NHL Rumor Mill – July 20, 2021

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Updates on Vladimir Tarasenko and Mike Hoffman, the Senators are shopping for a center and the latest on the Panthers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


BALLY SPORTS MIDWEST’s Adam Strickland took to Twitter yesterday reporting that the Seattle Kraken might not be the only stop for Vladimir Tarasenko if (emphasis on “if”) they select him in tomorrow’s expansion draft.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The St. Louis Blues have been trying to trade the 29-year-old winger for several weeks but reportedly weren’t happy with the offers they received. They left him exposed in the expansion draft. Should the Kraken take him, they could attempt to flip him to another club, perhaps for a return that stocks up their prospect pipeline.

Strickland also expects the Montreal Canadiens to revisit last offseason’s contract talks with Mike Hoffman. The 31-year-old winger signed a one-year, $4 million contract in January with the Blues despite the Canadiens offering nearly $1 million more. Strickland adds the Blues have expressed interest in bringing Hoffman back.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: From 2014-15 to 2019-20, Hoffman was a consistent 20-goal, 48-or-more point producer. However, he struggled at times this season in St. Louis and might be looking at other destinations via free agency.

The Canadiens were in the market for scoring last offseason but the emergence of Cole Caufield could have them considering other options. Much will depend, of course, on whether the Kraken select Carey Price in the expansion draft, how long Shea Weber could be sidelined, and the status of winger Jonathan Drouin.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators are seeking a top-two center and a top-four defenseman to help them make the playoffs next season. Those moves will likely come via the trade market rather than free agency. They have six picks in this year’s draft, including two in the second round, that could be used as trade bait.

Nazem Kadri could’ve been a trade target but the Colorado Avalanche hasn’t shown a lot of interest in moving the 30-year-old center. Adam Henrique had great chemistry with Senators forwards Connor Brown and Nick Paul at this year’s World Championships. However, it’s uncertain if the Anaheim Ducks would pick up part of the 31-year-old center’s $5.825 million cap hit for the next three years. The Ducks exposed Henrique in tomorrow’s NHL expansion draft.

Garrioch noted recent reports linking the Senators to the New York Rangers’ Ryan Strome but questioned if he’d be an upgrade on Josh Norris or Shane Pinto. The Calgary Flames’ Sean Monahan also remains the topic of trade rumors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Henrique could be rejuvenated playing alongside Team Canada linemates Brown and Paul. The Senators have plenty of cap space to absorb his full cap hit but I wouldn’t blame them for asking the Ducks to pick up part of it. Henrique’s 10-team no-trade clause could also be a sticking point but maybe he’d waive it to join a promising club like the Senators.


FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: George Richards cites Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reporting the Florida Panthers could have a deal in place with the Seattle Kraken. The Kraken would sign goaltender Chris Driedger and the Panthers would send them winger Frank Vatrano for doing so.

If the Kraken sign Driedger as recent reports suggest they’re close to doing, he would count as their expansion-draft selection from the Panthers. Richards believes the Kraken would want enticement to do this rather than wait until July 28 to sign Driedger as an unrestricted free agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This would be one of those vaunted side deals we’ve heard about for months leading up to the expansion draft. Perhaps the Panthers want the Kraken to pass over an unprotected player such as Markus Nutivaara, Radko Gudas or Alexander Wennberg.



  1. Did the Panthers learn nothing last time around? Here, let me give you incentive to sign this goaltender by giving you a great depth piece who over a season will score 20 goals? They gave Jonathan Marchessault & Reilly Smith to Vegas and now they are thinking Driedger & Vatrano to Seattle????

    • This is the type of trade that made Vegas an instant threat and caused many teams much regret. There was a report last week that many teams, after outsmarting themselves four years ago, were set to just bite the bullet and let Seattle take who they want. Apparently not Florida.

      • Exactly and quite frankly Vatrano seems like one of those pieces, possibility of more ice time, who knows what he could do. But regardless, grabbing yourself a 20 goal scorer as your reward for potentially signing your starting goalie … yeah, I see no problems there.

      • They lose two players either way. They can chose to lose vatrano and maybe even get a small something back or Florida picks another player and then signs Steiger during fa period.

      • Rod Steiger?

    • JJB which of these would you rather lose: Markus Nutivaara, Radko Gudas or Alexander Wennberg?

      I’m betting they were going to take Wennberg as their pick and signed Driedger after having an agreement once FA opens…so they did the “right” thing by offering Vatrano instead, allowing the Cats to have some control as to what they lose. The past showed teams that went that route made the wrong call. Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it…hahaha.

  2. How in the hell did Adam Henrique get nearly 6 million a year with term???

    Bill Zito definitely over thought this expansion draft, giving Vatrano away isn’t very bright … Francis wanted Driedger all along …

    Not sure how they can pass on Dunn and take Tarasenko unless they have a deal in place …

    • It would have to be a good deal. Dunn is a good piece. He’d get good Top 4 minutes and maybe even some powerplay time in Seattle. 24 years old, he is the kind of kid you dream about for expansions.

      • There are enough 3-4 defenseman available in the draft. similarly, there are many valye contracts available too. The best RW available if you do not count Tarasenko would be Eberle. Tarasenko should be a absolute lock in my opinion.

      • Agree with JJB here. Dunn is young and projects to be a solid contributor for years. If they take Giordano (and keep him), then Dunn gets 2nd pair minutes until Gio degrades or retires and then hopefully goes top pair.

        If you could be sure what Tarasenko you were getting, then I could see that being the direction. But the Blues couldn’t get enough in the trade market to offload him, so his value is low enough to be given away right now.

      • Exactly

  3. Now as for the Senators, if they feel they have to do this, than it will be a hard pass on Henrique. Too much money, too much term, and his production has never really matched! Strome & Monahan are intriguing options. Young enough and on short enough contracts that they CAN be part of the solution or a temporary fix! But I am still not convinced trading for a center helps us.

    I want to know who they target for their top 4 d. Brannstrom-Zub are the second pair, Chabot is a lock, which means we are talking about using Mete-Zaitzev on the 3rd pair … we need a shutdown guy to play with Chabot more than anything. I also think we need to start moving Stueztle over to center!

    • JJB, if Garrioch’s supposition is based on some hard inner feedback (which I doubt), then the fact they are in the market for a top 2 C has to mean they are no longer thinking of moving Stutzle to C. And I’ve heard nothing to suggest that that decision has been made.

      I agree – they need to start him at C, giving them him, Norris and Pinto as their top 3. What they need is a scoring RW to fit in on the top 2 lines and, of course, that RD to play alongside Chabot.

      How that then re-configures the 2nd and 3rd pairings is up to Smith and his staff following training camp and some exhibition games.

      • Tarasenko as your RW?? since Stuz is slotting C for ya George.

        Only a 2 yr price tag gamble and better option than Henrique.

      • ihatecrosby, aside from the fact Tarasenko has indicated he prefers to go to a cup contender (the Senators aren’t anywhere near that – yet), I’m thinking more along the lines of a trade with one of the many teams facing a cap crunch who will absolutely have to move out some decent players with term to free up the space necessary to re-up RFAs and maybe a UFA there and there which a team doesn’t want to lose.

        And on top of all that, if I was giving up assets for Tarasenko I’d want permission first to go over his shoulder issues with a fine-tooth comb.

        According to an article in The Hockey News, dealing Tarasenko isn’t going to be any kind of slam-dunk:

        “Tarasenko reportedly wants to go to a contender. Most players do, really. Who wouldn’t? But the post-pandemic flat-cap and Tarasenko’s $7.5 million cap hit, which includes $9 million in actual salary for 2021, may price him out of most teams’ plans. And that’s before acknowledging that this is a 30-year-old coming off three shoulder surgeries in a little over two years who has not played over 24 games in a season since 2018-19. ”

        WAY too many ??? For a team in Ottawa’s position there are far better options to pursue.

    • JJB,

      Strome would be the highest scorer by far on your team, he gets more assists than Brady gets points.

      He’s cheaper than Dadonov and White and gets more point production.

      The young centres might up their game in a few years but he’s there already.

      I don’t know what it would cost but rumor has it the want draft picks to free up cap space.

      • Which is why I would be OKAY if we are talking Strome and Monahan, depending on the assets anyway. My fear though becomes, does it stunt the growth of our other players? Does it keep Pinto out of the line? Does it prevent Stuz from shifting to center? I’m just not sure it makes a ton of sense or fits into the rebuild plan!

        A shift of Stuz to C and bringing in a Top 6 Winger and a send pairing shutdown D on a short term contract, feels like the better approach to me.

      • habfan30, You’re comparing the point production of a guy who has had the experience of 547gp in the NHL (Strome) with one (Tkachuk) who has had 198gp??

        After the same number of games at the start if his career, Strome had 32g 64a 96 pts compared to 60g 65a 125 pts for Tkachuk. and we’re not even talking about the VAST difference in on-ice “presence” possessed by Tkachuk.

        The Senators aren’t looking for any short-cuts to glory. That’s the preference of a Dubas (who, incidentally, in addition to painting himself into a cap hell, has all of 6 picks over the next two seasons, including just a 5th and 6th this year).

      • George O

        I’m comparing the existing production of a player to the highest production on the team right now as an example of how and why he’d be an asset.

        I’m comparing his cost as a veteran to two others and how he is both cheaper and more productive.

        Strome isn’t a “short cut to glory” but a serious upgrade to a Senators team.

        If rookies and young prospects are good enough they push veterans out of the way with their production and performance if not they wait a bit longer.

      • George stick to the “facts” you know about your team and please leave the Leafs out of your “analysis”. They have more picks than that. Now you learned something.

      • Oh my, you’re right! They have 7 over the next two years – not 6. Makes all the difference in the world. How could I have missed this year’s 2nd round pick (57th overall), to go along with 1 in each of the 5th and 6th rounds?

        And in 2022 they have 4. One in each of Rounds 1 & 2 and 1 in each of the 5th and 7th rounds. Solid foundation in the making.

      • Can you tell me a team that has all their picks while making a push? A team that won the division easily and has been perennial cup contenders? I know you think somehow your team is in the conversations of being cup contenders there in the Ottawa valley but not anywhere else. If they were a lotto team such as yours, ya that will be bad but when you’re in your cup window, as with many other teams, picks and prospects go bye-bye. If not the masters the hindsight like yourself will clammer how they had to trade this or that away but much like the team, boy wonder has no guts… easy.

        So what’s your defense on that great signing your team stole away from a key competitor in Murrry?

      • Ron, if what constitutes success and makes Leafs fans happy after 7 years of the “Shanaplan” is finishing high in the standings during a regular season, then crapping out every year in Round 1, and now finding themselves with 4 F making virtually 50% of the cap and relying on rounding out their roster with aging veterans on entry-level deals, and having just 50% of potential picks over the next two years to build a foundation for the future – then I bow to that expertise.

        As for other top contenders, I’d wager most still have well over 50% of their picks over the next two years (Montreal, for example, has 7 in the first 4 rounds THIS year).

        Re Murray – I don’t have to “defend” that trade. Yeah he got off to a horrible start this past season along with the rest of that initial gang 70% of whom had never played together before and when you mix that with pylons like Coburn and Gudbranson in front of him, and floaters like Galchenyuk and Paquette figure-skating, the bad start was understandable. But he did start to come around later with back-to-back SOs at one stage before going down with injury.
        We’ll see how he does this year.

        And where, exactly, have I ever said Ottawa is a cup contender this coming season?

        Your blustering BS is predictable whenever someone – and I’m sure as hell not alone here – dares to use Toronto as a comparable for how NOT to build a contending team. Why do we do it? Because it’s so glaringly obvious, that’s why.

      • George, I’ve read that Blues had already given medical records to some teams. The 3 surgeries where all for same injury. Seems the 1st 2 didn’t fix problem. The 24 games you referenced where all played after last surgery. Add to that 4 playoff games plus WC for Russia. I’m guessing honking a few months of training to strengthen muscles and he should be good to go. He had no issues before injury, so as somebody suggested yesterday he’s as fragile as a potato chip, I’m not buying. Not the guy nicknamed “Tank”.
        Also, as far as Strome, there’s a feeling Rangers trading for another center, so he could be a salary dump. Should center me cheap

      • When you put it in that perspective Slick62 it becomes more enticing. Bust as has been stated, he’d prefer to go to cup contender – and Ottawa is not there yet. Could he elevate them to that level? I dunno. As good as he can be, what he can’t do is single-handedly add to the experience that the young kids need and can get only by going through the grinder for at least one more full season. And they still need a shut-down RD to play alongside Chabot.

      • “Can you tell me a team that has all their picks while making a push? A team that won the division easily and has been perennial cup contenders?”

        Thanks, Ron Moore for that.
        Calling the Leafs ” perennial cup contenders” made me laugh out loud. The funniest thing I will hear all day.

        To all you Strome lovers take a look at what he did in Edmonton, when he wasn’t picking up cheap assists from JT or the Breadman.

        He is a soft player who thrives with superstars. When forced to carry the load himself, he shrinks.
        I’ve seen every game he’s played with the Isles and probably 80 % of his Ranger games.
        Why do you think Drury is trying to move him?

      • “ Edmonton, when he wasn’t picking up cheap assists from JT or the Breadman.”

        He has actually played well without Panarin, and fill the n without a hiccup on the top line with Zibanejad out.

        You realize that Panarin has had better numbers playing with Strome in NY than he ever has anywhere else?

        When Panarin was on leave, Strome didn’t miss a beat. This whole Strome / Panarin thing is grossly overblown.

        Who cares why it works. It’s works. Everyone benefits.

        Strome has been a great fit in NY. As far as NY

        As far as Drury shopping him, has anyone told Drury that yet? Has Drury said that? Or is this just another bs rumor? I’m gonna go with bs rumor.

        I don’t think you’re watching 80% or Ranger games very closely with that take.

    • JJB, from the intel from the Flames office is that the hip surgery Monahan had that plagued him all season went good & he will be 100% ready for training camp. Now if you compare Forsberg on Nashville to Monahan, they are the same age & stats very similar, same cap hit & you get Monahan for an extra year, I would say edge to goals scored to Monahan, the value of these two centres is pretty well the same. I would say the price to get Monahan will be the #10 pick & a decent prospect. Or the Flames are looking for a RW & i could see Brown & a 2nd & a 3rd type of package. Ottawa has lots of young good prospects & a healthy Monahan would certainly be your 1C. Flames need to allocate either Backlunds or Monahan’s $$$ into balancing that top 6. Dube is probably ready to take a spin as the 3rd line Centre spot & we are currently allocating too much $$ to our 3C. In other words Flames & Sens are ideal trade partners.

      • Of what “Brown” are you speaking? If C prospect Logan Brown, then yes. If winger Connor Brown, not a chance.

      • George, it would have to be Connor Brown. If it’s Logan, then its coming with that #10 pick. Cost of a topline centre. You wont get Forsberg any cheaper out of Poile.

      • Kevin, do you believe that you need to give up a valuable asset to get something of value back? That’s crazy because here, especially in this case, what makes you think if a team needs a quality player that it won’t take much to get him?

      • @ Ron, soooooo Monahan is 26 years old, former 6th over all pick, has had 3 season at 30+ goals & 4 seasons 20+ goals. Im confused, is there a new value for goal scorers & top 6 centre’s in the league? What am I missing?

      • Kevin R. If it was Logan Brown and that 10th pick for Monahan then yes, in a heartbeat.

      • Kevin I was stating somehow Monahan was being way undervalued. Even adding that 10th overall, it’s grand larceny anyway you look at it.

        Monahan value is much higher but then again…

      • Hey George would really love & prefer to have Connor Brown & play him with Mangi & Backlund. Would be a nice 2nd line. But between losing Gio & his 6.75 & if we didnt have to eat any salary, thats a nice limit to go shopping for a top 6 RW. If I were Treliving I would have to say deal to that Logan Brown & #10 over all pick.
        I’ll draft up the paper work & send it over hahaha

      • Kevin R, Logan Brown hasn’t been much more than a career AHL player. He has 1g and 9 pts in 30 NHL games at 23 yrs old. I would want a much better player than him added to the 10th overall if I was going to trade Monahan. He has struggled in recent years with injuries but when healthy he is an excellent scorer.

      • That’s absolutely true Sparky. Which is why, yesterday in an exchange, I said something like Logan Brown, Colin White and high-end D prospect Lassi Thompson might suffice. If needed, I wouldn’t mind seeing that 10th pick included with the 13th pick coming back with Monahan.

  4. Think Seattle should grab Price & Dreiger and Bishop. Bishop in case Price really is out and goes on LTIR. Only 2 years and can be flipped next season.

    grab Tarasenko & grab Ovechkin and sign Ovi to a BIG contract. Get the inaugural season off right.

    • Ron, ok I thought you meant the other way, I think if we didnt have to eat any $$$ the cap space could prove to be very valuable as well. Seems cap space has a value that’s hard to put a finger on, although that deal Arizona did with Ladd for 2 2nds & a 3rd has me totally baffled.

  5. George what pick grabs Logan Brown from the Sens??

    What is he real current value?

    • Like 6′ 3″ 225 lb Nick Paul, it’s taking Logan Brown a long time to get it into his head that, to be an effective NHL player – and in his case at the C position – he HAS to use his big 6′ 6″ 218 lb body to its fullest advantage.

      I wasn’t surprised to see Dorion protect him as I’m sure Francis would have grabbed him in the draft. Why not? He’s an 11th overall pick in 2016 who is still on a cheap $863,333 ELC deal and, as one of 30 picks, he’d become an inexpensive project for Seattle’s system. Now that same attraction is there for some team (and who knows, that could still be Seattle) as part of a trade package sometime after the draft.

      I seriously doubt he remains in the Ottawa system as he’s fallen too far down the C prospect pecking system.

      • both 2021 2nd rd picks plus Logan Brown to NYR for Ryan Strome?

      • Hey George if Ottawa could get Sergachev in a deal that also involves Tyler Johnson, they could meet both of those needs with one team. What do you think would be going back the other way?

        Of course this may be all moot if JBB has a deal with Francis to take Johnson in tomorrow’s expansion draft

      • Heh. As much as I love Sergachev Shane, it ain’t enough to entice me to take a fading 5′ 8″ 30 y/o C costing $5 mil off the cap for 3 more years who they can’t GIVE away. It was bad enough we took Coburn and Paquette to give them some much-needed LTIR relief last year.

      • ShaneinTpa,

        What would you want from the Habs to take Johnson’s $5 million cap and getting Sergachev ?

      • I don’t think there is any chance of Tampa packaging Sergachev with Johnson. That is a hefty price to get Johnson off the books. They may be in cap hell, but they haven’t completely lost their minds.

    • I don’t think a pick gets it done. Ottawa is entering the stage where they are ready to start unloading picks. A Brown deal to me is similar to a Patrick/Glass deal, struggling prospect for struggling prospect.

      Brown still has an insane amount of upward potential. He really is a skilled player and if he figures out how to use his body, he’ll be very good. If Teireny is taken by Seattle, I think he ends up on the Senators to start the year.

      • JBB Brown reminds me of Ponikarovsky used to play for the leafs. And Habfan i’m not sure but I know it wouldn’t be Drouin. 🤣

      • ShaneinTpa

        If you’re serious give a real answer on what trade you’d like to see offered.
        Neither of us are GM’s but I wouldn’t be so dismissive of Johnson with the right candy.

      • Tampa should probably keep all the D, and use first two thirds of the season to shuttle through a batch of talented youngsters to see about building a second, third, and fourth line around what left after salary dumps. Its a luxury you can afford with Vasy in net and a top line/power play with Kuch and Point. Then solve any issues at the trade deadline. Probably have to trade Palat or Killorn, and maybe TJ and a draft pick go on that deal. Possible Kraken take Killorn as they need one guy of his ilk and he’s a 200 foot character guy with two cup who wears a letter….not all of the Lightning availables will be as good for the K as they have been for the Bolts but he might be better.

  6. It’s probably safe to assume that Weber spends next season on LTIR. And I don’t believe Price is going anywhere. That means that the Habs priorities will be finding a RD who can play big minutes and add offense (several reasonable options available) and re-signing Danault or replacing him with a slightly cheaper option (Alex Wennberg would be a reasonable option). The next question will be Drouin’s status. I don’t believe he’ll be a Hab next season. If not, they will need another winger who can provide top 6 offense and they’d have the cap space to add one. Maybe Hoffman, maybe someone else.

  7. Rattus, I noticed that yesterday, in reply to my comment, you asked what happens if Weber comes back.
    All indications are that Weber will not play the upcoming season. And if he doesn’t, he’s probably done playing.
    A year from now, he’d be approaching birthday #37 after not having played in over a year. Even if his foot and ankle are deemed well enough to resume playing, further wear and tear from more hockey could cause damage that would result in long-term issues.
    Over the final 4 seasons of his contract, his actual salary would only be $6m. total. That’s a lot of money for 99.5% of us, but for a guy like Weber, who’s earned over $125m. Playing in the NHL, I don’t think it would be worth it to him to risk permanent injury.

    • Howard,

      Weber played half as many games in the playoffs as the regular season- He didn’t show any slowing down, in fact he stepped it way up in the playoffs.
      LTIR for the season or retirement? more like click bait.

      Price may or may not go to Seattle, there are pros and cons for both Kraken and Habs, we’ll see Wednesday night.

      Drouin is signed for the next two years, he’s a Hab unless the Kraken select him or he gets traded (what’s his value now?)

      Danault might sign somewhere but in my opinion he’ll be a shadow of himself without Gallagher on his wing.

      I still like Glendening (UFA)as a veteran face off and checking centre, for a fraction of the cost of Danault

      • Habfan To your earlier question if Montreal took Johnson to get Sergachev they would be getting more in Johnson than a lot of people give credit. There’s no doubt his contract is on the high side but more so in a lightning uniform than in yours. You saw him in the playoffs and what he still can do. He’s still faster than a lot of people think as he showed in the finals. That said I would include the 2022 second from Tampa for Montreal 2021 second and Kaiden Guhle

      • ShaneinTpa

        To recap, your suggestion is:
        Tampa 2nd round 2022 pick


        Kaiden Guhle
        Habs 2nd round 2021 pick

        Tampa doesn’t have a round 2 pick this year or next year, it would have to be 2023 2nd round

        Your cap dump upgrades the Habs considerably. Johnson would get much more ice time in Montreal.

    • Habfan you’re right, his game isn’t going away – it just doesn’t with elite players. The issue is although he’s paid as a #1D his stats show he might no longer be a #1 but that doesn’t mean he’ll be useless all of a sudden. It just will mean as effective as he will remain to be will it be worth it. I don’t believe true competitive players would look at their life’s earnings and say, ya I made enough – I’m done is no way a guy like him even thinks about. If he breaks, the more plausible outcome, his cap will be on LTIR at some point leading to either extended cap space or into futures.

    • Howard, what I meant was that if Weber DID come back then you’d have Petry Weber and Risto on the R side.
      So who is on the 3rd pairing?

      Better to be sure first.

      Listen, I agree with you.

      If I were SeattleI would take Weber, if only because of cost and LTIR possibility in a Cap flat world.

      Barring that, LTIR works for me with Weber and pick up Risto, by all means!

      The other thing was your offer, imo it was WAY too high.
      Risto is a UFA next year and has already said he would not be unhappy being traded.

      Buff is in rebuild.

      Harris and maybe a 3rd is what I offer.


  8. My expansion Dream team picks. About 8 in the minors. Cap $86.8 but you move those down for about $7.4m

    Landeskog Ryan Johansen Voracek
    Bailey McCann Tarasenko
    Gourde Goodrow Appleton
    Byron L. Glendening Lafferty
    Tierney Grant
    Giordano Dillon
    Soucy Zadorov
    McCabe Zboril
    Driedger Holtby

    Steenbergen CAAMANO Benson
    Meloche Clague
    Carlsson Bean
    Aaron Dell

  9. Mr. Francis please take one of the exposed Leafs in the expansion and as an incentive you can have three more.

  10. I wonder if Tarasenko would go to Washington to play with Ovi

    I like the Monahan option with the Sens.
    Too bad Ryan Suter shoots left.

    • For sure Monahan would be the ideal C addition IF it has indeed been decided that Stutzle is to remain a winger.

      • I just hope Tarasenko doesn’t end up in Philly. Coupled with the Ellis trade and a chance for a bounce back in goaltending, they could be real contenders.

      • sign Adam Larsson

  11. If the Kraken do select Price & I am Bergevin, I am on the phone the minute I am able to Freddie Anderson’s agent.

    Offer $6 mill for 5 years for Freddie.

    If Freddie accepts, you platoon him with Allen the first two seasons & he becomes Primeau’s mentor for the final three seasons.

    Then Danualt at $5.5 mill for five seasons, yes overpayment for sure.

    Just a million over Price’s money for the next five years.

    Then resign Armia, Perry, Lehkonen & Kotkaniemi. Promote Fleury & Poehling.

    Sign Savard, Martinez & Getzlaf.

    Weber & Drouin, LTIR.

    Anderson & Allen

    Perty, Chariot, Edmunston, Savard, Martinez, Romanov & Fleury

    Suzuki, Danault, Kotkaniemi & Getzlaf

    Toffoli, Armia, Evans & Lehkonen

    Caulfield, Gallagher, Anderson & Perry

    Byron, Poehling

  12. The Habs will ensure they won’t get out of the first round with Fast Freddie Andersen.

    Great goalie. He’ll stop anything that’s peripheral or hits his chest. Most have learned you wait til he goes down and you put it in the top shelf where they keep the peanut butter. Always good for 1-5 soft goals pregame when it matters most.

    • Frankie,

      In all honesty, Freddie’s numbers were not bad playing behind the D he was given in Toronto.

      Root cause is important.

  13. Rumours have Danault signing with the Kraken at $5.85 mill per for 8 years!!!

    Ronnie would have to be smoking Krake to do that!!!

    • Smoked Krakken with a nice Dijon mustard ; a wedge of White Stilton Gold ; and a glass of Prieur Montrachet…. 😋👍😋👍😋👍

  14. …..and the leafs, and to the greater extent Dubas’ steadfast refusal to sign ANY defense that know how to play defense…..that has nothing to do with Fast Freddie?

    He’s a good goalie. Leafs defense is garbage. And just because you have defense with great +\- doesn’t mean they can defend. It means they’re on the ice a lot with your super star forwards. The blue team has needed a couple of good shut down defensemen….but those are boring. “we can outscore them!!”….nope. You can’t.

    • “The blue team has needed a couple of good shut down defensemen….but those are boring. “we can outscore them!!”….nope. You can’t.”

      Dark G like who, how will they get them, or is this something that cant be done?

      Ya one more thing, Muzzin says hi!

      “…..and the leafs, and to the greater extent Dubas’ steadfast refusal to sign ANY defense that know how to play defense…..”

  15. Uwey,
    Given the same criteria of Price drafted and both Drouin and Weber on LTIR
    I let Danault, Tatar and Armia go

    Grubauer at 5 million
    Or any of Mrazek, Bernier, Ullmark, Halak can platoon well with Allen, for shorter term and less money.

    Alex Wennberg
    Luke Glendening

    L wing Landeskog


    Trade draft pick for Ristolainen

    Allen plus one above to platoon

    Chiarot/ Ristolainen


    • typo

    • hf30

      Are you making Jake the Habs #1 tender??

      • Uwey,

        I’m making Grubauer the habs #1 tender.


        Platooning Allen with one of the others mentioned.

    • hf30,

      Just wondering , are you suggesting icing a Habs lineup without a francophone player???

      That would pure suicide for any GM in Montreal.

      David Savard is an absolute must if Drouin & Danault leave town. To trade for a francophone player, the other GM would require for a kings ransom.

      FYI, rumour has it that Bergevin has inquired about RFA Anthony Beauvillier on the Island.

      I can hear Luo now, absolutely, send us Nick Suzuki.

      BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaHaHa, NO!!!

      • HabFan,
        I agree that Weber was amazing during the playoff run. Gave it everything he had and left it all on the ice. But there seems no doubt that his foot and ankle are shot now. All the reports have him missing next season. And if he does, he will stay on LTIR as long as he can and then retire.
        Too soon to say about the goaltending situation. We’ll know more soon enough.
        Notwithstanding Drouin’s contract, I don’t see him back. His value may not be great right now, but some team will take a chance that he’ll put his game together given a fresh start. They may not get too much for him, but losing his cap hit would be enough.
        I agree on Danault. “Shadow” may be too strong a word, but he won’t be as good wherever he goes and I seriously doubt anyone else will give him 6 years at $5m. AAV.
        I’d live to see the Habs pick up Ristoleinen and Wennberg. I’d re-sign Armia if the price is right. Don’t need Glendening; go with Evans or Poehling as #4 centre.
        Landeskog might be too much of a dream, unless Price goes to Seattle and we can outbid everyone. A slightly lesser option – Hoffman, Saad, Coleman – would work. And I don’t see the Isles letting Beauvilier walk, unless they retain Palmieri and add Landeskog and need the cap space.
        Uwey, Savard would not be a good fit. Maybe if Weber was still around, but he would not be able to step in for Weber. That would leave our D-corps with next to no offensive production (except Petry), a recipe for disaster.
        When I was in 4th grade, our French teacher gave us all French names to use in class. Maybe that would work.

  16. TB needs cap relief?

    To TB: Weber (LTIR) & Kulak & 2nd
    To MTL: Sergachev & Palat

    TB just cleared 7M to resign players and Kulak plays 3rd LD then

    • No chance TBA would do that.

      • TB…spellchecker

      • Foote & Palat & Tyler Johnson & a 3rd & TB takes Drouin back but Montreal retains half his salary;
        Gosh these funny mushrooms are good.

  17. DeAngelo for Logan Brown Ottawa fans??

    • Hah! That’s funnier than calling the Leafs a perennial cup contender. A head case for a basket case.

      • I feel sorry for you George, you’re really just a petty man-child. Enjoy your witty comments and spot-on insights.

  18. Leafs cut their shots by 10-15 per game this year with better system, additions of Brodie and Bogosian and development of Holl. Fast Freddie’s numbers worst ever during a season albeit a shortened one and his numbers in the playoffs are not that great. He’s a good goalie but prone to softies when it matters most. When he’s on his game he’s hot; when he’s asleep which is half the time he’s average at best. Not worth pinning your hopes on for getting out of the first round.

    Having said that, he hasn’t been the only problem on the Leafs. That became apparent once again in the playoffs.

    Too many figure skaters, coaching staff that does nothing different to fix an impotent power play and a culture of indifference.

  19. A Larsson and J Oleksiak will probably end up in Sea ….. keep sleeping Sweeney /Neely