NHL Rumor Mill – May 11, 2022

by | May 11, 2022 | Rumors | 11 comments

Are significant offseason changes in the cards for the Predators? Could the Senators and Islanders shop their 2022 first-round draft picks? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Adam Vingan believes Nashville Predators’ ownership must react after getting eliminated from the opening round of the 2022 playoffs by the Colorado Avalanche. It’s the first time the Predators have been swept from a postseason series in franchise history.

Nashville Predators winger Filip Forsberg (NHL Images).

The subdued atmosphere in Nashville during Games 3 and 4 of that series has to be a concern. So is a club getting outclassed despite carrying two 40-goal scorers in Filip Forsberg and Matt Duchene, a 90-point defenseman in Roman Josi, an All-Star goaltender in Juuse Saros and the rookie goal-scoring leader in Tanner Jeannot.

Vingan believes the blame lies with David Poile, suggesting it might be time to hire someone to work in tandem with Poile but has the final say over personnel decisions. He noted the club faces some critical decisions this off-season, including new contracts for pending free agent Forsberg and head coach John Hynes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators ownership could surprise us by following Vingan’s advice or perhaps even firing Poile. However, he started a “competitive rebuild” last summer with the club exceeding expectations when they weren’t considered a playoff contender to start the season. Those factors probably ensure there won’t be any shakeup in the general manager’s office this summer.

NHL.COM: John Glennon reports Forsberg said he wants to return with the Predators. He said there’s been a progression in contract talks throughout the season, adding there will be ongoing discussions. “We’ll just have to see where we end,” he said. Those talks were paused at the March 21 trade deadline but he said they’ll resume soon.

Forsberg is coming off a career-high 42-goal, 84-point performance. The 27-year-old winger said he likes the direction of the Predators and believes they can be a Stanley Cup champion in the future.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Poile wants to keep Forsberg but the latter’s asking price will be an issue. The Predators are already carrying two forwards (Duchene and Ryan Johansen) each carrying annual average values of $8 million. Forsberg will likely seek something comparable if not more.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch noted the Senators will have the opportunity to add another promising talent to their roster with the seventh-overall selection in the 2022 NHL Draft. However, he noted there’s a belief GM Pierre Dorion could be willing to part with that pick if a rival club offers up a player who can help the Senators compete for a playoff spot. It’s unlikely any decision will be reached until the first round of the draft on July 7.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner wondered if the New York Islanders might use their pick (13th overall) to address more immediate needs. He pointed out GM Lou Lamoriello has talked about making hockey trades during this offseason.

This year’s draft isn’t considered a deep one. Rosner suggested that the pick could be used to acquire a top-four defenseman or a top-six forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There will be some cap-strapped teams attempting to shed salary or rebuilding clubs looking to stockpile first-round picks in this year’s draft. Perhaps the Senators or Islanders can find some suitable trade partners among those clubs.


  1. Duchene had a great bounce back year after two mediocre seasons. Johansen was pretty good as well, but it’ll be hard for the Preds to keep them both and re-sign Forsberg. They may have to trade Johansen. However, that may require a sweetener. Poile doesn’t like sweeteners or retaining salary.
    Ottawa should definitely explore trading their pick, as they have a fine crop of young players and can use another established veteran. The Isles, on the other hand, should keep the pick. They’ve traded too many lately.

    • The Pred have nearly $26M to sign Forberg and a handful of RFA’s. A minor trade is all that is necessary going forward if they have an FA in mind that is under $4M.

    • Howard, I posted the thought a few days ago that Dorion could well deal that 7th pick if, coupled with a good prospect (probably one of their D-men since they are deepest there), it can land him a RW sniper with term from a team that has to move cap.

      He more or less said much the same yesterday after the draft order – and the feeling is, it could well happen at the draft itself as teams see who is still there when it’s Ottawa’s turn to pick.

      • Hi George

        U still say Dorion should call Adams and ask what is needed on top of

        7th overall; Sanderson; Pinto

        To get Power

        Sens have some bright young Forwards

        Imagine 54 minutes of every Sens game having 1 of either Chabot or Power on the ice…. That is something that would certainly strengthen the back end for years to come

        Add to that…. Forsberg as the Starter!!

      • Uhh, Pengy – shouldn’t that read “I still say …” and not “U” – because I never made any such suggestion. In fact, a week or so ago I remember responding to that sort of suggestion saying it’s academic because there’s NO way Adams – new to the job – is going to trade away Powers regardless of the return – he is simply going to be dominant in the NHL, whereas Sanderson and Pinto are seen as solid prospects, neither of whom will be dominant.

        They’d lynch him in Buffalo.

    • The Preds should sell high on Duchene and or Johanssen.

      They went from untradable assets to having a bounce back season. SELL NOW! You had to pay to get rid of them, now you can get something back, do it!

      The Preds can replace their goal scoring and would gain from better leadership.

      MD and RJ are not the type of players you can win a Cup with. One ok as 2C ok, both no.

      Plus, it seems like a lot of teams are wiling to trade their 1st round selection in this year draft. Maybe it’s time to grab a bunch of those 1st rounder and get a player or two that could help the franchise for the next 10 seasons. Those entry level contracts are cheap and often how you win a cup.

      • I don’t think there are any teams out there who will relinquish a # 1 pick for a player costing $8 mil off the cap (one with 3 years to go the other with 4 – and in the case of the latter, Duchene will turn 35 in that last year), who both had their high-water marks years ago (7 and 8 years in the case of Johansen) in the hope that either will suddenly return to their best years on the basis of one season.

  2. Poile has been there too long. It is not time to bring in some to work with him but to replace him. He brings no added value. The team needs a new look with on ice changes. Some of those players seem too comfortable.

  3. So the 8th seed gets swept by a team that came a few points from winning the president trophy. That alone is not in any way a big surprise.Now take away their vezina candidate. What were people expecting.

    • Just what I was going to say – losing Saros against a really good team was huge.

      • For sure BCLeafFan … and now we come to a point experienced many times in the playoffs – the pros and cons of a long wait between series. Which will be the case if the others go 7.

        Some argue that it can only be beneficial in terms of getting over minor ailments and have a fresh line-up, while others are of the opinion that it can hurt – at least in the early games – since the other team is a) a better one and b) still with their “game legs.”

        Over the years I have seen evidence of both.