Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 5, 2021

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The latest on Jake DeBrusk, the Stars are shopping Anton Khudobin, plus some recent Islanders and Rangers speculation in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Boston Bruins are continuing to shop Jake DeBrusk, who requested a trade last weekend. They’ve informed teams that they’re going to do this on their timeline and seek a defenseman or forward of equal value to the 25-year-old winger.

Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk (NHL Images)

  VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Owen Krepps wondered if the Golden Knights might be interested in DeBrusk, noting he carries a reasonable $3.675 million cap hit. However, he doubted they have anything the Bruins would be interested in. Krepps also pondered other possible trade targets such as the San Jose Sharks’ Evander Kane, the St. Louis Blues’ Vladimir Tarasenko, New York Rangers’ Vitali Kravtsov and the Chicago Blackhawks’ Dylan Strome.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski mused over whether DeBrusk would be a fit with the Penguins. While his style of game could be enticing, his consistency and the fact the Penguins are jockeying with the Bruins for a playoff spot makes a trade between those two clubs unlikely. Kingerski also dismissed suggestions the Penguins would be a good destination for Evander Kane.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Golden Knights will have to shed salary when Jack Eichel comes off long-term injury reserve so I doubt they’ll be a suitor for DeBrusk. The Penguins also face the same situation once Evgeni Malkin comes off LTIR in the coming weeks.

SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek reported the Dallas Stars are testing the trade market for Anton Khudobin. They appear set in goal now with youngster Jake Oettinger and veteran Braden Holtby. Marek said they spoke to the Buffalo Sabres about the 35-year-old netminder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres could be out of the goalie market for now following last week’s acquisition of Malcolm Subban from the Chicago Blackhawks. Khudobin also has a four-team no-trade list and the Sabres could be on it.

THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Arthur Staple was asked if New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello will make a move to bolster the club’s blueline depth and flagging offense.

Staple suggested Montreal Canadiens defenseman Ben Chiarot or Chicago Blackhawks (and former Isle) Calvin de Haan could help the Islanders blueline. He mentioned the Bruins’ Jake DeBrusk but feels that could cost the Islanders a forward in return.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks recently reported the Rangers opened contract extension talks with center Ryan Strome. Brooks pointed out the difficulty of re-signing Strome when the Rangers face a salary-cap crunch for the next two seasons with Kaapo Kakka and Alexis Lafreniere due for new contracts.


  1. Zero chance Rangers trade for DeBrusk. Especially not Kravtsov. If Kravtsov gets traded, it needs to be for a good young center prospect like Villardi.
    Strome: I don’t dislike him. Last night was a perfect example of how playing with a special talent like Panarin has boosted his numbers. Panarin made a beautiful fake shot and pass to Strome on PP. Strome shot into a completely empty net as goalie had committed to stopping Panarin. Later Strome whacked at a loose puck on his backhand toward goal. Panarin swooped in and grabbed rebound and scored. Strome isn’t terrible. I just don’t see NY committing big bucks long term to him. I can see him walking in off season. Currently NY has 2nd best winning pct in league. No trades anytime soon unless it’s non roster players.

    • It’s odd that is peoples take on Strome. You could also argue this the other way. Without Strome this year, Panarin struggled. Without Panarin last year Strome thrived. While I’d agree I don’t want big dollars locked up on Strome, it’s not because of the player. More because of their cap situation.

      On the flip side of that, what’s the realistic replacement plan? Chytil? Yikers!

      • Strome and Panarin have chemistry you cannot breakup. Chytil is… a kid with all the tools but i am not sold on his hockey IQ still.
        and yes Rangers are rolling right now…the 3rd line has decent puck possession now too. What # does Strome have to accept to stay and give them room to resign the kids too?

    • The NYR probably think Chytil can move up to the 2nd center spot next season, so there is little chance they sign Strome.

      • They should probably think twice about thinking that!

        He has 4 points in 20 games! He has 75 in 206 career games.

        The lowest totals of ANY center that’s played more than 15 games.

        That line looks great at times, but isn’t productive.

      • I’d rather trade Chytil while he’s worth something and play Barron in his spot – can’t be any less productive. I hope they find a way to keep Strome.

  2. Out those Strome would be the logical choice. No retreads, the bruins have enough of those already Foligno, Lazar, Kulman, Huala, Nosek, when bruins Sweeney comes sniffing, other gm’s must be rubbing their hands in the Peruvian delights Sweeney primed and ready to be fleeced. Thee only way for the bruins to move forward is without him.

  3. With the VGK needing to trade salary to bring their LTIR stars back in the line up, I wonder if there was a way to trade Dadonov? Erasing his $5M cap hit would do the trick. Dadonov + 3rd for Buffalos’ 3rd? I doubt the Sabres are on his trade list, as this is just an example. But who is on his trade list that would do this deal? No one?

  4. DeBrusk for a bag of used pucks and two broken sticks … about what he’s worth …

  5. The bruins really need a 2nd line ctr for the post season. Maybe. Pasta can convince 46 to return when they are at the olympics. Lol. Can dream. Regardless of who we get for. Jake . We need. A 2nd line ctr or Bruins are 1 and done

    • I think the bruins are one and done now. Unless Rask comes back early and Sweeney hits a home run in a trade I don’t like their chances. Sweeney’s always getting fleeced
      . To trust this guy to build this club into Stanley cup contender is roughly equivalent to having Jim Ignatowski in Charge of Of Joints Chief of Staff.

      • Not sure if he gets fleeced. Done cad luck with the RIck Nash deal. But not his fault.
        Got coke for donato. A steel even the backes trade was ok. He had know way to know Kase would get melon head for a year. Plus went to gm 7 cup final in 2019

      • Sweeney always getting fleece? In the Charlie Coyle deal or was it the Taylor Hall trade?

        I don’t like all of his deals or signings but nothing I would classify as a fleecing.

      • Ignatowski would be a clear upgrade over the woke fool currently in the job.

      • I laugh everytime people think Rask is the answer and will solve the goaltending. The bruins D is full of holes and watching Rask slide around on his knees what fix anything. Rask has always been a playoff choker and that will not change. Fix the D and get someone who can actually finish up front and the bruins would be fine without Rask

      • Fix the D, trade Debrusk (retain $.675M)+ 3rd for Theodore. LGK cuts $2.2M from there cap, and can flip DeBrusk before he even plays there for another 3rd. So they get 2-3rds for Shea and lose his salary so their stars can play when they come off LTIR.

    • Claude Giroux?

  6. I like DeBrusk”s heart. Not bad size and speed. That’s it. Most of numbers over the last three years are terrible. Someone will bite . Maybe a second and a lesser roster player.

  7. How about William Karlsson from Vegas for Debrusk plus a sweetner. Vegas needs to shed salary. Gives Vegas 2 million in relief.
    JT Miller is also a good option.

    • Would love to see. Miller as a Bruin but nuks will want more then debrusk. As all trades get tricky with the cap has to be pretty much money in money out type deal

  8. Sounds like Owen Krepps writes his column for a Vegas audience that knows nothing about hockey.
    How can any sports writer put Tarasenko and Dylan Strom on the same level of trade options?


    • About the same for Tarasenko (19 points) and Debrusk (7 points).


      • Bruins can’t afford Tanks cap hit. And you are correct it will cost more then Debrusk

        I doubt Tank goes anywhere till next yrs draft

      • Totally ridiculous, I agree

  9. Rumor has Bergevin going to LA Kings making Chiarot a possibility there.
    What would it cost them?

    • What would rob Blake want with. Marc. Someone to speak French to the French kings fans😝

  10. To CHI: Debrusk & Grzelcyk
    To BOS: Strome & De Haan & 3rd rd pick

  11. Brock Boeser is said to be on the trade block. The Bruins and Canucks seem to be a bit wing-heavy on opposite sides. They are certainly on opposite sides of the NHL divisional continent. Any chance of a trade with those two guys as the active ingredients?

    • That trade has potential and can make sense for both sides. Depending on what else the nuks want from Boston Still doubt. Nuks allow B ebbing to make such a trade with out ownership blessings

  12. Mrbruin4,

    If you would follow the LA Kings or the Habs you’d be aware that Rob Blake’s boss, President Luc Robitaille has been rumored since September to be looking at Bergevin joining the team 🙂

    • The question would be why?
      Ps. I follow all hockey.
      Hiring Marc will add nothing to the team unless his plan is to replace Rob And have the kings end up like Habs would probably not be a good thing

      • What if he brought over Trevor Timmins?

  13. If you followed all hockey you’d be aware of the rumor, it was even mentioned here.

    The question isn’t why, that’s your sophomoric retort to the rumor.

    I’ll repeat the question : Rumor has Bergevin going to LA Kings making Chiarot a possibility there.
    What would it cost them?

    • Listen up, everyone, the expert has spoken. Pay attention now, the Spectors Insider has breaking news.

  14. So rumour has it. Because Luc is French he will replace English VP. gm. Rob an LA legend and fan fave To Hire hab ex Gm And have the kings team End up like. Habs are now. That sounds credible to me. It is LA. After all anything is possible in Cali. This is confirmed on twitter where the truth goes to die

  15. lol, you can say that LA Kings have no interest in Ben Chiarot or what they would give in a trade as a response to the question.

    You can keep the language bs for yourself as it isn’t part of anything I’ve mentioned.

  16. I never mentioned Ben. Only Marc. There will be a few teams interested in Chariot. But will have nothing to do with the fired Gm

  17. It’s about time you mentioned Ben, as HE is central to the question which by now should be obvious to even you considering your reply was to MY post.

    If you have no opinion, that’s fine.

    Not interested in your thoughts on Bergevin, French, if rumors of LA hiring him or not.

    Maybe somebody else can opine on what a Chiarot to LA Kings could look like.

    • 2nd rounder.

      That was fun. Anyone else need mediation?

      • Chrisms is the second rounder for Bergy or Chiarot?

  18. Chrisms,
    How about a 2nd round prospect like Kaliyev?
    Or a late 1st round prospect like Bjorfot?
    Both are from 2019 draft

    • Kings are not trading for rentals they will not make the playoffs this year. Doing so is just bad asset management.

  19. DeBrusk for Colin White and a 3rd or 4th because of the contract. Get it done at the deadline when White is back from shoulder injury.

    Same draft. a couple spots apart, same underachieving. AND White is from Boston.