NHL Rumor Mill – June 8, 2022

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Could the Bruins trade David Pastrnak this summer? What’s the latest on the Oilers? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa reports a source close to David Pastrnak said there’s “no chance” he returns with the Boston Bruins with Don Sweeney as their general manager. The 26-year-old winger apparently wasn’t pleased with how Sweeney treated his two best friends, Torey Krug and David Krejci, during their contract years. Krug went on to sign with the St. Louis Blues in 2020 while Krejci returned to Czechia last summer to finish his playing career.

Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak (NHL Images).

Pastrnak is approaching the final season of his six-year, $40 million contract. It’s expected the Bruins will offer up a lucrative long-term extension. One agent suggested an eight-year, $68 million contract ($8.5 million annual average value) would be fair to both sides. However, the Bruins face uncertainty next season with Patrice Bergeron mulling retirement while Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy are among several players sidelined through the opening weeks of next season.

Shinzawa believes the Bruins must consider trading Pastrnak if there’s any indication he’s hesitant to sign a contract extension. They can’t afford to lose him to next summer’s free-agent market for nothing. The asking price could be a first-round pick, a second-round pick, a young NHL player and a high-end prospect.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy reports Sweeney intends to discuss a contract extension with the Pastrnak camp at the earliest opportunity. Murphy also cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reporting his sources indicated the Bruins fully intend to sign the winger to an extension and have no plans to trade him. However, that could change if the feeling isn’t mutual and Pastrnak decides to play out the final season of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pastrnak’s contract status adds another level of intrigue to an already chaotic offseason for the Bruins. The earliest they can sign him to an extension is July 13, which is when, for contract purposes, the 2022-23 season begins.

Pastrnak could get much more than $8.5 million annually in next summer’s UFA market. He reached at least 34 goals and 70 points in five of the past six seasons (including two seasons with 40-or-more goals) and has 48 points in as many games in last season’s COVID-shortened campaign. While the salary cap next summer will only rise by $1 million, I can see Pastrnak getting up to $10 million annually on the open market.

As Shinzawa and Murphy observed, the Bruins have the advantage of offering up an eight-year term compared to the seven years he’d get in the UFA market. However, much will depend on the club’s direction not just next season but also in the coming years.

Bergeron could retire this summer. Marchand has three years left on his contract but the wear-and-tear of 13 years of physical play could start catching up with the 34-year-old winger. The club appears to be entering a period of transition and also lacks depth at center.

Pastrnak could stick with the Bruins if he feels the Bruins’ transition won’t take long. If he has lost confidence in Sweeney, however, it might not matter how many assurances the Bruins GM makes him. That will leave Sweeney no choice but to shop him to the highest bidder.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson reports Evander Kane hasn’t decided yet whether he’ll re-sign with Edmonton or hit the open market this summer. The 30-year-old winger signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Oilers in January following the termination of his contract by the San Jose Sharks. He meshed well skating alongside Oilers captain Connor McDavid.

Kane said he enjoyed playing for the Oilers and appreciated how well the club treated him. However, he indicated he has a number of variables to sort through. A new contract for Kane could be expensive and could force general manager Ken Holland to shed some salary to free up cap space to sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s teammates praised his performance and made the case for him to stay. Finding the cap space to do so, however, won’t be easy. The outcome of his ongoing contract termination grievance with the Sharks could also be a factor in what his next contract looks like, be it with the Oilers or another club.

Sportsnet’s Mark Spector suggested shopping Tyson Barrie and his $4.5 million cap hit, moving Zack Kassian and his $3.2 million AAV and perhaps having to choose between re-signing Kailer Yamamoto or Jesse Puljujarvi. At least one of those players won’t be back if Holland gets Kane under contract before his UFA eligibility on July 13.

THE ATHLETIC: Daniel Nugent-Bowman reports Mike Smith appeared non-committal about completing his contract during his end-of-season interview yesterday. The 40-year-old goaltender has a year remaining on his deal.

Jason Gregor of Oilers Nation reported sources telling him Smith is contemplating retirement. When asked about it, Smith replied it was too early to tell if he’ll hang up his pads but Nugent-Bowman observed he also didn’t affirm if he’d be back with the Oilers.

If Smith retires, his $2.2 million cap hit for next season comes off the Oilers’ books. Those savings could be put toward finding a new starting goaltender.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holland is expected to address the media today. We could get some clarity over his offseason plans but I doubt he’ll tip his hand too much as to his intentions.

I examined the Oilers’ limit cap space yesterday and how much a new contract for Kane will bite deeply into it. Smith’s potential retirement would help free up some space but that will have to go into finding a suitable replacement between the pipes. That will also prove costly.

Holland will likely have to trim some salary from his cap payroll to address those two needs. If it also comes down to a choice between Yamamoto and Puljujarvi it could be the latter who gets traded given the ongoing disappointment in his performance.


  1. Pasta will resign. A similar deal as that of McAvoy. In my opinion

    • Mrbruin4 you, Joe, Caper and several others in here are much closer observers of the Bruins than I, but from my observation you can’t help but see a rough start to the season with the likes of LW Marchand out until December, RD McAvoy until November, LD Grzelcyk until October, and uncertainty as to the intentions of C Bergeron.

      So, how do you see them weathering the early season storm? Is it realistic to expect a D corps of Lindholm, Carlo, Forbort, Zboril, Clifton and Reilly (who should be back at the start) to hold the fort until McAvoy and Grzelcyk get back?

      And who covers for Marchand? Do they re-sign any of the pending UFAs – Blidh, Lazar and RD Josh Brown? Will one or more of the kids stay on after training camp? – Lysell, Studnicka, RD Berglund, LD Ahcan?

      Finding some way to keep Pastrnak in the fold seems like a no-brainer at first viewing but say, by December, even with him in the line-up, they’re trailing the pack and the injured players are showing signs of the lingering effects of their surgeries – and Bergeron is retired and Krejci says “no thanks” – does the management mindset then switch to a full re-build, including the trading of Pastrnak?

      • So. The Senators, fire DJ Smith. Hire Cassidy (who Pasta likes) offer a good deal to Krecji, then the 7th, Lassi Thompson, Colin White and 2 seconds to the Bruins for Pasta.

        put a bow on that!

      • LOL. You’re pulling a Pengy there. Speaking of whom, where the heck has he been?

      • George
        The bruins will be toast if Bergy retires. No coming back from that. I believe v they have a very excellent defence. And goalies will have to be good out the gate There will be lots of low scores. I assume. If there is no set backs. Would probably be a wild card again. But who knows who they are going to trade or bring in? As far as those free agents they will not be coming back though would like Lazar back but would have to move. Nosek. And or Wagner or both buy out Foligno. As doubt any team dumb enough to trade for him. I still see min 2 forwards traded or bought out and min 1 d man maybe 2 traded

    • I love regular season Pasta playoff Pasta not so much can’t have the tail wagging the dog. I wouldn’t empty the account for him and some team will over pay. Most of his goals and points come on the PP of with Bergie and Brad. He needs to stop trying to beat everyone one on one and also needs to win a battle once in awhile.

  2. For Pastrnak it won’t be about money; he has said previously he loves playing hockey and has more money then he needs. Could his opinion change, absolutely.

    He isn’t a $10m player imo. Personally I thought Sweeney treated Krug, Chara and Krecji well. I would’ve traded the two defenseman and earlier.

    Pastrnak has a 10 team no trade list. Lots of opportunity to trade him if need be.

    As always I don’t know if i want Sweeney leading the way on trades or draft picks.

    • MrB and Caper,

      For what its worth, I trust you two guys more than Fluto and Sweeney


      • Well thx for that Iowa Prince As fans we do not need click bait. So we do not have to add in stories like bruins trading for Taveres. Or something like that or Bergy hate Cassidy

    • Yesterday there was a debate about having a high % of your cap space invested in too few players.

      Well, this is what trying to avoid that looks like.
      Pasta complaining about the treatment of Krug and Krecji is the same thing, there is only so much $ to go around and field a competitive team and these difficult decisions need to be made. Agree 100% Caper.

      This is simple arithmetic, not even any goes-inta’s. Pasta sounds like Toews complaining about the Hawks moving guys after signing for $10.5.

      With the injuries (Marchand having surgery on both hips at 34 is scary) and a black hole at C if Bergy retires, that is close to impossible to fill, suggests this is an opportunity to start the reboot.

      If anyone thinks they can fill the 1 & 2C positions without depleting what they have in their lineup, or forking over $9M/year plus for a 32 yr old Kadri on a term that is 2 yrs too long, is dreaming. If he would even come to BOS and if they could find the space.

      IMO reality is starting to hit the B’s MGT in the face. It was a good run, but it’s starting to look like letting that time go. We have some good young pieces but not nearly enough, start collecting more. The majority of the B’s core was drafted, just like T-Bays, COL, EDM. Rags have a mix.

      If Pasta won’t sign an extension, in the current situation, Sweeney has no choice. Trade him.

      Having said that Mr Jacobs has likely said they need to make the playoffs, so Sweeney may not have a choice other than trying to pull a miracle out of his ass.

      • Or, Ray, maybe it is time for the Bs to trade Pasta irrespective of whether he will resign, and start a full blown rebuild. From either the B’s view, or Pasta’s, what impact does one player have on a rebuilding (or if one prefers, declining) team? Especially if he is expensive? Where’s the ROI?

      • Ray “Having said that Mr Jacobs has likely said they need to make the playoffs”

        Probably the most under appreciated statement.

        Jacobs has always run the the team as a business, yes he spends to the cap but he also likes the playoff gate revenue.

        I also agree with rick that i don’t want Sweeney doing a rebuild. He hasn’t shown me that he can lead the way.

        Kadri 7yrs at $7M plus… um no thanks.

        Under a new coach Studnicka will get an opportunity. Not saying he is the answer, just that he’ll get another opportunity.

        I also believe McAvoy is over paid, maybe he grows into the contract.

        Don’t know anything about the Blues prospects maybe deal Pasta there to play with his buddy if that’s what he wants.

        The most important thing is you CAN NOT let Pastrnak walk away for nothing ie Chara, Krug and Krecji.

        If he says won’t negotiate during the season he has to be moved.

      • If Bergy retires or bolts to sign with…..(drum roll) COLORADO! LOL
        How about trading Pasta to NJ for #2 OA and Sharangovich??? Draft Cooley, and start the re-tooling! Trade Marchand for prospects or young NHLers.

      • You could be right LJ, and I would tend to agree with you.
        Especially true if Bergy doesn’t come back.

        Marchand’s surgery sound like Seabrooke’s. He was also 34.

    • Last guy to say “it wasnt about the money” is currently stealing 11 million a year from the Leafs.

      Course thats not his fault, thats on the moron that signed him. A very Dubias signing indeed.

      • Asked what his priority is in making a decision, Tavares said: “I want to stay on Long Island… I haven’t thought about being anywhere except with the Islanders.”

        Players are preprogrammed to say these type of things. It’s automatic.

        Somehow, a lot of people take it as bible.

        “I hate this crap city, organization, team and fans”

        “Hometown discount? I’d take less to get the hell out of here”

        Said no player in pro sports ever.


      • True that Captain

  3. I’ll be little more succinct I don’t believe if you were to gage the publics response to the firing of Cassidy that anyone wants Sweeney making those decisions. At his press conference reporters finally cut loose, putting aside their customary questions and asked some very solid, soul searching questions that Sweeney looked. Very uncomfortable responding to. One of em was Why do you still have a job and Cassidy doesn’t. Reporters are tired of being hoodwinked by management they want answers. Loved to Sweeney Squirm.

    • Probably because he’s buddies with Cam Neely

      • More likely he has “picture” of Neely.

    • Thats something the Leaf minions at LeafsNet and the TorontoSportsNetwork never do, ask the hard questions.

      All fluff and no stuff, all show and no go.

      9 years of the Shanaplan and nothing to show for it and all they get at their pressers are softball already know the answer inquiries.

      • Who cares, I’m watching the Jays….f*** the leafs.

      • Easy to sign Kane
        Depending how nice he wants to be
        If Oilers sign him for 2.5 for next year then say 3x that for the second and third fourth year he would make roughly 7.5 a cap hit of 6.5 over 4 years

  4. “another rumor that went around is that the Bruins are shopping David Pastrnak. That’s not entirely true, but it does stand to reason that if Boston is ready to pull the chute on their current iteration and start a rebuild cycle, then Pastrnak will age out before they need him again and it’s possible he’s on the market.
    Pastrnak would be one of those big gambles. It’s possible his price isn’t too completely out of whack due to him only having one year left before UFA, but the gamble is on spending a future asset now for a guy we really hope to need before he ages out of the elite tier.”
    Getting another great center might require a great winger going the other way. Mere speculation at this point

  5. Smith signed a 35+ contract, if he retires doesn’t the cap stay on the books?

    • I have been asking the same question, but apparently, that changed in the Covid CBA. Although I haven’t heard any confirmation if that is true or not.

    • I finally got an answer about the 35+ contract!!!
      A player who is 35+ or older who signs a 2 year or longer contract that is front-loaded and has a signing bonus in the second year or later the team can not get out of the cap hit unless the player is traded.
      Smith’s contract is back-loaded and doesn’t have a signing bonus. So if he retires the Oilers do not retain his cap hit.
      I got this from Allan “Lowetide” Mitchell from TSN 1260.

      • Lowetide is great KevJam.
        Funny guy and knows what he’s talking about.

      • You have to love the guy.

  6. If the Bruins do shop Pastrnak, i could see both the Devils and Kings as destinations. Both have a need for a top line scoring winger and the assets to make a deal happen. I think both should be able to fit him under cap without having to make much cap space for now and after a contract extension.

    • Kings offer ‘22 first-rounder. 23’ second-rounder, Sean Durzi, and Gabe Vilardi?

      • I would imagine it would be something like that. Maybe they would want Turcotte instead of Vilardi but something in that range i would assume.

      • That’s hefty unless pasta agrees to a sign and trade. Getting the 5 assets listed in the article is a pipe dream. Getting three of said assets is challenging for a 1 year player. Particularly if it comes out he is demanding a trade.

    • How about adding Seattle to the mix.LOOKING FOR A stud scorer.Inquire about Bernier and their 1st round pick.I wonder which 10 teams are on Pasta s trade list?

  7. As much as I’ve surprisingly enjoyed Kane with the Oilers, I just don’t see him staying at the discounted salary they’d need him at.

    I’d much rather see Holland throw the bank at a goaltender. Florida is a prime choice IMO as they’re also in a bind with their salary cap.

    Clearly, if Bob were to waive his NMC to go to Edmonton, Florida would have to retain quite a bit…

    To Oilers – Bob (1/2 retained) and Sam Bennett

    To Florida – Puli, Barrie and 2023 2nd


    To Oilers – Knight and Bennett

    To Florida – Puli, Skinner, Barrie and this year’s 1st.

    Carter Hart and John Gibson should also be looked at.

    They also need more size and toughness, such as Lawson Crouse, Tanner Jeanott, Max Jones etc.

    Finally, tougher D. Someone like Gudas, Ian Cole, Luke Schenn, Jamie Oleksiak etc.

    The time is NOW for the Oilers. They’ve got some intriguing prospects and almost 3 years of Draft picks (including the next 3 1sts) as well as a few interesting roster players. They SHOULD be able to retool a bit and fix the glaring needs for next year.

    • You forgot Husso. Husso won’t cost any assets, just money. If St. Louis resigns Husso they will probably look at trading Binnington, although Binnington has an NTC.
      Another rumour coming out of Edmonton is that Keith is apparently considering retirement. That will free up another $5.5 million dollars.

      • I forgot about Husso. Thanks!

        I wondered about Keith as well, though hadn’t heard anything. The thought popped into my head when Holland traded for him with no salary retention. I wouldn’t be too upset about it!

    • Agreed, the Oil need help first in net. There is a starting goalie shortage, but are you sure you want Bob?

      He is 33, has four more years at $10 million, and his save % was decent but not elite the past couple of regular seasons and playoffs. Florida would have to either eat a ton of cap space or take back contract equivalencies, meaning the Oil would have to part with some quality players to get an ok goalie.

      IMO, not in the Oil’s best interests.

      • I just suggested Bob because he’s an upgrade over the Oilers current goalies and Florida would sell cheap for the cap space. That said, I highly doubt he’d wave his clause to move from sunny Florida for the Tundra!
        I’m pretty sure Florida is going to be stuck with him for the duration of his contract.

        Spencer Knight, Carter Hart, John Gibson and Ville Husso would clearly be 1st choice, but would cost ALOT more…though, IMO, worth the price.

      • Campbell is another one who would come cheaper than those other mentioned. Not sure how the Leafs will get him signed under the cap unless Campbell takes a big hometown discount. Which he just might from what he has said about how he likes playing in Toronto.

    • Why would the Panthers want those two players? That would be a total down grade for the Panthers to make that trade.

    • I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Ken Holland to make hockey trades if i were you. He very rarely makes hockey trades. He mostly just dumps players for futures, trades prospects and picks at the trade deadline for rentals and moves back at the draft for an extra pick or two.

      Don’t expect him to make a bunch of trades or to fix every issue with the team this off-season or you likely will be very disappointed. His two most common quotes as a Wings GM were “We like our team” and “we kicked some tires but the prices were just too high” as a result of him not fixing glaring needs in the roster. So glad he isn’t the Wings GM anymore but i do wish he would have left years sooner.

      • So are you happy he isn’t the Wings GM because since taking over the Oil right after missing the playoffs, then making them 3 straight years and making it to the conference finals this year?

        Or do you mean the 3 Stanley Cups they won in DET when he was GM, or the other one when he was asst GM?

        Or the DET team he helped build as their head scout that led to 4 cups?

        Or mentoring Yzerman into one of the best GM’s in the league?

        Wouldn’t want that guy.

        I thought Illich wanted to keep going for it as he got older? No idea if that rumor is true or not as I don’t live in Detroit.

      • No i’m happy Holland is gone because of signing guys like Howard, Abdelkader, Helm, Ericsson, DeKeyser, Nielsen to bloated long term contracts (could also add Stephen Weiss to that list) which either had to be bought out or wait until they ran out because nobody wanted any of them even for free.

        Then add deadline deals like trading Janmark, Backman, 2nd round pick (Roope Hintz) for 9 games of Erik Cole. Trading Jarnkrok, Eaves, a 2nd for a useless Legwand.

        Holland left the team with no cap space, nobody wanted any of those old players with bloated contracts, very little in terms of prospects and they were one of the worst teams in the league. Yeah great job Holland! Fact is after Lidstrom retired, he did way more harm to the Wings than good. I’ve been a Wings fan since the mid 80’s so i know the history. There is a reason why the majority of Wings fans were happy to see Holland replaced and Edmonton will find that out too.

      • Can you name one team in the last 30 years who went through a lot of success and won the Stanley Cup that didn’t fall from grace and then start getting some high draft picks?
        In Holland’s first press conference he addressed what went wrong in Detroit and he also said that he learned from those mistakes. As an Oilers fan, I’m happy with what he has done so far. The TD deal for Kulak turned out to be a great trade.

      • Fair enough kronwalled, he tried to have the team stay competitive too long (see Illich comment above) but you are also ignoring 25 years of success prior to that.
        Repeat – 25 straight playoff seasons and 4 cups, all of which he played a role in, most a significant role.
        Ignoring 25 years of success, for 3 bad years at the end, seems odd to me.
        Whatever, Edmonton is happy to have him.
        Not sure where the F he finds a tender though.

    • Montreal is going to be awesome with the 1st pick in the draft. Get rid of some baggage. The likes of Price, Webers contract and others…this team will be back in the finals in 3 years. Sign Pasta, Johnny hockey and Kuemper. Bergy may like to finish his career in his hometown along with all his family. Boston will be rebuilding soon and I don’t think calgary will be able to sign JG & Tkachuk. EDM & toronto are laughable at best and the Sens & Canucks are run by yahoo’s. The leafs must be so embarrassed putting together a team that can’t get out of the 1st round. How hard can it be having so many chances. Everyone on here is right….the laffs are a spoiled rich crap team.

      1967 leaf fans. No playoff wins in years.

  8. Shall like to hear Captain Obvious opinion with today’s NHL Rumor Mill.

    • Why not post your opinions?
      Lyle I agree that Pasta will command around the $10M mark for his next contract if he would go to UFA which to me means it will, take something near that or more (by his comments) for the Bs. I think the Bs MO is to lowball him then trade him.

      • Ron

        Pasta only gets traded if he forces bruins to do so by asking for over 10 per yr If that happens they should blow it up build around mcavoy and Lindholm Swayman

    • B’s should tear it down around McAvoy.

      Oilers / Kane? Sign him, don’t sign him? Don’t think it matters.

      Other than that, I got nothing on todays rumor mill.

  9. Pastrnak is worth as much as Gaudreau . $10 m has been bantered for him
    I have maintained for a few years Pasta has been one of the best values in the entire NHL . You would get a king’s ransom at least in volume in a trade early not at the TD. Bruins will need boots on the ground (ice)

    • Compared to Gaudreau, most definitely. The problem is, if he does go somewhere else – or stays in Boston – at $10 mil per – that team then likely becomes another at or over 50% of the cap on 5 or 6 players – and also becomes another trying to figure out how to assemble the rest of the 17 or 18 roster spots with what’s left.

  10. Worth more then Gaudreau in my opinion But doesn’t fit over 10 mil in Boston. Should get same as or just less then McAvoy. Cap space set up for his raise as pre planned

  11. For the 10th time … it’s going to be a disaster of a offseason for the Bruins ….. rip it down and start over probably take 3 years

    • Joe that would work if the B’s had prospects, and they dont. Lyndell is about it, after trading away picks to go for it the prospect pool is dry.

      That takes a lot more time then 3 years to build back up, say 5-7 year rebuild is more likely.

      Will the owner sign off on that?

      • Ya mp, 5-7 seems more pragmatic. Any guys not in the top 3-5 overall you draft won’t be contributing in a significant way on a playoff caliber team for 4-5 years as a rule, with some exceptions, but pretty rare.

        If Bergy retires seems more likely than not considering the situation, Marchand is 34 and surgery on both hips I dare say he won’t be the Marchand we know and love. Pasta won’t re-up?
        There goes your 1st line, and only 1 prospect that even has chance to reach that level in Lysell, and that is a maybe.

        This will take a while.

        Rags, turned it around quick, but that isn’t the norm and they didn’t wait until rock bottom. Oil, BUF, DET, OTT examples of a slow process.

      • And, Ray, the “slow process” is clearly the right process. There are no quick fixes in a limited cap world.

  12. BTW… I go for the Bruins tear down but not Sweeney doing it …..Bigger, tougher,meaner,quicker to the puck ….

  13. As a 35+ contract, if Smith retires, doesn’t EDM still have his full cap hit?