NHL Rumor Mill – February 10, 2022

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Could the Flames have an interest in Tyler Toffoli or Christian Dvorak? Are the Capitals any closer to acquiring Marc-Andre Fleury? What’s the latest on the Leafs? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE JEFF MAREK SHOW: Elliotte Friedman said “a lot of people” think Montreal Canadiens forward Tyler Toffoli could end up with the Calgary Flames by the trade deadline. He feels it makes a lot of sense. The Flames are in the market for secondary scoring plus Toffoli played for head coach Darryl Sutter during their tenures with the Los Angeles Kings.

Montreal Canadiens winger Tyler Toffoli (NHL Images).

Friedman also mentioned there’s “some traction from teams in the West” who’ve seen Christian Dvorak quite a bit during his tenure with the Arizona Coyotes. They liked what they saw then and believe what they’re seeing of his play with the Canadiens isn’t him. Marek wondered whether the Flames would be interested, pointing out Dvorak and Flames star Matthew Tkachuk played together with the OHL’s London Knights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canadiens management could prefer retaining Toffoli and Dvorak. They carry reasonable contracts and they would maintain some veteran skill if the front office is going forward with a roster rebuild as expected. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t listen to offers.

If the Flames are interested in either guy it’s going to cost them. The asking price could include a first-round pick and a top prospect such as Jakob Pelletier, Matt Coronato, Connor Zary or Dustin Wolf. I don’t believe the Canadiens will be interested in fading 27-year-old center Sean Monahan, who’s only a year away from becoming an unrestricted free agent.


WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Sammi Silber cited Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reporting the Capitals made a push to acquire the Chicago Blackhawks’ Marc-Andre Fleury. However, it appears their efforts to land the 37-year-old goaltender was unsuccessful.

Seravalli also said the Capitals were in the market for a “jack-of-all-trades” forward who can work well with the club’s younger players. Potential trade chips include their 2022 first-round pick, goaltender Vitek Vanecek and defenseman Michal Kempny.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The pickings are slim beyond Fleury for contenders like the Capitals who are in the market for a goalie upgrade. As for Capitals trade bait, The Athletic’s Tarik El-Bashir also listed Carl Hagelin, Daniel Sprong, Justin Schultz and the Capitals 2020 second-round pick in his “let’s talk” tier.


THE ATHLETIC: Jonas Siegel listed prospects Matthew Knies, Nick Robertson and Rodion Amirov, a first-round pick in 2022, and defenseman Travis Dermott among his list of possible trade assets for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Blueliners Timothy Liljegren and Justin Holl, winger Nick Ritchie and their 2023 first-rounder as other potential trade chips.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Toronto Star’s Kevin McGran speculates Liljegren and Rasmus Sandin could find themselves as trade bait by the March 21 deadline. He pointed out Leafs GM Kyle Dubas brought them up unprompted during a recent interview, indicating he wants to see what they can do over the next several weeks. McGran also believes Dubas could be reluctant to part with draft picks after having just three picks in last year’s draft and only three in this year’s.

Liljegren and Sandin could be the Leafs’ best trade chips if they’re seeking a player with term on his contract who can help them beyond this season. Whether they have enough value to draw that type of return has yet to be determined.


  1. Agreed as to Toffoli and Dvorak. I think the Habs prefer to keep them. Given that they have term left on reasonable contracts, either would require a return of a 1st and a good prospect or NHL ready young player.

  2. Let’s see, could two green D – Sandin and Liljegren (74 and 41 NHL games respectively and 5/6 pairings at best), both RFAs a season’s end, bring the Leafs “a player with term on his contract who can help them beyond this season?”

    Meanwhile, it seems to be the general consensus that the best a big, physical LW, Nick Paul, with 209 NHL games, could fetch is a 3rd round pick or a secondary prospect.

    • @GeorgeO

      Nick Paul was a 4th round pick in 2013. His career scoring rate is .29ppg. Aside from being big what else can he do?

      Liljegren and Sandin are still considered prospects. They’re playing 3rd pairing on a top ten team…Defencemen sometimes take longer to make their mark as regular NHL players. Also consider the last two minor league seasons haven’t had many games. They would have much more trade value than Nick Paul.

      • OK, clearly we have different opinions on what constitutes a valuable player. But let me ask you – if those two are only going to get better and are part of the reason Toronto is a top ten team, why are their names cropping up in trade rumours?

      • Sandin would be far more valuable than Nick Paul in trade but Sandin is going nowhere. He’s a borderline top 4 caliber right now and has been playing in the second pairing while Muzzins been on the injury list. They want to add another Dman but not at the expense of this kid.

      • George both those players are 20 and 21 playing 3rd pairing very very well all considering. Do both have flaws? You bet they do like all young players do while adjusting ti the league.

        It would be dumb to trade any of these players unless they want out.

        As for your question as to if so good why are we hearing them in rumors? That’s simple. It’s Toronto. Say anything and it’s big news plus George, since Dubas has been GM how many “reported” trade candidates actually transpired? Like none right? Either coming or going they have been rarely if ever been right so rumors might point you to an area or idea but not pinpointed enough to expose the names involved.

      • Ron, nowhere did I offer the opinion that neither of those kids is going to continue to develop and get better. I am well aware – following Ottawa – that it takes time for MOST young D (the Hedman’s and Orr’s of the world excepted) to become comfortable in all aspects of the game at the top level.

        What I was reacting to above was the question in the opening blurb as to whether they could garner “a player with term on his contract who can help them beyond this season?” – pointing out the salient fact that they are both still green in terms of NHL experience – for that position.

        Right now they still fit into the prospect stage – so would a team relinquish a player (I assume a D otherwise Toronto would be gutting their depth) good enough to immediately improve Toronto’s D and still with term on his contract?

        That’s all I was asking. Others were much more blunt without reaction. Boy, I must really get under the skin of the more thin-skinned Leafs fans 🙂

    • I’m with George on his one. Nick Paul has played on every line. Centre and wing and has shown the lines play better with him on them. He’s good in the face off dot and in the corners and still has potential to grow.

      Is Sandin/leljegrin even confirmed as an NHL regular.

      If I was a contending team I’d pay much more for the versatile forward that can be slotted in anywhere in my line up than I would for a D who I may end up scratching.

      Now over the summer when teams are looking to maybe pick up a prospect and want to gamble. Sandin maybe would get more. As you have the time of a season to work on his game.

      • @Jeff Noel

        Nick Paul may be versatile but players like him are a dime a dozen. Does he excel offensively? No. Highest season point total…20 pts.
        Good defensively? Considering he’s -14 this year I’d wager not really.

        He looks like a 4th line player that might get spot duty on the 3rd line. At 26 years old I think the league has seen his potential.

        In regards to Sandin…he’s playing 3rd pair minutes and his advanced stats are excellent. Like near top of the league. He’ll be 22 years old in March. He’s seen limited ice time in Toronto because he didn’t require waivers to be sent down. Now he does…He’s clearly higher up the depth chart than Dermott now and so is Liljegren.

        A team like NJ (Severson) or SEA (Soucy) would definitely take one of these kids in a trade for a Dman with a little term left. Straight up? Maybe not, but they definitely wouldn’t hang up the phone.

      • Seems my stance is still sound. A playoff contending team at the deadline would benefit far more from a. Versatile forward like Paul.

        A developing team in the summer would look towards a project like Sandin.

      • Holl has gotta go NOW

    • I didn’t know I was the general consensus…. I’m flattered.

      • Your not…:(

  3. Nick Suzuki, Josh Anderson and Tyler Toffoli to Toronto for:

    Alex Kerfoot
    Ilya Mikheyev
    Travis Dermott
    Timothy Liljegren
    Petr Mrazek
    Rodion Amirov
    Semyon Der-Argustenov

    To make this work Leaf’s send Nick Ritchie contract and get some previous salary retained for 2nd rounder 2023.


    • Why would Montreal do that?
      IMO you always keep your quality over somebody else’s quantity.

      • Plus when was the last time anyone saw an 8 for 3 deal, including a UFA who could be had for $ in the off-season? That’s the sort of trade you might see in Mort’s Pub Fantasy League.

      • The Lindros deal pre cap era was as close to this insanity as it gets. 6 players , 2 draft picks.

        This trade doesn’t even fly on NHL 22.

        Nobody makes these type of deals.

    • Don’t mind George he is like a hundred always saying the leafs players are not worth anything and the sens players are great

      • No, never have I said that … and what the f does my age have to do with it? You’ll get there one day – IF you’re lucky.

      • Oh, and that acknowledged Leafs fan clearly doesn’t think much of those players if he’s willing to fork over 8 of them to land 3.

      • Read on twitter that Vegas could be putting Stone on LTIR for rest of season. If this happens I think we can all agree never to use the term “cap hell” ever again!!

    • So, the Leafs garbage for Montreals 3 best players?

      Who plays net for the Leafs after Campbell implodes? David Ayers?

      • hey now.

      • Well he is undefeated.

      • @ron no wonder Montreal is so bad of that’s there 3 best players. Ritchie had almost as many goals as Anderson last year and he’s the throw away in this deal plus he makes 3.7 million less. Suzuki lol you can keep that 8.5 million dollar mediocre
        production player. Toffoli is the only player on a reasonable contract that Montreal would be offering.

      • David Ayers has never lost a game in the Scotia Bank Center!!

    • You’re joking, right?

      • Where would I be joking. Suzuki was 71st in the league in scoring last year and will be making 8.5 million. He had 41 points in 56 games and was a -5. He’s already going to be 23 next year so safe to say the player you see is the player you get. Not even close to worth 8.5. Anderson had 17g and only 24 points in 52 games so again completely not worth 5.7 million. Nick Richie had 15g and 26 points in 56 games so production wise not much of a different and Richie makes 3.2 million less. So other than being a Habs fan and giving a habs opinion how the heck do those numbers lie. So again Toffoli is the only good player with a good contract. I’ll take him the Habs can keep the rest.

  4. Calgary needs a center since Monahan cant fill that role. Dvorak would be good since then Backlund could go back to third line C. Dvorak is also younger by three years. If flames make the PO he is worth a first rounder and a prospect

  5. I would like the Flames to take both Dvorak AND Toffoli.
    Pelletier Wolf and are top prospects throw in a first third and-even Valamaki

    • In order to make that deal happen, Calgary would have to shed around 4-5 million dollars.

      Not to mention they’d be adding 8+ next year and beyond.

      Looking at their ufa, rfa situation next year, I can’t see it happening.

      • What is Monahan salary towards the cap ?
        I believe moving on. Currently at $6m. It will all come down to Johnny and MTkachuk new deals .

        Toffoli and Dvorak would be transformational

        What is the Oiler record with EKane in the lineup. Tippett had to go. That backend is not good enough . I think one of the the best forward groups in the NHL but Nurse at 9.5 and Young Bouchard is way too thin without exceptional goaltending . That is already been beaten like a rented mule

  6. Monahan for Drouin…..straight up, for a shocker. Habs love slow players.

  7. Chrisms on February 9, 2022 at 7:50 pm
    How much are you charging pengy for the space cap? Any other units available?

    I’d say you have this backwards. I’m having a little fun with it, pretty sure he is not. Considering he doesn’t like to respond when I call these one sided deals out.

    • No. When you start poking fun at another poster in response to threads they arnt even part of that’s kinda like over the top. Sometimes funny though.

      • Oh cmon, you take shots at people here.

        I’m not doing it to be a “troll” or “bully”.

        I mean if people are going to continuously post the same exact thing every day, do they honestly believe they’re not open to some criticism or some light humor?

        The problem with some posters, is they truly believe they’re entitled to an opinion without other opinions that either don’t agree or contradict their opinions.

        And automatically, they scream “troll”, “hater”, “bully” etc.

        I’ve seen much more mean spirited posts here than ANYTHING I’m putting out here. Including directly at me.

        I simply just don’t take the random opinions of people I don’t know too seriously. Especially on the internet. I’m simply just not that sensitive..

      • I never called you any of those things. I don’t think you are those things. It just raised my eyebrows when you started talking about zucker chad etc on posts that didn’t even pertain. So I cracked a joke about it. Of course his posts are ridiculous sometimes. Part of his charm.

  8. Soilers fired Tippett. No surprise there……. Montreal hires Marty St Trade Me as new head coach. Good move, hire a guy with zero coaching experience outside of coaching his kids peewee team yet Habs fans cant figure out why their teams so brutal.
    Gorton hires his buddy, good luck with that.

    • Oilers goaltending has been Brutal for years now both goaltenders are OLD and past performining well, Mike Smith is 40!! & Fragile Mikko the beach ball is 34/35…?
      The Oilers need to trade for a couple of younger guys in Net.

      Its Not the coaches fault, Its Ken Holland, The GM he should have traded for a goaltender years ago…??

      • Holland tried to get a goalie the last two offseasons. Who was available that had better numbers than Smith last season?
        Tippett was advertised as a great defensive-style coach. Under Tippett’s three seasons when did the Oilers have a great defensive game?
        At the beginning of this season who would have predicted that in game 44, Smith would have only played 8 games? Koskinen is a decent backup goalie but has proven that he can’t play more than 5 or 6 games in a row.


    • Why would Washington trade Vanecek? He’s their goalie of the future.
      The Oilers already have a young goalie with potential. Stuart Skinner is only 23 years old. He has looked good in the games he has played this season in the NHL and has great AHL numbers in the 10 games he has played there.

    • I would go after Varlamov. The problem is Lou isn’t in any hurry so you will overpay, plus Koskinen would need to go back which adds to Lou’s leverage.

      What does that cost? A first this year should be more than enough but Lou likely doesn’t bite yet as he wants a haul. So plus which prospect? Can’t be Holloway, Broberg or Bourgault as that is nuts and won’t happen.

      Lavoie or Niemelainen and a 1st?
      Too much?

      • Jason Gregor gets Kevin Woodley from In Goal magazine to come on his show on TSN 1260 once a week. Woodley says to stay away from Varlamov and that Thomas Greiss would be the better fit in Edmonton. It has something to do with the way the Oilers play and where Varlamov lets in most of his goals.

      • I missed that one with Woodley KevJam, but like it when I do catch it. That guys gets into the tending weeds like no one I have ever heard when he talks about technique.

        Probably cost a lot less too as his basic #’s kind of stink this year plus a UFA. His #’s with the Isles were pretty similar to Varlamov.

        I like Varlamov as he is younger and signed for next year as well. Greiss is 36 now.

    • @KevJam

      Holland could have had Markstrom two years ago but he didn’t want to pay the piper.

      As Scotty Bowman once said “show me a good goalie and I’ll show you a good coach”

      Nurse at $9.5 is a gross overpayment. His stat line is very similar to Morgan Reilly’s and the Leafs got him re-signed for $7.5M
      Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci have never been good defensively yet Holland signed them for a combined $7.75M. The GM is a huge part of the problem. Why do you think DET let him go?

      • DARYL,
        your right the GM has made some poor moves.
        His biggest mistake is Not getting a Goaltender, This has Been the weakest link in Edmonton for 4 years…

        Bouchard has taken Barrries spot as the New PP guy, So that make him Trade bate for a team the need a PP specialist
        So we can get a goaltender

      • So he was supposed to overpay Markstrom more than the Flames already have AND match their NMC?! No thanks. Not for a 32 year old goalie who has only had one good season.
        The guy has 8 shutouts and isn’t even close to leading all goalies in save percentage. He is also inconsistent.
        FYI it wasn’t goaltending that cost the Oilers in the first round of the playoffs last year, it was support scoring.

  10. B’s ….Let’s play for March on sign Krejci trade for Lucic and trade for a top 2/3 Dman who actually can play the shutdown role

    • It’s sounding like Krecji may be on the bruins before the playoffs start but they need a GOOD d no retreads or alsorans. Ex; Moore, ) Much as I want to see Chychrun on this team the cost might be too high. Giordano much too old. Anyone that gives up a first rounder for this guy should be fired. I like Ben From the habs but not for a first.

  11. Missed yesterday but Boston should try to get Karlsson from Vegas, 2C problem gone for a few years, would go good with Hall and Pasta. Might not cost too much as Vegas has to shed salary.

    • Not too many teams have the cap space so maybe a little less for Karlsson Dave.
      But he is a good player with term, have to think some other teams would find a way to get in on the bidding?
      If I am Vegas and all in, I try and move Dadonov and give up an quality prospect or pick(s) to do it, or Smith next. Teams would jump on him.

      If the B’s get Karlsson, I would be thrilled.

  12. @GeorgeO

    When talking of Sandin and Liljegren I think you have to consider that they’re just rumours? Not really much substance to the rumours…
    Why would TOR want to trade two cost controlled players making near league minimum that are filling their spots (5,6D) quite well?

    Now, two players who should be worried about getting traded are Justin Holl and Travis Dermott. An upgrade on Holl would help their top 4 and Dermott’s spot could be filled with anyone from the Marlies.

    Don’t forget…bring a former 1st round pick carries more weight than a former 4th rounder

    • Daryl, we can argue back and forth about the relative qualities of the players we’re talking about and probably never come to an agreement … c’est la vie – but where a player is taken in the draft really is irrelevant. The number of 1st round flops are well documented, while each of these guys – who have had pretty good careers – were all plucked in Round 7: Andreas Johnsson, Erik Haula, Ryan Dzingel, Justin Braun, Carl Gunarsson, Jason Demers, Anton Stralman, Federik Andersen, Ondrej Palat, Patric Hornqvist, Victor Olofsson, Nikita Gusev.

      And these guys, all taken late, are legendary: Luc Robitaille (9th R), Theo Fleury (8th R), Henrik Zetterberg (7th R), Doug Gilmour (7th R), Brett Hull (6th R), Pavel Datsyuk (6th R).

      • George the exceptions you mention are not the norm. Like for every guy taken late it’s still a much smaller percentage that make any impact at all let alone make it.
        First round picked players have more cache like it (deserving) or not. Look at the guy I think you claimed the Leafs should of drafted instead of Marner, Storme. He’s on his 3rd team and over paid for what he brings and his draft pedigree, don’t you think? His value is still considered higher and would more likely be desired over a player that was drafted in a later round with similar stats or slightly better because of his draft position.

        As for talent evaluation, there’s the eye test which many feel work for them and the numbers. Those two should both be in-line with one another to have an honest evaluation really and numbers don’t lie.

      • George I disagree completely those two defenders are really good prospects that are playing in the NHL at very young age.

      • Whoa there, Ron. When and where did I ever suggest the Leafs should have picked Strome over Marner? I don’t mind criticism, but that sounds more like the claims of certain truckers than reality. Hell, I KNOW for a fact that I’ve always liked Marner’s game – going right back to junior – and have always voiced the thought that he should be a C with the way he handles the puck.

        As for the draft exceptions, you can go up and down every round since the draft was implemented and find equal numbers of duds and gems. Of course the percentage is smaller for those who make any impact at all – but there they are nevertheless – which underscores my contention that you just can’t point to a player’s draft position to separate demand as their careers progress. Would Edmonton – if Yakopov had been taken the same year as Paul – deal him even up for Paul 3 or 4 years into their careers?

      • Well, OK, but looking at their current system, who else do they have who might replace them now?

      • @George O

        Who is arguing?

        I just don’t understand how you think a couple of early 20 year old D men playing regular minutes on a top 10 team compare to a 26 year old player whose career high point total is 20 points?

        Is Nick Paul a useful forward? Maybe?

        All I’m saying is if Sandin, Liljegren, and Paul were all offered to the highest bidder who gets the best return? Which type of player is tougher to draft and develop… top 4 Dman or a 4th line C/LW?

      • Dylan Strome is on his 2nd team, not 3rd.

      • Daryl. They are all about equal in value right now.

    • The issue with playing Sandin and Liljegren happens during the playoffs. No matter how much potential they have, or talent shown during the regular season, any team can’t really expect playoff success playing two rookies. The post season has a way of exposing inexperience. Even Lidstrom and McAvoy looked bad in their first few playoff series. If Toronto is to contend, they must get a solid experienced defenseman or two. And trading Holl and/or Dermott might get you two bags of pucks in return.

      • Careful there Iago or you might draw the stinging wrath of Man on tv – especially if he gets the sense that you’re over 17 years of age. 🙂

      • @lago

        The best thing that TOR can hope for by trading Holl and Dermott is cap space.

        Holl is a RHD on a very reasonable contract. A trade for him may return a 3rd round pick?
        Dermott is also on a reasonable contract. He’s likely return a 3rd rounder as well.

        Is Holl an all-star? No, but he is a capable defenceman but possibly better suited to #3RD.

      • Daryl,

        I agree that Toronto benefits cap space wise by getting rid of Holl/Dermott, but I disagree with the value you put on them. If either were good enough to warrant a 3rd pick, Toronto would be nuts to trade them. I think it will be difficult to move either of those two at all, and I seriously doubt that the return would be more than a 6th rounder, and I even question that much. More like a 7th, or future considerations. My Red Wings need defensive help, and I don’t want Holl or Dermott to ever wear the winged wheel.

    • Liljegren was a 1st round pick in the 2017 draft. Right now no GM will trade former 2017 4th round pick Drake Batherson straight up for Liljegren. The GM trading for Batherson will have to be adding other pieces. When you get about 3 years after their draft class, the position where the players were drafted becomes irrelevant. It all comes down to their performance.

      • Exactly KevJam, precisely what I said to Ron Moore above. Once a player has developed his best contributing talent to the game and is consistent with that contribution and reliable – or the polar opposite – where he was picked no longer should be considered a factor.

    • If Holl is so bad hes not good enough for the Leafs defence, just who in their right mind would actually trade for him?

      • @Ron Jull

        Uhhh…have you ever heard of Cody Ceci? He’s been awful defensively nearly his whole career and the Oilers GM signed him as a UFA for 4 years @ $3.25M

        If Holl played on a US based team you’d never hear his name. He’d just be another 4th, 5th, or 6th defenseman. However he’s on a team with some of the most media coverage league wide.

      • Well, I certainly can’t argue that media comment Daryl. As Ron Moore says elsewhere, the fact the names of Liljegren and Sandin cropped up on the rumours circuit is precisely because of that smothering media. Unfortunately, there have been those who have buckled under that intense scrutiny, while others have reveled in it. You almost need a psychologist as part of your scouting department to conduct interviews from that angle. Hell, maybe some of the best scouts in the game are closet psychologists.

  13. Ray Bark, thoughts on Edmonton? The more they change the more they stay the same?

    • If I knew WTF is wrong with that team I would tell ya Caper.
      I don’t.

      Ya goaltending, but it’s more than that.

      What I do know is they don’t play with emotion enough. Start slow almost every game and then give up the first goal almost every game, then get it going for 20 minutes get back in it, and lag again. Give up another one and sulk. Game over.

      They need a guy like public enemy #1 these days, Marchand. Pull them into the fight by stirring it up and getting the angry at the other team.

      It’s an emotional sport, the more fired up you are the better you play. They’re blah on too many nights.

  14. Proposal for the Spectors gang to tear apart:

    To Mtl: C Sean Monahan, 1st round pick, L Jakob Pelletier

    To Cgy: F Tyler Toffoli, F Arturri Lehkonen

    Then to Clb: F Dillon Dube

    To Cgy: C Jack Roslovic

    Maybe the change of scenery sparks Monahan a bit, even if not Habs can trade him for another asset, making it a Toffoli and Lehkonen for a 1st rounder, Pelletier and whatever the Habs get for Monahan. Not the worst for a rebuilding team?

    The Bluejackets are evidently unhappy with the drop in Roslovic’s production from last year, so Dube in a one-for-one swap of relatively cheap forwards surely isn’t the worst deal either.

    Obviously I’m thinking about the Flames line-up:


    Too much of a homer proposal or no?

    • Fairly fair value.

    • Why would the Habs even consider this???

      Toffoli and Lehkonen are two regulars coming off good seasons and are two of the few who are performing in this dumpster fire of a year.

      Calgary 1st round pick is projected as #29
      Monahan is having yet another questionable year.
      Pelletier, a #number26 overall pick who can’t crack the lineup.

      Improves the Flames and weakens the Habs

      • How do you weaken a last place team?

    • HF30, No way the Flames would consider trading 27 yr old centre who has scored 30+ multiple times (who is working his way back from hip surgery) for a 29 yr old winger with 25 pts and Lehkonen another meh overpaid winger with 19 pts. Much less throw in their top prospect who is currently 1 pt away from leading the Heat in scoring and is one of the highest scoring rookies in the AHL.
      Typically you value Hab’s players like they are all superstars and the other teams’s players are garbage until they suit up for the Canadiens.
      Maybe if the Habs let their prospects develop properly they wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the league.

  15. Funny to see this comment close to opening discussion today:
    “Liljegren and Sandin could be the Leafs’ best trade chips if they’re seeking a player with term on his contract who can help them beyond this season.”

    It establishes a point of contention while omitting the end of the paragraph.

    “Whether they have enough value to draw that type of return has yet to be determined.”

    • @Habfan30

      That is the million dollar question.

      Do they have enough value on their own? Depends?
      Would a team like VGK take Liljegren straight up for one of the players they need to trade to be cap compliant when Eichel is ready to go? Maybe? He’s still waiver exempt.

      Would Liljegren and a 2nd get them Severson from NJ? The Devils are rebuilding and Liljegren is around the age of their young players.

      You think either Sandin or Liljegren would get them Chiarot from MTL? Not that I want that player but you know what I’m getting at.

      As much as everyone likes to dump on the Leafs players and prospects as having little trade value the fact is the Leafs are currently in 7th place with games in hand on everyone above them.

      • Dammi Daryl, quit making sense. You’re gonna get me re-thinking my stance.

  16. @George O

    I do appreciate your comments George.

    It’s all in good fun,

    I do think the Sens have a good opportunity to get some valuable assets with their available players…especially if they retain salary.

  17. Great debates in here. I remember when Sandin was first being put in the Leaf’s line up he was the next Eric Karlsson. I think the Leafs have a bigger problem. Goaltending. Peddle Jack Campbell off to the Oilers. Find a back up and run with Mrazec.

    I only came in to disagree with Spectors take that the Habs will get 1st round pics AND prospects for Dvorak and\or Taffolli.

    Not a chance. If it happens (and yes gm are loons this time of year) then a big mug of I-told-you-so to me.