NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – April 19, 2021

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The Canucks win their first game in their return from COVID-19 pause, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Bo Horvat scored two goals, including the winner in overtime, as the Vancouver Canucks edged the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2. It was the Canucks first game since March 24 as an outbreak of COVID-19 paused their schedule on March 30. Braden Holtby made 37 saves for the win. Canucks defenseman Alex Edler received a five-minute major penalty and game misconduct for a knee-on-knee hit on Leafs winger Zach Hyman in the second period. Hyman left the game and there was no immediate update on his condition following the game.

Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hyman’s injured knee is the same one he had surgically repaired in 2019. It remains to seen if Edler will receive supplemental discipline. That aside, it was a big win for the Canucks coming off a traumatic three weeks that threatened to derail the remainder of their schedule. The Leafs, meanwhile, remain in first place in the Scotia North Division with 61 points.

Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand reached his 700th career point with a four-point performance in a 6-3 win over the Washington Capitals. Marchand, Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci each scored twice and David Pastrnak collected three assists. T.J. Oshie scored two goals for the Capitals, who lost Justin Schultz to a lower-body injury. They also played without Zdeno Chara, who is listed as day-to-day with an undisclosed ailment. The Capitals sit atop the MassMutual East Division with 62 points while the fourth-place Bruins (56 points) have won four straight and sit three points behind the third-place Pittsburgh Penguins.

The New York Islanders got a 30-save shutout from Ilya Sorokin to nip the Philadelphia Flyers 1-0 on Nick Leddy’s overtime goal. The Isles (60 points) are two points behind the Capitals and one up on the Penguins.

Speaking of the Penguins, they dropped a 4-2 decision to the Buffalo Sabres. Sam Reinhart scored twice and Dustin Tokarski made 34 saves as the Sabres have a record of 3-1-1 in their last five contests.

The New York Rangers blew a 3-0 lead but rallied to down the New Jersey Devils 5-3. Goals by Mika Zibanejad and Ryan Strome late in the third period gave the Blueshirts the victory. With 52 points, they’re four points behind the Bruins.

Vegas Golden Knights captain Mark Stone extended his multi-point game streak to four games as his club down the Anaheim Ducks 5-2. Stone had a goal and an assist. Teammate Reilly Smith left the game in the third period with an undisclosed injury and is listed as day-to-day. Vegas moved into a tie with the Colorado Avalanche with 64 points but the Avs sit in first place in the Honda West Division with a game in hand.

YARDBARKER: A report in Sports Business Journal claims NHL jersey advertising could begin as early as 2022-23, though nothing has been approved or finalized yet by the league board of governors. The location of a jersey patch is being discussed and evaluated. It could be placed on the shoulder or chest. The size of the patch remains unclear.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as that patch doesn’t detract from the team logo I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. The league must find as many new streams of hockey-related revenue as possible given the effect of COVID-19 upon its coffers.

SPORTSNET: Seventeen NHL teams are currently using long-term injury reserve for cap relief. The league is going to closely monitor those clubs over the remainder of the season to ensure there’s no cap circumvention.

AZ COYOTES INSIDER: Craig Morgan reports the Coyotes will sign defenseman Ilya Lyubushkin to a one-year, $1.35 million contract extension.


  1. He come the Bruins. 4 straight 3 commanding against top teams.The trade deadline moves are proving to be the shot in the arm they needed to turn the team around. And it’s not just the individuals that were acquired but the fact Sweeny had faith in the boys to make these moves as he stated. But we still need a healthy Carlo Miller and Grizz to do some major damage. Boy are Washington dirty. But that’s what happens when their top guys are in the minus karlson -5 Ovi -4 Backstrom -2. Hopefully Miller is good to go on the 11th. Love Pitt lost to Buffalo should open the Bruins eyes to the fact Buffalo won’t just roll over. From here on out the Bruins need to play with the same intensity the have the last 3 games. Wouldn’t it be something if they ended up taking the conference? With every game the look like contenders. Goooooooooo

    • Bergyboyzzz …..last two seasons the Bruins were stopped in their SC run by teams that played in your face hockey against them ..ST Louis & TB, but this years team right now even without Chara seem to be tougher & bigger and adding a Carlo,Frederic & Miller only helps

      • No question there. we added a lot of beef on the forward lines this yr .unfortunately not so much on D. Keeping the D healthy would be the only weakness at this point. Maybe the PP too. But I love our chances now.

      • Remember back in 2011 Boston signed former Bruin Shane Hnidy around the TDL to add a little muscle down the stretch?

        Adam McQuaid is still living in Boston….just sayin….

  2. sitting here this morning sipping my McCafe Coffee thinking about the Caps/Bruins game yesterday which was a huge win for the B’s in what up to this point in the season was their most important game in many ways, and nice job by Sweeney/Neely in bringing in three players who have seemed to have corrected some issues the Bruins had,Dman,secondary scoring and some energy on the 4th line….now if they can get the rest of the team healthy it could get interesting rest of way

  3. If the Leafs lose Hyman for an extended period – or worse – that would, in many ways, be more devastating than losing, say, a Tavares or Nylander.

    It would also be devastating for Hyman himself as he approaches UFA status if it turns out that same knee he had surgically repaired requires further surgery.

    To me, a deliberate knee on knee is one of the sneakiest, dirtiest plays in hockey and if Hyman is lost for the season, Edler should be out for the same period.

    As for that Bruins game, Marchand just keeps making me wish we had a carbon copy in Ottawa. If this guy doesn’t get serious MVP consideration there’s no justice.

    Tonight it’ll be interesting to see how Murray follows up that SO over Montreal. Seeing some consistency in his play – and it doesn’t have to be another SO – would be encouraging.

    • Hi George

      Re “ one of the sneakiest, dirtiest plays in hockey and if Hyman is lost for the season, Edler should be out for the same period.”

      I’ve been advocating for a while an equal or greater (in games relative to games off injured) suspension for deliberate intent to injure…. but they never even come close on the League’s most brutal and consistent deliberate injury inflictor (Wilson the Decapitator) so things won’t change

      I’m hoping this is just a day to day thing for Hyman. Even week to week gets him back for playoffs 🤞

      Re Edler… I don’t know his history… is he a repeat offender on knee on knee?

      When it happened in real time I didn’t notice other than Hyman went down as the camera angle was long and play on far side

      Replay and close up, I didn’t like the way his knee hyperextended

      Play by play analyst said just before the hit that Edler had been out there for 3 minutes…. I’m thinking that he’ll argue (plead) that it was a mental lapse and not deliberate hit…. result is the same though 💩🤬😡

      I did a quick search and found he had 2 suspensions in 2013…. Hertl (hit to head) and Mike Smith (charging), not sure if there were more

      If he has no suspensions since then and seeing the absurd (call it lunacy) leniency they gave to Wilson (Carlo)…. then I’m guessing 3 games max

      • Pengy, check out the 2013 World Championship, Elder knee to knee on Eric Staal.

    • A deliberate knee on knee is dirty, and I was about to say Edler isn’t cheap. However, he was also suspended by the IIHL for a knee on knee that put Eric Staal out of the Olympic tournament. Does the fact that this occured in 2013 mean that last night was a poor but atypical play by him?

      Tough one.

    • George,

      Hyman gave 2 serious two handed baseball swings and didn’t get penalized, rarely gets called for his boarding, live by the sword die by the sword.

      Edler isn’t a repeat offender as his previous transgressions were more than 18 months ago, 8 years actually.

      Is this the first knee on knee of the year? Hasn’t been a suspension yet for this…..but countless head shots have gone free.

      FYI, if you like Erik Brannstrom you’ll like Victor Mete.

      • Dude get a grip. Hyman dirty ok Habs fan. AS for the hit I don’t think it was intentional other than the fatigue factor that played its role. You canT really blame a player, well you could I guess, that’s been trapped on the ice a few minutes chasing the play like they were. An opportunity came to a very tired player to make the easier play which involved sticking out his leg to make a hit. Did he commit a penalty, yes. Was it intentional to injure, highly doubt it. Live by the sword die by the sword, dumb…just plain dumb.

      • Habfan30, did he connect with those baseball swings? I don’t believe so. Stupid, yeah – but clearly it wasn’t intended to connect. Boarding has been part of the game since … well – they introduced boards. The late, great Gordie Howe had it down to a fine art – especially with his elbow up to make sure the opponent’s face rattled along off the glass (remember Bobby Baun’s bloody face?).

        Deliberately targeting someone’s knee is in a special category of nasty and I have NO use for a-holes that do that regardless of how far apart the occurrences. Just – my – opinion and I won’t deviate from it.

        As for Mete, I already like him far more than Reilly.

      • George,

        “did he connect with those baseball swings? I don’t believe so.”

        i’ve put up the rule in response to I think Uwey, the swing in and of itself is a penalty whether you connect or not and Hyman did it in consecutive games, an 3 out of 4.

        Deliberately targeting the head has been going unpunished all year long and is more dangerous than knee on knee and Edler isn’t exactly Radko Gudas.

        BTW unlike Reilly, the Mete you’ve seen so far is the one you’ll keep getting. I really like the kid and admit it wouldn’t upset me if he came back to bite the Habs.

    • He was tired. It is a natural reflex to try and slow down someone by getting in the way.

      Was it a penalty? Yes.

      Was it a deliberate sneaky and dirty play? I don’t think so. Kevin Bieksa summed it up pretty good during the intermission.

      Here is a podcast with Halford & Brough in the Morning from this morning with his thoughts.

      I agree with what he was saying. Not intentional but there does need to be accountability for your own actions.

  4. George ……..BM reminds me of a better version of Ken (Rat) Linseman ( just about same size) who was also a agitator but could play the game

  5. Sitting here this morning sipping my morning Jameson hating these division realignments. The east is brutal to try and jump anyone.

    To put things in perspective, the 6th place Flyers would be in a playoff spot in 2 other divisions and trailing by 2 points in the central division with a game in hand.

    • The East is the weakest division in hockey. Only division without an elite team in it so easiest to get out of in playoffs.

      • Wendel i see your sarcasm

    • Hi CO

      Sipping my Tim’s reading ur post

      Bang on

      Watched 3 games yesterday (Pens/Sabres, Leafs/‘Nucks, Flyers/Isles) and saw some chunks of the Bruins

      Yes, East is one tight Div

      Any of the 4 could finish 1st, AND none are safe yet (Rangers surging)

      The Isles/Flyers tilt was tough to watch… it’s like root canal watching this boring game…. and to kick it in the nadz even more …. the only team to score actually loses the game (own goal in OT) and the colour commentary is by the most annoying guy in hockey (Pierre Maguire)…. it makes my head hurt listening to him drone on

      For the sake of entertaining hockey… I’m hoping Rangers get in and Isle’s slide out of playoffs

      Bruins are coming on

      • Elite teams in the North? Strange that Boston and Pittsburgh probably have more playoff rounds won under their belt than the entire North division has over the last few years. And I haven’t really verified that, but I’d be willing to wager on it.

        Heck, I may be willing to wager either one of those two teams have accomplished that on their own!

    • Well Wendal, as I clearly pointed out the “weakest division in hockey”’s team that sits 6th in the standings would sit 4th or 5th in any other division.

      So it seems your perspective is way off. I have a feeling that you may not watch many games outside of the north judging by most of your posts.

      The west has 4 punching bags, and has Arizona in the playoff picture.

      The north has 2 punching bags, 3 relatively inconsistent teams in Calgary, Montreal and Edmonton.

      To put things clearer, NY would be in 4th place in the North and Philly would be in 5th.

      • No the North has 4 sad sacks in MTL, CGY,VAN,OTT.

        But a division is only as strong as its STRONGEST team. The idea is to get out of the division not see how many also rans can wallow in their similar mediocrity.

        You can live in the past if you like but Leafs are far better than anything in the East.

      • “The division is only as strong as its strongest team “

        That makes no sense. You’re basically saying there are 4 dead teams in a division of 7. Yet somehow that doesn’t contribute to Toronto’s success? Clear as mud and very convoluted perspective.

        So Toronto basically has 32 dead easy games out of 56 , yet somehow that doesn’t affect the standings?

        Again, I don’t think you’re seeing other divisions, or very far outside Toronto for that matter.

      • Captain, IMO Wendel is wrong about 4 teams being dead teams.
        MTL is not.
        Both CGY and VCR were either playoff or just out last year.
        Both would be fighting for a playoff spot if it was still the Pacific.

        The West is the worst Division IMO even though it has 2 of the best teams in it. East has the most teams that would be fighting for a playoff spot it any division with the North 2nd.

  6. Ah, Bruins fans who only a week ago wanted the heads of Don Sweeney & Cam Neely on a platter … trade everybody except Pasta & Marchand … now they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    And cheap shot Hyman lives by the sword and dies by it … and don’t even start about injuries without beginning with Pittsburgh … most man games lost yet again and fighting for the top seed …

    • I see the pharmacies haven’t run out of Snarky Pills. Tell me ed, do you walk around with a permanent snarl on your face?

    • You keep saying Bruins fans wanted Sweeny head yet as far as Iv seen only 1 person on here has stated as much. The rest are smart knowledgeable hockey guys. Do you copy and past the line so you don’t have to type it every day? Great game by the Pitt yesterday. The bears are about to have a healthy snack on the the Penguins. Shut down Pitt in the neutral zone they are done.Shame SIDS twilight yrs are wasted there.

  7. Yesterday game against the Caps was entertaining and frustrating.

    Boston isn’t going anywhere if they don’t stop giving up 3 to 4 breakaways a game.

    Reilly came as advertised Oshie first goal, he tries to pinch Oshie goes by him, Then Oshies dishes the puck off and goes to the net and Rielly skates by as the puck goes back to Oshie for an easy redirect.

    Hall was almost invisible yesterday, curious if it was because of the physical play.

    Lazar played his game.

    Wilson hit on Kuraly while could’ve been avoid but nothing Wilson could really do.

    While Tinordi turned late; Hathaway did NOT have to push him into the boards. Dirty play

    Refs were bad yesterday

    End of the first time running out you could hear the ref shouting at Hathaway “nothing after the whistle.” After the horn went Hathaway decided to make the hit anyways. Scrum assumes matching penalties but none to Hathaway.

    Ovie gets a free ride, to hand slash to the legs of Lauzon no call (ref standing and watching) high stick to Pastrnak no call, cross check from behind into the boards, no call.

    Ovie biggest cry baby in the league, twice berated the refs, once he absolutely lost his lid after a Bergeron goal. Claiming interference in the bruins zone. His behavior warranted at least a 10 minute misconduct. This is twice in 3 games i’ve now seen this from Ovie, biggest baby in the league. He finished with a -4 and 0 points. Carlson -5 and 0 points.

    • I for one despise, “game management”.

    • Biggest baby in league is subjective but best player of his generation isn’t. Huge gap from him down to Sid. Number 4 of all time.

      • Best goal scorer of his generation. I’ll give you that. There are several players who are much better all around players. Sid is number 1, and it really isn’t even all that close.

      • Shoreorrpark–Without saying that a player’s “greatness” is always reflected in his plus/minus rating over his career, every time I’ve checked the plus/minus stat, a player acknowledged to be great had a very favorable one, so I suspect that the stat would be of much significance in evaluating a player. Sid is plus-184 for his career, Ovechkin is plus-75 over his. Your own Patrice Bergeron is a career plus-221. Shouldn’t Bergeron be considered in a conversation about the greatest players of a generation?

      • Francis, without a doubt, Patrice is one of the best of all time. Not just of his generation. Am I biased? Absolutely. I’ve has the pleasure of watching him since he broke into the League at the tender age of 18. The mans IQ is practically unparalleled. Two reasons why Patrice isn’t mentioned with the greats…..1. His pride in playing a 200′ game, and 2. His lack of ego.
        Here’s my list of my personal favorite players of all time. Not the best. Just my favorites.
        2. Oates
        3. Bourque
        4. Marchand
        5. Bob Smith
        6. Bob Gainey
        7. Iggy
        8. Robinson
        9. Neely
        10. Crosby

    • Caper, seems to me that being a baby works.
      Squeaky wheel theory.
      Maybe the B’s top line should start?
      How about McDavid? Takes a lot for him to complain.

      Nah, they shouldn’t.

    • caper,

      Reilly is what he has always been, looks great, has a few good games, the the brain cramps get more and more visible.

      Lazar is Lazar, good bottom 6 player, gives an honest effort, you’ll be happy with him.

      I’d expect Taylor Hall to perform well only on account of Krejci.

      Tinordi, unfortunate high pick with limited talent that was expected to be offset by his size. Not much of a fighter and has taken some beatings.

      • The Boston Bruins go as David Krejci goes.

        Claude Julian

  8. Caper I agree with the breakaways but a healthy D fixes most of that Ovi definitely is a baby but Sid holds that title. Bruins need to dress Trent when playing Washington they won’t run around giving cheap shots. Boston looks good but they will go as far as goaltending takes them.

    • Obe have to disagree with you on Sid, early years yes, not so much in the last few years.

  9. Come on guys! No props for the Canucks win last night after their circumstances? I’m really impressed at the spirit they showed.

    Wonder if their example of a will to win was noticed by the Habs?

    Probably not.

  10. The game yesterday was Reilly’s worst game but Lazar still looked solid Hall played well, got to stop taking the high sticking penalties Caps power play devastating , I hope Miller comes back in time to lay down a beating on the dirtiest player in the league Tom Wilson. I know he didn’t get called for it . if it was other player on Kuraly I would say it was a follow through. Wilson he aims to maim.

  11. Ads on the jerseys eh, what a shock, nobody saw that coming.

    They will have a tasteful barely noticeable ad o the helmet that’s all, right

    Won’t be long for players to be skating billboards like in Europe.

    I can’t wait for the next CBA when players negotiate in their own advertising on their equipment, jerseys and pants.

    Ads on the boards went from paint, to stick on banners to holographs.

    Somewhere mixed i to the ads there might be some hockey by some no longer recognizable players.

  12. Leafs couldn’t beat Vancouver yesterday a team Wendel says is horrible they have zero heart and maybe the guy with half a heart goes down with knee injury. Back to the drawing board time to find a tender and some passion. If I’m scuba boy I move Nylander and Marner for some size and grit.

    • I would move Tavares Obe.
      Oh yeah, that’s right.
      Nylander it is.

      I’d take him on the B’s if the price was right and Hall doesn’t workout. I’m not a Nylander hater, kid can play and goes to where the goals are scored.

  13. Need cap room can’t move Tavares not a soul takes that contract plus no move won’t move Matthews and don’t blame them. Marner is great player but small and some team would want him Nylander I don’t hate either but if you could get a real good D man for him I’d do it in heart beat. They need some heart and passionate players like a Marchand or a Tkachuk.

    • Heh. And they ain’t about to get either.

    • Obe, the Tavares line was a joke. Hence the Oh yeah, that’s right part. I was referring to his untradeable salary.
      Need to work on my delivery I guess.

      Pengy has beat this horse to near death. Nylander is the trade target for Leafs. He’s right.

  14. McAvoy aside the Bruins defence is weak. Goaltending strong and deep . A nice mix up front but that D will be the Achilles . Carlo has to play to have a shot.
    Leafs goaltending will be their Achilles. I am not sold on Campbell. A couple of week ones Sunday. Rittich no better. Andersson has to be the saviour. We have seen how that has gone.

    The funny thing with knee on knee. Whose knee gets hurt is 50/50. I don’t think it is done on purpose too often.

    • SilverSeven, the difference is the “offending” knee – if deliberate – is braced for the hit, usually bent to some degree whereas the receiving knee is pushed back, often severely enough to tear ACL – you know it was accidental when both show the effects. I’ve seen is used in football although there, if deliberate, it was usually a helmet or shoulder causing the damage. I hated it then – and hate it now.