NHL Rumor Mill – January 8, 2022

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Could the Canadiens move Carey Price by the trade deadline? What’s the latest on John Klingberg and Jakob Chychrun? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: In a mailbag segment earlier this week, Eric Engels was asked about the possibility of the Montreal Canadiens moving Carey Price by the March 21 trade deadline. He doesn’t see that happening unless the 34-year-old goaltender returns to action and plays well before deadline day.

Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price (NHL Images).

Even under that scenario, Price isn’t going anywhere unless he agrees to waive his no-movement clause. Engels believes that conversation could take place at some point between the netminder and hockey ops VP Jeff Gorton if it hasn’t happened already. He doesn’t see Price sitting through what could be a five-year rebuild with the Canadiens for another shot at the Stanley Cup.

CALGARY HERALD: Michael Traikos doesn’t expect Price to be moved before the trade deadline. His contract ($10.5 million annually) is too hefty to move in-season plus he hasn’t played since Game 5 of the 2021 Stanley Cup Final.

Nevertheless, Traikos mused over what it might take for the Edmonton Oilers to acquire Price to address their porous goaltending. He suggested a package of Mikko Koskinen, Jesse Puljujarvi, prospect Dylan Holloway and/or the Oilers 2022 first-round pick with the Canadiens picking up half of Price’s cap hit.

Traikos also suggested more sensible options such as Canadiens backup Jake Allen, Seattle’s Chris Driedger or Columbus’ Joonas Korpisalo. However, none of those goalies have the potential to backstop the Oilers to the Stanley Cup Final.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible the Canadiens find a taker for Price before the trade deadline but that’s probably a slim hope at best. Even if he returns before March and regains his form, that contract is just too hefty to move during a season where just 10 teams currently have over $5 million in projected salary-cap space.


YAHOO! SPORTS: Thomas Williams cites The Fourth Period’s David Pagnotta indicating sources claim John Klingberg requested a trade from the Dallas Stars. The 29-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July.

Pagnotta said contract talks between the two sides “hit a wall” with Klingberg seeking a long-term deal. Williams sees the Stars attempting to cash in on the offensive blueliner at the trade deadline. However, they’re also still in the thick of the playoff chase and that could complicate things.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word in the Dallas media or from other NHL insiders about Klingberg’s trade request. It appears the request may have come earlier in the season. If so, the Stars don’t seem to be in any hurry to move him.

If they remain in the playoff race by the deadline they could simply retain Klingberg as an “own-rental” for the postseason. That could change, however, if they fall out of contention by March 21. Given Klingberg’s value as a puck-moving defenseman, he could fetch a solid return if he hits the trade block.

GOPHNX.COM: Craig Morgan noted the recent rumors swirling around Jakob Chychrun. He agrees Arizona Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong will set a high asking price for the 23-year-old defenseman. However, he also points out the Coyotes aren’t in any rush to trade Chychrun and there’s no guarantee they’ll move him.

Morgan observed the March 21 trade deadline will create pressure for some teams to get something done but so does the need to win. He wonders if the Edmonton Oilers might get back into the mix despite Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman’s recent report calling the Oilers an unlikely destination.

TORONTO STAR: In his latest mailbag segment, Kevin McGran was asked if Chychrun would be worth the Maple Leafs giving up top prospects, a first-round pick and a solid roster player. McGran isn’t sure they would be in the market for a player like him during the season because of their limited cap space. He thinks they’ll look at low-cost rental players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun is an attractive trade target and I don’t doubt there’s considerable interest in him. However, I agree with Morgan that the Coyotes aren’t in any rush here with the blueliner under contract for three more years. If they don’t find a return to their liking before the trade deadline, they’ll revisit trade options during the offseason, likely around the July draft weekend.


  1. Who is this Traikos guy? Puljujarvi + Holloway or a 1st for Price? lol. Jesus.

    • Yeah. Kosk and one of those other assets would be fair value.

  2. Chychrun will a bruin, anyone else need not apply. The writing’s already on the wall. I’m willing to bet Ray B would be willing to give up his entire Barbie Doll collection for this transaction. Hold on….can you hear it?Here comes ole grumpalong Cassidy now.

    • Rick so your saying Chychrun will be a Golden Knight.

      • Caper…well played!!! LOL…

    • I’ll take him…….. provided we can make a blockbuster and get Keller too.

    • you mean like you insisted that Jack Eichel would be a Bruin too??? I believe you said Book It … bwahahahahahahaha

    • Weren’t you the guy consistently predicting that Eichel would be a Bruin? Or do I have that wrong, Rick?

      • Lined up next to Eichel and OEL! Nice!

    • Rick, appreciate the effort on the chirp, but using my joke on you, on me is kind of like “No I’m not but you are”.
      Pretty weak, but practice makes perfect!

    • Bruins need him desperately. If you watch them struggle to move the puck out of their own zone by only going up the boards you realize how futile those attempts are.

  3. Couldn’t get in to the site before now….. anybody else experiencing the same?

    Re Chychrun on Leafs…. Obviously would be nice but I don’t see it happening (space)….

    I also don’t see him as an Oiler…. Space is one reason, the other, more important IMHO , is their more pressing upgrade need…. Between the pipes

    Re Price…. I can’t see anybody taking him full whack…. He is traceable at/near TDL if (1) by then he has proven he is back in form ; and (2) there is a team with “*effective” space to fit him in , that truly believes he can get them deep ; and (3) Price willing to agree to move (upheave his fam to do so); and (4) a team not only has space, need, desire, but has acceptable assets to secure the trade

    4 things that must come together (magically)…. Is it possible…. Yes… but slim

    *Re “effective” space…. Would mean either $5.25 M in actual space OR (more likely)…. Asset(s) similar in Cap that are going to Habs…. If it were Oil….Koskinen plus 1 league min player = 50% of Price… so that possibility is not precluded

    Can’t see Oil giving up JP AND Holloway; but I think a first is a given in the package if Price is back up to his playoff level of game AND Habs are eating 50%

    For ships n giggles…. another multi asset wing dinger….

    Koskinen; JP; Ryan ; Yamamoto ; 1st (lotto protected); 2nd (‘23) for

    Price and Chairot …. Both at 50%

    • Server issue sidelined us this morning, Pengy.

      • Thanks Lyle

    • Lundell, Vatrano, Juolevi, Mamin for Chychrun, Crouse

  4. Hearing Penguins interested in Klingberg..
    any one else hear that??

    • Hi Pens4ever

      I haven’t heard that

      Klinger in Ruhweedel out would be spectacular…. Zucker plus for Zucker would be spectacular

      That said…pressing need for Pens …. Back up…. Right now 10 game winning streak… if Jarry out for any extended period of time…. That could easily turn in to 10 (or more ) game losing streak with DeSmith in net

      BTW… Rusty not playing today… Covid protocol

      • Zucker plus for Zucker! Finally a Zucker trade that makes sense.

        Zucker to Pittsburgh for Zucker and a 4th?

        I like it! Probably the best landing spot for Zucker is Pittsburgh. Seems like the only logical trade partner.

    • No

    • Short of petterson or matheson being part of the return don’t see how this would work.

    • Nope hadnt heard that and we cant afford him.

      I would rather see Penguins go for josh Manson for jason zucker and maybe a low pick.. 3rd??

      Anaheim needs more scoring and speed we need a third pair Rhd with grit and snarl.

      Ages similar we save $1.4 million Ducks have lots of cap space.

      • Anaheim is currently 2nd in the pacific. Manson is playing on the 1st pairing. Why on earth does Anaheim make this deal?

        The answer is, they don’t make this deal.

        Letang for Debrusk?

      • Also Anaheim is 10th in goals for with 111. Pittsburgh is 11 with 110 with 2 more games played. Zucker has 4 goals in 30 games. How does that help Anaheim with scoring? Zucker is on pace for 10 goals?

        So that 1.4 million saved (for Pittsburgh) , giving up a 1st pairing guy and Zuckers projected 6 more goals this season help Anaheim?

        Same age and it stops there.

        Ryan Reaves and Crosby are the same age? Crosby for Reaves and a 3rd? Pittsburgh saves 7 million?

    • Who would we move for klinberg ? We have Letang and Marino..mmhhhj

  5. Eva see Kane on waivers for contract termination. Let’s see who signs him once he’s FA

    • Vegas will sign him at league minimum.

    • Captain obvious..look at my latest post do you agree..the three players that maKe the Penguins really strong providing the keep Malkin and letang.

      These three are doable yes Anaheim is playing well but Manson is A Ufa and will command north of $5 million they arent resigning him or they would have done so.

      Look say what you want Zucker is skilled, a 5 time 29 goal scorer (in 2019) he had 20 between Minnesota and Pittsburgh and he has been ok with Pittsburgh just not great and in Anaheim he will better..

      • 20 i meant

      • A lot of players are 20 goal scorers, until they’re no longer 20 goal scorers.

        So Anaheim would rather pay Zucker 5.5 to underperform rather than pay a top pairing d-man 5 ?

        As I’ve pointed out, they’re not exactly deficient at goal scoring, they’re ahead of Pittsburgh. And Zucker isn’t lighting the lamp.

  6. How about Varly to the Oilers for Koskinen and a first or Puljarvi. Varly has played well his last 2 games though the Isles haven’t played a game it seems in weeks. Is this reasonable?

    • Very reasonable.
      Maybe a second instead? If they have one.

    • Oil like Puljujarvi, so tough to pry him out of EDM Pete. Sub Yamamoto for JP, and it might work for the Oil.

  7. Price is not being traded this season. This not some habs fan delusion, he costs too much with limited upside. IF his injuries prove bad enough for him to be effectively ‘retired’, so his salary now becomes LTIR cap space…Price’s value now jumps into ‘possible’ trade candidate. Also makes him valuable to the Habs for the same reason. This is not a realistic possibility until next season’s medical evaluation.

    In the same vein, I think the reason the Habs do not have a captain is because of Weber. Weber is making an honest attempt to return; the earliest timeline is the end of the season. Hard to type as a fan, but what I’ve read, it is unlikely. Interesting to not Suzuki’s next contact (kicking in next season) is almost identical to Weber’s contract; anticipation of weber being on LTIR????

  8. For Sale:

    Brittle often injured over rated goaltender
    Currently in NHL rehab program (drug or alcohol abuse)
    Zero games played this season
    Salary 10 million per season for 5 more seasons

    Asking 1st round pick(s), prospect and current roster player.

    Yeah, good luck moving that, lol.

  9. Three players that make the Penguins a real tough teM in the playoffs.

    Assuming the Keep Malkin, Letang..

    1. Lawson Crouse to Pittsburgh for Brian Rust

    2. Jaroslawv Halak for Dominik Simon

    3. Jason Zucker plus a 3rd for Josh Manson

    Halak gives us a quality nhl back up goalie..who can be a 1 A if Jarry were to struggle was great in biston. Rutherford lines Dominik Simon who fits Bruce Boudreau’s system

    Manson gives that 3rd oair RHD who has snarl, grit, and can skate a huge upgrade over Rudwhedel. Anaheim needs more scoring and skill.zucker will b better there.

    Lawson Crouse 6ft 4 215 middle six winger had 15 goals recently has 8 this year and 80 hits. Rust while hot as hell iut again and will command $6 million as a Ufa this off season E ROD has made him expendable.

    We can always reign him off seaso
    We get deeper, better, more physical with these three moves.

    • I don’t know. Pretty lofty asks for the Pens. Seems a little unfair to the other teams. I could be wrong though.

    • Your targets are reasonable. Your judgment of asset value is not.

      And trade rust!?!? A proven top 6 for a guy who tops out as a third line guy.

      • Young forward Simon for a 36 year old goalie who is available seems fair.simon slides into canucks bottom 6

        Rust for Lawson is way fair..Arizona has cap space rust a 3.5 lawson 1.5

        Manson 4.1 for zucker 5.5 ok maybe we add a 2nd round pick and prospect

        Seems more than fair
        Vancouver has said halak is available so a 27 year ild forward is fair

      • Why would Arizona give up a cost controlled asset for Rust who’s a pending ufa?

        I like Rust, this makes absolutely zero sense for Arizona.

        Do you often see rebuilding teams trade away young assets for 30+ yo pending ufas? I don’t.

        I’d say maybe, and it’s a big maybe Arizona takes Rust, but there needs to be a hell of a lot more attached.

        They could essentially be trading that young cost controlled asset for nothing. Zero chance of that, and I mean zero.

        Zucker for Manson, see my reply above.

      • Well, since you put it that way, BnG.

      • Simon is a replacement level player. The kind of guy you trade for “future consideration”. Halak would garner at least a mid round pick. Rust for crouse is atrocious for the pens who are playing great hockey. And as pointed out makes no sense for zona unless they flipped him which would be weird. And zucker has negligible value right now. Maybe next off season when he has only 1 year left a team would take him as a reclamation project… with a little money held by pens.

    • Hi BNG

      All would be great adds

      However with Rusty currently flying…. Pens should definitely keep him and treat as own rental

      ‘Nucks starting to gell… still have a chance of playoffs….gamble to move JH… if Demko goes down could be dangerous to their hopes…. and DeSmith plus to go the other way…. Not sure if they’re willing to flip JH for DeSmith for only Simon

      Would love Manson…. Especially today…. 3 goals all caused by the RDs on the play… Friedman, Ruhweedel, Marino. Ruhweedel was absolutely brutal all game

      Credit where credit is due…. Ottinger played great, Stars pressed and came back

      Would absolutely love Manson for Zucker; but it will cost more…. Not sure if Ducks would be interested in the flip anyway

      1st move needs to be for a DeSmith replacement

      Would love MAF (@ 50%)

      • Jaroslav Halak pending UFA is available gives us excellent veteran backup protection ad can be the starter like he was many times in Boston and other places.

        Dominik Simon is 27 has skill and speed Rutherford likes him and he fits Bruce Boudreau’s up-tempo style.

        Both UFAS Both make $750,000
        if Halak was in their plans he wouldn’t be available…put him the Pittsburgh system and culture h is a good pick up.

        Simon will get t play more in Vancouver provide a solid bottom six forward.

        Maybe we add a second-round pick and a prospect with Zucker for Manson

        I don’t think Anaheim is resigning him or they would have done so by now..

        did Letang play today? you mentioned three right side defenseman and letang wasn’t in there?

      • Hi BNG

        4 RDs today…they spotted Friedman in at RD AND a few times at RW. Yes Tanger played

        I can’t put too much blame on Friedman as he hadn’t played in a while and was rotating in on wing… tough to adapt on the fly

        Ruhweedel was really bad

        I know there was a couple in the media that had speculated that Halak “may” be available but I’m not sure where they would be speculating that from… moving Halak (withou another back up coming back in trade) leaves ‘Nucks with 3 AHL goalies with maybe 3 or 4 NHL games total BETWEEN them ; as back up…. So DeSmith would have to go the other way…. And they (‘Nucks) have to be aware of DeSmith’s struggles…. Not sure if they would accept him

        Halak certainly an upgrade over DeSmith…. Worth a call… just not sure if they’d take it

        I would absolutely , in a NY minute; love Manson for Zucker ++…. Many teams might be looking to “rent” Manson.. . Best offer wins

        I really would love to see Zucker gone…. There is no way he can be on the ice when either Sid or Gino are, and he was starting to drain Carter in production…. And you can’t have him (@ $5.5 M) playing 4LW

        The incentive to “accept” Zucker in trade may cost ‘O’Connor AND a 2nd (OR 3rd) …. not sure they (Ducks) have interest in him for this year.

        Jimbo loves Zucker…. can we get him to overpay again for him ???

        Zucker, DeSmith, Ruhweedel , plus O’Connor and 3rd for

        Pearson , Halak, Schenn

        I know ur not a Pearson fan , but he is an upgrade to Zucker, AND doesn’t drain offence of others, and cheaper

        Back up big improvement

        3RD big improvement and big inc in size

        Pearson upgrade over Zucker …. and bigger….Even at worst a minimal up grade,but an upgrade…

        I’d try….

        Sid Guentz Rusty

        Gino Pearson Carter

        E-Rod Heinen Kappy (worked great two days ago… worth another look)

        Blueger McGinn ZAR

        If the experiment (try 5 or 6 games ) doesn’t work…

        Sid Guentz E-Rod

        Gino Rusty (Gino Rusty work well together) Heinen

        Carter Kappy Pearson

        Blueger McGinn ZAR

      • Just a point of clarification….

        Halak would be available possibly at TDL …. If ‘Nucks are out of it… right now… just 3 points out of a WC spot, and last 10 games 8-1-1 … flying under BB… so I really can’t see them moving Halak right now

        If they are still within 3 pts of WC and only 1 or 2 teams also competing to jump up to WC… then I can’t see them moving JH

        5 plus points and or 4 or 5 teams to leapfrog to get to playoffs… then yes..l I think he’d be available then

  10. Captain obvious.
    I would hardly call Lawson Crouse locked up he is a RFA next season..

    Arizona needs some talent and Brian Rust goves them that 1st line right winger to play with young center Clayton Keller.. they are trading Kessel this gives them a stud, they have cap space…and the league is watching them.. 3 years @ $6 million. $18 million.maybe they get to the cap floor
    Rust makes them more competitive than lawson Crouse.

    Crouse is a better fit in Pittsburgh because we need that type of forward we have enough talent malkin is coming back so

    Locking up crouse in Arizona dows what for them? In Pittsburgh he helos tbem closer to a deep run

    • Keller. Is a wing not a center. And no way AZ. Take on any FA. As they won’t stay

      • On the Arizona website he is listed as a center..you may want to call them?

  11. Did the Bruins just go on the road and beat the two time Stanley cup champions without Charlie ? Maybe just maybe they will be ok

    • We lost. 17 last night so if out rest of year we get 3.8 extra cap space 😊

  12. Price is potentially the most over rated player in the NHL. He is so great that he has led the Canadians to… absolutely nothing in 14 years.

    Anyway… the only positive to trying to trade him is that even though his cap hit is $10.5M, his salary is just shy of $8M over the next 4 seasons. If a trade happens at the very start of 22-23 season, once the signing bonus is paid, he would cost $24.5M of actual earning over the next 4 seasons.

    $6.125M a year for $10.5M cap hit, x4. There are a few low cap teams that would be very interested in that. Price would just need to check his ego and waive for it.