NHL Rumor Mill – February 14, 2022

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Check out the latest Canadiens and Canucks speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey believes it’s time for the Canadiens to find a new home for Jeff Petry after the struggling 34-year-old defenseman committed a pair of gaffes that led to two recent losses. General manager Kent Hughes recently said he’ll make a deal involving the unhappy Petry if it makes sense for both sides. Hickey acknowledged the Canadiens aren’t dealing from a position of strength and clearing out Petry’s $6.25 million cap space might be more important than any return.

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Easier said than done. Petry’s age, the decline in his performance this season, the remaining three years of his contract and his 15-team no-trade clause (with a no-movement to prevent demotion to the minors) are significant stumbling blocks in the path toward a trade. That deal (if it can be found) might have to wait until the offseason given the high number of teams with limited cap space this season.

SPORTSNET’s Eric Engels (stick tap to Brian Wilde) said there are 12 teams with an interest in Canadiens defenseman Ben Chiarot. The asking price is “at least a first”. The club is also staying patient with winger Tyler Toffoli unless they get a big offer for the 29-year-old forward.

Engels said the Canadiens are gauging Petry’s value in the trade market. He speculates the Dallas Stars or Detroit Red Wings as possible destinations. As for winger Josh Anderson, he’s unlikely to be moved. It would “cost a ton” for a team to land him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Engels’ colleague Elliotte Friedman reported Saturday the Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers are believed among the suitors for Chiarot. Toffoli’s under contract for two more years at an affordable $4.25 million annually. Unless he requests a trade, the Canadiens will likely hang onto him.

Given Petry’s age and cap hit, I don’t see him as a fit with the Stars. I understand they could trade John Klingberg or let him depart via free agency but I think they’d prefer a younger and more affordable replacement. I’ve suggested the Red Wings as a trade partner given Petry’s a Michigan native but GM Steve Yzerman could also prefer younger and cheaper talent on his blueline.

I also concur with Engels’ take on Anderson. He’s among the few Habs players who consistently bring a solid effort in every game. Yes, his scoring is erratic but his energy and physical play make him worth keeping.


VANCOUVER HOCKEY NOW: Rob Simpson weighed in on Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek’s Saturday report claiming the Canucks could have an interest in Pavel Zacha. The 24-year-old New Jersey Devils forward is a former first-round pick who is slated to become a restricted free agent this summer and is a year away from UFA eligibility.

Simpson points out Canucks president Jim Rutherford and general manager Patrik Allvin saw a lot of Zacha during their tenures with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He suggests perhaps Zacha could be viewed as a potential replacement for center J.T. Miller if the Canucks should trade him before the March 21 deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting theory by Simpson. I share his concern about Zacha’s durability and desire, making him “the anti-Miller”. However, he’d be a worthwhile secondary scoring addition to augment Miller if the Canucks intend to retain him.

THE ATHLETIC: Thomas Drance and Rick Dhaliwal report hearing the Canucks linked to New York Rangers winger Vitali Kravtsov, who’s playing in Russia this season awaiting a trade.

Their sources were split over whether he’d been part of any latent discussions between the Canucks and Rangers, who’ve been rumored to have an interest in J.T. Miller. Kravtsov would fit the mold of promising young players the Canucks could target leading up to the trade deadline.


  1. I’ve never been that enthralled with Petry to begin with. But his value has diminished with his play this season, I’ve always thought when you’ve got the best goalie in the world inback of you, you tend to do things which otherwise wouldn’t work with a less talented netminder. I believe the bruins biggest need right now is a number one goalie. The bruins should check out Marc Fluery.

    • ANDREI VASILEVSKIY Is the best goalie in world by a fair margin Price not had that destruction for several years now Bruins need other things then a goalie. Their tandem is solid Ullmark has been fantastic after his slow start both Bruin goalies gave better save % the MAF. And they is including the bad start for Ullmark.

      • That’s your opinion not mine. I think Swayman has a chance to be a number one goalie he’s got a bit to go for that to happen. Ullmark is only a backup. One of the worst investments the b’s have ever made. Foligno and Forbort aren’t far behind.

      • Stats don’t lie that is why they are called stats
        Maybe not Bruin fan? As I never seen you post a single thing good about your team
        To each his own I guess

      • Bruins d/men have Not got a point in the past 6 games and continuing..!

        Bruins d, they have trouble moving the Puck out the zone 90% of the games this year and There PP is Horable after Charlie Mclvoy they have nobdy on the d to run there PP,
        We miss KKrug on the d….!

        Trade for Oilers Tyson Barrie, a RD and PP specialist for back up goaltender Jeramay Swayman …??
        Win Win for both teams

      • Williew, the B’s PP is tied for 5th best in the NHL?
        Not sure that is the most pressing area of need.
        Barrie can be had, I am sure, but Swayman is way too much. Swayman isn’t a proven starter yet, but he sure is starting to look like he will. Edm would give the B’s a lot more than Barrie for him.

        Barrie is struggling this year away from Nurse, and has never been a good defender to begin with, but ya he can definitely run a PP.

      • stats never tell the full tale Rask had the best stats of any goalie in bruins history, but who would you want in goal Tuukka or Tim Thomas in his prime? Most fans would go with Thomas in fact I am willing to bet a full weeks wages at least 75% would say go with Tim. Goal scorers could never figure him out, unorthodox style. Rask was very predictable and at least one game out of three in the playoffs he would let in a couple of easy goals. Thomas would sometimes do that too but he would hold the fort after that, Rask would collapse. I don’t particularly like you much and I feel I would be flogging a dead horse going over any point of view with you, but time and time again teams with the best average whether it’s goals against or goal scorers or best overall points in the regular season don’t necessarily win the big prize. I am going with what I see. Rask never won the big prize, Ullmark at times hasn’t looked anything like a starting nhl goalie, even though Swayman got a shutout the other night he has never regained his swagger from last season. I am going by what I see. This will be my last reply for you I really don’t care for your attitude much.

      • RWM

        You trying to hurt my feelings?? LMAO. Keep drinking the vinegar maybe one day it will turn to wine I have yet to see a positive post by you Time to change your team if you can’t cheer them. Go Bruins

      • MBruin4, stats can tell a lie. Let’s say a team outshoots an opponent 30 – 20. Have they outplayed them? Will they win? According to the stats, yes. But what if the other team’s shots come from the front of the net and within fifteen feet? And what if the other team’s goalie stands on his head? Etc. Etc.
        Stats can lie.

  2. Habs couldn’t give Petry away if they wanted to … Josh Anderson is exactly what the Pens need but he gets hurt a lot … Pens could usa Chiarot too, the next time one of the Penguin defensemen clears the front of the net it will be first time this season.

    • I agree Ed. It is currently next to impossible to trade Petry without significant sweeteners and or salary retention. When I compare him to Marc Staal of Detroit, who makes $2M, is a +10 for the season on a team that is -27 as a whole, and is signed only through this season, Petry pales in comparison. Petry is a year younger, and has more offensive skill than Staal, but at $6.25M for three more years, I can’t imagine who might be pursuing him. And unless he improves between now and the end of the season, it won’t get any easier to peddle him.

      • That isn’t a good comparison.
        Staal is on the Red Wings second d-pairing. Petry is playing out of position on the Canadians first d-pairing.
        Staal has 587:55 minutes of ice time. Petry has 703:55 of ice time.
        Staal has 83 d-zone starts. Petry has 108 d-zone starts.
        Right now Staal has actual NHL goalies playing behind him. Petry has two AHL goalies playing behind him.
        I believe if you get Petry playing back on the second d-pairing and actual NHL goalies behind him, he will bounce back.

    • Ed-Having seen you call Kris Letang “Kris Leturnover” many times, I’m sure you’re not his fan. Kris, soon to be an UFA, has reportedly said that he wouldn’i mind playing in Montreal. Considering Petry’s longer term, lower salary, and power-play prowess, would you, right now, accept an even-up trade of Petry for Letang?

      • Those are the same fans who ran Patrice Brisebois out of town – calling him Patrice Breeze-By, How long do you think it would take them to turn on Letang if he continued his giveaway tendencies there?

      • No way. Pens could probably get petry buying low in the off season They are first in the metro. They won’t give up a top asset right now to potentially build for the next few seasons

      • Petry for Letang, Lol.

      • All the above may be true, but spurring Ed to give us more than a blip or a burp might prove interesting.

  3. Confused on what return Montreal would get for Petry, or just a salary dump, or would they need to even add something to take that contract and term off their hands when he’s playing so poorly?

    • Petry would be a salary dump. Hopefully Stevie Y will bring him on with Detroit for Zadina. Habs can eat some of Petrys contract

  4. Some well placed hockey reporters have indicated that there is interest in Petry. He’s obviously having a horrible season but there’s no doubt that he’s been a solid Dman the past few years. He could still be effective playing for a good team. I agree that such a deal would likely happen in the offseason. They should trade him this summer. Because if he’s back next year and again plays poorly they won’t get anything for him.

    • Petry was 7th in the NHL in scoring on the backend one season ago. but 3 years left on his contract after this season is a tough pill.
      You have to think he can rebound at least for 2 seasons and help a teams PP

      Montreal going to have to eat some salary to move him.

      • ds,
        look beyond last year, Petry has been consistently producing for 4 years and in the top 10 among RHD.

        Either you see this as an outlier year (along with the rest of the dumpster fire) or not.

        If not you don’t want him for free, if yes you’ll be paying for him.

      • @habfan
        better chances he comes back to at least 70% form imho
        Philly ?

  5. Only two penalty each until the last few minutes of the game. Not just the Nhl with ref issues according to many posting on line.

    • True that Caper, you could also argue there was a make up call late due to the blatant one they missed earlier that had a huge impact on the game up to then.

  6. My preference is that the Habs suck for the next 3-4 years and acquire as many higher rated prospects as they can – whether it be through the draft or by trading current players for other team’s prospects. I believe someone will find value in Petry although the Habs will like have to eat part of that contract. Either way it is a win win – if he plays well then easier to trade for a better draft choice or prospect. If he plays poorly (like he did on the weekend) then he will help the Habs finish closer to the bottom of the standings for a higher draft pick – this year and for a few more years to come. A wise Leaf fan once told me … you’ve got to hope – it’s all we have as fans…

    • I liked Gorton as GM in NY but, felt he held onto players that where in rumors for too long… expecting bigger returns than they where worth. Gorgiev value goes up and down with inconsistent play. DeAngelo situation became a circus. Kravtsov left for Russia once before. Will add with KHL ending regular season early, Kravtsov could be dealt by deadline and be available once his team is out of playoffs. Not sure if he brings back a worthwhile return. Maybe as part of a package

    • If you look at the Leafs, I think from all the players the Leafs had on the team the year they drafted Matthews 1st overall, only 2 players remained and brought in a complete coaching change from the “newly” installed staff.
      We are now in year 5.

      This year is year one where you’ll suck….and only a few more before the next level…then hopefully win it all (or at least be there) soon after that.

    • The Habs have to be bad again next year. I am fortunate to see young ConnorBedard play live. What a talent, thinks and see’s the game like no other and at 16. Fantastic, big league shot already. The kid is the real deal and the Habs can’t improve marginally and miss out on this kid.

  7. John Anderson and consistent in the same sentence.

    If Anderson was consistent he be a 30-40 goal scorer and one of the premiere power forwards in the league.

    When Anderson decide to play he can change the game on his own.

    Unfortunately he doesn’t give a 100% on a consistent bases, If he did he be make at least $7.5 a season instead of $5.5

    I like this player and if he ever decided to show up nightly Montreal would have great value for their $$

  8. Trades for draft picks and prospects are based on potential and very much a crap shoot.

    Jakob Pelletier for example is considered a good prospect with his AHL production as the basis yet that production is matched by Matthew Peca, a career AHL player who had a few cups of coffee in the NHL.

    Trades for NHL regulars are based on history, potential and current year.
    Outlier ups or downs are a dilemma, history is a better gauge, but still questionable.

    Jeff Petry has excellent history and a terrible current year making his value unclear.

    If the team was playing well an Petry was having a terrible year that would put the onus on him. The entire D-corp has been pretty bad with the spotlight on Petry to get a “bargain”
    The only way Petry can be a bargain is if he’s seen as potential to return to form.

    My personal opinion is keep Petry, Chiarot and Savard till the young D graduate.

    • HF30, I would also include player age into consideration as well as the contract in a cap world.

      When players hit mid 30’s, the vast majority see their performance decline. Late 30’s even more pronounced.

      It isn’t so much this year and next with Petry, as I agree he has a good track record, it is the 2 after combined with the cap hit.

      • Chara is how old?

      • 40 something dov!
        But would you pay Chara what he was earning as 34 yr old or what he is earning today?
        So if you trade for him will Petry be performing at a level worthy of $6.25M or say $3.5M?

        That’s the point I was making when you consider player value and what you offer in trade or if some of that salary needs to be retained, or reduce the ask due to that.

    • Habfan: Not counting Chiarot, Montreal has 11 players listed under contract next season and are over cap already. Not sure what’s happening with Weber and Price, but guessing Price better chance of playing next season. Do you see those 3 D back? Where are they clearing cap space?

      • Slick62, I see that “11” in CapFriendly as well … not sure how they calculate that. but I see commitments to these 17 counting Weber and Price which, together, puts them well over the cap as you say:

        Gallagher, Anderson, Hoffman, Toffoli, Armia, Byron, Suzuki, Evans, Poehling, Petry, Drouin, Dvorak, Savard, Edmundson, Allen, Weber, Price.

        They also have 8 RFAs to deal with, although the bulk of them will be in Laval, no doubt, to start the season – but Lehkonen ($2,300,000 this year), won’t. (Lehkonen, Pitlick, Pezzetta, Romanov, Clague, Schueneman, Montembeault, McNiven)

      • George. You’re correct. I looked on Spotrac and they have roster at 17 next year. They moved Toffoli and I think Petry ends up in Detroit if they add a pick or 2. Habs got 20 year old LW in Toffoli deal, so there goes my dream of getting Suzuki for Lafreniere plus.

      • LOL Slick62, that trade was announced within minutes of my post above. So, in effect, they get Toffoli’s cap hit off the books and he’s replaced by two pending UFAs at season’s end (Tyler Pitlick and Laurent Dauphin) who do not factor in to the team’s cap commitments.

        But for some reason CapFriendly, now showing a roster commitment for next season of 10 at $79,771,309 – putting them just under – they continue to ignore 6 who are still part of their overall roster heading into next season.

        Maybe they know something we don’t?

    • Petry can’t be kept. He is checked out. His family have left. He has plenty of good hockey left but none of it will be in a Habs’ jersey. He will be gone before the Trade Deadline in my humble opinion.

      • Petry to Detroit could make sense. He’s from Michigan. They have 4 dmen that will be ufa at seasons end. They got sweeteners from Rangers for taking Staal when he still had 5.7m cap hit.

  9. Package Petry and his horrible deal with Chiarot (who seems to have value) and take back next to nothing in return.

    • Detroit is the destination! They need some big time help on D!
      Seriously now:
      Petry (retain $1M ) + Poehling + 5th for Hronek + Gemel Smith

      • Detroit does need an upgrade on D, but adding a guy in his 35th year and hoping he starts playing like he did in the past is not the way to go, especially a RD. I do believe that the Wings will be working to improve their LD in the off season, most likely UFA’s.

  10. Elliotte Friedman tweeted that he’s hearing that Tyler Toffoli to Calgary rumblings.

    • Darren Dreger tweet. “Flames and Canadiens working on a trade sending Tyler Toffoli to Calgary. Both teams say it’s not done yet.”

      • Done deal I hear

      • Done deal. Toffoli to Flames for Tyler Pitlick, Emil Heinemann, a 1st round pick and a 5th

      • No salary retained. This puts a dent into the Flames cap hit and being able to resign either Gaudreau or Tkachuk this offseason.

      • Kevjam, looks like the Flames think they can go deep this year – who knows? – and worry about next year when it gets here.

      • Yes George your assumption is dead on.

        The Flames turn around this year is all attributed to Sutter. He has them playing a very aggressive checking game that creates a lot of chances. He is also a master motivator as the past coaching regimes going all the way back to Gulitzan had a very hard time getting this team to play hard right from the drop of the puck.

        Seeing how hard they play along with big physical players I really think this team is good enough to go a long way in the playoffs. By adding Toffoli that could be the piece that literally puts them over the top.

        The off season gives them lots of opportunity to make deals in order to sign Tkachuk, Gaudreau, and Kylington.

        I have always said Coaching makes a big difference in professional sports and Sutter is another example of taking a middle of the pack team and elevating them to contender.

  11. Emil Heineman, 1st, 5th, and Tyler Pitlick to Montreal for Toffoli is what Dreger is tweeting out.

    • With Toffoli out now, it seems that Gordon and Hughes plan a full rebuild. Obviously, the UFAs, particularly Chiarot, will soon be moved. I expect that in the offseason, Petry, Armia and Drouin will go. Possibly Hoffman and Byron too. Maybe others. I don’t see playoffs for at least a couple of years – hopefully will be worth it.

      • Likely more than a couple Howard.
        5 years seems like a more reasonable expectation these days. Especially if he goes down to the studs with this, which it appears he might be after this move to your point.

      • Hope you are right Howard – let the full rebuild begin – fingers crossed!

      • Howard, Armia, Drouin, Byron – they should be able to find new homes for all three easily enough and replace them with prospects/picks – maybe even someone who can step into the line-up right away.

        Petry and Hoffman – good luck. The former too costly for his age and perpetual injuries. The latter because he’s simply someone most teams don’t want around for every long. He’ll turn 33 in November and his 8g 7a 15 pts in 33 gp and -19 is not something anyone wants at $4.5 mil for 2 more seasons.

      • Plus those M-NTC and NMC roadblocks can severely limit who the Habs can dicker with re Petry who – incidentally – turns 37 going into the final year of his $6 mil + per cap hit.

      • George O
        Once you make up your mind on somebody, that’s it that’s all.

        The perpetually inured Petry has hardly missed any games as a Hab in the past 8 years.

        You can’t stand Mike Hoffman, but he plays well and scores wherever he plays, including Montreal.

        In this dumpster fire of a year +/- is an ugly stat, yes he’s a -19.

        On the other hand Anderson is -20, Suzuki is -24, Chiarot is -27 and teams would like to have them.

      • I can’t stand Hoffman because he’s a dressing-room dweeb. And it seems that opinion has followed him around in his pro career.

        How many times have you seen someone with goal-scoring seasons of 27, 29, 26, 22, 36, 29, 17 (in 52gp) have to go begging for work?

        Ottawa got rid of him because of that, with virtually nothing coming back in return, when they dealt him to San Jose who didn’t didn’t even hang onto him for more than 2 hours, before peddling him to Florida where, despite setting a club record and then posting 29g 30s 59pts in 69gp let him walk as a UFA.

        When no one picked him up he was reduced to going to St. Louis on a PTO and there, despite 17g 19a 36pts in 52gp they said bye bye, and so he signed with Montreal as a UFA. Where he has hardly lived up to the $4.5 mil dumped in his lap.

        You think he’s OK and perhaps even feel he’ll draw interest in a trade. Only an idiot GM will get that desperate.

  12. Tafolli a flame per Dreger

  13. Not very inpressed with the first big move by the HABS on the trade front . I would have thought Tyler with that contract would get way more than a late first round and mid tier prospect

    • Who do you think gives up 1st rd picks. Only the teams at the top going for the cup. So always a late rd pick…. Yes?

      • MrBruin I do agree with that for sure . All I was saying for the first big move (That did not have to happen lots of term on a good contract ) I thought they would do much better . Even wait until the entry draft could have got more I would think.

  14. A journeyman, mid level prospect, late 1st rounder and a 5th for a proven scorer on a good contract who likes Montreal.

    Flames fans must be happy.

    Habs collected the brothers and added the cousin, any more pitlicks?

    • That’s a whole lot of pitlicking going on up there.

  15. Good thing the Habs took Pitlick instead of my proposal the other day to include Dube a couple of picks ( second.& third) and a prospect ( Wolf)
    A first is a first . Could be late if the Flames play continues. May end up looking really like an early second .
    Ryder is a fit in Calgary for several reasons and I am glad they pulled the trigger early.

    • Michael?

  16. Reading articles from a couple of different peeps that the Bruins don’t want to trade either
    Lohrei or Lysell guess we’ll find out soon