change is in the cards, in my opinion !

  9. Sid out of Pitt?

    That would be sad , extremely sad

    This only happens if they miss the playoffs or…. if they are waaay out of playoff contention at TDL; AND if Sid wants it

    Agree… two landing spots if it ever happens, are Habs or Avs

    If Sid is added at TDL to either of those teams; they immediately become the cup favs

    Since we are talking absolute long shots here… and only with Pens waaay out at TDL…. and Sid must agree….. these multi-player way out there deals are for NY4Life’s sake 😄

    The Habs deal:

    Sid and Tanger (both at 50% retained) ~$8M Cap
    Danault ; Petry (30% retained) ; Romanov ~ $7.8 M Cap

    Teams flip ALL picks in ‘21…. Habs (1st, 2 2nds, 3 in each of 3rd-5th rounds; 6th, 7th… 14 picks) for Pens 5 picks… 2nd, 5th, 3 7ths

    Habs 1st in ‘22 and ‘23 for Pens 2nd in ‘22 and ‘23

    Immediately makes Habs Cup favs, this year and next
    Pens get Romanov , 9 extra picks this year, and flip 2 seconds for two 1sts

    OR Habs deal

    Sid and Tanger (both at 50% retained) ~$8M Cap
    Danault ; Weber (50% retained) ; Romanov ~$7.9M

    Sid becomes Habs Captain

    Teams flip ALL picks in ‘21…. Habs (1st, 2 2nds, 3 in each of 3rd-5th rounds; 6th, 7th… 14 picks) for Pens 5 picks… 2nd, 5th, 3 7ths

    Habs 1st in ‘22 and ‘23 for Pens 2nd in ‘22 and ‘23

    Immediately makes Habs Cup favs, this year and next
    Pens get Romanov , 9 extra picks this year, and flip 2 seconds for two 1sts


    Sid and Tanger (both at 50% retained) ; McC; ~$10.9 M Cap
    Landeskog /EJ (both 50% retained) ; Compher ~$9.3 M Cap

    Sid becomes Avs Captain

    Avs add Byram, Newhook, and flip their firsts in ‘21 and ‘22 for Pens seconds in ‘21 and ‘22

    Avs immediately become cup favs this year and next; Tanger off books after next year

    Pens gain excellent futures in Byram and Newhook; and convert two seconds into firsts; and Landeskog Sal drops off after this year

    Now is this happening… me thinks not (especially as it will only happen with Sid’s approval and that isn’t even contemplated unless they are waaay out at TDL)…. but it will have to be many pieces moving and not far off of that magnitude for it to happen… the incentive for Habs and Avs…. immediately puts them with a high probability of B2B cups in ‘21 and ‘22

    I would say Habs odds much higher as they don’t have the questionable goaltending that Avs do

    Now …. the talk of Fleury returning to Pens….

    DeSmith and Zucker and Ruhweedel $7.5 M Cap


    Fleury ($1M retained …. ~ %15) + Whitecloud + Kolesar $7.5 M Cap

    Please 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞😄😄😄

  10. The saying should go “If Gretzky can be traded, your owner is a shister like Peter Pocklington.” Crosby and Malkin together can still win you a cup. There’s no rebuild or trades coming.

    DeAngelo – the Flames inquire on EVERYONE that is available. No scoop here by Brooks.

    • Interesting take considering Crosby, Malkin, Letang and Murray couldnt even get into the playoffs last season

      The window is not only closed, but its nailed shut.

  11. I know you are playing Pengy, but I don’t see the benefit of the Habs waving goodbye to a ton of draft picks, no matter what other permutations are included. I have great admiration for Sid but he is 33 and how many good years can he have left? 2, maybe?

    The cost of acquiring Sid would include quality roster players now, meaning the Habs would not be automatic Cup favourites. Despite their recent poor play they have a strong line up with good prospects in the wings and plenty of draft picks. They are way better off sticking to the plan instead of going for a Hail Mary. Or Hail Sid.

    • Hi LJ

      It was a way out there proposal as I don’t see Sid wanting out now

      That said… my proposal only moves Romanov off of the roster

      Sid replaces Danault; Tanger replaces either Petry or Weber

      Those moves IMHO (in my very very honest opinion) skyrocket Habs to Cup favs this year and next

      They are already in line to come out of North Div; this boost puts them ahead of Bruins; Bolts; Avs and Knights IMVHO

      If GMMB is going from “likely” coming out of North (call it 75% chance) for this year; and then almost definitely falling to Bolts or Bruins ; and then next year when Divs back to “Normal” and finishing likely in 3rd in Atl Div… and then meeting Bruins or Bolts in first round; and at best 50% chance of beating either of them (thus out first round) …. compared to a move that has say 80% + chance of winning it all B2B (‘21 and ‘22)…. to me ,

      That’s worth the 14 picks for 5 in ‘21; and 1sts for 2nds in out years; and Romanov

      Any other move they do a TDL won’t guarantee they even get to the semi’s and will cost at least a first and likely 1 of the two 2nds

      Rest assured… the Sid/Tanger to Habs is a massive long shot

      But if it does happen at TDL…. GMMB will be giving up loads

      Francis had a great point re Sid’s Sal dropping to $3M in 2 years….. this just might open the door for a three team deal where middle team takes 50% (of 50%)…. Sid at $2.17 M Cap hit…. what is that worth

      Pens retain 50%
      Middle team acquires at 50% ; then retains 50%; flips to end team

      Starting next year cash:

      Pens: $4.5 M, then $1.5M for 3 years (Cap $4.35 M , 4 years… nothing to them really during rebuild)
      Middle team : $2.25 M; then $750 K for 3 years ($4.5 M total) ;$2.17 Cap

      End team : Sid atCap hit of only $2.17 M for 4 years … for effectivelyCash of only AAV ~ $1.1 M per; wow!

      If that’s Habs…. for sure they move Dandanault (sp?) , 2 firsts (‘21 and ‘22) and 3 seconds (2 in ‘21 , one in 22 ) and Romanov

      Middle team (let’s say Sens just for arguments sake) ; throws a crap UFA( let’s say Stepan) to Pens; get’s Dandenault (who they can re-sign or trade at TDL) and a 1st (‘22)

      Sens in effect bought a 1st and Dandenault rights for $4.5 M (note Canes paid $3.8 M for a first that they expected to be in mid 20’s … Leafs in Marleau deal)

      Pens get 1st, 3 seconds; Romanov

      Good point Francis 👍

      • If you guys are getting rid of Sid, the Bruins can take him this summer.
        As long as you don’t want too much, he’s getting up there.

    • LJ 100 % agree . Not in anyway bashing Sid he is still great but I think almost no way to trade him. Habs not giving up that many picks plus players they would need to make a push for the cup . 0 chance Sakic is giving up that many firsts plus there captain plus Byrom . Sorry Peggy not a chance any of these teams take on Latang even with Crosby involved

    • I totally agree with LJ. As cool as it would be to have Sidney as our captain, I would HATE to see Romanov go. You just *don’t* trade a 20 yo defenseman, with superstar potential. Same feeling about Petry : he may be 34, but, wouaw, is the man ever on top of his game.
      I’d rather stick to the Suzuki, KK combo. If Danault wants to stay, good, but I’m starting to wonder if, for us, he is really worth 5 million. Poehling and Evans could do the job, on the 3rd and 4th lines.
      But….hey…..Crosby !
      I’ll leave it up to Bergie ! with Caufield, Norlander, JJ Harris, Guehle, Primeau, J Brooks, C Fleury, Poehling, Ylonen, Jan Myasak, L Tuch, Sean Farrell….add Struble, Cam Hillis….it’s not as if he (Bergevin) can’t afford to shower Pittsburgh with dradt picks.
      Why in hell would Hextall want 34, 35 yo defensemen, though ?

  12. WOuld the Rangers be desperate enough to move a player they won’t ever use again for one the Penguins could be stuck with using for the next 5 years?

    The Penguins new management might not want to start a rebuild with Matheson on an NTC that kicks in next season: the Rangers might not be able to better an even-up swap, Matheson for DeAngelo. Their salaries are near equivalents, as is their desirability, It shouldn’t matter much that they shoot from different sides.

  13. I maintain ADA remains on the sidelines. Maybe moves at the TD this year. I think they are going to punish him and buy him out over the summer. Really only one good season and that was last year. Other than that causing trouble is his MO. What else has he done ? I would be very reluctant on a one for one with Bennett

  14. Trading Crosby for a king’s ransom is by far the best thing the Pens can do to be extremely competitive this decade – so, hopefully, they don’t do it.

  15. All this Crosby talk is a reminder again of how much we should appreciate being able to watch him play the game. There was a time when his career was in jeopardy because of concussions.
    Whatever helmet he is wearing now should be made mandatory for any player dealing with head injuries.

  16. Uh oh…. looks like Burke is going to be making trade decisions instead of Hextal (who should be the only decision maker)…quote from Burke:

    “Pittsburgh’s the last team to win with a small, fast team. The last 3 Cup winners have been big, they play long pants hockey, they play ugly hockey. I think we need to look at that & see, have we kept up with the joneses here?”

    What a dolt

    Wrong again

    Blues and Caps … big teams , yes

    Not Bolts. And Bolts are an extremely quick team

    League average player is 6 ‘ 1 1/4”, 204 lbs

    Here is who Bolts won the cup with:


    Not one of them over 200; not one over 6’ 1” (Stammer, Killorn, Joseph all exactly6’1” but south of 200)

    Gourde, Point and TJ are very small

    Verhague was also on team… 6’2” but only 180 lbs

    So Burke is basically telling Hextall…. “where’s the beef”….. slow it down, get bigger… forgeddabowd skills and speed

    Abhorrent mentality like that says keep Zucker over Guentzel because he’s 14 lbs heavier

    Watch Burke have interest in Backes (6’ 3”, 215) ; Lucic (6’3” , 231); Okposo (0nly 6’ but almost 220); Marleau (6’2; 215);


    Now if he wants to go after Mantha (6’5”, 235)…. then I’m good with that

    Doh ! 🤬😡😭

    First moves…. send Zucker and Ruhweedel packing

    • Didn’t Burke just say somewhere that, in his opinion, Ho-Sang was a better player than McDavid in junior? That, if true, should set off alarm bells.

    • I hadn’t heard that George

      It would be pretty hard to believe he could say any player of relatively the same age as McD was better than him at any age

      HoSangs best in Jr was 85 points in 67 games

      McD had 285 points in 166 games

      Hi-Sang is a year older

      In 12/13 on the Spitfires when Ho-Sang was 16 and 17; and McD (Otters) was 15 & 16…. Ho-Sang had 44 points (63 games) ; McD had 66 points, also in 63 games… so more than a PPG as a 15/16 year old

      So again hard to believe Burke would say that… but if he did… he was taking more than recreational drugs

  17. The one thing I always find funny, particularly from the Pens fans who post here, is just how often trade proposals are made for decent players coming into Pittsburgh while only aging nobodies get traded out…

    “Hanifin for Ruhwedel and a 2nd”, “ADA for Jack Johnson”, “anything for Jack Johnson”, “please get JJ the hell out of here”, “oh, thank you”, “now, back to Ruhwedel in exchange for a far better player”

    Paraphrasing of course and nobody suggested Hanifin to the Pens, but every single day I read the forum, its Ruhwedel for this, Ruhwedel and another underachiever for that”….

    Just saying, its kinda funny, since I know in your heart of hearts, Pens fans, you don’t believe any of those suggestions are fair lol.

    As for whoever wrote “Bennett to Minnesota for Victor Rask”, another classic example of someone wishing something for their team that is entirely incomprehensible.

    For those trying to make serious proposals, thank you! We’re better than Forsberg for Erat, are we not?

    • 👍, agree Augustus. It’s like I heard a rumour…McDavid doesn’t want to play with losers anymore. Nothing verifiable just a dirty little rumour.

    • Hi Augustus

      The Ruhweedel trade suggestions are all on moi

      Fully guilty on that

      I wouldn’t want my fellow Pens fans to take any blame for that

      All my Ruhweedel proposals are hopes and prayers and massively far fetched

      He is Pens 14th depth D-MAn; often gets confused on what side he is supposed to play on; often coughs puck up; often takes inopportune and brainless penalties, that end up costing the Pens; often screws up when Pens are pressing , nullifying a scoring opportunity

      He makes league Min… no one else will take him… but somehow Sully likes him

      Perhaps he is a great guy and great friend/team-mate

      He is just not a good DMan

      League min Sal so not costly in the press box; just on ice

      My trades with him included are usually as a hopeful penalty throw in (to other team) to balance the trade

      Not as bad as JJ… no one is

      But pretty dang bad

      He is the 3rd worst Penguin DMan over the last 10 years

      Only worse were Hunwick , and of course JJ (and JJ is the worst player in NHL history, for any player that played more than 10 games; at any position)

      Ruhweedel for Soucy please 👍🤞😄

      Ruhweedel and Zucker for Rask and Soucy please 👍🤞🙏😄

      I have more chance at winning the powerball lottery than that trade happening; and in fact as a Canadian I don’t think I can legally win the Powerball.. so zero chance