Leafs Will Be Buyers Before the NHL Trade Deadline

by | Mar 22, 2021 | Rumors, Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. Islanders and Hall seem like a perfect match. He can beef up his numbers playing with Barzal and move on next year. Perhaps as a Cup Champion.
    I don’t see any other team in contention that can afford his cap hit.
    Adams is up against it. He has to do something quick and he has limited dance partners.
    If I know Lou, he’s putting the screws to Adams to retain salary and take a junk contract back.

    LL can also pivot to NJ and try to grab Palmeri. Lou and Tommy Fitz did the Andy Greene deal that worked out well for the Isles.

    Would anyone be surprised that Eberle was on the phone to Hall, who was in his wedding party, to move to the Island? Or Greene talking to Kyle P about the wonders of Long Island.

    Knowing he way Lou operates, none of this will happen and one morning I’ll read the site and see that LL made a deal fro someone that NOBODY thought about.
    Remember Devon Towes?

  2. If Hall goes anywhere it’ll be with the bruins