NHL Rumor Mill – July 11, 2022

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The Leafs and Senators are discussing a trade regarding Matt Murray. Are there better options available to the Leafs? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


YAHOO! SPORTS: cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported on Sunday that trade talks between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators over goaltender Matt Murray have intensified.

Ottawa Senators goaltender Matt Murray (NHL Images).

The Leafs could be in need of a starting goalie if Jack Campbell heads to free agency on July 13 while the Senators are trying to clear a logjam in their crease by moving Murray. The 28-year-old netminder struggled through two injury-shortened seasons with the Senators and has been overtaken on their depth chart by Anton Forsberg and Filip Gustavsson.

Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas knows Murray well as the goalie played for him when he was GM of the OHL’s Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe was also the Greyhounds coach at that time.

Last week, Murray rejected a trade to the Buffalo Sabres. However, TSN’s Darren Dreger reports he’s open to moving to Edmonton or Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This shows the level of desperation Dubas must be feeling right now. Dreger reported the Leafs GM met with Campbell on Saturday but no progress was made toward a new contract. Having shipped Petr Mrazek to Chicago last Thursday in a cost-cutting move, Dubas is scrambling to find a suitable starting goaltender for the upcoming season.

Dubas’ interest in Murray suggests he can’t afford to pursue Darcy Kuemper, whose tenure with the Stanley Cup champion Colorado Avalanche ended last week with their acquisition of Alexandar Georgiev. It’s believed the 32-year-old Kuemper seeks a long-term deal worth close to $6 million per season.

In his prime, Murray backstopped the Pittsburgh Penguins to the Stanley Cup in 2016 and 2017. Injuries, however, hampered his performance and were part of the reason the Penguins traded him to the Senators in 2020.

Murray’s abysmal stats with the Senators are due in part to having a lousy defense in front of him. Nevertheless, his frequent absences from the lineup haven’t helped his play. Even with a better team in front of him, there’s no certainty the oft-injured Murray can provide that club with the type of goaltending necessary to at least win a playoff round.

He also carries a $6.25 million annual cap hit for two more seasons. The Senators are reportedly reluctant to retain any portion of it, though that could change if they’re determined to trade him.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators have also held discussions about Murray with the Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals and Arizona Coyotes.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reported one rumor making the rounds Sunday had the Leafs contacting the Montreal Canadiens about Jake Allen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Montreal Hockey Now’s Marco D’Amico reports the Oilers, Capitals and Buffalo Sabres have also expressed interest in Allen. However, Canadiens GM Kent Hughes has stated Allen’s not going anywhere as long as uncertainty remains about Carey Price’s status next season. Until there’s more clarity on Price’s ongoing rehab from last summer’s knee surgery, forget about Allen being on the move this summer.

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz cites a league source speculating the New York Islanders might not fully close the door on trading Semyon Varlamov given the need for starting goalies in this summer’s trade and free-agent markets. That source thinks Isles GM Lou Lamoriello could be receptive if a rival club becomes desperate enough to overpay for the 32-year-old netminder.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Complicating that scenario is Varlamov’s 16-team no-trade clause. The teams looking for goalies could be on that list.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons points out that Dubas must also find a decent backup goaltender once he lands a starter. “Dubas is kidding himself if he believes that one of Erik Kallgren or Joseph Woll will be his backup this coming season,” writes Simmons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubas should have an easier time finding a backup than a starter. Then again, that’s no certainty given his apparent blind spot in evaluating NHL goaltenders.


  1. Word is the Leafs are in negotiations with that Zamboni guy on a 3 year deal. Cap it looking to come in at around $4m. Apparently, the hang up is that Zamboni guy wants a NMC.

    • Give him the NMC for dang sakes…. Perfect record in NHL ; AND willing to do the scrapes between periods… bonus!!!!

      • Pengy just saw a report from Seravelli that Rickard Rakell has signed a 5 year deal with the Penguins worth $ 5 million per season.

        Deal is wrapping up as we speak if not done that would be great news.

        Also hearing Trocheck very well could be a Pittsburgh Penguin Wednesday or Thursday…mmmhhh

        Second line Trocheck /Rakell /Zucker

      • Done deal for Rakell 6 years @ $ 5 million…

        Rust, Letang and Rakell done.

        Looks like Malkin will be moving on he has been a great Penguin..

      • Hi BnG

        Just reading this note w (next day)

        Great news re Rackell

        Still hoping for Gino (test UFA , find out Pens have best offer)…. Worst case… he signs with Caps… has a great year; burns Pens

        Very very sad that you have Zucker on team let alone on 2nd line

        He has to be punted

    • Varly- 5 m to Toronto for Nylander +7.2m Toronto needs a real goalie desperately we need a young winger for Barzal who can score and is younger. We can throw bailey -5m in and retain some of his salary let him be reunited with his Toronto buddy JT

    • Evaluating goalies is not the issue. The recent goalies were fine going in to TO and do well after leaving. It appears more to the a systemic issue. Goalies can only do so much in a run n gun system.

    • As a Leafs fan and general hockey fan the lack of goaltending is disappointing and also speaks to the fact that the league is too big. This should be proof enough that there does not exist 64 people on planet earth worthy enough to be an NHL goalie. If I were wrong more than half the League would not be in this quandary. The league needs to contract to 18 teams. I know it will never happen but it should.

      • So, what 14 do you nominate to be detracted?

      • Leafs contracted first. Then you got a deal

    • Trade just went through….This will finally be the end of Dubas he will be fired either during or at the end of next Season

      • Finally! That is the problem with the leafs, “Dufas” and Shanahan, and Keefe. What other management and coach in the NHL would still be there after losing 6 years in a row in the first round……..laughing stock of the league! I was a leafs fan, but after last years 1st round loss to the habs, not any more!

  2. Yes please. Murray to leafs. = another 1st rd exit and end of the failed shanaplan 🥲

    • Looks like Washington is moving on from samsonov already dealth vanechek..
      Kuempee to Washington,?

  3. It would be foolish for the Habs to retain Allen for next season, regardless of CP’s status. It’s not like he’s gonna salvage their season. Allen’s a proven goaltender on a very affordable contract. Habs could sell high.

    • Have to agree with you in that regard

    • Wrong, it’s the right thing to do. The Canadiens don’t have any experienced netminders in their system ready to step up and play next season. Throwing them to the wolves without an experienced mentor to help them adjust would be disastrous to their development. Now, if it’s near the trade deadline and they’re out of contention and feel their young goalie (whoever it may be) has handled the pressure well enough to move Allen by then, then yes, they should gauge his trade value and shop him. His value won’t be that diminished by then.

      • You’re correct Lyle. Primeau needs another full season in the AHL and handing the job to a guy like Montembeault would be a disaster that would harm the teams young players going forward. By the trade deadline they should know how their future in goal may look. If Price is able to stay healthy and play 50 or so games, they can probably feel confident that he could play out his contract with a reliable backup. But if he’s again hurt most of the year, he’ll likely be on LTIR till his contract is up and the Habs will have to move on

      • Only time in 10 years I’ve disagreed with you
        Sell high on Allen
        Tank for Bedard
        Leave net wide open for goals

      • Sell “high” on Allen? And what do you think he’ll fetch? A 2023 second-rounder?

        If Price is out, even with Allen in the lineup, the Canadiens are going to struggle again and will probably be in a good position to win the draft lottery anyway. Regardless, you don’t want to go into next season with no one to mentor the young goalies you bring in. That will be devastating to their development, plus we already saw last season what a horrible effect constant losing had on their roster. The last thing they need is a demoralized roster at the end of next season. No player is worth that, especially since there’s no certainty they’ll win the lottery next season.

      • Lyle is right. With almost $14 M tied up in experienced goalies. Montreal doesn’t have any experienced goalies to mentor the kids !

      • As I noted above, Hughes has already stated they’re not moving Allen until they’ve got more clarity about Price’s condition. If Price is out next season, trading Allen leaves them with Montembault (if resigned) and not much else. Montembault’s “experience” as an NHL starter is shaky at best. Primeau has limited NHL experience and last season was a disaster for him. However, he credited Allen with helping him regain his focus and confidence after he was sent back to Laval, which showed in his performance in the AHL playoffs.

    • Of all the rumours that fly, I cannot fathom one based on the Habs banking on Price as a starter for next year. If it flows from GMs actually calling about Price then they have been in a sensory deprivation chamber for the past year and a half.

  4. Lou sell high on Varly, while he is still good 5 million for a backup is too much. Get cap money to go after free agents. Get draft picks or prospects. Just get something done. Sign Kinkaide who grew up an Isles fan and lives in Nasau county to play those 30 games. Isles fans are getting impatient.

    • I agree Pete. Sorokin is at the point where he can be the clear #1. Varlamov can fetch. Decent return and the Isles can find a veteran backup who can play 25 or so games. But Lou is stubborn. He likes his 2 goalie system and will be damned if he lets you and I convince him otherwise.

    • Bring back Greiss – he enjoyed his best seasons on the Isles. Get “everything” we need from whomever is willing 2 overpay! That’s the key.

    • Nylander for Varlamov can through offer Bailey retain 2 million year one

      • That’s most of Bails AAV I believe. Throw in a ‘23 pick & im in!!!

      • Throw in a 2023 pick & im in. Sign & trade? Any retention on Nylander?

  5. Anyone selling a goalie to the Leafs could, and should, sell high. A conundrum of their own making.

    • Re all this chatter about Matt Murray being a possibility to the Leafs – most of which is accompanied by “Senators hold back X amount off his $6,250,000 mil cap hit” – which has 2 years to run.

      Why would Dorion do that? It’s not as if he needs the cap space and besides, the prospect of going with a tandem of Forsberg – Gustavsson is not ideal.

      I think Murray will be given every opportunity to show he is past the nagging injury syndrome that has bugged him since joining the team and, if he is, he could be a solid presence in the net. If everything goes south – again – then he becomes a more palatable buy-out next year.

      • exactly- a team taking him at 4 million or so could do a lot worse – then a two time champion rested and healed

      • Hey George, the deal in place before the draft to Buffalo was a swap of 1st, some other pick and/or prospect with the Sens retaining 25% which would make home about $4m+ for two years. The Sens opted for the deal with the hawks instead.

        PS Which do you think was the better deal?

        Going back to Murray, though I’m no fan, he did play well in the second half before getting hurt yet again. I’m sure the price to move him now is even more expensive for Ottawa but instead of them retaining more cap because 25% is still a lot, the reason we are hearing this rumor is because the Leafs and Sens are looking for a third team to maybe pick up a million to make it work for the Leafs and Ottawa.
        With Murray being still 28 he has shown he can play but also has shown when injured, he can’t very well and that’s often. Will he be a starter or part of a tandem? It’s a huge gamble which a GM and coaches jobs will be lost if this gamble doesn’t pay off. There’s also that Dryden kid that was the best NCAA goalie that the team signed who’s also 25…there’s been so little talk about him and I’m wondering where he fits in all of this.

        I don’t agree that this shows any desperation on the Leafs. Dubas is doing his job and looking at options plus no one can figure out exactly what they are planning nor how much of their plan came into fruition. I don’t claim I know but I do know they can win with a goalie whose SV% is average or around .910. How much salary can you tie up for that that’s within reason…then there’s term and with this organization who cannot figure out goaltending at all, not in drafts, not with development, not in trades, be the best route to take? I hope it’s not to sign someone long term for big bucks…I don’t trust them enough to think they will do that right.

      • The proposed trade to Buffalo had the Sens retaining 25% of Murray’s cap. Also Holl to Ottawa for Murray would achieve the same goal.
        Still not sure why Ottawa wants to move Murray.

      • Neither am I BCLeafFan. Forsberg is NOT a # 1 everyday goalie – he starts to show cracks when used in that role – but as a back-up to spell off a starting goalie he has the right approach.

        Expecting Gustavsson to suddenly become more consistent as a # 1 is a gamble …. the problem is, he’s on a one-way contract and if they try to move him down to Belleville to stay sharp, and with the shortage of goalies around the league and his low $787,000 cap hit he’d be snapped up off waivers. So, keeping Murray, along with Forsberg and Gustavsson means they’d be carrying 3 goalies at the NHL level with one always sitting out in the press box. Not ideal. That’s likely the only reason they’d move Murray now. Risky all around if you ask me.

        Ron, all it cost to get DeBrincat was a handful of picks which, if selected, would have been added to an already crowded prospect pool and at least 2 years away from the NHL (including whoever they might have taken at # 7). So, if DeBrincat can bring 35+ goals to that 2nd line RW position – and stay healthy (always a bit tougher for a small player) – I’ll go with that deal.

      • Penguins resign Rakell 5 years @ $5 million per season.

        Now hopefully Trocheck becomes a Penguins on Wednesday or Thursday

  6. Lets be honest here- is there a really any tangible difference between Kuemper/Husso/ Campbell?
    Kuemper was anything but consistent.. The funny thing is just last summer the AVS had this exact conundrum and had to overpay for Kuemper (not a peep- just Joe Sakic is a genius comments). Kuemper was inconsistent and injured often last year…
    The Avs traded for and signed Georgiev – is he any better than Matt Murray lol-come on.
    The Oilers started Mike Smith lol..
    Is it insane to start Woll or Kjallgren as a back up -= so tell me Steve Simmons how do rookie goalies come into the league then…so much stupidity it blows the mind. Outside of Shesterkin Vasilivsy – Sorokin, there wasnt a goalie who was stealing games last year. Yzerman signed Husso with little to no track record and average playoff performance but he is a mastermind.. If Dubas gives campbell the same money they will call him an idiot
    Just no win situation..trollinfg at its finest

  7. I wonder if Yzerman would deal Nedeljkovic. He’d be a much better option than guys like Matt Murray. He only has 1 year left on his deal, and Detroit has Husso for 3 years now.

    • Ned + Hronek for Nylander + Holl would work out for both teams. Then trade for Riemer or sign Greiss or Jones for BU

  8. I think Dubas is caving under the pressure of being the GM of the leafs.
    For the life of me it makes no sense for him to be working so hard to make a deal to get Murray.
    The most you can expect from him would be 30-40 games a year and out of those games how well will he play?
    Your back up better be good because he will play the bulk of the games.
    At this point if you cannot afford a top line goalie you have to take 2 lesser goalies and platoon them.

    Case in point Calgary sent a 3rd round pick last year for Vladdar and he is excellent. Doesn’t get much notice because he plays behind Markstrom but he is an excellent goalie that will be a started at some point.

    • I dont think he is caving under the pressure -I just think he gets more than his fair share of critique. Vladar was good- but what if he wasnt….you just dont know from one year to the next it seems.

      Mrazek was heralded as a good signing- he had terrible year – first bad one in a while-
      Murray was just signed the previous year for 6.25 mill…he had a 909 save percentage last year- Marc Andre Fleury as 908 lol.

      All Im saying – is the AVs won despite their goalie not because of him.
      maybe his plan is to take two lesser goalies.. do we know what the plan is…or maybe he just think I can take a rested Murray and roll with him for the season and then come deadline time if I have too I will go get another goalie. Leaf goalies were well below average (except first 20 games for Campbell) and they won despite them.
      Just saying..doesnt matter what Dubas does- always gets the heat.

      If Gaudreau walks for nothing – would you feel the Flames GM handled the situation poorly

      • Sam, I don’t disagree with anything you say. All I am saying is I think there are much better options in the goalie market than Murray.

        As far as Treliving I have been quite critical of him the past few years.
        There have been some good players that have been walked straight to free agency and left for nothing.
        There is a very good possibility Gaudreau and eventually Tkachuk will walk for nothing. In the mean time Treliving trades all his draft picks at the deadline thinking the Flames will have a long run in the playoffs. All the players he trades for all seem to disappear in the playoffs then he can’t resign them.

        Personally I hope his days are numbered.

        On a different point, I just love the moves that Kent Hughs did in Montreal!!

      • Kuemper is not an elite goalie and won’t deserve the extra $ bump as a result of the Cup win.

        But teams don’t win the Cup with lousy goaltending. Kuemper has had decent to good save percentage numbers throughout his career. To say that the Avs won the Cup despite Kuemper is unjustified.

      • LJ- you are correct- meant to say he wasnt the reason they won the cup not that he was bad

      • That is fair, Sam.

  9. Why is there no news on Lankinen or the Sharks 3 goalies????? Seems like someone would be making a pitch for a couple of them!

    • Johnny Z,

      There are a number of teams that have good goalies that teams should be interested in. Murray should be at the bottom not the top of the market.
      Here are a few teams with decent goalies on their roster, who knows what goalies are out there in the minors that could step up.

      San Jose

      Calgary has Dustin Wolf in the minors who I am not sure they would trade but everyone can be had for a price.

      • Hey Flamesfan, you might have some misperceptions of Murray. When you look at him, his last season with the pens he wasn’t as good as his previous two and was often hurt. When traded to Ottawa and signed a terrible (not at the time) contract. He continued to be unable to remain healthy and when played, played poorly in front of a porous defense except for a short stretch starting in Feb.

        I’m not in anyway saying he’s the answer to the Leafs goalie woes especially at that contract, but is someone with value and ability which isn’t that far off. A goalie on a bad team always looks bad. Determining if it’s the team or the goalie is a hard call, one I won’t be making unless I know something because I feel my job will be the cost if this blows up.

  10. So much for using $40MM in cap space on 4 forwards (especially with one definitely showing signs of years of wear and tear). Murray? A starting goalie? Even when he was younger and on the Pens, Fleury had to fill in for him during the playoffs. And Pittsburgh had a much better blueline than Toronto. 1st round exit? With Murray in net, they might not make the playoffs.

    • sure lol.
      John Taveras wear and tear is equal to
      79 games – 27 goals and 76 points

      7 playoff games – 3 goals 3 assists.

      Clearly end is near

      Guy had a torn hamstring

      • Boy, talk about missing the point! And, somehow, I doubt Tavares had a torn hamstring beginning in training camp all the way through another failed attempt to get past the first round.

      • Tavares was far from a disaster, but he is having trouble being the 2C since he is getting slower and he was never fast. I would expect him to get around 65-70 points next season and that isnt worth 11m

      • Hamstring comment was in reference to Murray not Tavares.

        I got the point. They have a great group of forwards many would kill for those four
        When an asset like Tavares was available many wanted him- Leafs got him. Its easy to say now after Matthews Marner and Nylander become what they are that they dont need him, but they dont have the luxury of knowing the future.
        There were many teams that wanted to sign JT at the time.

      • Kent I agree no doubt he will slow down and inevitably move to wing. This is the case will all contracts like this though isnt it. You have a window and you go for it…
        Somehow i doubt Hymans deal will look good in a couple seasons. Letang signed a 6 year deal and is 35!
        You take risks and sometimes they pay off sometimes they dont.
        Its a risk you take.. Flames might lose Gaudreau for nothing – and nothing is made of it..

      • Not only all those points but the NHL is still a bit of a boys club and as such, there’s a bit of “doing good” to players that have had exceptional status since Jrs. Someone who’s been a top center in the league since day one, deserves top dollar. I think there’s only 2 yrs left after this one and so far, he’s played up to it.
        The cap and his affect on it isn’t his problem nor should it be yours. They’ll do what they will do and we all have to live with it…and on here, that’s unfortunate for fans of the team.

    • Toronto should trad e KERFOOT and Mi KHEYEV to the wild for GREENWAY and talbot.

      • Mikheyev is a UFA Wednesday.

      • Even more reason! Trade him ANYWAYS.

      • Except he’d likely wait and see what the offers are Wednesday anyway – regardless of where his rights went. So, at this stage of his career, what does he have to lose by seeing what the market offers. If some team was interested in him in the first place they’ll still be interested when he becomes a UFA and, if their offer is the best one he gets, he goes there anyway. I just don’t see the logic of someone bothering with getting his rights in that scenario.

      • You’re right George, I was just fooling.

  11. Murray didn’t totally backstop the pens to the cup int the last cup Fleury took over midway.

    Murray looked good because the Pens in front of him were a power house team.

    Ottawa shows what he really looks like and Dubas probably doesn’t know that some girls back in the day don’t look good now either.

    If we do go after Murray hopefully a three way deal with the yotes tenders (Vegmelka and Prosvtov) that send them both to the Leafs and Murray to the yotes.

    (now that imo is the prettier girl)

    • DJ: Fleury took over when Murray was injured before Game 1 of the Penguins’ first-round series against the Blue Jackets. He returned midway through the Eastern Conference Final and remained the starter throughout the series and the 2017 Stanley Cup Final.

      • Fleury was injured before the 2016 run, Zatcoff started the first 2 games then Murray came in and played every game in the playoffs except 1 and his team bailed him out against Tampa (what a good team does when the goalie is faultering) and they went on to get the cup

        2017 Murray was injured at the start, Fleury won the first two rounds and took the jacks in 5 and the caps series went the full 7. MAF let 4 goals go past him in 9 shots and was pulled against the Sens and Murray took over.

        The biggest credit imo is when he got two shutouts against the Preds in the SCF. That was pretty. He seems ugly now 😉 but hopefully if traded to the Leafs he stays free from injuries and starts to look better.

        I do feel that trooper song playing in my head right now (3 dressed up as a 9) lol and not (oh pretty lady) but Dubas probably does.

  12. Speaking of the Senators … it’s just been announced that Wade Redden is back with the team. NOT, I hasten to add, in a playing role but as a “developmental adviser”

  13. Maybe one of the leafs skaters will try the goalie pads on. Matthews is a solid player. Surely he can stop a puck. Haha

    Find solutions from with in.

  14. Hey Lyle, not sure if it’s a blind spot for goalies for Dubas. Freddie Anderson looked pretty good last year. Mrazek was pretty solid before getting to Toronto. I wouldn’t be surprised is Campbell was stellar somewhere else next sesason.

    Their system, style, and roster place a remarkable strain on whoever is between the pipes. The Leafs have the capacity to make any goalie look bad.

    • You got that right about goalies but wrong team…look no further than the Flyers. I wonder how long before the burn Hart.
      Talk about where goalies go to die.

      Ps Anderson was a lamerello get plus Anderson was constantly criticized when on the Leafs like most good players, crap on the Leafs, great anywhere else. It the complete opposite with the Habs where all players are future HHOF inductees until they are traded and then are trash. LOL

      • Ron,

        Flyers finally get a potential franchise goalie then hang him out to dry.

        Would have been much wiser to let Hart play in LeHigh Valley a couple of seasons instead of exposing him behind one of the worst defences in the league.

    • Islander fans still bitter

  15. Now:
    Toronto Maple Leafs – 2023 1st round pick
    Ottawa Senators – Matt Murray (0% retained)

    Next June:
    Toronto Maple Leafs – Matt Murray & 2024 1st round pick
    Arizona/Chicago – 7th round pick

    Simple Scoobynomics – correct one mistake by making a bigger one. (Foligno, Mrazek).



    • Hi DJ

      Joe won a cup as a player and GM…. Now he wants the tri-fecta by winning as Prez of Hockey Ops

      After that; I guess he has to buy part of the team…LOL

      • Peng – Good humor right there and possible foreshadowing.

        Everybody loves Joe (except for that 1 time when he put his fingers in that snow blower) Team Canada sure could have used him that year dang. Nevertheless with your scenario I can only say,….GO JOE GO.

        and pssst kids,…don’t be pulling your pants down just because you see or heard that the snow blower is coming, leave that kind of stuff to the snowmen.

  18. If I’m Toronto’s GM, I could do worse than calling Vancouver and inquiring about DiPietro. He basically has no future in Vancouver stuck behind Demko. Perhaps a swap like Liligren for DiPietro, plus draft picks going each way? Thoughts?

    • DiPietro is a somewhat unknown, good and bad I guess. Like a things goalie 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Toronto should trade KERFOOT and MIKHEYEV for GREENWAY andTALBOT

    • Mikheyev can be had for nothing but money come Wednesday.

  20. Rumor : Penguins now offered Evgeni Malkin a four year deal.

    • Hi SK


      At what Cap hit?

      • Did not hear the cap hit offer. Source claims Evgeni Malkin is headed for Free Agency.

      • Malkin to test free agency…mmhhh

        Look Trocheck is a better all around two way player at this point in malkin’s career.

        Can easily score 25 in Pittsburgh and we can get him at $5.5 or $6 million..which leaves $9 million to sign 2 forwards resign rakell and add depth

  21. With Dylan being reported as not getting a QO; Flyers already saying no QO to Mathew (although never had a single game in NHL) and Ryan currently not re-upped…. 3 Stromes as UFAs on Wednesday ?????….. Has there ever been 3 brothers simultaneously UFAs?

    • All Stromes have been orphaned by their teams!😁

      • LOL

    • Is Bob Dylan switching to hockey now? Talk about Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door!

      • LOL

  22. Habs fans , what’s the deal with Rem Pitlick ? is he that much of a defensive liability ?? he put up some decent offensive numbers in his short time in Montreal. I was surprised to see him not given a qualifying offer.

  23. Caps didn’t qualify Samsonov.
    Afraid of arbitration?

    Another goalie hits the UFA market, and the Caps have no NHL tender signed. Pretty risky or they know something we don’t about UFA’s available?

    Former 1st RD pick, good rookie season, not great since. Worth a risk as a backup, but as a 1A/1B thing? Caps didn’t think so.

  24. Greenway and Talbot possibility

    Try and make that a reality

    Realistically , Minnie wants to alternative Talbot and Fleury

    I guess it boils down , convince Talbot on that fact ..

    Greenway , a big , hard to play against player would be an ideal fit !

  25. Caps must have Kuemper in the bag. Oilers must have Campbell in the bag.
    Leafs are potentially caught holding the bag

    • LOL, Maybe Sammy signs in Buffalo.
      or in Trono:
      Murray -1A
      Samsonov- 1B

  26. Dubas, last year he traded for a goalie who got injured. This year he traded for one already injured. Takes away the element of surprise

  27. String Rumor : Penguins agreed to keep Rickard Rakell. Deal is s around 5 years 25 million.

    • 6 years 30 million

      • 👍👍

  28. Goaltender movment for Wednesday AM🤔

    Looks like Matt Murray to the Leafs
    Looks like Jack Cambell to the Oilers
    Looks like Kemper to the Caps

    Washington just said the Won’t re sign young
    25 year old Ilya Samsonov❗️,…… could be a potential back up but you will have to pay him $2.5M ….
    maybe Buffalo or AZ may look at him ❓