Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 18, 2021

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In today’s NHL rumor roundup: a look at what might be in store for Ryan Getzlaf, Josh Manson and Rickard Rakell this summer plus some speculation over Jonathan Bernier’s future with the Red Wings.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The day following the April 12 trade deadline, Elliott Teaford reported Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf acknowledged having had trade discussions with general manager Bob Murray. However, the talks never advanced far enough for the 35-year-old Getzlaf to consider waiving his no-movement clause.

Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf (NHL Images).

Getzlaf said he wanted to help Murray’s rebuilding project, even if that meant accepting a trade as a playoff rental player if the return helped the Ducks. The pending unrestricted free agent intends to wait until this season is over before considering his future plans.

He could re-sign with the Ducks or sign elsewhere and accept a considerable pay cut from the $8.25 million salary-cap hit of his current contract. Retirement is also a possibility. Family concerns and his own play could also factor into his decision.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It wouldn’t be surprising if Getzlaf agrees to play another season with the Ducks. Perhaps they’ll work out a one-year, bonus-laden deal.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens reported Murray set high asking prices for defenseman Josh Manson and winger Rickard Rakell before the trade deadline. The Ducks GM said his goal was to add players already drafted who had a bit of NHL experience already if possible. Stephens wondered if the Ducks will make a significant move with either player at the 2021 NHL Draft in July.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Manson and Rakell are due to become unrestricted free agents next summer. They’re worth keeping around if the Ducks were just retooling with an eye on reaching the playoffs next season. That’s no longer the case.

Perhaps Murray can find a suitable return for one or both players during the draft weekend. Failing that, both will likely be shopped as rental players at next year’s trade deadline.

THE ATHLETIC: Max Bultman wondered what the future holds for Jonathan Bernier. The Detroit Red Wings goaltender was the subject of trade rumors leading up to the April 12 deadline. He’s due to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. GM Steve Yzerman intends to wait until the end of the season to talk contract with his free agents.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bultman pointed out this summer’s expansion draft could complicate things. If they re-sign Bernier before the draft he’ll have to be protected. Waiting to sign him until after the draft could alleviate that problem.


  1. If I understand the expansion draft rules correctly Seattle can also negotiate with the pending unrestricted free agents during the expansion draft if they are left unprotected. That player would count as the teams selection if they came to an agreement with the pending UFA. But there is a possibility that Seattle could select a different player from the teams roster and sign the UFA after his contract expires.

    • GP,

      That is correct as it happened to Calgary in the Vegas expansion. Deryk Engelland was a free agent and signed with Vegas. He counted as the Vegas selection from Calgary.

      • Thanks FlameFan. Dougie Hamilton’s situation is what comes to mind. There is an unlikely but possible scenario that Ron Francis could select Bean or Skjei from Carolina and also sign Dougie Hamilton as a UFA. Or just sign Hamilton as their pick if he is not protected in the expansion draft. Ron Francis might be a factor in what Carolina ends up paying to sign Hamilton.

  2. Although no registered “rumours” yet, I’m betting that, when this season ends, there will be perhaps 3 Ottawa Senators names cropping up among the trade possibilities as Dorion begins the next phase of the re-build, and that is to add some solid veteran presence among the youngsters. Cap will be no problem, even after re-upping this year’s RFAs (Tkachuk, Batherson, Zub, Mete and Amadio) as UFAs Anisimov ($4,550,000), Stepan ($6,500,000), Dzingel ($3,575,000) and goalie Forsberg ($700,000) come off the books – although I think there is an outside chance that Forsberg is re-signed and RFA Hogberg not qualified.

    The 3 possible trade candidates start with C/RW Colin White who has never met expectations – here again is an “although” – part of the reason being he’s been bounced from wing to C when he wasn’t sitting in the press box. That, however, won’t be easy with his $4,750,000 cap hit still with 4 years to run. If he stays it will at least be at the wing position because the C positions will held by Stutzle, Norris, Pinto and Amadio, and knowing that heading into the season might make a difference in his performance.

    The young Cs will also cause Tierney ($3,500,000 – 1 more year) to go on the block, The 3rd trade likelihood is Josh Brown ($1.2 mil with 1 year left) as that position is becoming solid with Chabot, Zaitzev, Zub, Bernard-Docker, Brannstrom, Mete, Thompson and Alsing with Sanderson 1 year away. That’s the position I see Dorion concentrating on if and when it comes to trades, trying to add a solid Top 4 type.

    • George, who do think Ottawa will protect in the expansion draft and who do you think Seattle will select. It looks like Josh Brown will have to be on the roster (unprotected) to meet the defenseman exposure requirements.

      I use the cap freindly expansion draft simulator and after reading your comments I need to adjust what I have. Seems like a lot of the players you mentioned are exempt from the draft.

      • GP, none among Norris, Stuetzle, Formenton, Bernard-Docker, Pinto, Zub and Brannstrom need to be protected.

        They’ll probably go the 7-3-1 route with Fs Tkachuk, Batherson, Paul, White, Connor Brown, Dadonov and Watson, D-men Chabot, Zaitsev and Mete and G Gustavsson all protected

        That leaves the likes of Murray (Seattle won’t take him due to the contract), Daccord (hate to lose him – but Seattle will likely shy away anyway due to the uncertainty of those high ankle sprains), Josh Brown, Abramov, Dzingel (they won’t re-sign and protect him), Logan Brown, Tierney – if I had to choose one and I was Seattle, it would be one of the other Browns – Logan or Josh. I’d bet on Logan Brown – a big C.

      • Hey George, Are you satisfied with the Sens progress this year?

      • Discounting the first part of the season – and all things considered – yes. Once they jettisoned Coburn, Paquette, Gudbranson, Wolanin, Galchenyuk and had a pre-occupied-elsewhere Stepan go down for the year and began playing the best youngsters in their system more regularly, it’s been like night and day.

    • I think that no way does Ottawa protect Watson over Tierney.

      I also think that there is a good chance that PD protects Murray – to stubbornly refuse to admit the trade and subsequent horrible contract were both bad AND to reach the cap floor (although Brady’s contract will be 7+ million over three years and might get them to the floor.) I agree that Murray’s contact (with SO much money still owed plus high cap hit) makes it likely he won’t be drafted.

      The Sens are well positioned on the D, although their present situation screams out to take advantage of some teams with 4 good, young D’s who might lose some in the Expansion Draft (ie CAR, MINN). If that happens, Mete is exposed and is probably drafted.

      Mete is a great pick up for nothing.

      I don’t think Ottawa loses anyone of consequence.

      • OK, John, all possibilities. But I still think Watson has a role need among the youngsters that far outweighs any contribution from Tierney. The C position moving ahead will have Steutzle, Norris, Pinto with Amadio working out quite well as the anchor on the 4th line. There’s also Sokolov to consider at some point. So where, exactly, does Tierney play for the one more more year of his contract?

        Even if Seattle doesn’t take him in the draft I see him being moved in a trade.

  3. this offseason the Bruins have multiple decisions to make, some of these players plus some UFA & RFA wont be coming back with the team the numbers just dont work with around 55+ million for these 10 players ..

    Krejci …7.2 million per
    Bergeron …6.8
    C Smith ..3.1

  4. With where they are now the pens are in a surprisingly good spot for expansion. They protect croz malk rust kap guentzel for sure. Likely McCann. Tanev vs bleuger is tough. I go for the center without all those expensive extra years on the contract. Letang dumo petterson (Marino don’t need protection). Jarry.

    So Seattle has as its best options zucker- unless he goes beast mode in playoffs I’d leave him unprotected. Expensive contract for a couple years. Tough to swallow due to cost to obtain if taken.
    Matheson- fun to watch both for good and bad reasons. Also expensive contract. Talent there… d hockey sense isn’t.
    Tanev- good bottom six guy. Bit pricey and could wear himself down by end of contract
    Carter- not sure he would suit up for Seattle and likely done after next year.
    Zar- when healthy a really good 4th line guy. Probably better options out there.
    Desmith- surprisingly one of the players with fewest warts. A really good back up. But probably not long term starter potential at this point.

    I don’t know who I’d take as Seattle… anyone else gotta guess?

    Gun to my head I’d take zucker as Seattle. Plenty of cap space and if he regained middle six talent could be a decent piece. Risk would be based on hope a new team and system jolts him back to wild level.

    • if Zucker is left unprotected Seattle would probably take him. With Francis having connections in both Pittsburgh and Minnesota he will know if he is worth the contract.

    • Surprisingly, Cody Ceci leads all Penguins players in plus/minus. He might finally have become the right-shot defenseman he was expected to be when he was drafted 15th overall. Though he will be a UFA, the free-agency period doesn’t begin until after the expansion draft, so he’s eligible for the draft, according to Puckpedia..

      As I understand the draft rules, the Kraken would have 48 hours after selecting him to negotiate with him. If the Kraken kept him, he would count as the Penguins’ relinquished selection. All others mentioned would be safe.

      What’s the chance of that happening?

  5. So all you Habs fans out there, and I know there are many. Help me try and figure this team out. I have seen them play some great games and then come back and play just horribly the next game. My sense is the just don’t have the pure sniper, the game changer like other teams have. Bergevin over the past years has made many changes via trades. My question is would you sooner have on your team the following to go with the free agents signed this year.

    Pacioretty, Subban, Sergachev, Galchenyuk or
    Suzicki/Tatar, Weber, Drouin, Domi/Anderson

  6. Nice game and big win by the B’s with games in hand against every team in their division

    • Huge Joe.