Unofficial Seattle Kraken Roster

by | Jul 21, 2021 | News, NHL, Rumors | 39 comments

​If you were looking for suspense and chaos in the NHL 2021 Expansion Draft, better stop reading now.

Most of the Seattle Kraken’s selections were leaked to the press after the club sent its choices to NHL headquarters this morning. Here’s what’s been revealed thus far via various media sources:

Goaltenders: Chris Driedger (Florida), Vitek Vanecek (Washington), Joey Daccord (Ottawa).

Defense: Mark Giordano (Calgary), Adam Larsson (Edmonton), Vince Dunn (St. Louis), Jamie Oleksiak (Dallas), Hadyn Fleury (Anaheim), Cale Fleury (Montreal), Carson Soucy (Minnesota), Jeremy Lauzon (Boston) Kurtis MacDermid (Los Angeles), Dennis Cholowski (Detroit), Will Borgen (Buffalo), Gavin Bayreuther (Columbus)

Forwards: Jordan Eberle (NY Islanders), Yanni Gourde (Tampa Bay), Joonas Donskoi (Colorado), Calle Jarnkrok (Nashville), Brandon Tanev (Pittsburgh), Jared McCann (Toronto), Mason Appleton (Winnipeg), Morgan Geekie (Carolina), Colin Blackwell (NY Rangers), Tyler Pitlick (Arizona), Nathan Bastian (New Jersey), Kole Lind (Vancouver), Alexander True (San Jose), Carson Twarynski (Philadelphia).

Bear in mind that the names on this list have not been officially announced by the Kraken or the NHL. Those will be made at tonight’s expansion draft. Any trades made by the Kraken will also be announced tonight.


  1. I know much of the hockey media hates Arizona however…. you either forgot to list the guy they lose (if leaked) or in the list of those not yet leaked. 🙂

    • Rumor – Seattle will take forward Tyler Pitick from Arizona.

      • thank you. 🙂

  2. Espn got to be pissed. Rough start to their return to the nhl.

    Francis held true to his guns of not taking big salary without sweeteners.

    Now he can weaponize all the cap space this team gives him to get said sweeteners.

    • excellent point.

    • ESPN still has a boat load to discuss. Just because people were picked, doesn’t mean they’re staying

      • I know but the 2017 draft with Vegas the picks weren’t leaked…. I dont get it man was looking forward to watching the draft later.. f**k it now I already know Tanev was taking.

        Jared Mccann who we traded for nothing was left unprotected by Toronto and Seattle scooped we lost two players instead of one…

      • blackngold, the difference is, the Vegas draft was televised live whereas this one was held at 10:00 am Seattle time and not televised until 8:00 pm ET. Thousands locally knew who the picks were, including a mass of media.

    • I am enjoying the thought of that unctuous control freak Bettman having a sh*& hemmorage at the leaks.

    • Guessing advertisers are more pissed than ESPN

  3. TSN blog reports D – Borgen will be selected from BUF

  4. Wouldn’t you love it if half of these leaked reports were wrong?

  5. Leafs get to keep Kerfoot.

    Start the parade.

  6. Well, I wondered in another thread if there could be leaks. And here we are. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it turns out to be just an organized smoke-screen?

    On the other hand, if it’s accurate, what the hell was Dubas’ thinking in dealing for McCann and then exposing him?? Given the other choices for Francis (Dermott, Kerfoot, a bunch of AHLers) what other option did he have?

    • Ho l l, George.

    • MaCann age 25 now on his 5th team.

    • Great point.

    • For whatever reason they saw McCann & Kerfoot as interchangeable pieces. Trade for one, so if you lose one, you still have the other.. it would have been a troll if they took like Dermott or someone instead though.

  7. Morgan Geekie got a new contract just last week. At the time I thought that it was almost as if the Hurricane were making him easier to take. Now that I see he was chosen ahead of Bean, I think there might be some deal there with further information coming.

    Caveat – I have been wrong about 60% in my predictions on who would be protected, so I don’t profess to KNOW anything

    • Both Corey Pronman and Scott Wheeler had Bean as the no.1 young player the Kraken should pick

    • I agree must be a side deal there. Also NHL is a joke how does every pick get leaked . No need to have it in 10 hours early

    • There’s gotta be a few sweetner side deals we find out about later. I would have thought picking up Domi with the potential to flip him at the deadline would have been more attractive. Same thing with not taking Kahkonen in MInny. I don’t really know the guys from CLB and Min that they did take to be honest but… Tierney instead of Daccord in Ott?

      • When I saw that SJ got goalie Aden Hill in a deal before the draft (he was projected to be one of 3 goalie picks) and then protected him, I began to think Ottawa could lose Daccord.

  8. I like their defense picks

    • I like there defense pick too, not so sure about goalies though, they combine for 87 nhl games of experience..

  9. premature edraftulation

    • Not bad

  10. If the leaked report is accurate I am 8 out 30 with my Kraken selections
    Roughly the same as my grade 11 Physics exam

    • Lol. You did that well in Physics 11? I wish. Mind you the writing was on the wall when my Physics 11 teacher accidently blew up the lab. There was not much learning to be had there.

    • I got 5 out of 30 so Grade 11 Physics comparison is spot on for me… lol.

  11. Just read on another site….Hyman going
    to UFA….being a Habs fan…hope we land
    him….he is without a doubt…the hardest working player on the Leafs….here’s hoping….papajo4897

  12. Hmmm… I ran these names through Cap Friendly and it’s telling me that I have only 18 of 20 “players under contract for next season” needed. Does this mean that the UFA’s they signed qualify as a player under contract for next season? I guess it must.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  13. Hear Hall/Bruins….6 per for 4 years which is a good deal for Boston sign #46 5 per for 2 years ……

    • That’s not bad I was hoping it was going be cheaper I think 5 is plenty for Krejci very ticked about losing Lauzon, would rather have lost Matt good mobility but too small. You can’t win a cup with a team full of smurfs.

  14. does anyone know if freddy anderson can be traded up to july 27 ?

  15. does anyone know if freddy andersen can be traded up to july 27 ?

  16. I get it that Francis didn’t want to take big contracts for nothing, but that roster sure is underwhelming. If Francis can’t weaponize his cap space, who the heck is going to score goals for them?

    very underwhelming expansion draft, and the ESPN coverage sure seemed to be on the amateur side
    sure hope their nhl coverage will be better than that