NHL Rumor Mill – June 14, 2022

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Is Ducks goalie John Gibson open to a trade? Could the Canadiens trade winger Josh Anderson? What’s the latest Tyson Barrie speculation? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Steven Ellis cited a tweet by Sportsnet’s Nick Alberga claiming John Gibson has informed the Anaheim Ducks that he’s open to being dealt. The 28-year-old goaltender has five years remaining on his contract with an annual salary cap hit of $6.4 million.

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson (NHL Images).

It’s unclear where Gibson would want to play. Ellis listed the Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Sabres, New Jersey Devils and Edmonton Oilers among four clubs that would be looking to address their goaltending this offseason.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Sammi Silber believes the Capitals should at least inquire if Gibson is open to a trade. However, the Ducks would have to retain some salary to make it worthwhile for the Capitals.

TSN: Bryan Hayes reported Gibson’s agent dismissed Alberga’s report, claiming there was nothing to it and they don’t want out of Anaheim. Nevertheless, he and panelists Jamie McLennan and Jeff O’Neill didn’t rule it out. McLennan observed Gibson’s contract provides cost certainty, suggesting his stats would improve with a better team in front of him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt there would be teams willing to gamble on Gibson if he and the Ducks agree it’s time to part ways. As the TSN panel observed, he’ll be in his early-30s and nearing the end of his contract when the rebuilding Ducks are ready to become contenders. He could be unwilling to waste what remains of his playing prime in that situation.

However, Gibson’s $6.4 million annual average value is a sticking point. Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek could be reluctant to retain any portion of that contract given how many years remain on his contract. There’s also his 10-team no-trade clause, which could feature some of the teams mentioned by Ellis and Silber.

I’m not suggesting there isn’t a market for Gibson. I just believe that moving him could prove easier said than done when the salary cap is only rising by $1 million for next season.


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marco D’Amico recently reported Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes is getting lots of calls from some rival GMs expressing interest in Josh Anderson. The 28-year-old winger has five years left on his contract with an annual cap hit of $5.5 million.

D’Amico believes Anderson could be an excellent trade chip for the Canadiens if Hughes decides to capitalize on the power forward’s strong reputation around the league. He also cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman telling Oilers Now host Bob Stauffer that Anderson is a hot commodity right now.

A high-ranking NHL executive told D’Amico the Canadiens haven’t floated Anderson in trade talks. However, they are willing to listen if case a team is willing to meet their high price.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner wondered if the New York Islanders could pry Anderson away by offering up the 13th overall pick in this year’s draft. The Canadiens are pressed for cap space and Hughes could have little choice but to unload some players.

The Islanders also have limited cap space for next season. Based on that, Rosen also proposed they offer Quebec native Anthony Beauvillier ($4.15 million annually) for Anderson.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited Bob Stauffer suggesting to Elliotte Friedman it might be a good idea for the Oilers to acquire Anderson if they were to lose winger Evander Kane to free agency.

Friedman countered by suggesting the Oilers would be better off re-signing Kane as they lack the draft picks to meet the Canadiens’ high asking price. Failing that, he recommended finding Kane’s replacement via free agency rather than chasing players through trades.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of the Canadiens listening to offers for Anderson. The fact they’ve set an expensive price tag on him indicates how highly they think of him as a player and a person. Sure, Hughes could move him if someone’s willing to overpay but I doubt he’ll be upset if nobody does.

Would Hughes listen if Isles GM Lou Lamoriello offered up that first-rounder plus Beauvillier? Maybe, but we don’t know if Lamoriello is even looking at anyone on the Canadiens roster. His focus could be elsewhere.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski suggested the Penguins should consider Tyson Barrie as a replacement for Kris Letang if the latter departs this summer via free agency. He believes the 31-year-old defenseman would fit the Penguins’ style well and would cost nearly $3 million less than the $7.25 million AAV of Letang’s current contract.

VANCOUVER HOCKEY NOW: Rob Simpson suggested Barrie could be a good fit with the Canucks. He doesn’t consider him too old at 31, believing he’d bring qualities and depth that the Canucks could use on their blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barrie is signed through 2023-24 with an annual cap hit of $4.5 million and lacking no-trade protection. Some observers suggest he could become a cost-cutting casualty for the cap-strapped Oilers. His improved play this season could have teams like the Oilers, Canucks or perhaps the Dallas Stars looking into his availability this summer.


  1. I don’t see Anderson going anywhere. He’s the type of young veteran the Habs need to build around. He’s a solid leader, a rugged winger and can contribute 25 or so goals per season. Hughes would have to be absolutely blown away.

    • Agreed, Howard. As I said, I don’t doubt Hughes will listen to offers but as you said, he’ll have to be blown away to agree to a deal.

      • A solid deal would be NJ’s #2 OA and possibly Sharangovich, or Zacha or Bahl……
        Anderson would be the perfect power forward that NJ would need. And this return fulfills a cap cut and a 2 OA that would get the 2 top centers in the draft or 1 of them and the big raw winger. Truly a win-win!

      • I think the Devils hang up the phone on that proposal.

      • I agree. A 2nd overall in a draft where the top 3 are interchangeable – and highly rated – is going to cost a LOT more than the under-performing names we’ve seen bandied about.

      • Maybe the Devils do not need to trade assets for a power forward. Just sign FA Nichuskin to a $4.5M x 6 deal! He may wanna stay in CO, but they probably can’t hang on to him. Now find a healthy goalie for NJ.

    • Howard, Anderson could be a star in this league. His inconsistent play keeps him from reaching that status.

      Some games he dominates others you wouldn’t know he played in.

      I understand that in the regular season, however; he is the same player in the playoffs.

      Will he ever change? I don’t think so because he signed a deal for the player he is, not the player he could be. Which would cost a team a couple million more a year.

    • His best season had him at 47 points. (4 years removed) hes hit 25 goals once in his career (also 4 years removed). He’s hit 30 points 3 times in his career. He’s often injured , is making 5.5 per for 5 more years and he’s 28.

      I’d temper my expectations on being blown away by offers.

      This is the type of guy they need to really be listening to every offer on. Not waiting to be blown away.

      • Exactly what i was going to say. I was wondering what i was missing with a bunch of people talking about him like he is some great power forward. He’s had one decent season and the rest is so so. I wouldn’t pay a high price for that. If anyone offers a top 10 pick in this draft they should take it and run. Same with a non lottery protected first for next years draft.

      • Captain Obvious..we usually disagree on most everything so…

        Your thoughts on these two deals hypothetical deals..

        I’m not a Leafs fan or an Islander fans but what do you think of this trade.

        The Leafs don’t seem 100% sold on Jack Campbell and they haven’t resigned him. They seem to want to move Nylander.

        Islanders have Sorokin in goal now and Varlamov is a terrific goalie but seems the odd man out.

        Vatlamov to the Leafs / Nylander to the Islanders. both need a change of scenery.

        You know I’m a Penguins fans and I like Jarry but what if?

        -Seems like Gibson wouldn’t mind out of Anaheim but hasn’t requested a trade.
        -He is a Pittsburgh native and Pittsburgh isn’t one of those on his 10 team no trade list

        To Pittsburgh- John Gibson 28 at this moment 29 when season starts, 5 years left at $6.4 million

        To Pittsburgh-Tristan Jarry 27, cap hit of $3.5 million this year, Marcus Peterson 25, 4 years left at $4 million (young can help the Ducks youngsters) plus our number one pick this year #21 overall or they could choose our number one pick next year.

        Jarry is a two time all star so Anaheim still gets a good goalie plus some young help…they unload his contract,

        Adding petersson makes the money close and Ducks get a number one pick

  2. While Campbell had his gaffs during the regular season, and I was never convinced, I have to say his playoff performance makes me wonder why anyone thinks the Leafs are looking for new starter.

    Anderson is worth more to the Habs in trade than on the ice. He is the type of player that completes a contending team and the Habs won’t be that for years. I hope they can find a trade that makes sense.

    • The Leafs have $7.8 million in cap space for next season and need 5 more players to fill out their 22-player roster. Who do you see that the Leafs can trade to free up enough cap space to resign Campbell and 5 other players to fill out their roster?

      • Kevjam, that’s the ongoing $64,000 Question. Some, like Bottom Line (see below). think they can sign Campbell for 3 years at $4.5 per and that the other cap issues will take care of themselves.

        What you didn’t mention are their 4 RFAs – Engvall, Kase, Liljegren and Sandin who, collectively, accounted for $4,257,500 off the cap this past season. When they’re settled there goes at least $6 mil in total, and while it’s fine to say trade them/walk away from any arbiter’s decision and use the money elsewhere, they still need to pay somebody to fill those slots. If anyone thinks there are 4 bodies in the system just as good or better who can come in at the low end of the ELCs – good luck.

        They would also need to find bodies to replace UFAs Blackwell (coming off $725,000 and obtained in a deal with with Seattle, and RD Lyubushkin, coming off $1,350,000 and obtained in a trade with Arizona.

        Forget about keeping UFA Mikheyev ($1,645,000 – 21g 11a 32 pts +16 in 53gp).

        Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but if they don’t deal, say, a Nylander (NO significant cap can come back), I’d like someone to detail exactly how they’d see Dubas going about it to retain all 4 RFAs AND re-sign Campbell.

      • @KevJam … as George points out … I have no clue how he does it. But he needs a reasonable goalie, at least, so he can’t afford not to do something and that is going to cost. While cap interested folks can dissect this all day and not be wrong, I just don’t see the 22/23 version of the Maple Leafs going into the season without Campbell or someone similar. How is going to be interesting to see.

    • Campbell is the best option for the Leafs, he is a known player and is a proven goaltender in that environment. Others may not survive, such as poor Petr.

  3. There are games where Anderson impresses me with his speed, power, net front and physical presence and then he goes into hiding for stretches. If he could play with more consistency he would be one of the better power forwards in the league.

    • Sounds like Kassian from a few seasons ago.

      • the difference if that Anderson is a hockey player first and a nasty player second.
        Not to mention I bet Anderson would look all world if he played with McDavid.

      • You can’t just put any player with McDavid and have them produce all world. Lucic didn’t look good with McDavid because he couldn’t keep up. Patrick Maroon looked good with McDavid but was also inconsistent. Same with Kassian.
        To play with McDavid and to be effective a player needs speed, good hands, and most importantly hockey smarts. This is why Kane and Draisaitl are able to play with McDavid and be effective doing it.
        Seeing Anderson doesn’t play consistently with Suzuki, I don’t he would be at the same level as Kane with McDavid. He would probably be at the same level with Maroon, and that isn’t worth a $5.5 cap hit.

  4. Oilers should hold onto Barrie, who along with Bouchard, are their only real offensive d-men (no offense to Nurse). Don’t see why MTL would trade Anderson, which would make the forward lines small again (which is the reason they acquired him)

    • Nurse is one of the most underrated d-men in the NHL. He played with a torn hip flexor throughout the whole playoff run.

      • Kev,

        You spelled overrated incorrectly.

        Nurse, 9.25 million for 8 years. That contract already isnt aging well and it hasnt even kicked in yet.

        Classic example of someone who attended the Scooby Dubas School of Cap Management.

      • Nurse played more minutes against the toughest competition in the league.
        Yes he played hurt in the playoffs, and yes he made a couple boneheaded plays at the wrong time. But he is a unique player. Big, great skater, physical, brings offense, excellent defender and can transport the puck.

        Woodcroft shouldn’t have kept playing him in that role, as his mobility was significantly hampered. But then again, who else where you going to put out there? He sucked it up and played. Now he gets roasted by folks who don’t understand the situation.

        Which brings me to the main point of Nurse’s contract. He bet on himself on short term deals to get to UFA sooner.

        So unless you have a replacement for Nurse and what that would cost in terms of salary and or assets, Holland had no choice but to sign him, or he gets it somewhere else. Don’t kid yourself.

        So Ron, who would you have traded for or signed to replace Nurse? And if you say just let him walk, well then I dare say the Oil don’t accomplish what they did this year, and likely don’t even make the playoffs. And if you think that is even remotely close to an option in EDM, well, enough said.

        So what would you have done instead Ron if you were Holland and went the Jull school of Management.

  5. Why trade for Anderson and his inconsistent play with his $5.5 million cap hit? You might as well resign Kane to a $6.5 million cap hit and get twice the player.

    • So true

    • Kane is going to want a lot more than 6.5 million on the open market. The Oil can’t afford that and rare are players still in their prime who give home town discounts – assuming Kane would see Edmonton as his home town in the first place.

      Agreed, Anderson can be inconsistent. But the same can be said for any player scoring 25 goals. Or 30 for that matter.

    • I think Evander Kane has all the tools and he proved his worth this year with the Oilers. I would give him 6.5 but only for a year. His track record for getting into trouble and becoming a distraction would not appeal to me if I were a GM.

      • Ferry…
        I can’t see Kane signing for one year. At his age and with his recent performance he will be looking for a long term contract.
        His problems seem to be in the rear view mirror and will tempt some GM.
        But, as with all previous contracts, once the honeymoon period is over Kane will revert to his self destructive mode. He will once again be a cancer in the locker room and his contract will be an albatross.

      • Hud, I don’t want to speculate on his possible behaviour down the line, other than to say the old adage “a leopard can’t change its spots” is always lurking there somewhere. But I agree – he won’t settle for 1 year and will easily get at least a 3-year offer somewhere – probably north of $7 mil.

        Fergy, how the heck can Holland pay that kind of cap when he has just $7,130,205 with which to sign EIGHT and has 3 RFAs to re-up (McLeod, Puljujarvi and Tamamoto) coming off a collective $3,184,167 cap hit? When they’re re-upped it’ll be close to $5 mil total – and they still need a goalie.

        Yes, if all the chatter that everything will be fine once Smith (then they’d need TWO goalies) and Keith retire and their cap hits become available, along with Klefbom’s $4,167,000 bring LTIR relief. But that’s all we’ve heard – chatter – and none of it is coming from Smith and Keith.

      • Fergy…Totally agree with you that Kane has played terrific with the Oilers and earned himself a good deal somewhere…. but I also agree a one year deal prove it thing !!

    • twice the player? throw in twice the headache as well…

  6. Nurse underrated as-the 7 th highest paid defence man in the league ? Over paid maybe not underrated
    Barrie was third pairing all year. PP quarterback and that was taken over in the playoffs by Bouchard. Broberg should be ready . Bank that money and move Kasian to help sign Kane trade Puljularvi and Yamamoto for Gibson if he will go and if not Varlamov.

    • Pulvi and Yamo for Varly could work, hopefully Skinner takes a big step and is the next season’s starter.
      Signing Kane would be big for the Oil. I still wonder if trading Barrie and another move or 2 could get enough room to sign Klingberg???? That may be a big reach if they re-sign Kane, but doable otherwise.

      • Can’t see the Oil giving that up for a backup tender Johnny, although not many options out there for tenders either. And if you don’t have one? Your screwed.

        I might be coming around to the Husso idea as he doesn’t cost assets and what would he get for $? Same as Driedger at 3 x $3.5? That didn’t work well for Seattle did it. So risk with Husso too due to sample size.

        Wooley was on TSN radio and brought up some changes that need to happen in Gibson’s game for him to get back to where he was, sored flags there too.

        Husso night be the most affordable, least risky option as Kuemper is gonna cost a fortune. Wooley likes his game for the most part.

      • Hey Ray, what do you think about Georgiev?

      • @Johnny Z.
        There is no way the Oilers will trade either, let alone both, Puljularvi and Yamamoto for a 34-year-old borderline starting goalie who only has one year left on this contract.

      • No idea KevJam, haven’t watched him play enough to have an opinion.
        What has done to suggest he is a starter, or even a backup better than Skinner?
        Looking at his #’s, not much other than has done it for longer. Not like he played well this past season.

  7. Teams the want to move salary

    Wash depending on backstrom
    San Jose

    More than half. Not sure how they all dump salary to the rest of the league.

    • You forgot Boston. They can’t do anything ceithout moving out $$

      • I figured they could start season with players in ltir. Gives them some time to figure it out.

    • That’s a lot of teams Chrisms, but they always seem to pull it off.
      Might be some UFA deals again fellas, as what’s left of the pie, ain’t much.

      Isles need some D, Oil need a tender.
      Barrie makes $4.5, Valamov makes $5.
      Add in a piece to send back to EDM of little consequence.

      Problem is Varlamov’s 16 team no trade list.

      Or trade Barrie for picks, go into the UFA market.

      • If EDM trades one of Puljujarvi or Yamamoto, as suggested has to happen, I can see a deal with something like:

        To MTL:
        Barrie + Puljujarvi

        To EDM:
        Decent pick (2023 2nd?) + B Prospect

        EDM gets:
        Some form of compensation + $6M+ off the cap, which is the real win for them. Could sign Kane with most of that.

        MTL gets:
        A PP QB to replace Petry, if they trade him + a middle-6 winger with upside

        (Trading Petry for pick / prospect means the cap space works for Habs, too)

      • Can’t see EDM doing that.
        Can’t see the Oil signing Kane either.

        If the Oil are going to spend money it will be on a tender. IMO.

        The Habs are not going to get Barrie and JP for a 2nd. I wouldn’t trade either for a 2nd.

        Oil can move Barrie and get a return of decent prospect with a better chance at being a regular NHL’er than a 2nd, and to get more space, then either trade Kassian at full pop and add a sweetener, eat a portion(50%) and get a nominal return, or buy him out for relief this season, when they really need it. I would vote for eating 50% to get the dead cap over with sooner.
        All easier said than done.

      • Fair enough, Ray. I’m not great at gauging trade/player values.

        I had seen some posts suggesting Barrie has a negative value at the moment – a 3rd pairing guy making $4.5M, and trading him would give Oilers a lot more cap room than 50% of Kassian or other options). My proposal was based on his having a negative value, which may/may not be true.

        That would then be JP = slightly more than a 2nd + B prospect.

        You’re probably right, though, that a Kassian trade (w/ retained) or buyout is the more likely option!

      • I know the Oil Paddy, so here is the jist of it: Your right about Barrie being a 3rd pair guy in EDM, he was for the most part, but still played 19 minutes a night. Other than Nurse at 25/night it is split pretty evenly in EDM.

        The reason I think he has value is he drives offense, and is really good on the PP. And he doesn’t suck defensively anymore and has improved.

        Last decade Barrie is the 7th highest scoring D-man in the NHL.
        Last 5 years, same thing.
        He split some PP time with Bouchard this past season so a dip, but still solid.

        He is a very good offensive D-man, with some warts defensively, but on a fair deal.

        Has to be worth something to a team like the Isles, or the Habs if they move Petry? Unless the Habs decide to do a tear down I guess.

      • Awesome insight, thanks, Ray! Will be very interesting to see what happens this off-season!

      • Habs just signed Wideman. No need for Barrie on a more expensive contract.

    • Chrisms….Washington will have long LITR money with Backstrom, Wilson being out long term

      Pittsburgh..If they move on from Malkin, Kapanen, Boyle, Dominque, Heinen, De Smith Petersson whether it is via trade, not resigning, or moving on from..theres is a little over $20 million,,,,,

      And I didn’t count Letang because i think he resigns but add him its is $ 28/ $29 million in cap space

  8. Sorry… meant Fergy22

    • 🍁 Hi Paddy,
      lots going on with the oilers this week…
      I see Tyson Barrie having quite a bit of Vallue at pressent…. Just looking at teams the need a PP QB,
      Like Seattle, Arizona, Buffalo, and Especaly Cap Crunch teams like NYI, & Habs, & if the Pens lost Kris Letang they need a PP, QB’s

      Oiler Trades, Needs and signings, the Oilers need a 3rd pairing RD, with Size & Sandpaper,
      A top 6 winger it can be LW or RW because Nuge can play All three & Zack hyman can play both wings

      From the NYI, the Oilers need a physical tough d/man on the Right side like Scott Mayfield type❓
      Habs it would be a RW like Anderson…. Thats if Kane is not resigned at a reasonable price, it could go ether way.
      it All depends on what they rule with Kanes contract dispute from San Jose……and of coures what he is asking for..$$ if he gets some of his $22.M he is fighting for, he may resign in edmonton as he really liked it hear and fit well with McDavid but it would be under $5.M range.

      The Oiler also need a Goaltender and they will look to the UFA market as there are 4 good opptions avalable this year.

      Jesse Puljujärvi is also getting intrest from CBJ and other team as it sound like he is Avalable for a trade…. maybe on a line with his buddy
      Patrik Laine ⁉️

      Ken Holland is also talking with LD man Brent Kulak this week regarding re-signing with his home town team..❓

      Oilers fans hope Mike Smith Retires 🤔 as he was out injured most of the year and fell apart in the playoffs letting in 4.5 to +6 goals Every Game….❗️

      I dont see them buying out Zack kassian, unless its a hockey trade for a pick…. they can us him on the 4th line as he can skate and move up and down the line up

      The Oiler also have a couple of young forward prospects and a couple of LD Prospects that are 6-12 month away from full time NHL work

      20 yr old Dylan Hollaway the big power forward winger who can play both wings 6.ft1 & 210.lb could be a top 6 or maybe 3rd line next season

      20 yr old Carter Savoie the LW is a real goal scorer at 5.ft 9 and 194lb, he may need 6-12 month in Bakersfield but who knows

      • Hey Willie,

        That’s awesome to read about other teams’ prospects/needs/etc. It is very easy to only focus on it from one’s own team’s perspective (as I often do with my Habs!)

        I can imagine there’s a fair bit of hope Smith (and Keith) retire; would solve some big money woes and get rid of a couple of sore spots on the roster!

        And I’m not surprised to hear Puljujarvi has some interest around the league! I haven’t seen him a tonne, and what I saw, I didn’t feel like he’s a future 30 goal man, but even if not, as a solid 20-25 scorer who could move up and down the lineup, he’d have a lot of teams knocking on the door to get him!

  9. Two points:

    Anderson is nothing at this point to be fishing for. He is not the player from a few years ago. Kane will want north of 7 and frankly fell into a great spot and landing anywhere else, I feel he returns to his troubled ways.

    Campbell signs back in T.O. for 4.5 by 3 – they will figure out the cap and as someone said his playoff performance deserves him back in blue and white.

    • If it is only $4.5M, Campbell will get 4 yrs at least.

  10. I’m not denying all the Josh Anderson “stay away” talk. But who was he playing with when he was barely producing? I’m not asking rhetorically, I don’t know.

    On Kane. I think his biggest value is how difficult it has been to find someone who can play WITH McDavid and Draisitl.

    Interesting that list of teams with money to move. The Sens, with cap space to weaponize, did nothing.

    • Dark G, Dorion does have a ton of cash – $24.3 mil – with which to sign 9 and I believe he will pull off something significant in the way of a top 4 RW and Top 4 D – likely involving the 7th pick overall and a combination of roster player(s)/top prospects.

      But first I think he wants finalize two of his best RFAs – Norris and Formenton – and see how much they shave off that cap reserve first. He also has to re-up RFAs Gambrell, Gaudette, Joseph, Brannstrom and Mete (or perhaps include one or more of them in one of the deals).

      However, always lurking in the background is their goaltending and wondering which Murray shows up at camp and, if the old Murray, how long he csn stay reasonably healthy.

  11. Josh Anderson is the power forward the Habs have spent decades looking for and he has fit in very well.

    I don’t see HuGo trading him unless there is an overwhelming offer. As a top10 power forward the offer might be there

    The Beauvilier/#13 for Anderson is very tempting if one expects Beauvilier to bounce back and the Habs could draft a Conor Geekie.

    • From what I have read about the draft, the top 3 are bunched together and just OK compared to the top of other draft classes.
      After that there is depth for the rest of the top half of the draft to right at the end of the 1st round, and who goes where is really hard to predict.

      Some folks are predicting team will try and trade down

    • Habs are in no rush to move Anderson. Streaky, yes, but a good team guy. Straight up, I would choose him over Kane. Nobody has ever questioned his character…

  12. Anderson is fiesty but slow.

    Salary cap presents many challenges and I get it that GMs have to make cuts to work within the cap but they put themselves in this predicament by overpaying players. If you overpay each player by 0.5 to 1.5 million or even more and that’s done for 3-4 on the team, you’ll either pigeon hole yourself with these contracts that don’t age well or you pay in assets to find someone to take the bad contract off your hands.

    Anderson in my opinion is overpaid by 0.5-1.0 but the bigger issue is he is slow and inconsistent.

    • Obviously you haven’t seen Anderson play much. His speed and his size is exactly why teams are interested in him.

    • the reason many teams would love to have him are size and SPEED. Maybe you are thinking of a different Anderson?

  13. Would Ullmark help the Oilers if he’s willing to be moved …..couldn’t him and DeBrusk bring back a Center ….not very good at this but I think the Bruins and Oilers match up well in a deal of some kind

    • Any center from the OIL worth having has a full NMC or NTC and Ullmark has a full NMC as well
      But given that the Bruins go to a rebuild….maybe he waives that,…but then again he loves it in Boston and him and Swayman are best buds.

  14. Rumor : Penguins offered Kris Letang 8 million for 3 years. Kris Letang wants 8 million for 5 years. Meet in the middle 8 million for 4 years ?

    • Let him go to da Habs. LOL

  15. Perfect trade Ullmark and either Debrusk or Carlo forRNH.

    • RNH sez NO

      • That who I had in mind … tough get though …. Looks like every winger with the Oilers can play center

  16. 🍁 Remember Evander kane played with this year the 2 leading scorers in the Leauge this past season #97… & # 29…..❗️
    most of that why his point totals looked so good for a 31 year old, the oilers would look to do a 3 year deal at $4.-4.5 M if he wants to stay and have a chance at the cup with the Oilers

  17. 🍁Tyson Barrie will be avalable between now and July UFA period.

    There are a few offencive d/men avalable maybe Barrie is in the Top 5-6….?

    We all know he can put points up, Bouchard is ready to take his spot,

    I can see a trade with Montreal for Anderson as the Habs need to Shed salary cap money about
    as they also need to resign 4 RFA & Replace 4 UFA on the current team
    they also have Jonathan Drouin’s salary for 2023/4 season on the ir @ $5,500,000

    • If the Oil can’t sign Kane, will they trade Barry for picks and sign Klingberg? 7 x $7.25M would be reasonable.