NHL Rumor Mill – February 22, 2021

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Could the New York Rangers pursue Jack Eichel? Should the Canadiens target Eric Staal? What’s the latest on the Avalanche? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders if Mika Zibanejad’s poor play through the first quarter of this season will make them consider pursuing Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel at some point.

Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

Zibanejad is having a horrible follow-up thus far to last year’s 41-goal effort. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2021-22. The decline in his production will affect potential contract extension talks.

Brooks suggests Eichel could be ripe for the picking with the Sabres once again struggling in the standings. The 24-year-old center has five years remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $10 million.

If the Rangers go that route they’ll have to include 2020 first-overall pick Alexis Lafreniere as part of the return. “The Sabres aren’t moving their captain to New York for a handful of expendable parts,” writes Brooks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zibanejad’s early-season woes are concerning for the Rangers. He’s shown little sign thus far of breaking out of his slump. Whatever’s behind it, be it a medical issue, putting too much pressure on himself, or struggling to cope with heightened expectations, Zibanejad’s play this season is hurting the Rangers’ playoff hopes and will impact his contract extension talks this summer.

The Rangers are well-positioned to make a competitive bid for Eichel if they choose to go that route. They’ll have sufficient cap space to take on his $10 million AAV plus they’re loaded with promising young talent to tempt the Sabres. Lafreniere or 2019 second-overall pick Kaapo Kakko will have to be part of the package.


TVA SPORTS: Jean-Charles Lajoie recently suggested the Montreal Canadiens should consider targeting Eric Staal before the Apr. 12 trade deadline. He speculated the 36-year-old Sabres center might be tempted to leave the struggling club. Staal also appears at ease playing in Montreal, tallying 45 points in 50 career games against the Canadiens in their home rink.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Staal could accept a trade to a playoff contender if the Sabres decide to become sellers leading up to the deadline. Whether it would be the Canadiens remains to be seen given his a 10-team no-trade list.

The Habs are struggling right now but general manager Marc Bergevin might not be ready to shake things up just yet. Any player he acquires from an American-based team must self-isolate for two weeks after crossing the US-Canada border before joining the Canadiens.


COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: In a recent mailbag segment, Adrian Dater was asked about the Avalanche’s backup goaltending. With Pavel Francouz week-to-week with a lower-body injury, they’re making do with Hunter Miska and Adam Werner backing up starter Philipp Grubauer. Dater wonders if San Jose Sharks goalie Devan Dubnyk might be available if GM Joe Sakic decides to shop for help between the pipes if Francouz remains on LTIR.

Dater also believes the Avalanche could use a little more muscle, pointing out that they were pushed around during last year’s series against the Dallas Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sakic will likely remain patient but that could be tested if Grubauer should be sidelined. For now, it seems he’ll stick with his current goalies and wait for Francouz to return.


  1. Re

    “ Should the Canadiens target Eric Staal? ”

    No…. the Penguins should target Eric Staal

    At this point; a straight up Staal for Zucker would be welcome;

    That said…. Sabres only have 2 D under contract for next year and with Dumo soon to return and with great play of P-O J…. Pens will have an extra LHD…


    Zucker, Pettersson and a prospect not named Poulin or Legare ;


    Staal and Reinhardt

    • Gedderdone

    • Jason Zucker who Rutherford gave up a #1 and top prospect Cale Addison for a 36 year-old Eric Staal??? Where do you come up with these delusional ideas??

      and in your next proposal you are giving up Poulin, the Pens #1 prospect in an already shallow pool … wow .. please stop

      • he has no hockey IQ !!!

      • Hi Ed

        As you have probably realized already, I rarely respond to you as you usually only give one liners not requiring a response.

        However, seeing as you have provided some background logic in ur response I will respond back

        Firstly, I clearly said a prospect “not” named Poulin or Legare…. so any OTHER prospect

        Re Zucker…GMJR overpaid huge. Unfortunately that is in the past and irrelevant now

        If my stocks in my portfolio plummet and I want to divest, I can only trade it for their current value (which is the present value of future earnings)

        Zucker’s stock, IMHO, has plummeted and is not showing signs of any recoup

        So … based on his current value , he is not worth ES. ES even at 36; is a far better player and plays C (quite effectively) and W. His size is also a big uptick over Zucker. His hockey IQ and hands, far superior to Zucker

        Buffalo would be taking the gamble that Zucker could somehow get back to somewhere near his $5.5 M hit

        So, yep crappy that Jimbo grossly overpaid for Zucker; but 36 year old ES on Pens is much better than 29 year old Zucker IMH&HO

        Pens in win now mode… that trade improves team , and saves Cap for another move if needed

        Now re the other trade.. again, I said a prospect NOT named Poulin or Legare

        So it would be Zucker, Pettersson and let’s say Maniscalco (likely 2 years away from NHL) for Staal and Reinhardt

        Pens save Cap, get their needed 3C in ES, and have Reinhardt replace Zucker

        Reinhardt > Zucker
        ES massive improvement at 3C over the revolving door currently there

        All at the expense of Pettersson … and when Dumo is back; effectively Pens are sitting with an extra LD hitting the Cap at North of $4M

        Pettersson at just over $4M cap or P-O J at less than a 1/4 of that Cap… to me Pettersson could be traded

        I stand by my assertion of proposed trades

        You (and others) may see Zucker as better than I do. All good as this is a site for opinions

        My trades are based solely on my perceived current (and future) value of Zucker…. and that value IMHO, is far far lower than his $5.5 M cap hit (and that’s for two more years after this when Pens most assuredly should be in rebuild mode)

        He keeps blowing passes (giving and taking) and I truly feel that this is significant part of Gino’s line’s struggles

        Certainly Rusty is holding up his end

        Yes nice goal from Zucker the other day; but he followed that game up with a real crappy one (back to his usual) and screwed up many times resulting in a possession change; two of them provided GAs; and several others were killjoys to Pens surges

        Can he turn it around… I hope so as Sully seems to keep playing him and I doubt Hextall can actually get a fair trade for him (my proposal is a dream in that Adams is highly unlikely to take a gamble on (Zucker)

        Fingers crossed

        Again I cede that all of my trades today were based on my perception of Zucker’s current and future value and truly acknowledge that you may see him as a much better player than I do

        All good… just an opinion

        Go PENS Go

  2. Zib is always a head injury away from his career.

    Can the Rangers acquire center ‘X’ while retaining Laf+Kakko vs losing Laf and gaining Eichel
    Are the Rangers better with Laf+center X or with Eichel

    • The more I see him play the more I’m convinced that Zibanejad – who’s had Covid-19 – is among the so-called “longhaulers” – i.e., those who have had the disease, recovered from its main effects, but continue to suffer from symptoms such as lack of energy.

      So far they don’t know if one of the vaccines will eventually rid the longhaulers of the lingering symptoms. That research is just beginning as more get the vaccine.

      • @Ray
        Its a tough call. Everything seen(yes juniors etc) Laf looked like the best prospect in 5+ years and cant miss.
        LAf+top tier D prospect+1st rounder(s)

        But honestly I do not know if Eichel is part of the problem in Buffalo. skills or not

      • I agree with you George. Which happens a lot anyway. I had Covid last month and I still feel drained. I find myself with little to no motivation at times. It honestly could be what is wrong with Zib!

      • You’re right ds, we don’t, but we can watch him play, and he is really good when he is on the ice.
        I think you get the dominant C and go find winger X.

      • Sorry to hear that BosBrn32. Here’s hoping the vaccine will cure those ills. Have you had the shots yet? Keep us posted on how you’re feeling once the vaccines start to take effect.

      • BosBrn32

        Sorry to hear that you got Covid

        Hope all returns to full energy soon for you


      • @ George
        Agreed…lingering side effects from COVID is hampering Zibby.

        Really should pull him and allow him to get healthy…forget hockey and think of the person first.

      • Agree George. I see almost every NYC area game and Z is nowhere near the player he was last year.
        His skills could not have eroded that quickly, so I have to think that it’s Covid related.

        He looks tired out on the ice and his explosiveness is gone.

        Z for Brassard was one of the great fleecings of all time.

      • George & Pengy, Thanks guys, I appreciate it. No vaccine for me yet, since living in Myrtle Beach, SC there are a LOT of retirees and I’m pretty far down the food chain for one. I’m back to work and pushing through it but I find myself going to bed a little earlier than usual lately.

      • Yep, nevinsrip, unlike the Karlsson, Duchene and Hoffman deals – which many put down to a “hosing” of Dorion – the Zibanejad for Brassard deal certainly turned out that way.

        Mind you, at the time, they had both been # 6 overall picks in their draft years and Brassard, a local boy from the Gatineau side and a Francophone to draw in that fan base, was just coming off a 27g 31a 58 pt season with the Rangers, while Zibanejad had a similar 21g 30s 51 pt season with Ottawa.

        It never did pan out the way they thought at the time.

    • ds, IMO the Rangers would 100% be better with Eichel than Center X and losing one of Kakko or LAF.
      The question for me is would it be LAF plus what? Because you will have to add something significant IMO.
      LAF and Kakko should become top 6 forwards, hopefully for the Rangers top line guys.
      Still not a sure thing, and I would be very surprised if either one became what Eichel already is, one of the top 5 C’s in the NHL.
      All depends what you have to give up I guess.

      • Hi Ray

        Not sure if Eichel does move on but for sure the ask is Laf ++

        I wouldn’t be surprised if opening (starting) ask by Adams is both KK and Laf

        The start ask is always high; then pare back the request after negotiations start

        Eichel on Rangers would definitely make them dangerous

      • So far LaF is just a prospect. A prospect who has not shown much I might add.
        To be fair I saw every Isles game that JT ever played and he got beat up as a rookie. He managed to turn it around, so LAF needs more time.

        If I’m Buffalo, the talks begin with LaF, Adam Fox and two future # 1 picks.

        How does that strike you?

      • Big ask nevinsrip. Gotta ponder that one for a bit, but seems like too much.
        LAF and the 2 firsts I would from NYR perspective. But not sure BUF would.
        Haven’t watched much Fox or Rangers this year, but he sure plays big minutes which tells you a lot. He plays more than any Ranger D, which makes him their #1. A #1 overall, and their #1 D, seems like too much.
        I will let a Ranger fan speak to that one, but replace Fox with?? How about a solid, young, 20 minute D man like Lindgren?

    • Every hockey player is a head injury away from a career.

      • Nietzche or Socrates?

      • Nevinsrip you didn’t ask me, but that’s an overpayment for Eichel.

        No way Rangers should make that deal.

      • Daniels

  3. If I’m the Habs, I see if the Ducks will retain some salary on Henrique. If they will hold ~$2M and Habs can get him for $4M/yr by trading an ok draft pick or low value player, then they can trade Danault for a better puck-moving D, say a mobile #4 dman.

    The team keeps a promising centre core (Suzuki-Kotkaniemi-Henrique-Evans) and improves on the back end, without giving up much of value.

    • Hi Paddy

      I posted the other day that Ducks even retaining half is better than two other options…

      Paying him full current Sal to be in AHL or buying him out at 2/3rds come off season

      50% certainly better than 2/3rds and at 50% there will be several bidders

      • Rangers could use Henrique at 50% for a guy like Howden going back.

        Henrique settles 3C and with Breadman out for a while and when Cytl comes back Chtyl can play LW.

  4. George, I think that’s a major part of it but, I don’t see Rangers trading him. We’ve been talking Eichel for a week now and Brooks column isn’t breaking news. Widely reported they’re interested in Eichel and supposedly reached out last off season. IMO, I think Eichel would be someone they’d possibly be willing to part with Kakko of Laf for. Zib has no impact on that decision. I said last year Nrooks suggestion that Zib will cost 10 mil per next deal was premature with 2 seasons left before a new contract. He might be in a slump, but he’s still their best center. With both Panarin and Kreider locked up long term at left wing, I wonder if they were already offering Lafreniere pick before draft for Eichel.

  5. Rangers seem a logical spot for Eichel and probably an excellent fit if you are a Ranger fan. If the Rangers could trade for him and keep Zibajad….that would be a huge step forward.

    But you are not getting him cheaply.

    Think clearly and take the big risk IMO…Buffalo’s choice of Kakka or LaFren, a good D plus a 1st or two and you may have to take one Buffalo’s bad contracts that might be rescuable in a new environment situation.

    I watch Montreal ( not a fan) but every time they play they show how important high level skill is. They don’t have it and they will slide until they do.

    Rangers (IMO) should take the big risk. If nothing else it will be an source of entertainment during this lock down.

    • Agree pretty much with your observations Old Blue Dog. Out of the gate the Habs had me convinced that, even though their roster did not include a “game-breaker”, their solid depth at all 4 lines and with their goaltending and reasonably solid D anchored by Weber, they’d be a factor heading into the playoffs.

      Toffoli – at the start – seemed like he might become a game-breaker type, but when they ran out of games against the Canucks, he’s slowed considerable (2g 1a in his past 5gp). Suzuki still looks like the real deal and will only get better, but Kotkeniemi (17gp 2g 6a) seems to have hit a wall.

      Price’s problems have been glaring and while his 2.87gaa isn’t horrible, that 0.893 save % is. Without Allen (2:14gaa/0.932 save%) they’d be in even more trouble (last night he prevented a runaway by the Sens).

      They need to pick it up collectively tonight and in the 3rd of this series of games against Ottawa and leave with 5 of 6 possible points or the finger-pointing will begin in the Montreal media in earnest.

      • George don’t forget the Habs played Vancouver 5 times and Ottawa twice plus an Edmonton team that really missed pre season hockey to start there season. The habs record is inflated because of that. Habs are notorious the last couple years to come out of the gate quickly. It’s why I picked then to beat Pittsburgh in the playin round last year. If there was no Covid break Pittsburgh would have destroyed them. They need a true number one game breaking center. They’re the ones who should be going after Eichel. Prices play is not a surprise as that has been the way he’s been playing the last 3 years just look at the numbers. By the way my son figured out why Montreal comes out the gate quick then falter. They should a lot from outside the dirty areas and the goalies aren’t warmed up yet at the beginning of the season. Habs usually outshine there opponents for that reason but of course those are very low scoring chances and once the goalies have warmed up they stop almost all of those shots. Made sense to me what do you guys think?

    • Obd. As a Ranger fan I’d make that deal except for taking another contract. Eichel has a 10m cap hit already, so unless that D is Trouba, I don’t see how they can fit cap hits. On a bizarre note, Brooks just broke a story of Panarin taking a leave of absence. Story in Russia that he beat up an 18 year old girl in 2011?

      • @slick
        Panarin is a rare Russian player who has criticized Putin….cant be that safe of a position. who knows if story true or not
        either way….not good

      • It is really hard to prove something isn’t true. I suppose you never know, but, I would bet a years salary it isn’t true. Panarin thought this might happen after he supported Navalny on social media.
        This particular publication does not have a great reputation. It isn’t a free press in Russia folks. Those folks have fled or jailed a long time ago.

      • As a Ranger fan I would not give up that much for Eichel. Yes he is a great player but I believe that Kakko and Lefreniere will live up to their billing and the Rangers will find another C in the draft. Just because the Rangers have a good young club and lots of good draft picks doesn’t mean that they are going to pay a king’s ransome. If Echel really wants to leave his price will fall and the Sabres wil be lucky to get a good return on Eichel. The key here for the Rangers is patience.

      • Rangers put out a statement saying Panarin has vehemently denied accusations. Apparently his coach back in 2011 is a huge Putin supporter and the source of story that coincidently came out after Panarin critique of Putin. On the bright side, at least they havnt tried to poison him!!

      • We can really only say that they haven’t succeeded in poisoning him….no way to know if they have tried.

        I do hope that this story about Panarin is not true. I also hope that the pause to investigate these claims before jumping to conclusions can become the norm in our society again.

    • I watched some of the Habs Sens game yesterday and Allen was good. Man wish the Oil had been more aggressive going after him.
      I had MTL as a bubble team to get in. Leafs on top, Sens on bottom, VCR iffy, the rest fighting it out for remaining 3 spots. Still think they do, those early points in the bank will help. Not like the Flames are lighting it up.

      The young Sens are playing OK. Playing hard and battling. I think it pays off long term. They deserved the win last night.

      • Hi Ray


        Habs and Leafs in

        And final two spots up for grabs between the Alta teams and Jets

        As at now Oil playing better than Flames/Jets

      • Ya Pengy, it’s gonna be a fight for WPG/EDM/CGY/MTL for 3 spots IMO.
        EDM has it going right now, and have started to tighten thing up defensively and still producing offence.
        Watch out for WPG, they really haven’t had all their top guys playing at once since game 2 until last night. Their top 6 fwds are as good as anybody in the league.
        I kind of like every game being a 4 pt game, not many so so efforts this year so far.

      • The previous comment is a broken record that does not reflect reality. Before everyone made their guess as who will be tops in the North and people here like above thought some how a team that would of finish waaaay out of a playoff spot last season somehow be seriously considered the top team in the North this year….How exactly? Leafs fans want to know how to reach that level of delusion. We need it to plan the parade.

    • If I were the Sabres, I’d ask any team that wants Eichel to accept Skinner in the deal.

      • Skinner & Okposo for Erik Karlsson? lol I jest

  6. Posted in the other thread…perhaps the habs move out danault in a deal for RNH or puljujarvi. Staal is interesting, makes me think of geztlaf (perry) too.
    Daunault, tatar, byron and lehkonen could be on the way out

    • Mike, the thing is, “on the way out” means they have to find dance partners, and with their lack of production for the Habs so far, finding someone to take them on in a deal for anything other than minor returns sort of defeats the purpose.

      Danault, being a C, might be the easiest to move since his cap hit is a reasonable $3,083,333 and he is a UFA at season’s end. But 0g 6a 6pts in 17gp isn’t exactly a carrot that will bring back something that will improve the Habs straight off.

      Byron might have been plucked off waivers IF he didn’t have a cap hit of $3.4 mil for 2 more years after this. And he is 31 y/o. I don’t see anyone taking him in a trade.

      LW Tatar’s 4g 5a 9pts in 16gp isn’t what you want for a cap hit of $4.8 mil – but if the Habs withheld, say, $1.5, he might interest a playoff-bound team for a 4th round pick. He, too, is a UFA at season’s end.

      Lekhonen is only an RFA when this season is done and with 2g 2a 4pts in 16gp, if he doesn’t pick it up considerably down the stretch he can forget about negotiating a deal better than the $2.4 mil cap hit it’s costing them now.

      • Of course they have to find a “dance partner” but i guess youre looking from the “what have you done for me lately” lens

        Danualt is a selke nominee if im not mistaken and is able to put up some points playing higher up in the line up than he should be. tatar has rattled off career years the last 2 seasons (also not a first liner) So there is value there.

        Oilers could def use some depth. Clearly byron and lehkonen dont have huge value but are good role players. With all things considered right now, making moves is probably a bit more difficult than normal so teams are probably hesitant to make them.

      • Mike, Danault wasn’t nominated for the Selke, but some clearly thought he was “snubbed” at the time


        But I agree, with the right team where his defensive abilities would shine, while adding points here and there, he’d be a great acquisition. But looking around I don’t see any team that fits that description that would be prepared to give up a Top 4 D for him.

  7. Eichel is intriguing. I have doubts he gets dealt in season, if he is left until the offseason, I think a team that could take a run at him is Ottawa. If memory serves, they have like $11,000,000 in space with $20,000,000 coming off the books this summer, with Tkatchuk, Zub, and Batherson the only guys they really need to worry about getting under contract.

    Unless Stueztle moves and becomes a top line C, the Senators are just missing this pieces. I think their first round pick, this could be the year to use it in a trade. The top of the draft is defenseman heavy, with Chabot, Sanderson, Brannstrom, Zub, Thomsson, Docker ++ the Sens are not pressed to add defense.

    They truly lack a Top C though … If the Sabres go into full rebuild mode, perhaps a deal like

    Ottawa 1st, Shane Pinto, & either Abromov/Jarventie could be attractive, perhaps with a warm body that can play at center next year (Tierney/White) and a minor pick coming back the other way.

    Stueztle – Eichel – Dadonov
    Tkachuck – Norris – Batherson
    Paul/Forementon – White/Brown – Brown

    I’m probably WAY WAY off base. But Cozens/Pinto could be a great 1/2 down the middle for the Sabres in the future and any of the Top D in the draft would be a welcome addition to their blueline.

    • I wouldn’t say way WAY off base JJB – but with a $10 mil cap hit through 2025-26, I just don’t see the sens even entertaining that thought. Within the time-frame of his contract, Ottawa will need to deal with Tkachuk, Batherson, Zub and Wolanin next season, and not long after that the likes of Thompson, Norris, Sanderson, Bernard-Docker, Stutzle, Formenton and any other of their wealth of good prospects IF they turn out as expected (and hoped).

      Stutzle is, I’m sure, looked at as a C down the line (we might even see him there this year at some point) and with Norris showing signs of establishing himself at that position (currently among the top rookie points producers in the NHL along with Stutzle), having a $10 mil cap hit may not be where Dorion wants to go at this stage.

      And how happy a camper would they have on their hands who finds himself going from one current bottom-feeder to another?

      • Yes, Sens are bottom feeding but with clear direction and their nightly games are getting better the more the young guys get a shot to play.

      • Re above rookie points leaders, here is the current Top 10

        Norris Ott C 20 4 7 11
        Kaprizov Min LW 14 3 8 11
        Suter Chi C 19 6 4 10
        Kurashev Chi C 18 5 4 9
        Stützle Ott LW 17 5 4 9
        Hoglander Van LW 22 3 6 9
        Ty Smith NJ D 13 2 6 8
        Vilardi LA C 16 4 3 7
        Luostarinen Fla C 16 2 4 6
        Kuokkanen NJ LW 12 1 5 6
        Valimaki Cgy D 18 0 6 6

    • Jjb. And George. Sorry, I’d say way off. That’s equivalent of Rangers offering their 1st, Howden, Cuylle, and Strome. Basically the definition of “ handful of expendable parts”

      • Slick62 – I did say it wasn’t way WAY off 🙂 – but I agree, since Eichel hasn’t asked for a trade (and his full NM clause won’t kick in for what, 2 years?) unless Buffalo simply wanted to get the $10 mil per cap hit for the nest umpteen years off the books, the return is going cost a team way more than prospects.

        What Buffalo would want – and get – would then depend on how many teams saw him as the missing ingredient for a serious run, coupled with how they’d clear the necessary cap space (hardly any of the true contenders have any space at all), without getting Buffalo to take back a big AND expendable cap hit. And Buffalo would have no interest in that.

        For Ottawa to be taken seriously, and for Buffalo to take back a big cap hit but with all kinds of promise, the first name up would be Chabot. If not that route, then certainly the names Norris or Stutzle would need to be part of the package.

        To me, anyway, the whole question is media-driven and has about as much chance of transpiring this season as the proverbial snowball in Hell!

    • Jjb

      I kinda agree with you, Eichel is exactly what Ottawa needs.
      Unfortunately Buffalo would want Tkachuk in any deal

  8. “The Sabres aren’t moving their captain to New York for a handful of expendable parts,” writes Brooks

    Every Blues fan is laughing at Larry Brooks right now…….

  9. I wounder what San Jose would want for Dubnyk. Would love to have him back in an Oilers jersey!

    • Hi KevJam

      Duby will be a hot commodity at TDL as I believe Sharks will be out of the picture

      He already has retained Cap/Sal; and Sharks can retain up to 1/2 of that (their hit again)….

      A team could pick him up (with SJ retaining 50%) at TDL for an annual Cap hit of only $1.1 M; and remaining cash (after escrow) of only ~ $340 K

      Big bargain, many suitors

      To me that’s a 2nd , could be a 2nd plus

  10. One thing to consider, NYR will gain roughly 7 million in cap space next season as their buyout cap drops considerably.
    However I think they would be fools to trade for Eichel and really ridiculous to give up Laffy.
    I am not saying Eichel is the problem, but when you move out so many players, including ROR, and the problems still exists…….

    • It does make you wonder Brian.
      Another thing that makes you wonder:
      Terry Pegula finalized the deal to buy the Sabres in Feb of 2011. They lost the conference finals in 7 games that spring.
      They haven’t made the playoffs since.
      They sucked before Eichel got there, and still suck. Eichel hasn’t been the answer, but something strange going on in Buffalo.

      • Could always offer up Debrusk, Studnicka & 3 1sts then not resign Krejci & in the offseason.

        Resign Rask for a cheaper contract

        Eichel as a Bruin with Pasta, Marchand and Bergie upfront would be WOW

    • Hindsight is 20/20 but, if Rangers knew they where getting Lafreniere I doubt they’d have signed Panarin and/or Kreider. Now they have 2 top 6 LW’s signed long term with nmc’s Lafreniere was moved to right wing last game, but with Panarin out will be back to his natural side. Eichel is probably the only guy mentioned in rumors who I’d ever consider giving up Lafreniere for. Regardless if or not Zib is playing at a high level, Rangers don’t have any prospects at center that will be top 6. Eichel at 24 would be the perfect add for now, and future. Ideally you’d keep Laf, but you have to give to get. To Buf: Lafreniere, Chytil,Nils Lundkvist, 2021 1st rd pick (that should be top 15. Maybe top10) 2022 2nd..
      Too much/too little???

      • I did mention prior to last year’s trade deadline to package up Kreider while he had top value to create room on the roster for younger players and cap $.

        All hindsight now.

        I had wanted to move Chtyl to #1 LW (prior to signing Bread) and sign a cheaper #3C. Or move to 2C and NOT resign Strome (keep cap flexibility for better roster moves)

        to be honest… package too much in terms of locking up cap. Remember Zib will be up and not come cheap.

        Eichel at 10, Bread at 11.6, Kreider 6.5, TRouba at 8…still have to sign Shesty again and then how do ya give out rises to all those ELCs?

        Would I consider (though the proposal seems too much) it if I had confidence in the bottom 6? maybe…but Cup teams roll 4 solid lines and the Rangers looking shakey …. IMO

        Rooney, Blackwell and DiGiuseppe are playin above their historical performance and I cannot forsee it as sustainable.

        For better or worse since signing Kreider, Strome and ADA they now HAVE to stick to rebuild on the fly mode.

        IMO humbly

  11. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned anything about the spear to the throat in yesterday’s Habs Sens game? That was super sneaky. Phil would make a good Bruin.