Sabres Desperately Need Experienced Management and Coaching

by | Mar 5, 2021 | Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. Well stated, but falling on deaf ears

  2. Could not agree more, Lyle, the die-hard Sabres fans on both sides of the border deserve so much better and also think of the wasted rivalry in the Golden Horseshoe – Sabres vs Leafs should be one of the fiercest competitions in the entire league.
    It’s past time for the Pegulas to move on and let some competent owners take over.

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  4. Buffalo will do nothing
    They need a GM to take charge .
    I would love to see what Mark Hunter could do , if he even wants the job !
    Meanwhile … Calgary is in the look out for a top end right winger !
    Nashville is having a “fire” sale
    Leafs should pick up on this and obtain Ekholm and some “grit” up front …
    Leafs have lots to offer, including Nylander …
    Simmons and Robertson are on the mend , no loss there …
    Anyone watch Hutchisons goaltender display last night ..
    Good Bye to that guy !!!

    • I agree Ken. I think Mark Hunter would do a great job. This should be a top franchise: get some draft picks and pieces for Eichel and build from there!

  5. the team can fire as many GM’s anad coaches as they like. The common ingredient for the last 10 years has been the Pegulas owning the team and butting in.

    Rutherford, if the Pegulas give him free reign, would be the right guy. An experience GM who has a track record of turning around teams. But at his age would he want to work for such meddlesome owners, after what he went through in Pittsburgh ?

  6. I’m amazed Ralph Krueger put himself through hell again with Edmonton East.