NHL Playoffs: Maple Leafs Seek To Slay Ghosts of Playoff Failures Past

by | May 19, 2021 | Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. Wow after reading this article I guess Toronto should just pack it in now.

  2. The Habs/Leafs rivalry doesn’t really exist in Montreal, there have been 12 Stanley cups since the Leafs had one.

    The TML futility has made the team a non issue till recently.

    The Bruins and Senators are seen to be rivals, beating the Leafs hasn’t been much of a thing for most of my life.

    The regular season division stats are real but don’t reflect the two teams head to head at all, the season long results are much closer than that, including a depleted year end roster.

    Fortunately for TML fans their fragile psyche caused by decades of team failure probably isn’t shared by the players 🙂

    By the Stanley Cup finals we won’t remember this series in Montreal.

    • It’s more of a media thing now. In Toronto more people would consider Boston and Ottawa more of a rival as well. It isn’t like Montreal has been super relevant in almost 30 years. I’m sure Montreal will forget about this series by the finals, it will have been such a long time since Montreal fans have watched hockey by then.

    • Unfortunately they can’t both lose.
      I think MTL will prove to be a tough out, but just don’t have the horses to win a 7 game series against the Leafs.

    • In all honesty, when the Hobs have been good, the Leafs stunk, when the leafs are good, the Habs stunk.
      Personally I like the idea of my team being a better team and going up against an even better team to move on. That won’t happen here on this round.