Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 11, 2021

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With the trade deadline a day away, here’s the latest on Taylor Hall, Nick Foligno, Mike Hoffman, Jaden Schwartz, Ryan Getzlaf and more in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports the New York Islanders could still be interested in acquiring Taylor Hall. The Isles were close to making a deal for the 29-year-old Buffalo Sabres winger before acquiring Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac from the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday.

Buffalo Sabres winger Taylor Hall (NHL Images).

Johnston feels the Islanders could still be interested in getting Hall out of Buffalo but there are other clubs also lurking. Some teams feel if Hall is still on the Sabres as tomorrow’s 3 pm ET deadline draws near perhaps the Sabres’ asking price will come down. He wondered if the Edmonton Oilers could be among the suitors in that circumstance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can’t rule anything out when you’re talking about Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello. His club still has over $3 million in long-term injury reserve space to draw upon. It’ll take some salary-cap creativity but it’s possible, as we saw in yesterday’s three-team deal that sent David Savard from the Columbus Blue Jackets to the Tampa Bay Lightning through the Detroit Red Wings.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Sportsnet NHL insiders Mike Futa and Kris Versteeg suggesting Hall should be at the top of the Edmonton Oilers’ wish list. They feel the Sabres winger can provide the Oilers with the scoring depth they need.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think their biggest need is a skilled checking-line center who can win faceoffs. Regardless, Oilers GM Ken Holland said he’s not parting with assets for rental players, preferring those with term on their contracts. If he maintains that stance, forget about Hall coming to Edmonton at the deadline.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks ponders the possibility of the Pittsburgh Penguins taking a shot at Hall. He wonders if playing for a contender and skating alongside Sidney Crosby might snap the winger out of his scoring funk. Brooks also mused about the Calgary Flames’ Sam Bennett or New Jersey’s Miles Wood being better suited for Pittsburgh.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins are reportedly seeking more toughness up front. That’s not something Hall provides. Bennett would be a good checking-line addition if he goes into his usual beast mode in the postseason.

Brooks mentioned Wood as he suggests this might be the best time to trade him for maximum value if Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald harbors any doubts about re-signing him. Wood has a year remaining on his contract. That, however, might be a move best made in the offseason, when contract discussions can formally begin.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Columbus Blue Jackets would want a first-round pick for forward Nick Foligno. The Minnesota Wild are believed among the interested parties. That move would reunite Nick with brother Marcus in Minnesota.

THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo also weighed in on Friedman’s report, saying he’s long suspected the Wild intend to pursue Nick Foligno in the offseason if he becomes an unrestricted free agent. However, Russo doubts Wild GM Bill Guerin will part with a first-rounder for the Jackets captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Jackets lower their asking price we’ll have to wait until this summer for a possible Foligno family reunion.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the St. Louis Blues will set a high asking price for pending UFA winger Jaden Schwartz, making it difficult for other clubs to acquire him. He notes the Montreal Canadiens had some interest in winger Mike Hoffman before he signed with St. Louis in the offseason. He wonders if the Habs might consider Hoffman to bolster their sagging offense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues won’t move Schwartz, especially when they’re battling for a playoff spot. Hoffman, however, hasn’t been a good fit with them. Despite scoring two goals last night after being a healthy scratch from the last two games, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded. I still think the Canadiens need to shore up their left-side defense but their scoring has suffered since Brendan Gallagher fractured his thumb.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes the Winnipeg Jets intend to acquire a defenseman before tomorrow’s trade deadline. However, he doesn’t see them parting with any of their top prospects.

WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck reports the Jets were believed among the clubs with an interest in David Savard before he was shipped to Tampa Bay yesterday.

Other blueline trade targets could include Josh Manson of the Anaheim Ducks, Colin Miller of the Buffalo Sabres, Jamie Oleksiak of the Dallas Stars, Sami Vatanen of the New Jersey Devils, Mike Reilly of the Ottawa Senators, Michael Del Zotto of the Columbus Blue Jackets or Michael Stone of the Calgary Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Manson’s the best of the bunch but he has a year remaining on his contract and the Ducks reportedly seek a first-round pick and a top prospect. The rest are pending UFAs and wouldn’t cost the Jets a top prospect or a first-rounder.

SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston believes the Edmonton Oilers intend to be bargain shoppers rather than big-game hunters at the trade deadline. He feels they’re looking for a defenseman and had an interest in Patrik Nemeth before he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche on Friday. Columbus’ Michael Del Zotto could make sense.

Elliotte Friedman thinks the Calgary Flames will have a quiet trade deadline because they lack notable UFAs. Derek Ryan might draw interest from teams seeking a center while David Rittich could be enticing to teams looking for a backup goalie.


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston reports Anaheim Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf has been linked to the Vegas Golden Knights and Montreal Canadiens in recent rumors. However, there’s no indication he intends to waive his no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Getzlaf could change his mind between now and tomorrow’s deadline but don’t be shocked if he’s still the captain of the Ducks after 3 pm ET on Monday.

Johnston also noted the Chicago Blackhawks held forward Mattias Janmark out of the lineup yesterday. He pointed out Janmark has played well in the past alongside skilled linemates, speculating the Colorado Avalanche and Toronto Maple Leafs could be a fit as he’d be an affordable acquisition.

The Florida Panthers are the front-runner for unrestricted free agent forward Nikita Gusev after he cleared unconditional waivers yesterday.

After trading Devan Dubnyk yesterday to the Avalanche the San Jose Sharks might not be done shopping their UFAs. Marcus Sorensen and Kurtis Gabriel could be moved. Patrick Marleau, however, could finish the season as a Shark.

Elliotte Friedman reports the Sabres have made it a priority to re-sign pending UFA goaltender Linus Ullmark.

Contract talks continue between the Philadelphia Flyers and pending UFA center Scott Laughton. The same goes for the Los Angeles Kings and forward Alex Iafallo.

The San Jose Sharks may be getting some calls on rugged right-winger Kurtis Gabriel.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks speculates the Rangers might listen if a club offers up a third-round pick for winger Colin Blackwell. So far, no such interest has been expressed.


  1. Brooksie

    Hall skating with Sid???

    Not saying Pens won’t possibly enquire about Hall…. but I highly doubt they’d break up that top line that is on an 82 G pace for 100 goals …. two of them at 33 goals and Guentz at 34

    If Pens do decide on top 6 winger …. (I still say 3C is paramount) then Hoffman will come cheaper and should be more productive

    • Pengy,

      I dont see Hextall moving out any picks or prospects to add Hall. As our inhouse NHL Insider would say, Halls not a “difference maker”.

      Pens might add low cost depth but I would think based on history Hextall will let the “core” make a run if they can, then start adding picks and prospects to the Pens talent pool by moving out as many bad contracts as he can.

      Rutherford pretty much left the cupboard bare so I dont see any big moves coming for the Pens.

      • Hi Ron agree

        Hall not a difference maker; Hoffman certainly more of (than Hall) a difference maker

        I still say a 3C added… so that McC can play up with Gino/Kappy would benefit the team

        I keep flogging my cat hall preferred move of

        Zucker, Laffy Ruhweedel for Henrique /DesLauiriers

        Swap of top 6 forwards who should benefit tremendously from a change of scenery (Duck’s couldn’t move him earlier and waived him at least once) ; Pens add Burke’s requested “Longpants” ; Ducks get younger; faster; and save >$6M in committed Sals

        OSid line unchanged

        Option 1:
        *Mc up with Gino &Kappy
        *Henrique, Turbo, Rodrigues
        *Blueger *Gaudrea ZAR

        Option 2:
        Gino Kappy Rodrigues
        *Henrique, *McC Turbo,
        *Blueger *Gaudrea ZAR

        Depth in “big” boys:

        DesLauriers ,* Zohorna; * Janko ; AA

        *all C’s that can move up and down AND play W if need

    • Crosby … Malkin … Blueger… Gaudreau … I’m missing the paramount part …

      • Pengy, it looks like you got at least part of your wish Deslaurier to Pìttsburgh

      • Pengy, using “difference make” and Hoffman in the same sentence is a non-starter. The ONLY time Hoffman has a good game is when the team, as a whole, is piling it up. This guy couldn’t lead flies to a hot dog.

        You want goals 5,6 and 7 in a blowout – he’s your guy. If you’re down 2-0 heading into the 3rd you don’t look for him to start the comeback.

    • @ Pengy…We dont need Hall or Hoffman they are both undercheiving and are awful defensively.

      More like Sam Bennett
      A Luke Glendening
      Depth face off strength and some guys that can battle un front

      • Sorry Pengy, they are now reporting that the deal is not done. Apologies

  2. I’m not sure what Chevy is doing in WPG?

    They have an awesome group of forwards. They have an all-star in net. They need help on D. They’re not likely to be getting any UFA to sign in WPG. Their only avenue is by trade. You have to give quality to get quality.

    Not sure why they wouldn’t have gone all-in on Savard. A 1st (20-32) and a 3rd is a fair price considering it doesn’t touch their current roster or prospect pool.

  3. Both Hextall and Burke are on the record saying they want to add size and grit to the Penguins so resident mastermind Brooks come up with noted creampuff Taylor Hall as the solution?

    How does this guy still have a job?

    • Hi Ron

      I’ve heard Brookfield referred to as a “mystic” before … LOL

      He certainly is right in the mix to be in the know; but often he loses the reader by expounding on his reporting…. stating that Pens might go after Hall…. is fair reporting…. they just might… by adding “to play with Crosby”….. that makes the credibility of the statement plunge in reality

  4. The Habs certainly don’t need Getzlaf. Not after picking up Staal. They would be best off inquiring about Hoffman or Hall.

    • Hi Howard

      Completely agree with you

      Also I think only team Getzlaf approaches Murray about is Vegas

  5. Did Canada’s 14-day quarantine period affect the trade market at all.? Lowering it to 7 days doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

  6. The Habs have exactly what the Oilers need and that’s Phillip Danault.

    A shut down centre who’s a very good distributor, very good face off man.

    He would change the entire dynamic on that team.

    Only downside is that he’s UFA at the end of the year but Oilers have a number of UFA players, question is whom are they willing to trade.

    • I would luv Danualt on the OIlers, but pretty sure Bergevin luvs having him in MTL.

  7. Bennett and Woods to Pittsburgh? Yessss … Taylor Hall? NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • @ ed van impe….
      Oh would love that sam Bennett and miles wood would take them both in a heart beat..

      Taylor Hall Mike Hoffman hell no

  8. I hope Hextall stands pat, unless he can dump salary, like Zucker and or Petterson .
    Pens need to keep future in mind and not give away the very few prospects we do have , for a chance of getting to round 2 of playoffs!!

    Penguins championship window has closed..

    • I think the Pens problem dumping salary is that nobody is going to take on either guy mentioned without a nice pick/prospect attached, even if the Pens keep some of their $$. I don’t think the Pens are rich enough in either picks or prospects to do so.

      • Pens wouldn’t have to sweeten either player. Problem is the lack of cap space.

      • Chrisms…..not a chance……zero.

      • 100 percent chance. Sorry pal.

      • Hi Iago

        I’m with Chrisms in this

        At their Cap hit… sweetener required… Zucker not worth $5.5 M cap

        Lower Cap… no sweetener

        No retention…Zucker, Laffy, Ruhweedel for Henrique/Delauriers … works

      • Peggy….I’ll reconsider. Zucker, even at 50% retained without sweetener….still no chance. Petterson at 50% retained……low draft pick in return.

      • Pengy….sorry for not catching the spellchecker name mistake.

      • Still wrong iago.


        Hey! Gonna post this on a few segments cause I’m legit curious. If a team takes a major penalty… then the team on the penalty kill takes a minor… if the team with the major scores 4 on 4 do they get credit like it was a pp goal cause the was supposed to be short handed? Then does it revert to a 5 on 4? Or cause they had the same amount of skaters does the two minutes keep going?


    • @Pens 4 and gold here..

      The window has not closed I completely disagree with you. With all the Injuries, inconsistencies, and schedule nightmares the penguins are 2 points out of first place..and the penguins are heating up.

      Washington they have beat 4 of 6. Islanders we beat 6 of 8..we haVe a legitimate chance…
      Malkin blueger kapanen still out and we are right there…with a solid move at the deadline we will be prepared

      Crosby tied for 8th in scoring three points from 4th overall in scoring, goaltending stronger, dumo back 18-6-2 as a team.

  9. Foligino for a first ? Savard is a defence-man and a lot of salary held along the way

    Money for Hall won’t work in Edmonton without a third party. Yzerman want to do another old pal a solid ? A 4th for a $1million with TBay. A second worth $3m involving Edmonton ? Don’t see that happening without some assurances Oilers have a shot to sign him beyond the rental. I bet he is not asking for $8m anymore. My opinion should be high fives to $6m

    If there is an inquiry regarding Lucic from the Pens, the answer is yes. Kidding aside, I believe they have legit interest in Bennett. Would not take that much effort to get it done

  10. Sweeney reminds me of the cocky batter in baseball who points to the bleachers behind second base and then hits a dribbler about a yard short of the pitcher’s mound! I’ve heard through the grapevine Sweeney might be interested in Jon Merrill another retread!Don’t even try for a trade if this what this clown is interested in. They have to fire this guy! 2015 draft John Beecher(bust),Zachary Zeroshin… Backes, Kase that would enough to get most go’s fired

  11. Rick, Merrill has been traded to Montreal, Mete on waivers.

  12. Cap retention…. Pens could be available…. how and why?

    Setting aside what was gained from Dumo and Zucker LTIR….

    Gino in no way returns before the Philly game; and it will likely be longer… but I’ll just use the least amount of space gained on LTIR (that is with return for Flyers game)…. 30 days LTIR (of 118 day season) * $9.5 M Cap… a tad over $2.4 M

    Kappy will be off on LTIR for the minimum …. 24 days , very likely more…. but just taking 24 days at his Cap…. 0.65 M in Cap; total between the two… $3.05 M

    That’s $3.05 M…. at TDL … 31 days left in season…. that covers over $11.5 M in annual Cap hit at TDL

    Pens could help Leafs on a to-through trade …. absorbing say $2M (annual Cap rate) in the to-through…. per yesterday’s to-through retention rate…. that “benefit” should cost Leafs a 3rd (‘22)…. Leafs can get an $8 M annual cap player… 50% retained ($4M annual Cap) by original team; another 50% of remaining… $2M annual Cap rate retained by Pens…. Leafs need then only about $525 K in space to cover that $2M annual cap for time of TDL to YE

    Pens then can take Leafs 3rd; add say Lafferty or O’Connor to Blues, for Hoffman (no retention by Blues)… Pens still have plenty of space to take on Hoffman at full whack… and space left over

    Blues then have all that Hoffman space; and a 3rd; and whatever else they want for their move

    Pens can still fit in a depth “long pants” UFA (to appease Burkie) for a B prospect

    For playoffs:

    Sid Guentz Rusty

    Gino Kappy Hoffmann

    McC Rodrigues *Zucker

    Blueger Turbo ZAR

    With new long pants and Zohorna and Janko and AA as “big” depth players

    The other option for Pens using the space and gained pick ; do another to-through UFA for another 3rd…. and then going after a 3C … let’s say Bennett (two thirds rec’d in trade for to-throughs; plus Pens 2nd in ‘22 and Lafferty [or O’Connor])…

    Sid line same
    McC on wing with Gino/Kappy
    Bennet Rodrigues *Zucker
    Blueger Turbo ZAR

    *Zucker could still be moved

    Zucker for Bennett (I dream 😄🤞🙏)…. and Pens retain the two extra 3rds, keep their 2nd in ‘22

    Sid line same
    McC on wing with Gino/Kappy
    Bennet Rodrigues Turbo
    **Blueger **Gaudreau ZAR

    ** Both can play centre

    Options are there Monsieur Hextall

  13. Larry Brooks from the New York Post ponders the possibility the Penguins taking a shot at Hall…

    Who is Larry Brooks ?

    • Mrs. Brooks little boy

  14. Larry Brooks has been covering the NYR and the NHL since around 1975 so his feet are wet and has connections

    • Larry Brooks is Steve Simmons in disguise.

  15. Re Getzlaf

    I’ve posted before …
    1) only if he goes to Murray and asks ; and if so….

    2) pretty well only for Knights….. won’t leave the only team he has ever played (in the NHL) for unless it is for a team that has very high odds of a cup…. which would be Avs, Knights; Bolts

    Bolts can’t fit in;
    Avs prob not looking at him

    Knight’s perfect fit… they are looking for a 3C; and are only 4 hours drive from his home (where his wife was born/raised; and his kids were born). Added bonus… Nevada no state tax… increase in take home pay for balance of the season

    Knight’s need to make a move now that Avs have

  16. Come on Sweeney/Neely ….

    One stop shop Miles Wood & Ryan Murray ….both fit the needs

  17. Never say die, just when I was thinking the flames better start dumping players they get a full week of practice under Sutter and come out and blow the Oilers out of the water.
    Now I think they should do nothing and let the Kaken select Bennett in the expansion draft.
    The Flames play the Habs 5 times in the next 2 weeks which should seal the fate of each team.
    Bit of a long shot but the Flames would have to sweep the Habs or at least win 4 out of 5. The Habs also have a very tough schedule coming up so it might get interesting.

    • From a personal standpoint, I would love to see the Flames overtake the Canadiens for the 4th spot.

  18. Toronto has acquired Nick Foligno from Columbus and Stefan Noesen from San Jose in a multi-team trade.
    The Maple Leafs sent a first-round pick in 2021 and fourth-round selection in 2022 to the Blue Jackets in the deal, while the Sharks received a fourth-round pick draft choice in 2021. Foligno has seven goals, 16 points, 73 shots, 35 blocks and 109 hits in 42 games this season.

  19. Foligno to Leags.

    • Leafs. Same type of deal as Savard. Toronto only getting 25% of cap hit.

    • Leafs cap hit will only be $1.375 million for Foligno

  20. Is oleksiak from the stars next

    Goaltender please

    • That comes tomorrow, Ken.
      “Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s always a day away.”

  21. Kerfoot straight up for Ferland

  22. Report : Penguins acquire Jeff Carter.

    • OK who kidnapped Dubas and replaced him with a real GM it`s almost like Babcock is running the show. Size and grit over finesse who would`ve thought but I like it

      • I have to say pretty impressive so far, now let’s see him bring in Josh Manson somehow.

  23. Hall and Lazar to Boston for Bjork and a 2nd. Bruins fans: