NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 12, 2022

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The Rangers stave off elimination, the Panthers and Flames take 3-2 leads in their opening-round series, the Calder Trophy finalists are announced and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: The New York Rangers avoided elimination from their first-round series with the Pittsburgh Penguins with a 5-3 victory. Filip Chytil snapped a 3-3 tie with a power-play goal early in the third period while Igor Shesterkin made 29 saves as the Rangers overcame a 2-0 deficit in the second period with three straight goals. Jake Guentzel tallied twice for the Penguins. Game 6 is in Pittsburgh on Friday with the Penguins holding a 3-2 series lead.

Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hanging over this game was the departure of Penguins captain Sidney Crosby in the second period after receiving an unpenalized elbow to the head by Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba. Until that moment, the Penguins were controlling the game with a 2-0 lead. The Rangers tallied three straight times after Crosby’s departure.

Crosby has a well-documented history of concussions. Pittsburgh coach Mike Sullivan said he was still being evaluated. It would be a significant blow for the Penguins if their captain is sidelined from this series.

Sullivan was obviously displeased by Trouba’s actions during the postgame press conference but maintained his composure. “Did you see the hit?”, he said when questioned by a reporter. “You probably have the same opinion as I do.”

The Florida Panthers overcame a 3-0 deficit to defeat the Washington Capitals 5-3 in Game 5 of their opening-round series. Carter Verhaeghe lead the way with two goals and three assists while Claude Giroux netted the insurance goal and Sergei Bobrovsky stopped 30 shots. T.J. Oshie tallied twice for the Capitals, who are on the brink of elimination as the series returns to Washington for Game 6 on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During a post-game interview, Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom said his club gave this game away. He’s not wrong. They seemed to have this game under control early in the second period up 3-0 but soon gave up three unanswered goals in that period that shifted the momentum in the Panthers’ favor.

Three unanswered third-period goals lifted the Calgary Flames to a 3-1 win over the Dallas Stars in Game 5 of their series. Calgary forwards Andrew Mangiapane and Mikael Backlund each had a goal and an assist. Stars netminder Jake Oettinger made 29 saves. With the win, the Flames hold a 3-2 lead and can finish off the Stars in Game 6 on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames have been the better team for most of this series. Oettinger is the reason the Stars have won two of five games thus far. He leads all playoff starters with a .956 save percentage while his 1.63 goals-against average is tied for second with Colorado’s Darcy Kuemper. Unless he gets more goal support from his teammates, however, this series could be over on Friday.


NHL.COM: Toronto Maple Leafs winger Michael Bunting, Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras and Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider are the finalists for the Calder Memorial Trophy as NHL rookie of the year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: These three have promising NHL futures. Seider is considered the favorite, leading all rookies in ice time per game (23:02) and power-play points (21) while finishing fourth in scoring with 50 points.

SPORTSNET: Boston Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy anticipated Hampus Lindholm will return to action for Game 6 against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. The defenseman has been sidelined since Game 2 following a bit hit from Hurricanes winger Andrei Svechnikov.

NHL.COM: Edmonton Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse received a one-game suspension by the department of player safety for head-butting Los Angeles Kings center Phillip Danault in Game 5 on Tuesday. Oilers winger Zack Kassian, meanwhile, received a $5,000.00 fine for cross-checking Kings defenseman Sean Durzi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nurse’s undisciplined actions could prove costly to his team. Down three games to two and facing elimination by the Kings, the Oilers enter the most crucial game of their season without their best defenseman.

THE PROVINCE: Bruce Boudreau is expected to finalize details of his return behind the Vancouver Canucks’ bench by as early as next week. Hired in December with the Canucks at the bottom of the standings, the club went 32-15-10 under Boudreau’s coaching and narrowly missed the postseason.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was concern Boudreau could hit the open market this summer if he declined the option year in his contract by the June 1 deadline. President of hockey operations Jim Rutherford recently said the club wanted to bring him back under that deal.

NHL.COM: The Anaheim Ducks announced Joel Bouchard has been relieved of his duties as head coach of their AHL affiliate in San Diego. Assistant coaches Daniel Jacob and Max Talbot were also let go. Meanwhile, Ducks assistant coach Geoff Ward has left the club for personal reasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Before heading to San Deigo, Bouchard spent three seasons as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens AHL affiliate in Laval. It’ll be interesting to see if he ends up returning to the Canadiens’ organization in some capacity.


  1. Wheels came off soon as 87?went down. Pens better hope he is ok moving forward

    • I guess 87 is equal to your team losing maybe 88 and 37 so no surprises there.

  2. Sid has been a monster this post season and the Rangers had barely even been able to put a stick on him all series. He also took a hit earlier in the 2nd I believe that put him to the ice. Trouba did not go out of his way to engage Sid but the height difference and Sid hunched over made the hit higher.
    Not sure if the league looks at or not.
    Waiting on Pengy’s take

    • pengy’s take??? you must be desperate.

  3. Even as a Ranger fan, I agree that the hit on Crosby was a little high yet that does not mean that it was intentional. Hockey is a tough game.

    • Yes Dov, hockey is a tough game. But with rules. And an elbow to the head is against the rules. Even if unintentional, a player is responsible for his actions. What we now have is a series which may have turned because of an illegal hit to a top player. That’s not hockey.

      • But it is Hockey and seems to happens every year in the playoffs (usually to the hot goalie)

      • If you look very closely at the play you will see that Crosby lowers his head just before getting hit by Trouba. It would not have been as bad as it looks if he had not put his head down. That is one of the first things that you learn when you play hockey, “Always keep your head up”. There is a reason for that.

      • I was thinking maybe today I would see some action taken against Trouba by the Player Safety folks. Well….nothing but crickets. Why do those people even exist? That hit on Crosby was a dirty play period. Watch it in slow motion and it is obvious that it was no accident. I’m not even a Pens fan but I hate seeing games won and lost because of missed calls that are so blatant that a blind man could see it. I’m watching too much hockey !!

  4. Too true dov. I’ve said it many times, using Chara as an example, how is a guy 6′ 9″ supposed to avoid making contact with a head when the player he’s about to check is 5′ 8″? What is he supposed to do – in a split second decide “oh .. better not finish this check … might come into contact with his noggin?”

    Crosby is 5′ 11″ whereas Trouba is 6′ 3″. Not quite the above scenario but as ds points out, Crosby was hunched over at contact.

    • Hi George

      Agree that size difference can have a shoulder check from a Chara to a guy like say Point, basically only go to the shoulders or above, unless Chara was on his knees

      This was not shoulder… it was elbow…. It was directed

      I’m 6’3”, and played at 210….. that was considered quite big at the time

      Not one of my checks EVER was to the head ; and I never elbowed a guy to the head

      That’s me…. But That said… this is not about my size, Trouba’s size, orSid’s 5’11”, or also the smaller Guentzel

      This IS about a directed elbow to the head…. TWICE in the same game, and one resulting in an injury

      Again, forget that it was Crosby and Guentzel as the recipient; forget that it was Trouba, forget that the 2nd headshot resulted in a key turning point in the game and series….

      Just look at this…. Directed headshot, resulting in injury….. that by strict rule is an offence…. And definitely deserves suspension

      To put it another way….

      Just for the sake of argument (as I believe there is no way it could happen)…. Let’s say Ruhweedel directed his elbow to Nemeth’s head and Nemeth had to leave the game….Win or lose…. Rangers would be calling for Ruhweedel to be suspended

      Not who did it
      Not who got injured
      Not when in game
      Not what outcome of game
      Not potential impact on series

      It is action and result…. Warranting a suspension

      We agree to disagree on this… the beauty and value of Lyle’s site 👍👍

      • Is there any way you can get Ruhweedel to hit Nemeth in the head? (jokingly – I would never want to see a player injured on purpose ) Nemeth is the worst defenseman on the Rangers (think JJ) and I would love to see him sit on the bench. He is a minus 5 in the 5 games and always on for the critical goals against. And lest I remind you last year when Wilson almost killed Zinbanejad and there was no penalty and the league did practically nothing. This hitwas no where near as bad but I guarantee you the penalty imposed by the league, if they impose one, will be much more severe as we are talking Crosby now.

      • Well, let’s put it this way Pengy, given that it’s Crosby on the receiving end and a Penguin to boot, I never expected you to see it from a split-second, fast game, hunched over near collision.

        I don’t know where you played hockey, but at every level I played elbows were part and parcel of the game – deliberate or accidental. They didn’t call Gordie Howe Mr. Elbows for nothing. Bobby Baun can attest to that as could a host of others in his day.

        Punish deliberate elbows? By all means. But th ere is NO way you can look at the footage and say that that was deliberate.

        You see it one way – I see it another. And I have absolutely no emotion as to who wins that series.

      • Hi Dov

        Aa I Said it is basically impossible for Ruido to actually hit Nemoth like that

        My point was …. Regardless of who… deliberate elbow to head … result should be syspension

      • LOL. They should be Rose Coloured too. Maybe, because of his history of concussions, there should be a special rule introduced that says – being a major star – he should be off-limits to all bodily contact.

      • Hi George

        I didn’t say elbows didn’t happen when I played (O when younger; then @ U…. cut in my single tryout with both Leafs and Sabres; although my heart was set on Argos [was dual sport @U] …. and they kept trying to convince me to become a receiver as they said they were going with Holloway and Barnes…. Doh! I guess so… they won the GC that year); just that I didn’t elbow anybody

        We certainly don’t see eye to eye if you see that as an accidental elbow… it in no way it was

        Your words …” Punish deliberate elbows? By all means.”

        It was deliberate …. We agree to disagree… again what this site is all about. All good

        Here is a cut/paste from text from my cousin who lives in Manhattan and has been a die-hard Rangers fan since moving there in mid 80s…

        “Trouba deliberately tried to put his elbow right threw Crosby’s head.

        We need him but he’ll be suspended next game for sure. Regular season that elbow costs him 4 games; 2 most likely for this round.

        He probably also deserves one for his elbow to head on 59 just 20 seconds in. With Trouba and Crosby out next couple of games we have a good shot at winning the series. Crosby considerably more important to them than Trouba to us. Bone head move Trouba. What an idiot.

        Time for the Breadman to shine. Go Rangers”

      • Dov,

        Nemeth only played one shift for 16 seconds in game 5. (Which was one shift and 16 seconds too much)So technically, he’s -5 in four games.

        And let’s not forget his 3 times in the box that resulted in 3 pp goals against.

  5. Posted this late yesterday on coffee would like some thoughts for the B’s fans

    just thoughts & hindsights….would a T Deangelo even though on the smaller side had helped the Bruins D at a 1 million UFA signing ? Would a Ant Duclair had helped the Bruins on the 2nd or 3 rd line at 3 mill per as a UFA signing ? Would had a Nic Deslauriers 1 million per have helped the Bruins and keep teams from baiting the Bruins top playmakers…..Deangelo and Duclair were late UFA signings and Nick was a trade deadline move ….to me these players would’ve been better than the depth players the Bruins brought in

    • Joe, you can drive yourself balmy engaging in “what ifs.”

      As fans we’ll never know what goes on behind the scene – maybe the Bruins did make contact with one or more of the agents of the 3 players you mention and the feeling, in the end, was they and their client felt the offer from the team where they ended up gave them the best opportunity to play an everyday role.

      • Right George I guess my point is that these players were there for the signing or trade and the Bruins decided not to ….

      • … or tried but were rejected for various reasons. We’ll never know – that’s the point.

  6. Get plenty of rest Mac you did not look good in that game on Tuesday Lindholm has to come in play like it’s d day. The rest of team needs to huddle together in a room without distractions and channel their inner zen. It’s not the loss Tuesday that concerns me it’s the lack of effort . Very worried about tonight. I don’t think they can do it. I might be tempted to go with Ullmark Swayman was horrible Tuesday but if ever there’s time for Jeremey to earn his stripes it’s tonight. Not very confident in tonight’s game, GET THE FIRST GOAL!!

    • Absolutely. Great points, Rick. Would you sit Gryz or Reilly, with Lindholm being back in?

      • I don’t like Matt or Reilly but at least reillys got some size and he’s pretty quick. Have to with the later although not comfortable with either. The one thing they need more than evening scoring is another mean tough d like Miller or Chara. A lot of team just walk over them no one did that with Miller Chara or Lucic They have to score the first goal tonight.

  7. Eyes aren’t what they used to be ..watched the Crosby hit a dozen times and it looks like Trouba got him with the elbow above the neck

    • Your eyes did not fail you

  8. Nurse makes to much $$$ for a lot of teams to handle but he’s the exact kind of Dman the Bruins need

    • Nurse is underappreciated. Not many other d-men in the NHL played more minutes against the other teams alete players than Nurse did this season. His new contract that kicks in this summer is a little bit of an overpayment, but not as much as fans think IMO. It would be a huge mistake if the Oilers trade away Nurse.

  9. Who sits Griz or Reilly? My vote would be Griz. Also think Frederick draws back in. Nosek should sit. I would also sit Foligno for Blidth

  10. By all accounts sound like Lindholm is a go tonight.

    Cassidy said he’ll have to decide between Grzelcyk and Reilly. I don’t think we would’ve ever thought Grizz would be consider to sit out and for me it’s the right answer.

    The Reilly concern is he generally good for one high sticking penalty a game.

    I don’t see Boston losing this game, their defensive structure needs to be stronger and they’re getting the home ice match up.

    I would strongly consider putting Frederic and Blidh in the lineup.

  11. Boston, Tampa, Minnesota and Edmonton could all be bounced tonight.

    I’m going to predict there will be 4 game 7’s after tonight.

    otherwise i’ll be 0-4 on my playoff prediction.

    • Didn’t you put money on Bos and Edm 2 days ago?

    • Hi Caper

      I’m thinking 3 game 7s from tonight’s crowd…. my gut feeling is that Wild are gone tonight

    • Tb I’m consistently wrong.

  12. Gerard “The Goon” Gallant got what he wanted last night. And this “Garage League” continues to operate like it doesn’t care about the star players, players who fans actually pay money to see. Nobody paid to watch Jacob Trouba last night. And yes, it is a tough game, but the Rangers were head hunting all night. That was a directive straight from Gallant. As soon as I read him calling his team soft I knew the Pens were in for a dirty game. Ron Hextall is to blame for putting a really good regular season team together while having a mushy soft playoff team that gets bounced around like rag dolls. Brian Burke has to cringe every time a dirty play happens. Rangers have the momentum now and I don’t see Sid playing tomorrow night so this series will probably go back to Madison Square Garden which doesn’t bode very well for my Penguins.

    • Spoken like a true Pens fan. How many slews foots has Crosby delivered?

      How about his WWE performance earlier this year?

      Yet every time that guy gets touched it’s dirty? Seriously?

      • Hi CO

        You may remember earlier in year when I said Crosby deserved a game for his rag doll routine

        I’ve also been consistent…. Regardless of offender….Slew foot into boards, or into net…. Deserves game; slew foot open ice , no other player around…. Penalty …. No suspension

        Parros has no clue what to give re slew foots…. So far this year he has dished out …. For a slew foot…. From nothing , to fines, and even suspensions…. No consistency

        This hit (from last night) should not (and does not ) have any decision point surrounding who the offender or who the recipient are; what team each plays for; what the outcome of the offence was (affect game or series)

        The 3 critical points for decision from DOPS are…. (1) was their contact with the head; (2) was it deliberate; (3) was a player injured as a result of this

        I’ve not heard anyone dispute 1 & 3

        2…. No one can get inside a players head…. But the motion, the angle, the reaction, and the fact that he had already targeted Guentzel’s head just seconds into the game , are the reasons I conclude that it was deliberate

        To me…. Trouba needs to convince Parros that it was accidental

        Since my first post, I’ve now watched the clip a half dozen more times; twice in super slo-mo

        Sorry…. To me … deliberate

        we agree to disagree on this one…. Again all good… Lyle’s site is fresh and enjoyable in part due to the banter of differing opinions

        My cousin *living now in NYC for over 3 1/2 decades) is a die-hard (and I mean diehard…. Has a Rangers Tat) Ranger fan… and he sees it as a deliberate head shot worthy of suspension

      • Did he make Crosby deliberately drop his head and crouch?

        If yes, than he obviously has super powers and was able to Jedi mind trick Parros as well.

        I somehow left out when a player tries to remove fingers with a slash, does that deserve “a” game too? Asking for my nearly 9 fingered friend Methot.

        Sorry, you guys tend to cry wolf every time Crosby is touched.

        Read my last post on this thread to shorepark.

        Trouba hits. He hits hard. Way too fast in real time to consider it deliberate.Perhaps you are spending too much time watching it in slow motion thinking Trouba had 8 days to plan all this out.

        Was it high? Absolutely. Deliberate? Not a chance.

        It seems Pen fans are on an island here. Because almost everybody else sees it differently.

        But again, a player sneezes in Crosbys direction, and Pens fans and Crosby himself are looking for game misconducts and suspensions handed down.

        Anyone gonna mention the cross check to Kreiders face from Malkin last night? Was that accidental?

        It’s kinda old.

    • how many times did a tired Malkin clip the opposing players skates to send them to the ice and never get warned…all series.
      And the Pens chirp to the refs all game without even a warning. That is a big joke at this point.
      And yes Sid is a top 10 all time NHL player and the game is better when he is playing.

      People acting like the Rangers had Scott Stevens and Matt Cooke heading hunting.
      Sid took two hard hits last night and both in the 2nd. He had barely had a body or a stick on him all series until last night.

      • Yes, 2 hard high illegal hits to the head.

        In a few years the Pens will stink and the Rags will have a bunch of stars. The revenge will be sweet.

      • By then, nobody will care what happened this year. So good luck waiting on that revenge.

      • Unlike some, I am not a bandwagon fan. I’ll be here in a few years. Rangers fans will be crying but I’ll be laughing…

      • Well, I wasn’t talking about you. I was talking about players who won’t care about what happened to a player that’s no longer there.

        But good luck with that.

      • Hi ds

        No challenge re Malkin and skate clip…. He did it a couple of times last night … so did Kreider…. Neither at issue

        Pens chirping at Refs…. No challenge on that…. Most teams do that… Sullivan probably more than the average, I’d say he is likely top 10 coach in league for getting in the Refs ear …. No question/challenge from me on this

        Ditto with Pens players in general… top 3rd of league on the chirps/complaints

        Again not at issue, nor should it be

        The media is caught up too much on the fact that it is Crosby; AND that it certainly had a contributing factor to last night’s game; perhaps the series

        However, what is lost in this is the infraction

        My joking example already today was if Ruhweedel did this to Nemeth and Nemeth had to leave the game; regardless of outcome of game or length of Nemeth’s injury… Ruhweedel must be suspended… plain and simple

        Players involved are completely irrelevant

        Rangers winning last not….irrelevant

        And don’t read too much into me using CR (and that I-always want him in the press box)…. I just used the two worst players (my perception of Nemeth) on the two teams

        I could have said Boyle or Kappy or Zucker etc etc etc

        Names irrelevant

        What is relevant …. Did it happen (elbow to head); was there an injury; was it deliberate

        Q’s 1 & 2 are not in dispute

        The difference is clearly perception on intent (or not)

        My contention (and sorry, I can’t be budged from that opinion) is that it was deliberate…. See my rationale response to CO

      • It was not “obvious” that you were talking about the players and not me…

  13. 🤞 and 🙏that Sid is OK

    For sure the turning point…. Sid out… Rangers seemed to get a jolt of adrenaline …. Soon took over the lead. Guentzel tied it; but Pens just didn’t have the push in the 3rd. Sid not only a difference maker on ice; but obviously off ice as well

    Wanted to wait a couple of hours before posting on this (Trouba hits— plural BTW) as I wanted to see other’s take on this

    My opinion, no matter what, from non Pen’s posters here; will be viewed with a “Pengy bias lens”…’tis what ‘tis

    Here is my view on it… take it or leave it

    Gallant calls out team….”soft”… calls basically for toughness

    Trouba only seconds in does his full force elbow to the head of Guentzel and into boards… 2 min penalty… Trouba has sent a message

    Later…. Elbow to the head of Crosby

    I’ve now seen many angles and many clips , full speed and slow mo…. On BOTH elbows…. The were deliberate. Can’t objectively see it any other way

    Two elbows, both to the head, one resulting in injury (left game, and who knows if any more games missed)

    This , IMHO (after waiting a couple of hours to digest and post) definitely warrants a suspension. To me, how else can you evaluate it??…..targeted elbow to the head….Twice in one game; with one elbow resulting in an injury. Set aside who is injured; and who did the infraction….. a deliberate elbow to the head on one player, resulting in injury…. Should be an automatic suspension.

    If Chad Ruhweedel had done this to ANY Ranger (best, worst, average Ranger… doesn’t matter) , and that player was injured…. Rangers would be calling for a suspension…. there is zero doubt in my mind

    Trouba deserves a suspension, no ifs ands or buts

    This will come down to Parros magic 8 ball…. He’s all over the place with suspensions… NOTE—- no Oshie suspension for headshot two games ago…. And Oshie had 2 goals last night putting them up 3-0; before Cats came back

    If Parros lets this slide (as he has others)…. He is effectively sending the message ….

    to any player on Blues or Stars…. To do full head shots on Makar and MacK…. No repercussions

    to any Bolt to do full head shots on AM , MM , and Weee Willy…No repercussions

    for any King to do full head shots on MacD or Leon…No repercussions

    any Ranger (including Trouba) to do full head shots on Guentzel (again), Gino…No repercussions

    Ovi, Wilson, or Hathaway, (or Oshie again) to do headshots on Verhaeghe , Hoobie, Barkov…No repercussions

    Any Bruin to do head shots on Aho, Terevainen, Trochek…No repercussions

    Any Cane to do head shots on Marsh, Pasta, Berg…No repercussions

    The list goes on and on….you get my point

    That’s my take… sorry, can’t be swayed any other way

    • the basic is Trouba’s hits were clean compared to Oshie’s

      • Sorry ds

        Have to totally disagree …. All 3 hits were hits to the head

        Both Oshie AND Trouba deserve suspensions

        I personally would like to see all headshots gone from the game…. Parros has done TREMENDOUSLY more to encourage headshots than discourage them

        In his title are the words “Player Safety”

        The title needs to be changed , replacing “Safety” with “Endangerment”

        All good… as Lyle’s site is all about expressing disagreements… we just won’t see eye to eye on this one

      • Crosby has escaped how many suspensions? Pretty sure all of them. Maybe he accidentally slew foots and ragdollls players out of frustration? Nothin to see here folks.

        Did Trouba force Crosby to lower his head?

      • Sid was hit and went down near the boards in the Pens zone earlier in the 2nd. But was a bit off screen. anyone seen a reply? i cant find one.

    • Pengy. Just imagine how much you would be upset if Wilson had hit Crosby like he hit Zinbanejad last year!!!!!! Trouba’s hit was made worse by Crosby’s putting his head down just before the hit. I can point out at least 5-10 illegal hits every hockey game that do not get called. Crosby and Malkin trip players all the time and are never called for it. I understand you are being a fan but your boys (or 95% of hockey players) are not angels.

      • Hi Dov

        Again, it’s not who was hit; it’s not which team; it’s not the outcome of the game; not the outcome of the series

        It’s 3 simple questions that DOPS look to decide on re suspension

        1) did he hit him in the head
        2) *did the hit result in injury
        3) was the hit intentional

        *If yes to all 3…. Suspension; magnitude/length of injury (not who) can be used to determine suspension length

        **Previous history , once suspension has been decided, can be used to determine suspension length

        1 & 2 are not in dispute

        Only #3 is

        There is absolutely no secret here…. I’m fully transparent…Sid is my favourite player

        But… as I said….. who is NOT at issue. Team is not at issue.

        I called for Oshie to get suspended for his head shot in Bennet (at that’s Caps v Cats)

        I called for earlier in season for Ovi on Paul; Wilson on…. Well..almost everybody; I called out Kassian and both Tkachucks (sp?)

        I posted my rationale re #3 being yes to CO on here today

        We just don’t see eye to eye on this Dov… no worries…. opinion discourse and debate/ banter is great on this site

  14. I frankly don’t see any place with the Habs for Bouchard. The AHL team did quite well this year with Jean Francois Houle and there’s no need to replace him. There is likely no place for him as an assistant with the Habs either. If they do bring in another assistant it would likely be someone with head coaching experience to provide wise counsel to MSL.
    Bouchard obviously left the Habs because he saw limited opportunities once Ducharme became head coach and Burrows was brought up to the Habs. So he went to Anaheim. Safe to say those moves didn’t work out for either of the teams or coaches involved.

  15. There is zero doubt gallent publicly implied the rangers should head hunt and no doubt in my mind privately told his players to do so directly. Only way they could win the series. Lord knows they wernt gonna do it with a third stringer beating their starter.

    • Oh stop it !

      “Played soft, we were soft all over the ice,” = a public call for headhunting?

      And now “in your mind” you have no doubt? Stop it, just stop !

      You have zero insight into Gallants head. You can’t even comprehend what he publicly stated! Never mind read his mind.


      • Come on. You know it. I know it. Pizza rat knows it. Everyone knows it. You can’t beat ‘em…. Beat ‘em up!

      • Sid slew foots Callahan, no call on the ice , no discipline after.

        Sid pounds PK Subbans head into the ice. No call on the ice, no discipline after.

        Sid spears O’reilly in the nads. No call on the ice , no discipline after.

        Crosby slew foots Dowd. Rehwedal gets the penalty? No discipline after.

        Crosby slew foots Paquette. No call on the ice, no discipline after.

        Crosby punches Dowd in the face with a glove, 2 minute minor, no discipline after.

        Crosby rag dolls Fehervary, dangerously and deliberately out of frustration. No call on the ice, no discipline after.

        Crosby and Pens fans have some set of , well where Crosby speared O”Reilly.

        Want to cry about every missed suspension/ call? Look no further than Crosby.

        What better message could department of player safety send to players than suspending a Crosby?

        Or is he somehow above what you’re all crying foul about?

      • I think the fact you can’t defend the play last night without trying to deflect is extremely telling.

        Or are you trying to say it was justified to go out and attempt to injure crosby because of previous actions he allegedly did?

      • The bloody play last night was split-second, full speed with Crosby crouched over. If that’s a penalty then hockey turns into an 82-game seasonal version of the All-Star game.

        How many frigging coaches have said, after a loss that the Rangers experienced the game before, “we played soft.” There probably isn’t one around who hasn’t said that or something very similar.

        To stretch it to the point of then saying Gallant told his team to go head-hunting is just asinine fan-boy petulance.

      • Where do I “defend the play”?

        I’m pointing out that pens fans whine an awful lot until it comes to their own. Every single time this guy gets tripped it should be a suspension.

        You guys make a living hating Wilson , Hathaway, Dowd and Ovechkin . Every one is filthy dirty player? Look to your own!

        Didn’t see the cries of outrage coming from pens fans when Crosby plays Hulk Hogan body slamming?

        Sometimes, you need to look out from behind those pens glasses.

      • Only guy on that list I e ever properly criticized is Wilson. Cause it’s the right call.

  16. All this from the same team and fan base that literally high fived on the ice , bench and stands when Kasparitis sent Lindros concussed to the ice?

    The most disgusting play (and celebration after) ,I’ve ever seen in any sport!

    All smiles and celebrating as Lindros lay unconscious on the ice.

    I guess that was different because it was the flyers star player?

    Stay classy Pittsburgh, stay classy!

    • My buddy’s mom had a bumper sticker that said keep Pennsylvania beautiful… import more Lithuanians. You’re right btw. Deliberately trying to injure players is gross. Very unclassy. I’m sure your next post will skewer trouba for doing the same…

      • Did you see Trouba , Ranger players , coaches or fans celebrating?

        Well, I’m asking the same guy who misconstrued “playing soft” to “go out there and headhunt.” So you’re answer is probably yes.

        Troubas hit was a bit high. But far from intentional. Far from celebrated. Real time, it happens. Crosby was hunched over.

        Again I ask, how much has Crosby got away with over the years? Yet expects penalties and suspensions every time he’s touched?

        When Buchnevich was suspended last year against Washington (after the Wilson incident the prior game against Washington) what did I say?

        “Buchnevich deserved the suspension for a deliberate cross check to the face of Mantha.”

        “He probably deserved more than one game”

        See, it’s not that hard.

      • Are you trying to make it a homer peepee measuring contest? If so I am definitely the larger harder stronger most virile homer of the two of us.

  17. Matt Grzelcyk and Chris Wagner out; Lindholm and Frederick are in.

  18. Trouba / Crosby bs aside.

    I said a few days back how Pittsburgh had zero respect for NYs defensemen while playing 4-5 down low covering forwards and leaving the point vacated and open.

    Seen a lot more of this last night. How has Gallant taken this long to recognize this and adjust?

    Game 6, they need a new game plan!

  19. About the only good thing about losing the series is Sweeney will be shown the door, Lurch will have to hand in his td garden keys before the end of the summer, and I’m afraid Cassidy will also be fired. No other chances at the cup that ship has sailed . rebuild, which means names like Marchand maybe even Patrice will be either gone or traded. Not here next season the completely useless, but great dressing room presence Foligno, Frederick, Ullmark, Nosek, Taylor, Matt, Reilly, Forbort, Smith Get used to some pretty lean seasons up ahead. For the first three or four years the bruins will be the leagues Patsies.

    • I’d like to tank next season and get Bedard as a return on those shenanigans.

      • SP … PB doesn’t get resigned they won’t have to tank it will take care of itself

  20. It wasn’t a dirty hit.
    Trubas stick made contact with the toe of Sids skate, thus pushing his legs apart, lowering his overall stance. Truba braced for contact and wet through Sid, hitting the face as well as the body.
    Nt dirty, but extremely unlucky or amazing hunting skills.

    • The man hits hard and often. Earlier in the season, he played 3 games in a row, and injured 3 players in 3 games. All clean hits.

      I want to say the 1st one was on Mackinnon, and immediately had to fight Landeskog right after. (Google)

      If he’s on the ice, you may want to keep your head up and a little awareness of where he’s at on the ice.

      • Why do you always have some inside scoop? No matter the argument? You literally play this card constantly. Which makes most if not all of what you say just not very believable.

        Lol. I’m pretty sure you like to embellish things (much like Crosby) to somehow validate your point.

        Where is the leaked info coming from? Provide a source or knock it off! Do you think everyone here is just a gullible fool? Because I’ve literally seen you play this card constantly.

        Like I said, you wear this out to the fullest. It’s old, and nobody is buying it.

        Cousin in Manhattan = he has an opinion = who cares? None of that is real anyway!

        Tryouts for the leafs? Stop Pengy, just stop.

        Let’s talk about REAL peoples opinions here and other blogs (outside of Pittsburgh).

        Not make believe “leaked info “ and bs cousins you conjure up to somehow think it validates your opinion.

        Can’t put a real article/ source / name to any of this? Then just save it. Nobody is buying it.

  21. Just got this text from my cousin’s son

    “SC decision leaked. 5-4 decision; majority opinion by Cavanaugh; Bettman was justified in directing Parros to not suspend Trouba”

    BTW …. My cousin’s son, was born and grew up in Manhattan; is a die-hard Ranger’s fan; and he and his dad (my cousin) are season ticket holders

    He also texted earlier today:

    “Trouba paid the devil and got away with attempted murder”

    That was today

    Last night it was “Trouba just tried to decapitate Crosby and both refs missed it. Wow. Crowd going nuts. His second headhunt of the game. This should get Trouba 2 games for sure; but since it was on Crosby they’ll add a game for good measure. This is on Gallant for inciting him. Trouba is just adhering to instructions. “

    So…. Not all Rangers fans are seeing it as a fair hit

    • See response above.

      Btw, my grandmas , cousins , nieces , uncles sister in law just sent me this.

      “9-0 bettamn and all agreed Crosby is a whiner that just doesn’t stop”


      9-0, most of Pengys points and inside information is 100% made up.


      Seriously, you come up with some things a child wouldn’t buy.

    • Look what my Pens fan cousin just sent me. And he LIVES in Pittsburgh which totally validates everything I’m saying.

      “Crosby was so stupid to have his head down. Wow! You’d think with a concussion history , he’d be more aware. What a nice clean crack Trouba delivered!. If they even THINK about suspension, they’re totally nuts! I can’t believe they didn’t call Crosby for embellishment! Sullivan totally put him up to it!!

      And all this coming from ME, your cousin, who’s totally real and not made up die hard Pittsburgh penguins fan, living in Pittsburgh “

      Your cousin,

      who’s definitely a Pens fan living right in the heart of Pittsburgh.

      Not a Ranger fan defending his opinion or trying to further validate his point. That would be weird. And SOOOOO dishonest.

    • Pengy. Cap is so riled up he’s talking to himself. But I definitely believe you have a cousin.

      • So his cousin is real, and mine is not? He went through all that trouble to clearly explain himself in MY personal text message , and “not real”?

        Wow, you are a homer!

      • Dude….