NHL Rumor Mill – April 2, 2021

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Check out the latest on the Oilers, Leafs, Panthers, Blues and Penguins in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Frank Seravalli reported there’s been no meaningful progress in contract talks between the Edmonton Oilers and pending unrestricted free agent Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. The Oilers apparently made a five-year offer but it isn’t one the 27-year-old center is rushing to sign. Both sides intend to continue negotiations and there’s no belief the Oilers will move Nugent-Hopkins if he’s unsigned before the April 12 trade deadline.

Edmonton Oilers forward Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nugent-Hopkins wants to stay in Edmonton and the Oilers want to keep him. The term could be the issue here as management could be reluctant to re-sign him to the maximum eight years given the uncertainty over the salary cap over the next several years.

The Oilers hope to unseat the Toronto Maple Leafs for the top spot in the Scotia North Division. They’re not about to peddle away one of their core players regardless of the status of his contract talks.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun doesn’t think the Toronto Maple Leafs are panicked about their goaltending situation and doesn’t believe they’re even calling around for a netminder. They expect sidelined starter Frederik Andersen will return fully healthy and won’t rush back as he did earlier in the season when Jack Campbell was injured. They could reconsider if Andersen suffers another setback. Campbell, meanwhile, is 7-0 on the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs might not be panicked about their goaltending but the same cannot be said about a number of denizens of Leafs Nation. They are practically begging GM Kyle Dubas to acquire a goalie.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk believes the Leafs’ current goaltending isn’t good enough, citing Andersen’s recent injuries and shaky confidence, Campbell’s injury history and Michael Hutchinson’s inconsistency.

The pleas from Leafs fans and observations of Toronto pundits seem likely to fall on deaf ears in the front office. Dubas seems intent on sticking with his current goalies for better or worse.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports teams are calling the Florida Panthers about pending UFA goaltender Chris Driedger following their signing of prospect netminder Spencer Knight to an entry-level deal. Panthers general manager Bill Zito was coy about what Knight’s signing meant for Driedger’s future. LeBrun feels there’s a possibility Driedger gets moved by the trade deadline given the market for goaltenders and his cheap cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Based on LeBrun’s earlier report, the Leafs aren’t among the clubs calling the Panthers about Driedger. He’s played well, offsetting Sergei Bobrovsky’s early-season inconsistency. Shipping him out before the trade deadline could be a risky move. Knight has considerable potential but lacks NHL experience.


STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon said it’s not hard to imagine some NHL general managers contacted St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong asking about Mike Hoffman after the struggling winger was made a healthy scratch earlier this week. While Hoffman could entice contenders looking for scoring they won’t offer anything in return that will bolster the Blues’ sagging offense.

Gordon also noted Blues defenseman Vince Dunn has frequently surfaced in trade rumors this season given his long-term earning power clashing with the club’s long-term salary-cap concerns. He could be enticing to teams seeking a defenseman like the Florida Panthers and Montreal Canadiens. However, trading Dunn means the Blues could risk losing a valuable forward to the Seattle Kraken in this summer’s NHL expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gordon’s colleague Jim Thomas believes the Blues’ next six games before the deadline will determine if Armstrong becomes a buyer, seller or spectator at the deadline.

As Gordon points out, Armstrong isn’t afraid to make bold moves in the trade market. If he gets a pitch for Hoffman or Dunn that improves the Blues’ scoring punch he’ll be all over it. Finding such an offer, however, might not be easy given most of the teams have limited cap space, just like the Blues.


NHL.COM: Tom Gulitti cites Brian Burke, the Pittsburgh Penguins director of hockey operations, recently telling Pittsburgh Post-Gazette his club is in the market for a center with Evgeni Malkin and Teddy Blueger sidelined.

Burke also said the Penguins would like to add some toughness to their lineup. He indicated the club’s second-round pick in this year’s draft is off-limits in the trade market as they lack a first-round pick. They have depth in defensemen to use as trade bait but Burke isn’t sure he’s willing to use that depth for help in other areas of his roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins have played well despite the absence of Malkin and Blueger. That doesn’t mean they won’t be active in the trade market but it could take away some of the urgency to find a center.


  1. I have to believe, just have to, that this is just posturing by Leafs to keep the ask down as much as possible, like Dubas is the duck in the water all calm on top and frantic under the surface.

  2. The bruins seem to be just floating through the season. Gut the team and start over everybody needs to go with the exception of Mac and pasta the season ‘s over get an overload of number one picks, rebuild. Sweeney’s got to go take lurch with you. I turned off the set after the third goal last night! What a mess no amount of trades are gonna fix this sinking ship!

    • I wouldn’t get rid of Fredrick … I like his style … wish the Pens would draft a young guy like him for a change …

  3. As a Wings fan it’s nice to see Ken Holland choosing not to address a different team’s problems.

    • No respect Garth . I take it your a wings fan . Ken brought championships and THE longest playoff streak in LEAGUE history . Take a few minutes to think about that .
      Of course at the end of a run like this the team is going to go through a down period , no top picks for years and years and years. Did he make some errors , of course , but a run like that should have you singing his praises and thanking the guy for a couple decades of championship level teams .
      In Edmonton , he has stabilized the ship and this summer is his first real chance for big changes in Edmonton on his watch with cap space to manoeuvre.

      • Craig, how did you figure that one?
        Boston 29 straight postseasons
        Chicago 28 straight postseasons
        St. Louis/Detroit 25 Straight

      • You are right Brian . I was reading active streaks at the time I take it , but still , 3rd and 25 years straight , my point stands , thanks for the correction . Any run of 10 plus years and championships involved should be enough to cement your status to me , that’s a quality quality run , 25 years is not something to just breeze over when the team is in a few down years after 25 up

      • Always defending Oilers GM’s. Just like Chilly, aka pistol Pete 😛

  4. Above Article]

    Leaf’s , as in Dubais are not panicking in regards to the Leaf’s goaltending situation..
    Stick by his goaltending tandem and Hutchison, through Better or Worse..
    Leaf’s will be short lived come playoff time, once again because of Dubais INCOMPETENCE !
    Dubais has to GO..
    He has served his tenure, there is NO light at the end of the tunnel, with him in charge, and Shanahan giving him full control..
    He will be another Poile , as per Nashville, a”3″ dressed up as a “9”
    Matthews, Hyman, Marner, Justin Holl, are a great group to build around, Dubais is hindrance, moving forward…
    This message has to be relayed to the media, fan base and have him removed from management !!!

    • Hey, Ken, despite your boring diatribes, Lyle still allows you on this site. Try to be more tolerant.
      Also could you please find another team to support?

    • Ken

      We get it…you’re not a fan of Dubas. At least spell the man’s name right.

      Are you forgetting the contracts that Lou signed that Dubas had to get out from under? Martin and Marleau?

      You need two to tango and perhaps he’s calling about goalies and other teams are asking too much? There are also other teams looking for goalie help…driving up the price.

      Which goalie specifically do you want?

      • Pretty sure you won’t get an answer Daryl.
        The Leafs are 8th in GA/game.
        Pretty good.
        Their starter played hurt for weeks, looked bad because he was, you know, injured.

        He is getting healthy, will get a break and rehab to work on his mechanics and has a good chance to play well. Plus Campbell has played well.

        If the Leafs want a better tender they better make some cap space for one this off season. Unless they think Vasilevsky is available and TBay will eat some salary.

        The Leafs play better defensively now, and score enough, so while they need good goaltending they don’t need Vezina good to have a real chance to win it. Just good enough. We’ll see if it is soon enough.


      • Yes Ray, they are good defensively despite what haters and jealous fans like to say. 8th in GA with I assume (not bothering to check) the 31st starting goalie by save percentage.

        Correct, they only need good goaltending not Vezina good and Campbell is good enough if he stays healthy but we can’t risk it as Andersen is a sieve when the playoffs come.

      • Wendel, just for once, can you describe those who simply don’t particularly like or even want to like/follow the Leafs as just that – non-fans – rather than “haters and jealous fans.” I’ve been following hockey since the late 1940s – never “hated” any team – just had my preferences – and I’ve certainly had absolutely nothing to be jealous about for the past half-century +. I certainly have never EVER used school-yard epithets like “Laffs” and “Loaves.”

        It just smacks of being a juvenile observation of others.

      • Wendel, before Anderson got hurt he was just about average in save %. Basically average. Then not so good, but playing hurt.

        Historically he has been better than average when taking quality/high danger scoring chances into the equation. Leafs gave up plenty. Last year he wasn’t as good as normal, this year so so. Prior very good while in TOR.

        We’ll see if he rebounds come playoff time.
        Dubas has made a choice to not spend a bunch of $$ on goaltending because the cap didn’t move as expected due to pandemic.

        We will see if he is right or not. I would be rooting for him if I was a Leaf fan. Dude sucked it up, and I bet the boys will play for him because of it. They have a really good team IMO.

      • i am not a fan of dubasssss either he is over his head, first of you forgot the kadri give away and the overpayment of his babies way over payment. he doesn’t have the stones to stand up to their agents and tell them when you win you get paid not before you win oh i want this much. so there you have it and what has he really done for this team so far that a regular person couldn’t do, him and his analitics bullcrap and his soft skilled team mentallity, enough said…

  5. Knight will still be a while. Goalies generally can’t be rushed . Especially on weak teams. Bob is also there for a while
    Burke make Hextal call Treliving for Lucic or Bennett. Pens do need to get tougher. Going to be battling and Washington and the Isles. I don’t think 3&4 lines are tough enough

    • Problem with that is two fold … #1 the Pens really don’t have anything of value to trade, Rutherford gutted the future unless you are willing to deal a “core” player … and #2 Sullivan didn’t know how to use Reaves, what makes you think he’ll do any better with Lucic or Bennett?

      • Good god why would we need bennet or lucic.useless..

        The Penguins are climbing 50 points tied with Washington who we beat 4 of 6 this year and the islanders who we beat 6 of 8 this year.

        We could use a sandpaper guy like Tampa added gordie maroon Coleman .

        Qw got dumoulin back Penguins 15 – 4 – 2

        Ww got Tavev Zucker back blueger due back soon..honestly the team plays better without moody, inconsistent, no defensive energy Malkin.

        One decent move by hextall we have a good good team..
        Trade deadline should be interesting

      • BNG , I agree with Ed, the Pens don’t have anything to trade anyways. Obviously you have not watched Sam Bennett in the playoffs. He is a beast. Problem is he has not seemed to carry it over into the regular season. He has all the tools, is tough, hits, can fight, and has the ability to change momentum in a game. He has been the flames best playoff performer since he was 18. If the Flames have any chance (looking doubtful) at the playoffs I would want to keep him.

      • Hi Sparky

        Bennet for a low return would be OK , but Burke is whispering sweet nothings into Hextall ears about getting “long pants”

        Bennet certainly has a tenacious side but at 195 is slightly less in weight than the average NHL player

        Delauriers would come in at about the same cost in trade (if just a 1 off) and certainly checks the Burke boxes

        Pens do have trade assets

        They now have a surplus of LHD and , I believe , there would be takers in Zucker, that is why I proposed Zucker, Laffy, Ruhweedel for Henrique/Delauriers

      • 🤢

      • Pengy, Wayne Simmonds is 185lbs, it isn’t the size of dog in the fight, it is the fight in the dog. How many Flames playoff games have you watched? I bet not many. Bennett has fought Manson and Nurse amongst many others. He is not afraid of anyone. Is Deslaurier an outstanding playoff performer? If you just want someone who fights there are plenty. A low return ain’t going to happen. Again, I see nothing the Pens could offer unless it is an overpay.

      • Hi Sparky

        Good point re size doesn’t necessarily matter

        I’m totally convinced that Burke is not looking for a playoff performer, only a pugilist

        Yes I’ve watched Bennet in the playoffs… if he got his mojo back I’d be a little more in favour of acquiring him. Does that mean he can’t perform in playoffs this year as before…. certainly not… he could even do better than before… all unknown… I’m just a little less confident in him than I was before… that’s just my opinion

        All has to do with cost to acquire … and as you said… cost will be likely high re Bennett…..so Pens shouldn’t go for Bennett

        To me … 3C is the paramount add for Pens… Burke is pushing the long pants add

        Delauriers has, does, and will handle his space and should be had at a reasonable cost if they are willing to part with him

        BTW … Simmons is listed at 185 but isn’t. I’ve met him a few times. The first time, maybe 3 years ago or so, and while I was standing next tohim(he’s about an inch shorter than I so about 6’ 2”) I noticed how cut he was…. so I joked and queried him always listed as 185 and told him that I didn’t believe it. He laughed and said that was his weight years earlier and it was never changed on the official listing. He told me that he typically played between 195-200. That weight jives with his build

        For Pens… an offensive 3C is their need

        That said… if it is Hextall making the moves all by himself as Burke has publicly stated… 3C is what he will try and get

        If there is an acquisition of a bigger than average pugnacious player who is a 4th liner… that’s got Burke written all over it

        10 days to discover who really is calling the shots

      • Pengy, another Flame I like personally on the cheap is Brett Ritchie. He is a UFA at I believe $700k, he is a big dude that is tough as nails. See recent k.o. of Khaira. He would likely be available and quite affordable. Just for kicks check out Bennett ‘s fights on Hockey Fights.com. I think the only loss he took was to Khaira and I don’t think he was really up for it that night. Hopefully they will meet again
        As a Leaf fan, I am sure you watched Wendel Clark. He wasn’t that big but again he did it all.

    • As a Ranger fan, I don’t see team passing Bruins. After they play Buffalo tomorrow, they have 2 games apiece vs Pens and Isles. Could determine if they decide to trade a few vets. Team has blown too many early games while the more battle ready Bruins have pulled out wins in games they had no business winning. Their window is getting smaller, but once Rask is back they have just as much a shot as any team in East. I don’t see Flyers making playoffs and IMO, Washington won’t make it out of 1st rd.

      • If Boston continues playing the way they are I definitely see NY catching them. Only thing is Boston has a bunch against Buffalo left.

      • Dave, Rangers only have 2 against Bruins, so they’ll need to rely on others beating them. They’ve got a bunch against the better teams and Bruins have 3 games in hand. I’d love to see Rangers make it, but they won’t be buyers at deadline and they’ve got to jump 2 teams.

    • Hi Silver Seven

      Delauriers would fit nice

      Zucker, Laffy, Ruhweedel

      For Henrique and Delauriers

      3C issue handled … Henrique
      Long pants truculence pugnacity…. Delauriers

      Ducks have and will always have; and internal budget issue…. deal gets them younger and saves North of $6 M in committed cash

      • @sparky & Pengy…penguins dont have a ton to offer trade wise….for that reason dont think we can afford Bennett…

        Pengy Bennett is a better choice than Delauriers…we need grit not a goon.

        Will be interesting to see what we can do to add..Pengy wants to run Zucker out of town..kind of like I want to.move pettersson.

        Pengy….zucker has 5 goals and has missed 18 games how many does Malkin have 9, 10

        We get Kapanen back with Tanev Zucker good team speed

      • 👍BNG

      • Hi BnG

        Transparancy here… was totally against the trade when it happened and new that Jimbo paid too much for Zucker

        It is not a case of running him out of town; it is looking at team as a whole and seeing where changes need to happen (3C) and viewing assets viable to attain that goal

        Zucker has had a rough year and would benefit from a change of scenery

        Of his 5 goals, 3 were gaping net ones (like last game) and one had a few bounces

        When Zucker was off with injury… Gino was on a tear… 13 points in 9 games and was +8 in that time-frame; and was playing a full 200’ game almost every game

        Gino with Zucker … was 11 points in 18 games

        Pens have two players that they could proceed without that have at least a $4M cap hit… Pettersson (replaced PO-J or Riikola) and Zucker (Pens did fine without him and with any number of wingers in his place)

        I do believe the Zucker/Laffy/Ruhweedel for Henrique/Delauriers is a win-win-win (Ducks-Pens- and — Zucker/Henrique [change of scenery])

        Can Zucker turn it around this year…. possibly… I’m just not optimistic he can though… just my opinion

        But under no circumstances should he be on top 2 lines when Gino returns

        Fingers crossed on Hextall (not Burke) making the decisions

  6. Rick W Murray—–
    His above concern…
    Perhaps the Bruins would like to recruit Dubais to lead them to their promise land,,,,

    Bruins will go much deeper come playoff time, than the Leafs,,,
    Bruins have injuries, and perhaps Sweeney might make a move before the trade deadline, if it makes sense

    • They aren’t going anywhere the way they played against the Pens last night … Pens dominated the Bruins on their home ice w/o Malkin, Kapanen & Jarry … Bruins are a mess right now, especially their lack of offense & their blueline …

      • Ed i would like to disagree with you, put i got nothing.

      • Sutdnicka & DeBrusk to BUFF for Reinhart?

      • Caper, lol…

    • Ken I usually agree with a lot of what you say. Defence wins games but the bruins scoring is so anemic and Rasks back right now is a huge concern , they’ve seemed to have tuned out Cassidy. Sweeney has had the entire off season to make a move for a Good second liner he didn’t do it. I think the leafs are one of leagues powerhouses Matthews is an amazing scorer the best natural scorer since Bossy and Ovechkin Mariner is brilliant Campbells a lot better Vlad and Halak is not as effective as he once was. Trade Rask Bergy Marchy,Krecji Halak grab about four or five number one drafts a couple of prospects this team (bruins) are done! They stink! AndI would honestly try Swayman I’ve watched this kid in providence about 9 games this season. He is the bruins future in net not Vlad give a chance with the big club.

  7. With the flat cap, expansion draft looming, lack of gate revenue, etc. this might be the most boring Trade Deadline in recent memory.

  8. Flyers need a mixup

    Would Rangers send Tony Deangelo down or let them sign him in the summer?

    • ADA is to AV like DelZotto was to Torts


      super love hate relationship. ADA is not a fit for that coaching staff in Philly.

      • @ihate
        yes i remember AV not using Yandle at all

        but Flyers need something…. Powerplay would improve and you would see a lot of Tony D jerseys purchases

      • Ds the mix up the Flyers need won’t happen until the off season.

        First and foremost we need Seattle to take Jake, whatever sweeteners it takes we give.

        Second we find a taker for Ghost retain 1m (3.5m) make him easier to move

        Third Trade with Anaheim for Josh Manson & Nic Deslauris(sp)

        Fourth Promote some of our younger forwards based on production this season in lehigh valley.

      • Have a feeling AV is first to go in Philly

  9. Ullmark & Hall @ 50% retained to TML

    Freddie & Kerfoot along with prospect Abramov to BUFF

    anyone like this for TML?

    anyone like this for BUFF?

    • Right now I think Kerfoot is way more useful than Hall.

    • Yes. Doesn’t matter about kerfoot and hall who cares. It only matter we dump Freddie for ullmark

      • Wendell are you so obsessed with this that you want anyone in goal but Frederik Andersen or do you actually believe there is someone out there actually available that really improves the Leafs at a cost to Toronto that makes sense in today’s market? Hint, there isn’t

    • ihatecrosby

      Please explain to everyone here what you see in Hall?

      He’s always been a selfish, one dimensional player. Now you can add greedy to the list. Explain how a player stating he wants to win would sign a 1 year $8M contract with a team that missed the playoffs 9 years in a row…

      I’d rather the Leafs go after Kessel than any idea of Hall.

      There are many better options than Hall.

      Try Rackell, Garland, Laughton, Henrique…anybody BUT Hall

      • Daryl..totally agree what do people see in Taylor Hall? Yes a once MVP and he does have talent but I dont see a first round pick for him

        Dont see any team in the off season signing him to a mega deal.

        Cant see it

      • Who said I see anything in Hall? If you have ever read my posts about Hall, I never indicated value. I merely made a trade proposal.

        GM’s in the NHL still have perceived value for Hall. Maybe Dubas does or does not.

        Hall is an upgrade to Kerfoot. Plain and simple. Relieves TML of Kerfoot for cap room in the offseason as Ullmark is also cheaper than Freddie

        For BUF the prize is Abramaov and they can flip Freddie or resign him. Ullmark is not making Buff a playoff contender so while his value is high…ona good team like TML he can and has done good things to prove he is capable.

        All about exchanging value and BUFF getting a top prospect, TML making a run with Hall and long term cap relief for future moves.

  10. STL needs scoring

    TO STL: Skinner (does breakaways without a stick)

    TO BUF: Hoffman & Bozak

    • Hoffman can only be regurgitated so many times

      • Amen to that. Some thought I was not very “knowledgeable” when I expressed relief that Dorion had gotten rid of Hoffman – he was actually referred to as a “stud” by one in particular at the time.

  11. Sounds like the Nuge won’t even entertain offers from other clubs seeking his service. Smart move by him. I’d love to have him in Boston, but the young man has the right to choose and I do believe he’s choosing right. I’d hitch my wagon to those pair of horses in Edmonton as well, given the opportunity.

    • Shoreorrpark

      I’m not so sure about your thoughts regarding RNH.

      He’s a versatile player that will have many suitors on the open market.
      He may want to re-sign in EDM but I don’t think he’ll sacrifice too much salary to do so. They haven’t won anything since he’s been there and keep in mind McDavid didn’t really sacrifice too much salary when it was his turn.

      I could see teams like CLB, MIN, or VAN offering $7-7.5M on a 7 year deal. It’s his first shot at UFA so it’s incumbent he tests the market.

      • If I was him, Daryl, I’d sign for 3 years in Edmonton. Inflate my numbers with Conner and Leon, then make bank with my new team at the conclusion of that 3 year contract. I like the Nuge a lot, but I’m not paying him 7 – 7.5 per, starting next year. Yeah someone might, but I doubt it. The Oil will probably offer 6.7 6.8 over 5 or 6. I’d take the shorter term for more money and give myself a chance to earn even more down the road with a different team.

      • Rnh turns 28 in a week or so. If he takes a charitable 3 year deal, what new team will he be “making bank” with at age 31? Chances are his numbers don’t get any better than they’ve been already playing with those guys. More a chance he starts regressing.

      • Nah. Conner and Leon are only getting better. RNH’s numbers are going to reflect that as well. Have you not been paying attention to the contracts being handed out for past performances?
        Perhaps the Rags could get ahead of the curve and trade ADA and Strome for him.

        Get over it. Embrace being wrong. You’re pretty consistent at it.

  12. I believe Boston can turn things around but I would still move UFA’s
    Build for next year. Need a top center to replace Krejci. Also a top RW and LD. Good luck Donnie boy. You’re farm system promise of developing players hasn’t worked. Still surviving off the old veterans. Can’t stay on top once Bergeron, Krejci and Rask get much older. Build around Mcavoy, Marchand and Pastrnak.

  13. Daryl..I agree dont see a 1st round pick for Taylor Hall or some team in the off season giving him a mega deal.

    A once mvp yes, talent yes selfish yes..we will see.

  14. Finally Hextall coming out and acknowledging his needs and his actual search….. 3 C

    Burke insists on long pants

    Two players that certainly would benefit from a change of scenery form the major players in the deal proposed below. One had no takers earlier in the season, the other is dragging Gino down big time this year.

    The smaller part of the deal gets long pants pugnacity for Pens and Speed for Ducks. Ducks save over $6 M in committed cash. Added a depth RHD from Pens in deal as with Friedman coming back… don’t want to have to risk waiving him (Friedman) as he will be lost; for the other

    Zucker, Laffy Ruhweedel for

    Henrique; Delauriers

    No picks or prospects moved; minimal Cap diff…

    Sid Guentz Rusty

    Gino Kappy Rodrigues

    Henrique *McC Turbo

    That’s 3 solid scoring lines

    Blueger ZAR *Gaudreau…great checking line

    Depth…. all big men:
    Delauriers (big and pugnacious and has in the past been a “deterrent”

    *Can also fill in at C

    Also have depth checking line forward in Sceviour

    That roster above has an above average chance of getting to the semis without giving up anything in the future

    • @ Pengy……you feel about zucker the way i feel about Pettersson…good but movable.

      I like the way Pittsburgh is playing a team game..and yes that means without the lazy one, the moody one, the one that pays no attention to defense..Malkin.

      Yes he was scoring but look mccan has been terrific if they add a Henrique 50% retained, or a glendening who always plays hard, good face offs, responsible player.

      Honestly, I’ll take Crosby McCann Blueger Glendenning..leave Malkin on LTR..
      Dumoulin who you wanted to move [ I recall] has stabilized kris leturover and the Penguins 15-4-2 since his return..

      One good solid move by hextall penguins can compete

      They are fast, skilled, and now playing team hockey now need some sand paper.
      Maybe a Bobby Ryan luke glendening someone responsible tough to play against..
      We will see

      • Hi BnG

        No I never “wanted” to move Dumolin. I had once mentioned an all in move that included him but it was only in an exceptional all in situation which I’ve been against

        Pens goal should be to build to win the Div playoffs…. a 3C gets them there I believe

        Winning the East … 1/3rd chance (as at now because NHL hasn’t declared the semis matchup Divs) they get winner of North. IMVHO …. Pens as is and when healthy, can beat any team in the North

        They have 2/3rds chance of running up against one of Bolts; Knights; Avs

        I don’t see Pens besting Bolts or Knights; they have a chance at Avs

        Gino was doing fine once Zucker was out

        I cede ur concerns re Pettersson’s early season struggles; last few games he has been very good

        Zucker gets a gaping mouth goal which concerns me as Sully will be convinced that him scoring means he is needed. IMVHO , he is not , and $5.5 M on Cap for his production and drag on others, is concerning

        If they keep him then Sully must not play him with Gino… team first thinking, so least negative impact is Zucker on 3rd line

        McC and Turbo are flying lately

        I like Gaudreau in his usage

        I truly believe that a productive 3C is what Pens need

        The other day I went through all the potential offensive 3C’s that I felt might be available in trade (save for looking at Tierney as I felt Dorion wouldn’t move him) and rationalized them; here it is again:

        Bonino of old…. in a heartbeat…. but 16th in scoring on his team… only 8 points in 32 GMs…$4.1 M annual Cap… so no…. Pens already got hosed big on a Wild deal (Zucker)

        Glendenning… cheaper annually at $1.8 M; great on the dot; per other here he is good defensively… but 9 points in 35 GMs…. not the 3C type they need

        Staal would have been a great fit…. Hextall apparently didn’t even call ???

        Sutter re-hash…. I don’t think so …. also 8 points… $4.4 M annually

        Granlund .. bidding war likely… count him out

        Zajac …. excellent fit … but full NTC

        Getzlaf… would have to be a to through … Ducks retain 50%; Chi 50% of that again…. full NMC… so… not happening

        Carter for Zucker (both 50% retained…. basically to save Kings cash… Cap about equal)…. Carter almost exclusively now a W… but played 100’s of games as a C…. fits Burke “long pants”…. 6’3” ; 220

        Ideal but costly …. Strome (Chi) as he is behind Toews, Suter, Dach on the depth chart and is NOT a 4th line centre… last game was very good; down year (perhaps new child on the way… now born… was on his mind

        Best deal…. as earlier Ducks tried to move him…. change of scenery for both ; plus swap of depth…. Ducks save over $6 M in commitments…. Zucker and Laffy for Henrique and Delauriers (exactly the long pants player Burke covets):

    • Pengy..I hope you are right that hextall is making the moves and not burke.

      He wants big, he wants size, like his unsuccessful huge teams in Calgary..

      We need some sandpaper not goons.

      I would take Crosby McCann Henrique Blueger down the middle for the playoffs..
      Put Malkin on Ltr and then move him in the off season to a place he wants to go…out of respect to him

      Take what you can get and use that $9.5 million maybe sign a Chris kreider ufa for your second line center.

  15. The one thing for sure amongst all the FA and TDL talk is how little sense it makes for the league to be signing anyone beyond five years in a flat cap world. does everybody including the NHL PA forget that the salary cap came in to play to save GM’s and their respective franchises from themselves? If for example RNH thinks as arguably Edmonton’s 5th best skater the Oil is giving him more than he has been offered for his production (most of which is on the PP) he and/or his agent are stuck in a pre Covid-19 world. For that matter, if another team gives him any more than what’s on the table Ryan and that GM should seek a group discount for a Psychiatrist.

  16. I am not a Boston fan but off season goals IMO is to acquire RNH and Reinhart to create a 2nd line.

    just IMO

    they should have cap if Rask signs for a reasonable 2-3 yr contract.

    • Add Adam Lowry to that list and we’re back in business.

  17. As per Wendell , obsessed with anyone in net, aside from Freddie !!
    Makes 2 of US !!!

  18. The Leafs shaky goaltending is going to cost the Leafs another disappointing playoff outcome, as well as Dubas job.

    • they should overpay and trade kerfoot and Freddie & abramov for Ullmark & Hall

      let hall walk to keep cap room but get Ullmark who is respectably playing despite the team play in front of him.

  19. Anyone see Barzal’s hat trick last night?

    Those were some big skates that he faked Chara out of.

    And to think that he makes 8 million dollars less than that guy who wears the Leafs pajamas!

  20. Greg
    U would think Dubais would be “panicking” as per his job on the line , being knocked out again , in an early round ?????
    1. Why he isn’t being creative with the salary cap
    2. Why can’t he CONFESS and realize their is an ISSUE in goal
    3.Ullmark- I can’t comment on his ability – I haven’t acknowledged his ability , but it should be considered , at a reasonable cost, and 2 teams that are desperate !
    4. Will Dubais be fired ?? Shanahan likes him

  21. @Pengy…yes Pettersson is playing better but so is zucker…

    Zucker can be that speed and skill on the third line for the stretch run.

    Honestly I hope Malkin stays home this team is more responsible with him out of the line up.
    Especially when the playoffs roll around where every inch of ice is to be battled for..and fly bys blind passes and no back check will kill you.

    • Hi BnG

      Yes Pens have collectively picked it up since Gino was out; but they just can’t , IMHO, get out of East without him

      Re Zucker being better… he has only been back 2 games and has the gaping net goal… it’s hard to say if he’s better just from a 2 game look

      Speed… yep … 3rd line OK

      He just must NOT go back with Gino

      10 days until TDL

      we’ll see what happens