NHL Rumor Mill – September 1, 2022

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Updates on the notable players remaining in the unrestricted free agent market plus some cost-cutting Bruins trade candidates in today’s NHL Rumor Mill. 

ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski took a look at the status of several noteworthy players still available in this summer’s unrestricted free agent market. 

Former New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban (NHL Images)

P.K. Subban’s agent, Don Meehan, recently told the Montreal Gazette that the 33-year-old defenseman is being selective on where he’ll play next. He said there were “expressions of interest” in his client but those clubs also had other things in play. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wyshynski believes Subban is ready to be a difference maker if the right fit can be found. He might not be interested in signing with a non-contender. Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy believes the Bruins should look into signing Subban to a professional tryout offer. However, it’s still possible he inks an affordable one-year contract with a club before training camp opens.

Evan Rodrigues hasn’t signed a new contract but it appears he’s garnered plenty of interest. His agent, Darren Ferris, told Wyshynski that there are “a good seven or eight teams” he’s having discussions with about his client. 

Some of those clubs have cap constraints, including his former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Calgary Flames have also shown an interest. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hockey News’ Mike Stephens suggested the Seattle Kraken, Colorado Avalanche and Ottawa Senators as potential destinations for Rodrigues. However, we don’t know if those clubs are among those talking to his agent.

Wyshynski expects Rodrigues will sign a one-year “show-me” contract and then try his luck for a more lucrative deal next summer. 

Many observers felt last season was Keith Yandle’s last but the 35-year-old defenseman isn’t ruling out playing this season. His agent, Jerry Buckley, said he’s still talking to teams but his client wants to find the right fit if he’s to continue his NHL career.  Buckley “highly doubted” Yandle will accept a PTO. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A PTO might be the only way for Yandle to continue his playing career if that’s what he wants to do. He’s the NHL’s reigning Ironman but his performance has declined in recent years. 

No word on Joe Thornton’s plans. If his playing days are over, the 43-year-old forward reportedly could moving into a managerial role with the Spengler Cup Tournament. 

Speaking of aging veterans, no word yet from 45-year-old defenseman Zdeno Chara regarding his intentions. He hasn’t announced his retirement but it’s assumed he’s played his final NHL game.  

An NHL source claims “a lot of teams” are interested in Sonny Milano. So far, no one’s signed the former Anaheim Ducks winger. 

Former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser is healthy and hoping to land with a new NHL club. Agent Matt Federico is confident his 32-year-old client will have a one-year, low-dollar deal in place before training camps open. 

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Matt Porter recently observed the Bruins are above the $82.5 million salary cap by $2.4 million. They can address this at the start of the season by placing sidelined stars Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy on long-term injury reserve. However, they must become cap compliant when those players are ready to return to the lineup.

It sounds like Nick Foligno ($3.8 million) will remain part of the main group this season. Defenseman Mike Reilly ($3 million) could be a trade candidate given the Bruins’ depth in left-shot blueliners. Winger Craig Smith ($3.1 million) could be shopped if a youngster such as Fabian Lysell or Jack Studnicka makes a push this season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be Smith who gets moved. There was a rumor last month claiming a team had made an offer for the 32-year-old winger but the two sides couldn’t reach an agreement. 


  1. I highly doubt that too many of us believe that Subban hasn’t signed yet because he’s being “selective”. He’s selective all right – he likely wants too much money. I have no doubt that there are teams interested in him but he’s probably asking for much more than they’re willing to pay.

  2. Bruins should say HARD PASS. On Pk.

    • Subban has lost speed-never his strong suit but with the Bruins defense injuries he would be a good fill-in point guy on the power play. As a Bruin fan I hated him because I felt that he faked penalty calls but he has tons of energy and would fit in with the veteran team the Bruins are.

      • That’s the old Subban. All he does now is get caught out of position and slew foots All moot anyway as Bruins are over cap already

      • I think the B’s will give Zboril an opportunity on the PP until McAvoy gets back. He can definitely shoot it and walk the line.

      • they don’t need to worry about being a couple of million dollars over the cap. They are looking to trade Smith and/or Foligno and failing that they can put any of there long term guys on disability to stall for time. Sub ban to become a Bruin would have to take a very team-friendly deal. He is not a bad temporary fix. I still hate him though.

      • Barry

        No one taking Foligno in a trade without one hell of a sweetener. Smith very possible to be moved though

      • Agree Barry, the B’s don’t need to make a trade to be compliant. Simply put Grz in LTIR before the season starts. Leave Mac and Marchand on the roster and put them on after the season starts so that those can be accrued.

        I’m basing the math on the timelines for recovery that came out at time of surgery.

        Now if they want to make another move then I get it.

        Sending Foligno to the minors doesn’t help with the cap Rick, as he would need to be replaced and the savings are minimal. If you want somebody else in the lineup, sure.

  3. If Ottawa doesn’t have Sam Gagner in their sights as a 4th line C to take over from Gambrell (which I’d love to see), Evan Rodrigues would be a good second-choice. Younger and is coming off a 19-goal season.

    Gambrell could be placed on waivers and, if not claimed, assigned to Belleville (he’s on a $950,000 ELC and is an RFA next year)

    • If I’m not mistaken George, a large portion of Rodrigues point totals came in the beginning of the season while Malkin and Crosby were out and his ice time was increased. When he was in a healthier lineup and his role was reduced, his point totals crashed to earth.

      If I remember correctly?

      • That’s true CaptainObvious … but at least he knew where the net was when he was getting the ice-time – unlike Gambrell who needs a portable GPS to find the net. And when he does, his shot is anemic.

        My first choice would still be Gagner.

      • Gambrel basically is a penalty killer and defensive playoff center. Has good speed and also is a good passer. Would not expect any other player to generate much more in points in his limited roll. Personally know he is well thought of by his teammates…

      • So was Colin White. If any team can a bit of offensive capability to their 4th line they have to do it. And Gagner is no slouch as a two-way C.

  4. I think way to many people are writing off Subban. He’s still in his early 30’s which really isn’t that old for a defenseman. I know the last couple of years have been rough but we’re talking about New Jersey here. Subban was an elite defensmen. I doubt he all of a sudden forgot to play. A motivated Suban on the right team might be the bargain of the year.

    • What The Heck, I think a lot of the negativity towards Subban has less to do with his ability on the ice and more about his overwhelming “personality” and dressing-room dominance reputation.

      Who was that Habs D-man (a Russian I think) who could be seen telling him to “shut TF up” during a pause in action when Subban was mouthing off at either the officials or the opposition?

      On a veteran-laden team he’d be OK, I guess, but on a young team he’d be a distraction and maybe a bad influence.

      • But if you need a guy to fart in goaltenders faces, he’d be top of the list!

      • Or if you need a slew foot here and there to injure players, he could be useful.

      • Markov probably, Emilin 2nd choice

      • Yeah, Markov. Thanks Johnny Z.

  5. “Expressions of interest” in layman’s terms no one wants to pay what PK wants, also with Foligno you cannot play that guy, HE ONLY SCORED 2 GOALS LAST SEASON!!! Give him a job as the bruins mascot I’m sure everybody will get an abundance of candy corn, or bury him in the minors.Get busy Sweeneydo something, quit sitting on your hands!! Donny’s next big coup is signing Pasta then he’ll head back to the den and Hibernate. Donny boy wins again everybody’s been hoodwinked even ownership

    • Would you like him to move Foligno and a 1st for bag of pucks. As that is what it will take to move him Better to live with the error for this last year than dump a 1st

  6. Maybe if P.K. adjusted his game maybe. What I have seen in Jersey the last 3 years was just awful. His first year there maybe his second he had like 18 points
    I believe I commented last year if he was a no body would not be in the NHL. Missed passes giving and receiving missed assignments bad penalties and removed from the PP
    No hockey player defends a slew footer . Only slightly better than a kicker

  7. PK Subban was a fan favourite in Montreal because he knew how to market himself.

    Markov, nickname “the General” was the top D-man on the team.

    Subban’s self marketing covered up his deficiencies that upset his teammates such as rushing up ice only to dangle at the blue line forcing wingers to stop and wait getting a suicide pass.
    Fans would get on Pacioretty instead of the culprit, Subban.

    I liked his energy, his drive but always told my son this is a good d-man but far from great.

    He didn’t a high perch to fall off of.

  8. PK is in no way the player he was

    He is in no way a player that deserves or gets top 4 minutes or $’s

    That said…. Reasonable contract for bottom pairing…. Good to go

    $1.2 M or less 👍

    Methinks he and his agent believe they can roust $2.5 M+…. and there is the reason why he’s still UFA

    $1.2 M, 1 year, with a promise that he will get some 2nd pairing minutes IF he shows well…. Good for the team; good opportunity for PK to show how he can turn things around; earn a more lucrative contract the following year

    @$1.2 M…. A team can bury most ($1.08 M) if he falters

    Win win

  9. Oettinger @$4M Cap hit…. Great signing IMHO

    I really like this kid’s playing; and he’ll still be an RFA at the end of this contract