NHL Rumor Mill – March 28, 2022

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In today’s NHL rumor mill, more speculation linking Claude Giroux to the Senators, questions about Anthony Beauvillier’s future with the Islanders and a look at the Kraken’s potential offseason plans.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently reported it’s believed the Senators and Montreal Canadiens could be among several clubs attempting to sign Claude Giroux if the Florida Panthers forward tests this summer’s free-agent market.

Florida Panthers forward Claude Giroux (NHL Images)

Giroux, 34, has been linked to his hometown club and there’s a sense he’d like to finish his career in Ottawa. Garrioch said he’s been told Giroux is “interested and intrigued” by the possibility of playing for the rebuilding Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Garrioch goes on to say there are folks in Ottawa hoping Giroux wins a Stanley Cup with the Panthers so that he’ll return home to finish his career. If he doesn’t win a Cup this year, perhaps he’d prefer signing with a club that’ll give him that opportunity rather than joining his still-rebuilding hometown squad.

Should Giroux win that elusive Cup, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of him signing with the Senators. As Garrioch indicated, however, it’ll come down to dollars and sense.

In other words, how much would Giroux want from the Senators per season and for how long? It’s believed he’ll seek a three-year term on his next deal. It could cost between $6 and $7 million annually to sign him.

Giroux signing with the cap-strapped Canadiens is a long shot unless they can shed considerable cap space for him.


NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner believes Anthony Beauvillier has until the remainder of this season to prove he deserves to remain a part of the New York Islanders. The 24-year-old winger has been inconsistent this season with just 10 goals.

Beauvillier is under contract for two more seasons with an annual average value of $4.15 million. He could be a player packaged in a trade or moved in a cost-cutting deal to clear cap space to bolster the defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello resisted a sell-off of assets at the trade deadline but expressed disappointment in his scorers. He’s not expected to tear down his roster and rebuild in the offseason but a shakeup could be coming for this lineup. Beauvillier could become the subject of trade rumors this summer.


THE ATHLETIC: Ryan S. Clark recently noted the Seattle Kraken has 12 picks in this year’s draft, 13 picks in the 2023 draft and nine in 2024. He reminded us that general manager Ron Francis has suggested he might not use all of those picks. They could be used for other purposes such as acquiring a player who can provide immediate help to the Kraken.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the Kraken’s dozen picks in this year’s draft, four of them are second-rounders and three are in the fourth round. Their first-rounder is likely to be among the top three so Francis won’t be parting with that unless someone overpays. His second-rounder could be attractive to veteran-laden clubs looking to shed salary this summer.


  1. Re Giroux – “it will come down to dollars and sense”

    Lyle – was that a Freudian Slip or deliberate 🙂

    • George, I was citing Garrioch.

      • The Habs will be unloading salary this offseason. I believe they’d be able to work things out cap wise. But the Habs are best off going for someone younger. It’s a good bet that they’ll pick up a top young center in the draft. Hopefully Shane Wright, but if they don’t get the #1 choice, Cooley and Savoie will still be out there. Best to just build around Suzuki, Dvorak, Evans and the pick down the middle. That’s even assuming that Giroux would sign up for a rebuild.

      • Well now, that makes sense, Lyle

      • Looking ahead to next season, and the probable departure of UFA Chris Tierney, the projection for Ottawa at C is – 1st line -Norris between Tkachuk & Batherson; 2nd line – Stutzle between Formenton & Connor Brown; 3rd line – Pinto between Joseph & Colin White; 4th line – Gambrell (who is an RFA needing a new contract and coming off a cap hit of $1.1 mil) possibly between rookie Ridley Greig & Austin Watson.

        Now let’s assume that Giroux does sign with Ottawa as a UFA – since he wouldn’t displace Norris on the top line, that leaves the 2nd line and since there’s no way they’re dropping Stutzle to the 3rd line, he goes back to LW with Giroux at C and RW Connor Brown. Formenton would then go to LW on the 3rd line with Pinto and White, while Joseph is at LW with Gambrell & Watson.

        Adding to that domino effect would be Ottawa’s pick in the upcoming draft where they’ll likely pick anywhere from 5 to 1, and since 4 of the consensus Top 5 are Centres, any one of which might be able to step into the NHL right away depending on who gets them, the addition of Giroux would really throw things into a state of flux (especially if they’re lucky enough to get Wright who wouldn’t be wasted on the 4th line).

        Getting both would really open up trade possibilities.

      • Hi George

        Certainly a prudent rationalization

        As you said… if Giroux in; C’s in org then slide down depth; and upcoming draft top 5 more skewed with Cs…. If Sens don’t win the “Wright” lottery ball…. Do they (Sens) then consider moving that top 5 pick to Arz (who certainly must Uber rebuild) along with other assets…. Chychrun (who is flex in playing both LD & RD, top pairing) ???

      • Pengy, I raised that possibility (hope?) yesterday. If they don’t win # 1 and select anywhere from 3 to 5 I’d love to see them offer that pick, one of their two 3rd round picks (their own or Boston’s) and Arizona’s choice of Bernard-Docker or Thompson or the rights to big Tyler Kleven (U of North Dakota – taken 44th overall – 2nd round in 2020).

        By the way, yesterday they signed D Jake Sanderson (5th overall in 2020 from N. Dakota) to an ELC and he’s projected to suit up in some of the April games once the medical staff is satisfied he’s recovered from a hand injury suffered at the Olympics.

        Great game by Mrazak last night – that must have some of the more nervous Leafs fans feeling a bit better heading to the playoffs.

      • Oh, and if they were to get both Giroux and Wright, I would hope they’d then do everything they could to get Colin White off the books (either through trade – cap % withheld or buy-out) and use the extra bodies then ensuing to deal for an established solid 3rd line RW with term

  2. I am sure bruins will sway. Debrusk. For Beauvillier. At the draft if Lou wants to

    • I was thinking the same thing. Or Debrusk for Kubalik

  3. Great win by the best team in Canada last night!!!

    Off to the World Cup!!!

    • Could have been 6 or 7 nothing… was a great win 👍😁

    • The Brampton/Toronto soccer team.

      They played fantastic!

  4. I don’t think Garrioch is wrong here (he normally is) but I do think it’s a long shot that Giroux comes here. Stanley Cup or not…..

    After watching the Florida v. Sens game live on Saturday, I don’t think that team is winning the cup. The Panthers are soft. Soft coasting forwards, soft coasting defense and a head-case goalie.

    • Hi Dark G

      The Cats team that showed up Sat is not the Cats team that has played in well over 90% of the balance of the season

      And I am not referring to the actual roster… but metaphorically referring to how their “regular” roster played Sat

      On Sat… Sens played very well; Cats sloppy (way out of character) ; Knight had a bad night (and he certainly has had them this year)

      I’ve said all along…. Cats road to the SCF lies with health of Bobo…. If he is healthy to go every game through playoffs; and plays his current (21-22) level of performance…. Cats path to SCF is much easier; good chance in fact

      That said… Bobo injured , Knight in…. OR Bobo has a 3 game stretch super sub-par run in play-offs…. Cats COULD be out first round

      Weighing all… I still think its likely Bolts or Cats v Canes in ECF

      • Pengy, just to be clear re your 3rd para above – Knight did not play in the Ottawa game – that was Brobovsky, who made a highlight reel save in the OT to send the game to a shoot-out.

        Interesting that they decided to use their # 1 in the Ottawa game and their back-up in Toronto.

      • Correct you are George

        My thought process was jumbled with my thoughts of the two Cat’s games B2B (Sens/Leafs) …. and was visualizing Knight and his unsteadiness in net v Leafs while posting really Cats/Sens

        Sorry about that

        I guess I’m still a blur (confused….mmmm …. More than usual) after watching Will Smith smack Chris Rock and land some F-Bombs in front of 15 M + viewers… Lol

      • LOL. Yeah, like those 15 million viewers haven’t heard – or used – that word before. Shocking, I tell you. And if that meathead had made a crack like that about my wife he’d have received a closed fist – not a slap.

        Viewer discretion advised – as they like to say on Showcase umpteen hundred times a day.

      • Don’t they have comedians host these things on purpose to specifically make jokes about the celebrities in attendance? Isn’t that what they always do?

        I thought that is why Rock was there in the first place.

        Learn to take a joke, and yes I know she has alopecia, and yes I would bet Rock knew that too.

      • Hi George

        F-Bombs on TV are common

        Live on Oscars…. Well….

        Set that aside…. It was the assault on Rock

        Apparently the producers (at commercial break) had to quickly decide whether to go on

        Ray has it right…. Comedian presenters and hosts are there to be Edgy

        The 3 female hosts (Sykes, Schumer, Hall) earlier in shoe poled fun at Smith being cuckolded (Pinkett with Aldina; forcing his later “open marriage”) and Smith laughed it off

        When Rock made his GI Jane 2 joke…. The entire crowd (including Smith) save Pinkett laughed

        Smith looked at his wife; then turned and bounded up to the stage to smack Rock

        The looks of anger , disgust, awe; (from smiles and laughter just after the joke) after the smack and F-Bombs was something to see

      • What gets me is that some people seem to be reacting more to a slap across the chops in front of millions than they are to the Russian slaughter of innocent civilians in front of hundreds of millions

  5. @ Howard.
    How exactly will the Habs shed salary this summer? There in nearly the same spot as the Wild. As noted by many pundits all the GM did at the deadline was get rid of the easy “bad contracts” the hard ones probably aren’t going anywhere for a while.

    • Byron and Drouin are certainly tradeable, as they can still be useful players and they’ve only got one year left. Won’t bring back much, but can go to a team that needs to get to the floor and is not in position to contend. There’s still demand for a D-man like Petry notwithstanding his bad season. Armia as well. Not saying it’ll be easy, but certainly doable.

      • Petry in demand??? Thats one contract they are going to have to pay to get out of.


    We might need a handicap
    If u could start Ullmark in goal
    BONUS !
    If anyone is looking for Wanda
    She/He has been demoted to the 3rd/4th line ..
    The Russian Rocket is taking her place !

    SOP is scouting this game ..
    He is very fond of Nylander !!

    • Nylander is a fine hockey player and the Leafs don’t deserve him. Now trade him to us for Debrusk!

      • Or to Ottawa for Colin White.

      • @SOP

        If U could be so kind , as to replenish a few draft picks , as well as your generous offering , Debrusk

        Mr. Dubas has emptied the cupboard , slim pickings for us ..

        I am happy , UR happy as per Nylander !!!

      • Debrusk? Our bum(willy) for an even bigger bum?

        I’ll hang on to his pace of 76pts for a better deal.

  7. Every time I turn on the NHL all I hear is how Matthews is MVP not to me. McDavid Leon Johnny hockey is plus 50 and is scoring like crazy Mackar is plus a million to. I’m not sure I have Matthews in top 5 he for sure is having a good year but not MVP.

    • Im inclined to agree. I try to envision where a team would be without player “x”.

      I do think Matthews is a critical piece to the Leafs, likely a non playoff or lottery team without him.

      But, is he more valueable to the Leafs than Josi is to the Preds? Or Shesterkin is to the Rangers?

      One advantage when it comes to the Hart for Matthews is other candidates have team mates worthy of winning as well which may split votes ( McDavid/Draisitl, Gaudreau/Tkachuk or Makinnon/Makar).

      Is Matthews worthy of winning the Hart? Maybe or maybe not but he definitely merits consideration.

      My vote personally would be for Josi or Shesterkin.

      • Hey bud, hate to make you sound dumb but, these are your words:

        “Is he (Matthews) more valueable to the Leafs than Josi is to the Preds? Or Shesterkin is to the Rangers?

        “ I do think Matthews is a critical piece to the Leafs, likely a non playoff or lottery team without him.”

        Ok so would those teams likely be a lotto team or non playoff too? Yes no?


      • Hi Ron


        Had not seen your post when I was crafting my post below… started, then took a call, then finished

        When I started , your post was not showing

        I was certainly not trying to post repeats of your ideas…. We certainly agree on key points 👍

      • IMO the Leafs would fall to a WC team without Matthews. If the Rangers didn’t have Shesterkin they would be down around New Jersey and Philly in the standings. This is the guy who should win the Hart and the Vezina.
        Also, I put more weight on the Ted Lindsay because the media votes on the Hart and the players vote on the Ted Lindsay award. The media will always pump up the Hart winner because it’s the award they vote on.
        I just don’t understand some of the reasons why the media is stating why they would vote for Matthews right now over McDavid.
        “If Matthews wins the Rocket he should win the Hart over McDavid.” Who won the Hart last season and who won the Hart last season? Why should things change this season?
        “McDavid doesn’t have the Oilers in first place in the Pacific or the west.” Does Matthews have the Leafs in first in the Atlantic or the East? No, they are each in the same place in their division and conference.

      • Mr Moore,

        Once again, thank you so much for your insight. The time and effort put in to construct such brilliance is greatly appreciated.

        I personally grateful that even you find my thoughts and opinions to be “duh” you still take the time to peruse each and every post I make and making time to express your excellent rebuttals.

        Thanks so much for spending your valuable time in offering up your expert critiques of my missives and musings.

        Do Sir have a most fantastic and enjoyable day.


      • I think it should be Shesterkin, so with ya on that Ron.
        The explanation I often hear for the reason for tenders or D-Men not winning very often is that they have their own awards with the Norris and Vezina.
        If so change the Hart to MV Forward.

        So if between FWD’s, then McDavid, Matthews & Johnny Hockey for nominees seems reasonable IMO.

    • @Obe

      Reach out to a Mike guy on here that comes on periodically .

      He will fill you in , as per Matthews ..
      Hopefully than , U will be on board !

      • In my opinion their are at least 5 that are as worthy if not more to me McDavid is by far the best player in league and to me it’s not close. When Matthews was suspended the Leafs won both games and played well so I disagree that without him they are not a playoff team. I’m not saying he is not in the conversation but media has already given him award it’s like the PGA with golf always yapping about Tiger gets ridiculous.

      • Matthew off the leafs are a non playoff team. Same goes for McDavid and the Oilers.

    • Hi Obe

      This all comes down to the subjectivity of the Hockey writers who are voting

      Many of them admit to “improperly” voting per the merit/wording of the award… it is actually to be awarded to the player “most valuable to HIS team” and to NOT to the “MVP of the league”

      Add to that …. Disproportionate amount of the voting cadre are journalists covering original 6 teams; and even more disproportionate (than 1/32nd) number cover (and reside in) Toronto

      If you just look at what Shesterkin individually has done for Rangers vs. what AM has individually contributed for Leafs… Shesterkin SHOULD get waaaaay more first placed votes for “most valuable to HIS team” than AM….. but that won’t be the case

      I agree… top 5 for AM…. but unless he goes on a tear; has a half dozen more GWGs by year end (all in 1 goal games); AND Johnny hockey, AND Shesterkin AND Markstrom AND Leon AND McD all fizzle….. then AM should not win the Hart

      Another side to the voting…..

      Markstrom will definitely take some votes away from Johnny hockey AND…..visa versa

      Same re Leon and McD

      To me…. if Rangers finish in first in Metro…. Shesterkin absolutely deserves to walk away with Hart

      Rangers finish strong, but in second…. Shesterkin continuing his drive and numbers…. Shesterkin also deserves to win

      That said…. Don’t forget the skewed number of actual voters in Leafland (who work for the same owners as Leafs) AND the tendency to vote Hart as “best in league” vs “most valuable to HIS team”

      • Pengy,

        Your post is very similar to mine which unfortunately for you renders it “duh”


      • Hi Ron

        Ya sorry about the duplication

        We must have started typing about same time; so your was not there to see when I started; took a call; then 10 mins later came back and finished post; only to find that I’d posted a highly similar set of thoughts to yours

        Again, sorry

      • Pengy,

        Zero need to apologize to me. You may want to offer up a deep most heartfelt and sincere apology to Mr Moore, beings as you doubled down on my “duh” post.



    • The young Russian in Minnesota should be up there in voting as well,but he won’t because he’s in Minny.
      They wouldn’t be in the mx if not for his inspiring play all season. That kid is terrific.

      • Yes SOP

        Another great example of “most valuable to HIS team”

        With nothing serious changes to current production/stat trends…. My vote would go to Shesterkin

      • Yes SOP

        Another great example of “most valuable to HIS team”

        With nothing serious changes to current production/stat trends…. My vote would go to Shesterkin

    • Youre most likely tuning into LeafsNet or the Toronto Sports Network.

  8. A goalie wont win the hart. He has his own award.

    Marchand should be in the MVP talk but sadly he wont be…..because he’s Marchand.

    Roman Josi for the Norris and don’t even nominate anyone else.

    And no, Makkar doesn’t deserve any mention for the Norris. And if he does, then you can ask Drew Doughty to give his to Erik Karlsson the year E65 was labelled an “offensemen” by every Western pundit. Funny how they suddenly forget that when it’s some Colorado hot rod putting up the points.

    • All of which is why I detest these individual “voting” awards.

      Forget the sportswriters – forget the fans – let the players from all opposing teams vote (just can’t vote for their own teammates) – it doesn’t need to be made public who voted for who – but in the end they know best who should be deemed MVP, rookie of the year, etc.

    • Jose Theodore and Carey Price both won the Vezina AND the Hart in the same year, along with a few others.

    • Goalies have the Vezina.
      D-Men have the Norris.
      Forwards have the Selke.
      The Art and Rocket are for the players who put up the most points and goals. It just happens to be that forwards win them the majority of the time.
      The Hart and Ted Lindsay should be won by any player regardless of position.
      Just my opinion.

      • I’d say Josi is having a Hart caliber season.

    • Hi Dark G

      You may be correct that a goalie this year won’t win

      They have in the past

      With KevJam here

      Forget about position…. Irrelevant… W, C, D, G….

      “most valuable to HIS team”

      That’s why, for me, as at now…. Shesterkin Sheshould get the ShesHart award

  9. The habs could get Jean luc Dubois. For second line center. He is a RFA, at seasons end. And still not signed. He would be a star in Montreal

    • Why?

  10. Beware of the Ides of March and the winner of the president’s trophy. Off the top of my head going back to early 2000 and Detroit as the last winner winner chicken dinner . maybe another one in there over the last 20 years. Clearly a curse

  11. Is Debrusk really on pace for 76 points , as per FD above !

    Why is he so difficult to trade